A Fish Named Glub

A Fish Named Glub In this lyrical story about friendship and the power of dreams a small and ordinary fish named Glub asks himself the big questions in life as he observes life in the diner beyond his fishbowl Who am

  • Title: A Fish Named Glub
  • Author: Dan Bar-el
  • ISBN: 9781554538126
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this lyrical story about friendship and the power of dreams, a small and ordinary fish named Glub asks himself the big questions in life as he observes life in the diner beyond his fishbowl Who am I Where do I belong The lively characters around him provide unexpected answers, but soon it s Glub who reveals answers to their questions and their hearts true desiresIn this lyrical story about friendship and the power of dreams, a small and ordinary fish named Glub asks himself the big questions in life as he observes life in the diner beyond his fishbowl Who am I Where do I belong The lively characters around him provide unexpected answers, but soon it s Glub who reveals answers to their questions and their hearts true desires The small and ordinary fish discovers that life can be extraordinary You just have to ask

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      Dan Bar el is an award winning children s author, educator and storyteller His writing includes both chapter books, picture books, and recently, a graphic novel For the past twenty three years, Dan has been working with children ages 3 to 13 He s been a school age childcare provider, a preschool teacher, a creative drama and a creative writing teacher He s developed a multitude of creative activities for children including movie making and a radio show involving school age childcare centres across Vancouver As a preschool teacher, Dan created Stories in Our Own Words, a program for 3 4 year olds based on the ideas of famed educator and author, Vivian Gussin Paley that fostered the development of the children s own stories by recording them and then acting them as a group.In the past, Dan trained and worked professionally as an actor, has written for theatre, as well as written and performed comedy across Canada These days, when not writing or teaching writing to children through the organization CWC, Dan merrily travels around the country visiting many schools and libraries.Hiking and travelling are two of his passions In 2004, he completed the 800 km pilgrimage walk to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, and recently, he did the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu in Peru Cooking, baking and eating the results of said efforts are some of his others pursuits Dan lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife, artist and goldsmith, Dominique Br chault, and Sasha, the most adorable cat in the known universe.


    1. This copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers. glub is a fish trying to find his place in the world and that's about all I got from this onee humans characters got a happy ending, & I'm assuming glub did too. but it just felt like we were missing something to me :/

    2. I received A Fish Named Glub from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley, Kids Can Press, and Dan Bar-el.Sadly, nothing in this children's book worked for me or my 5 year old daughter. I didn't like the way it was written at all, nor did I enjoy the actual story. It was awkward how the first sentence of every page rhymed and then after that sentence, I could find no rhythm whatsoever to the words. There was nothing whimsical to the story, in fact I found the story to be [...]

    3. The illustrations are the only thing that saved this book from a 2 star rating, because the story itself wasn't much without them

    4. My baby and I really liked this book! She was yelling and pointing at every page FISH! She like fishes!For me: "Oh, well. Maybe happiness is like the flu. Some people catch it and some people don't."

    5. This book is all about friendship and the magical gift one little fish, named Glub, has to inspire and encourage people to live out their dreams. The setting is a small diner where ordinary people, employees and patrons alike, go about their mundane life, but buried deep inside of each of them they carry a dream of what if? On the counter is a little fish in a fishbowl who is asking the big questions of life. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I belong? You see he was rescued from his ori [...]

    6. I received an eARC copy of this book from the publisher. Here is my honest review.This is a really sweet book for children that talks about some pretty big concepts. The sweet illustrations and charming text made this a delightful read.This is a great book for a classroom read aloud. There are several characters giving lots of opportunities for specific voices which children really love. There are also several conversations that can take place over themes such as loneliness, frienship, acceptanc [...]

    7. I'm not sure what to think about this picture book. On the plus side, the illustrations are gorgeous. The artist has a unique style that I can't help but be drawn to . In fact, the illustrations are what caused me to pick the book up in the first place.The story is beautifully written and has an interesting message to it. I liked the fish's search for home and his view on the world from inside his glass bowl. However, I'm not sure that kids will like the story. I read it to my kids and they were [...]

    8. Glub is a fish with many questions: Who is he? Where did he come from? Where does he belong? This sweet little book answers those questions and more. The story is written from the POV of our cute little fish and the answers are many layered. The first time I read it I was a bit nonplussed but waited a few days and read it again. A Fish Named Glub is the kind of story that reveals more upon each new reading and I look forward to buying this book to share with my children. I also enjoyed the lovel [...]

    9. Review of A Fish Named Glub by Dan Bar-elPublication Date: April 1, 2014Publisher: Kids Can PressAge Group: 3-5Format: eGalleyGlub is a fish that has a lot of questions and he is a precocious one. As any child can tell you, questions are the key to learning about the large world around you. While living in a diner, Glub begins to question a lot about the large world around him. Although I felt this book would be better suited for older children, I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out as one to rea [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book -- the illustrations, the cadence, the whole plot idea of a fish with an existential crisis. But--BUT--I'm not sure if children, the target audience for picture books, would enjoy it as much as I did. (I don't have any children of my own at home to test it on.) I might be underestimating kids, though. I'm sure some kids, at least, have wondered, "Who am I?" or "What is home?"But even if they don't appreciate the story itself, most kids, I'm sure, will appreciate the co [...]

    11. An unlikely setting - one would not expect to see a pet fish in a diner, but it works as various customers and family members comment on the fish, and how to take care of it. Through repetition and building ideas, Glub finds out about himself. We feel sorry for him as he discovers and names his loneliness, then cheer him on as he discovers his purpose. The author also hints that Foster, Jennifer and Evelyn will get their dream of being happy together. Illustrations seem like collage with paint a [...]

    12. First of all, the illustrations! Wow! These mixed media collages of cartoonish people and one very expressive fish named Glub surely took hours to create. I was impressed by the storyline and the sophisticated messages behind the beautiful prose as well. Everyone in the story is missing something from their lives, even the fish named Glub, who had been abandoned by his owner and ends up living in a diner with a young man named Foster. Ultimately, this is a story about making your dreams come tru [...]

    13. What a sweet story of a fish who finds his meaning in life. I think the simplicity of the story and the repetition will appeal to young kids, yet this story has a deeper meaning as well. Kind of a confusing start to the book on which character is which and how they are related, but I did read this downloaded on my computer so I couldn't see the two page spread which might help with understanding. I love that Glub asks questions which then get answered by the humans around him.I received a PDF co [...]

    14. A quirky little book for sure. The illustrations, for me, are the star of the show. I enjoy the very nonconformist storyline at points, but am having trouble placing what age range I would suggest reading this with. I also appreciate the subtle humor aimed more at adults - the fact the fish doesn't think much more than a fish does - but I found the story line rushed and wanted to know much more about the people or have the fish's inner world, though simple, more revealed. Worth a look for the qu [...]

    15. A fish named Glub spends time in its fishbowl in a small diner thinking about the important questions in life such as the meaning of life and what makes a place a home. As he ponders, customers chat and get involved in Glub's life. After all, each of them has dreams--and so does Glub. This oddly appealing book features quirky characters as well as a good message, accompanied by lively mixed media illustrations.

    16. Netgalley ARC I'm not even sure what to say about this book. I felt that I couldn't truly even follow the story. I had to look back over it after I read it to see what had even happened. The story is confusing and disconnected. The illustrations were not appealing at all. I'm not sure a child would enjoy this book much considering I couldn't even understand what was going on at first. I rated this 1/5 stars and do not recommend it.

    17. What a sweet story about identity and asking oneself the basic questions of existence--and getting answers. A fish in a bowl asks who he is and other assorted existential questions--and gets answers from the people in the cafe in which the bowl is accidentally located. Very cute with a warm hearted ending.

    18. I quite liked it, but it's definitelyep. Too deep for children; I could never use it in a storytime.It's very thoughtful, and more suitable for high schoolers or even adults.The magic comes quite out of nowhere, and the ending is abrupt, but the first 2/3 were lovely.

    19. This is a cute story about a fish and a man whose lives are changed when they meet each other. The text is small, but the story isn't too long. Better for older ECE or younger Elementary school readers.

    20. Beautifully written and poignant about belonging and dreams of becoming someone, something. However, this is written more for the older reader. Will be somewhat difficult to retain the attention of younger readers.

    21. Received this as a First Reads Good Reads Giveaway winning book. Is so very special a fish help people and the people help the fish to find out who they are. Reinstills their faith within themselves for their futures. Cute little book

    22. Love much of the language in this story and the philosophical elements. There are small questions and there are big questions. When a small fish poses the big ones, many people find some important answers.

    23. This is a story for adults in the guise of a children's picture book. While I think the story will go over the heads of it's intended audience, it's a beautiful book that adults should read!Well done!

    24. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. The illustrations were amazing. Loved the colors and details. The ending was a little confusing at first, I had to go back and read that last pages again to get it. Even so, this is a really adorable book.

    25. Just a boring story. I think that the story was trying to stress the importance of friendship, but it fell flat and tried to go in too many directions. Also, important connections were missed and not clearly defined. Definitely a forgettable book.

    26. An existential meditation about a fish whose bubbles show people their dreams. It's quite sophisticated for a picture book, I loved the big art spreads, and my only criticism is it could've used a few more pages to establish the ending.

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