The Bette Davis Club

The Bette Davis Club From humor writer Jane Lotter comes this laugh out loud first novel The Bette Davis Club is the hilarious chronicle of fifty something Margo Just her dysfunctional Hollywood film industry family an

  • Title: The Bette Davis Club
  • Author: Jane Lotter
  • ISBN: 9781490471976
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • From humor writer Jane Lotter, comes this laugh out loud first novel The Bette Davis Club is the hilarious chronicle of fifty something Margo Just, her dysfunctional Hollywood film industry family, and Margo s battle to deal with both her drinking and an unsuccessful love affair There s also a runaway bride, a missing but very valuable screenplay, and a cross country chaFrom humor writer Jane Lotter, comes this laugh out loud first novel The Bette Davis Club is the hilarious chronicle of fifty something Margo Just, her dysfunctional Hollywood film industry family, and Margo s battle to deal with both her drinking and an unsuccessful love affair There s also a runaway bride, a missing but very valuable screenplay, and a cross country chase in a gorgeous 1955 red MG Along the way, Margo begins to find that what she s really chasing is her heart s own truth And none of what she discovers will be quite what she expected.

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    1. Jane Lotter

      Jane Lotter was a Seattle based writer and humorist whose work has appeared in national publications Her hilarious column, Jane Explains, ran in the Seattle Sun, winning several awards, including one from the Society of Professional Journalists Jane s only novel, The Bette Davis Club, won first place in the Mainstream category in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest.


    1. The foreword of this book is so touching. I just have to comment on it and hope somewhere up there, the author is seeing that, yes, her book is in print and hopefully gets a wide readership. Also while looking on Twitter to reach out to the daughter, I came upon a link to the obituary that the author wrote herself. If you have the time, search for the author's name and read it. It was touching as well. Now to the book. I loved this book!! It's premise had me on page one and kept me entertained u [...]

    2. actual rating: 2,5 starsReading story narrated by a woman who's over 50 years old was out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to do it anyway. Branching out, spreading my horizonts, that's what I was thinking about.I knew that, what I was about to read was a comedy, but if you ask me what was it that I expected from this book, I wouldn't know what to tell you.The story follows Margo, a fifty-something years old woman who finds herself at her niece's wedding. Everything would be great if there wasn' [...]

    3. Please note that since does not allow for half stars that I gave this book 2.5 stars and rounded it up to a 3 on this site. So here's the thing. I feel like a shit person for this but I did not like this book. I feel terrible about it because the foreword written by the author's daughter is touching and moving. And I really wish, sincerely wish that I had liked this book. The author passed away right before this book was published and the family was overjoyed at it being picked up by Lake Union [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book! To me, it was a book that appealed to my love of old movies, all things California (old Hollywood, in particular) and books that won't let me put them down! This book has personality and lots and lots of action!First the characters. Margo is a hoot! She's a boozing 50-something looking for something - of course, she doesn't know exactly what. She's down on her luck because she fell for a man that she could never have, yet could not let go. Her friends are hilarious [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed this light cozy caper of two people that are thrust together into a Tinseltown adventure. Against both of their better judgements they set out toward Palm Springs in a classic, convertible MG with the thought of catching up to a flibertijibbit, runaway bride. Imaginative and ever changing characters mixed with a sturdy plot, made this a fun read.

    6. A “road trip” book for the “over forty” set. So much fun!The Hollywood elite.A runaway bride.A vintage sports car.A cross country romp.A flawed heroine.A damaged hero.Not one, but two, mysterious manuscripts.A maniacal bad guy.A lesbian dance competition.A tragic love affair.The voice of reason in the form of an always-rational best friend.A failing business,And the chance at a multi-million dollar payoff at the end of it all.What more could you possibly want in a quick, fun read on a Su [...]

    7. The Bette Davis Club is the debut, and sadly the only, book by Jane Lotter. In a touching preface, Lotter's daughter describes her mother as a devoted fan of classic movies and this book as, in part, an homage to them. Lotter self-published this book but died before it was brought out by a publishing house.The book is a delightful "screwball comedy" type adventure of the It Happened One Night (the 1934 classic of this kind which one Oscars for the film and both its leading actors). Margo Just (w [...]

    8. I don't usually read what I call midlife crisis fiction. But the premise intrigued me and Margo drew me in -- I actually read this in pretty much one sitting! This is why despite some things I didn't like as much, this book gets an extra star. Extremely well written, pretty true to real life (obviously not completely cause it IS chic-lit!) and I was engrossed all the way to the end. Plus, the humor is wonderful and Margo's breakdown near the end is downright legendary. If you want humor, romance [...]

    9. Actual rating: 2.5 starsI'll start by saying that I really enjoyed this book. The storyline was nuts in the best possible way, Margo was a funny and charming MC for the most part and the book as a whole was just hilarious. I loved that the MC was a single woman in her 50s very much enjoying life, although she still had the problems typical of any chick-lit book (struggling for money, a crappy family situation and a disastrous love life). Why then the kind-of-low rating? Well, while the story was [...]

    10. I really love this book. The story is about Margo the middle aged woman who has the misfortune life. Apart from her lonely childhood, she has fallen in love with the wrong men for all her life. Until one day in order to find her niece Georgia who runaway from her wedding, she take the road trip with her niece’s jilted fiancé. Because Margo hates flying she take the trip use her deceased father vintage MG car. Margo always lose track of Georgia but what she find instead is a great experience. [...]

    11. 3.5 כוכבים30 שנים מרגו חייה בצל אהבתה הגדולה לפין. היא פגשה אותו כשהייתה בת 19 והוא בן 39. הם היו החברים הטובים ביותר ואז משהו קרה (שהוא בגדר ספויילר עצבני והרסני ) ומרגו נוטשת את פין בחופה.היום. בגיל 50, מרגו לבד, מרוששת, שתיינית כרונית של ג'ין והיא מגיעה להוליווד לחתונה של אחייניתה ג' [...]

    12. This is such a delightful book. No, it's not War and Peace, which should be the kind of novel that earns five stars. It's better. It's infinitely readable. Such bright and frequently endearing characters. To use a term from the book, it really is a screwball comedy, but without the cringe-worthy aspects of that genre. While the many aspects of the story are tied up with a bow, it is not predictable. It made me quite happy.The touching forward was written by the author's daughter. The author hers [...]

    13. Reading books can be a hit or miss proposition. Lately, I have read several books that I wasn't overly fond of. Add this to the stress of this time of year, and I was getting burnt out. I needed a fun book to remind me that reading is supposed to be entertaining. I found that book when I got approved to read The Bette Davis Club from NetGalley. It is fun, fast-paced, and fabulous!The fun begins as Margo attends the wedding of her nineteen year-old niece, Georgia, to a much older, nerdy fellow na [...]

    14. Let me just say I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book and what started out as a wacky search for a run away bride turned into a wonderful, deep, introspective story of a woman who finally figures out who is and what she really wants.Margo Just is the daughter of a famous Hollywood screen writer, alas she was born on the wrong side of the bed covers as the English would say. When she is 8 she moves in with her father, his wife and daughter following the accidental death of her mot [...]

    15. The Bette Davis Club was written by Jane Lotter. It is her only novel and she self-published it shortly before her death. However, after her death, her daughter was approached by a publisher and it was republished by them. Jane simply loved writing and did it for the sheer joy of it. She insisted her children read good literature, heard good storytelling, and watched classic movies. The joys she shared with her children show up in her book. This insight into the author makes the book much more e [...]

    16. Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.Because of Tom Hatten and the Channel 5 (LA) Sunday Family Film, I fell in love with classic movies. And like Margo Just, I idolized that time period in cinematic history – especially Cary Grant films. Since I had such an immediate connection to the main character, I thoroughly enjoyed The Bette Davis Club and devoured it in about 2 days. The plot is that from a screwball comedy of the ‘50s [...]

    17. I couldn't remember why I'd bought this book, but then it came to me. It was mentioned in a NYT article about a woman who'd written her own obituary. That made me feel bad about my urge to trash it, but, OTOH, she's dead and presumably her feelings can't be hurt. Besides, I paid perfectly good money for a self-published book that, but for the NYT story, no one would have bought, so her estate is presumably better off.I suppose it's not a terrible book. But it is a bad one. Clearly written with a [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this book. It was funny and fun but it also had a lot of depth and a lot of twists which I definitely didn't see coming. The characters were fantastic, I loved the road trip aspect and all the wild things that happened. I hated for this one to end!

    19. A rare did-not-finish. Despite the appealing title for a big Bette Davis fan, and the appeal of the book description, the writing never engaged me. I didn't like or care about any of the characters, or how the plot would proceed. I quit around page 50.

    20. Fun readFun, easy, light, weekend read. Good story, it kept my interest. Fun characters. This would be a good book to take on vacation.

    21. Very witty and had me laughing out loud at parts! Great story with great characters. I would actually love to see this as a movie! Especially SPOILER ALERTThe part near the end when Margo goes to the AA meeting. That was so hilarious and so touching at the same time.

    22. Not sure how to rate this. The book is either a YA or romance and they aren't my favorite genres. But I did enjoy the book, a fast listen to enough action to keep it interesting along with a past and current romance. Don't think I'll read more by this author.

    23. If a half star were a option, then The Bette Davis Clubwould have 3.5 stars. There are lots of twist and turns and the plot moves along quickly. The opening scene is one of a runaway bride which loosely echoes a similar event in the narrator's past. This wedding gone awry starts the bride's half-aunt and the jilted groom on a road trip across Route 66 in a classic convertible to find the missing bride along with some mysterious stolen items. What could be a slap-stick comedy turns serious in the [...]

    24. This was just a fun, fun read. Predictable, yes; silly, yes; unlikely, yes. But. I just enjoyed the heck out of it. I read the bulk of it on my patio but would have loved being served my iced umbrella drinks by a cabana boy on the beach while doing so was that kind of book and that kind of trip. Margo is being paid by her half-sister to chase down Tully's bride who jilted him at the altar and also stole “something” valuable as well. Margo is afraid to fly so it's a great ride from California [...]

    25. The author of this book was a friend of my sister-in-law. When my wife suggested I read it, I thought Oh sure, a book written by a friend (who, incidentally, died shortly after the book's completion). Doesn't everyone have a friend who thinks they are a writer and who keep sending you their stuff to read even though it is junk. What a surprise this book was. I think it is as well written as anything I have read for quite some time. Jane Lotter has a uniquely poignant, smart, and funny voice. A r [...]

    26. The forward written by the authors daughter was touching. While reading this book I would stop and think about the passion for writing the author had until her final days. I enjoyed this book. I liked the writing, the characters, the references to actors that have passed but are not forgotten, the old classic movies, the locations, all of it. It took me a few days to read only because I wanted it to last knowing that the author had passed away and there wouldn't be another book of hers to read. [...]

    27. Truly enjoyed this book!! Easy read and sometimes I chucked out loud. If you need a in between book to read why not pick this one.

    28. I bought this one as an audiobook from one of Audible's daily deals a while back. My immediate thought is "thank goodness I don't need to force myself to listen to it one more day." I found the plot to be uninteresting and I had difficulty paying attention to the story. Margo is 50something years old and is just so immature. I had a hard time finding her likable. As a matter of fact, other than Tully, I had difficulty finding any character in the book likable. Part of my problem was most likely [...]

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