Imperfect Life is harsh for Kristi She s the only Accident living in a world of Perfects More often than not she feels like a blemish on an otherwise utopian society And her life is about to get worse The gove

  • Title: Imperfect
  • Author: Tina Chan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life is harsh for Kristi She s the only Accident living in a world of Perfects More often than not, she feels like a blemish on an otherwise utopian society And her life is about to get worse The government has arrested her adoptive parents and her brother goes missing To top things off, Kristi somehow gets dragged into the mess and now she s a wanted fugitiveTroopLife is harsh for Kristi She s the only Accident living in a world of Perfects More often than not, she feels like a blemish on an otherwise utopian society And her life is about to get worse The government has arrested her adoptive parents and her brother goes missing To top things off, Kristi somehow gets dragged into the mess and now she s a wanted fugitiveTroop is less than he seems Teachers love him Colleges want him Students revere him There s even a hot girl after him Life couldn t get any better than this, right So, why does she feel like he s a devil in disguise as an angel

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      Tina Chan is an avid reader, writer and runner When she s not reading or writing, you can probably find her listening to music, playing racquetball or running outside Some of her favorite genres to read include dystopian, YA, fiction, sci fi, steampunk and mysteries Tina also runs a book review site called The Book Landers.


    1. Overall Rating: 1.5 StarsIt's usually very hard for me to not like a book. I don't think I have extremely high standards. A relatively interesting storyline, good grammar and decent characters? I'm in love already. I don't think I've ever given out below three stars to a book before, but this book was an exceedingly painful read.I wanted to like this book, I really did. Between the cool looking cover and the enticing prologue, I was very excited. It was obvious that it was similar too, or even s [...]

    2. (Originally posted at keepersbookreviews)**Actual Rating**: 3 stars**Book Format**: eBookImperfect took me longer to finish that I had anticipated, which is basically another way of saying I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Not because of the plot or characters or anything, but because of the minimal quantity of romance in the book. I have a feeling that this book may be aimed toward a younger audience, since the romance is barely there. Nevertheless, the summary sounds similar to th [...]

    3. Imperfect by Tina Chan had a great impression when I first saw it, but I felt it did not truly live up to my expectations.Kristi lives in a Perfect world, where everyone is genetically made to be Perfect. Except Kristi. Without the specifications, she is looked upon as an Accident—clumsy, imperfect, wrong. She has never met another Accident in her life, because all in except her case, the government takes the Accidents away from society. Where they go, nobody knows. Then Kristi’s parents are [...]

    4. This review is courtesy of topoftheheapreviewsIn a world where genetic advancements mean only perfect children are born, what happens when it’s discovered that you are an accident? Check out the review from this new voice in the Young Adult Dystopian genre.Troop is less than he seems. Teachers love him. Colleges want him. Students revere him. There’s even a hot girl after him. Life couldn’t get any better than this, right? So, why doe she feel like he’s a devil in disguise as an angel?Ev [...]

    5. "No one ever told her it was impossible. So she did it." Kristi is not like the rest of her people. All their genetics are designed to be Perfect, but not Kristi, she is an Accident. Raised in a world where she is considered a stupid and worthless creature, Kristi finds Chelsea another accident just like her. And just when Kristi has some hope in her life, her adoptive parents are abducted by the government for being spies. On the eyes of his mother, Troop is a well mannered boy. He is really ca [...]

    6. I received an ARC of this book from the author; it was an early version that was still being copyedited/proofed, so I will work from the premise that editing/proofing issues have been resolved.Kristi, as far as she knows, is the only "Accident" in a society in which everyone has been genetically modified to remove normal human flaws. Certain modifications are performed for all newborns, while others must be purchased by the parents. These genetically modified human beings are referred to as Perf [...]

    7. It has been a long time since I was a young adult and my interest now is mostly based on a desire to write something in this genre. I am, however, very well versed in the dystopian genre. Admittedly, I am just estimating (rather than knowing) what young people like, but it seems to me that they will enjoy this book, especially those in the 12-16 category.Two things kept me turning pages, the characters and the mysteries. As other reviewers have already said, the characters are likable and I real [...]

    8. I received a free ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.Recently I have been let down by many Dystopian books and have came close to abandoning the Genre but it's books like this that make it worthwhile reading through all the S*** in this genre.Imperfect was great. The characters where engaging and I enjoyed reading about their journey. there were many surprising twists in the story and I like how you learn more about the world this story is set in as you go through the books rather than a huge [...]

    9. I was given a copy of “Imperfect” by Tina Chan in exchange for an honest review. Imperfect is about the future where people are perfected through genetic engineering. It is a great YA Book. I think it best suited for ages 10-16. The characters are young and there is a bit of humor throughout the story. It is the first in a series. Imperfect makes you think about the importance of being an individual and being happy and content with who you are. I give this book 4 stars as a young adult book. [...]

    10. Imperfect - is an amazing book! I find that it is a pleasant split of different book types, all of which are dystopian from: Matched, etc. There is so much going on and still the book is awesome. I was asked to read this book as a beta reader and I have found that it kept me on my toes the entire way through the book. It had my attention from page one until the very end and I was begging for more. I am very sad that it ended and I cannot wait to read the second installment of the book!

    11. I tried to give this book a solid trygot 25% through (which is more than I would usually give a book I didn't immediately get hooked into) but the writing was really poor/juvenile and I just couldn't stick it out. Unless someone can tell me that it gets great after the 25% point I wouldn't recommend

    12. A New, Original YA Dystopian BookWhat a great way to start a dystopian series! Loved Kristi as the main heroine. As she finds out more and more about the secrecy surrounding the Accidents' disappearances, she starts to wonder if she could do more in regards to standing up against the "perfect" society in which she lives. I can't wait to read book two, Flawless!!!

    13. Wauw the premise sounded good but the execution not so good. The characters are flat the story was boring. The plot was somewhat predictable. To give an example when somebody close to Kristie and Jaiden dies there's absolutely no sorrow no sadness, when they get betrayed the person responsible is forgiven within 5 minutes.

    14. This was definitely a over all good book! Took me a while to get into but not because of lack of action. It was more of the fact that I didn't connect with the main character Kristi. I loved Troop but didn't get enough of him until later on. I would totally recommend this book to young readers. The ending left me wanting more and I see this being a great up and coming series.

    15. This book is difficult to read. The motivations for the characters seem forced and the logic they follow is flawed. I didn't enjoy the read. In fact, I only finished the book because I don't like to fully judge a book until I have read it fully. I will not be reading the next book in the series and I do not recommend it.

    16. hey everyone!Just wanted to let you guys know that Imperfect will be free to download up until August 30. Be sure to grab a free copy of the bookhere

    17. Editing means more than making sure words are spelled correctly and the pages don't look as though punctuation was dropped on, at random, by the handful. This is all I will say. Dreadful.

    18. This was a great story! I loved the main characters. I really felt like I got to know them! It was a great adventure and I can't wait to read what happens next!!!

    19. This is a debut novel for this Author, and in a reading world where the dystopian genre is becoming tired and stale, it brings a welcome breath of fresh air.Aimed at the YA reader, this book is full of vibrate young characters, full of humour and life. There are four main protagonists in this book and each is written with as much care and detail as the others, there is no skimping on character development from this Author, and this makes this book an easy read full of characters the reader can c [...]

    20. Originally posted at The Canon!One of my favorite things about dystopian novels is the world-building. Each author's world is completely different from others; I feel it is the best expression of the author's personality. I felt that Chan created as fascinating world - still holding things we are familiar with (like waffles) but using instafications (a.k.a. text messages) and electro-slates (something along the lines of the iPhone, I think). I found myself truly engaged with Chan's world - it wa [...]

    21. Imperfect takes us into a utopian society where children are planned and perfected down to their eye & hair color. No more diseases. Advanced academics. Perfection has been met. Yet still, there are Accidents. The unplanned children that happen naturally. These babies are whisked away by the government shortly after birth. No one seems to know where they are taken or what is done with them, but it's accepted. Kristi is one of the few Accidents that was adopted and has survived into adulthood [...]

    22. Being the only imperfect in a world of perfect isn't the most easy thing. Kristi's life is base on the fact that she was an accident. A baby not planned and genetically modified to be perfect. Being the son of a secret agent and trying to hide a secret for everyone is not easy for Troop. Not were he is trying to be the most perfect of his school. Kristi will embark in a journey after her adopted parents are taken to jail and her brother has gone missing. She will meet Troop and other interesting [...]

    23. I received this book through First Reads Giveaway.This book has all the potential of being a great dystopian young adult novel. However, I found myself becoming bored after awhile. There were a lot of typos (which I hope will be cleared up before the final publication), and I felt like it took FOREVER for the main characters to finally meet. I gave this book two stars only because I loved the creative thought that the author had put into the book. However, I also gave it only two stars because [...]

    24. -No Spoilers-I hate to give negative ratings and reviews on books so I will keep this one short.This book had a ton of potential. The story line is great, the characters are great, & the idea of perfects & accidents is wonderful. Unfortunately there were some things that prevented me from really enjoying this book. I thought it took forever for them to meet up with Troop making his side of the story hard to read as I just wanted the others to find him already, second, it lacked suspense [...]

    25. -Otras distopía Young Adult.-Género. Novela corta.Lo que nos cuenta. María Shea entrega su recién nacido a las autoridades ya que es un Accidente, un bebé no planificado y por tanto sin las requeridas modificaciones genéticas. Cinco años después el recuerdo no ha sido olvidado y María acoge un Accidente en su hogar, algo que va contra la ley y que realiza en contra de la opinión de su marido, un Accidente que crece para convertirse en una agradable jovencita llamada Kristi. Troop es un [...]

    26. I have a hard time with this one. The book was ok. The premise was pretty good, even if I have seen it before. Maybe i was expecting too much. It didn't have a lot of romance (at least not IN YOUR FACE) so, for me, that was a good thing. I have had enough of the constant goo goo eyes. But my primary problem is the over description of EVERYTHING. It makes as if everything is important. And I keep trying to see something that turns out isn't there. There are descriptions just of the most mundane t [...]

    27. GratingThis read like a pamphlet handed out at an elementary school during self esteem week. It's the equivalent of a book about a superhero named kindness guy who fights a monster called bullyzilla. Also, the title is not capitalized. That bothers me way too much, but still.The reason this still gets 2 stars is that it really was a gripping book. Not great writing, but good plot development in the first half. And the characters other than Kristi were well developed. (Although I have to wonder w [...]

    28. I'm stuck between giving this book 3½ stars or 4. First off, I wanna say that I got this as a free book on my kindle, so for a free book it wasn't bad. There were some typos, but not too many. I liked the concept of this book. I thought it was unique. I actually thought this would just be a one book kind of story and the end would wrap up, but that's not the case. The story continues into another book, which I might get. So yeah, this book was good, not mind blowing and addicting, but good.

    29. I won this book from giveaway. Imperfect is a fast paced read. It is along the lines of the Uglies series but has enough difference and new ideas to not make it the same. I really liked how there isn't constant trouble around each bend for the characters. For me the way that entertainment has gone with excessive amounts of calamity has become tiresome. This book was fresh and easy to read.

    30. A͚̺͎̪̙̲̽̾͜zͦ͆͏ư̘͂ͦr̸̤͓̤̀e̘̲̫̻̭̭͔̍͐̿͆̂ ̸̍̂́̽̑(̯̜̟D̙̞̭̉͒ͯ̏ͩͯa͙̎͒͘n̛̮̓͋ͧ͑̿͐ċ͒̌̒͊̈́̒͟ĕ̂ͨ'̘͕̫̘̀ͧ͊ͭs̊̊ ̼̤̬̼͈̞̬ͪ̓͒B͚̜͓̘̞̍ͤ͒̊̃̀a͉̠͚͚̭͛́ͨ̚ͅͅb̯)̝ͤ͊

      I had received the free signer copy of imperfect and I am happy that I did.Although at first the beginning made me a little bored and drowsy,I found myself getting into both Kristi and Troop's places in the story.Its your typical distopian story that has a mixture of uglies into it,but readers will not be disappointed with the ending and will wait impatiently for the next installment to the series.

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