A Peaceful Retirement

A Peaceful Retirement Fairacre s retired schoolmistress was looking forward to a peaceful retirement But from the start Miss Read receives plenty of advice on how to spend it She has the opportunity to become a secretary

  • Title: A Peaceful Retirement
  • Author: Miss Read
  • ISBN: 9780618884384
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fairacre s retired schoolmistress was looking forward to a peaceful retirement But from the start, Miss Read receives plenty of advice on how to spend it She has the opportunity to become a secretary, treasurer, librarian, babysitter and even a regular for local radio Add a trip to Florence and offers of marriage, and it seems that her peaceful retirement has vanished.

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    About "Miss Read"

    1. Miss Read

      Dora Jessie Saint MBE n e Shafe born 17 April 1913 , best known by the pen name Miss Read, was an English novelist, by profession a schoolmistress Her pseudonym was derived from her mother s maiden name She began writing for several journals after World War II and worked as a scriptwriter for the BBC.She wrote a series of novels from 1955 to 1996 Her work centred on two fictional English villages, Fairacre and Thrush Green The principal character in the Fairacre books, Miss Read , is an unmarried schoolteacher in a small village school, an acerbic and yet compassionate observer of village life Miss Read s novels are wry regional social comedies, laced with gentle humour and subtle social commentary Miss Read is also a keen observer of nature and the changing seasons In 1940 she married her now late husband, Douglas, a former headmaster The couple have a daughter, Jill.Her most direct influence is from Jane Austen, although her work also bears similarities to the social comedies of manners written in the 1920s and 1930s, and in particular the work of Barbara Pym Miss Read s work has influenced a number of writers in her own turn, including the American writer Jan Karon The musician Enya has a track on her Watermark album named after the book Miss Clare Remembers, and one on her Shepherd Moons album named after No Holly for Miss Quinn.In 1996 she retired In 1998 she was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to literature She lives in Berkshire.


    1. Thirty years ago when my life was hectic with small children, working, and library school, spending a few minutes with Miss Read in Fairacre was a tranquil mini-vacation for me. Also the problems of the Fairacre school often mirrored situations in our own rural schools. I liked the Fairacre books much more than the Thrush Green novels, but I read them all. And now Miss Read has retired at roughly the same time as I. I just plain ENJOY these books, don't know how else to put it. I've always been [...]

    2. I remember reading loads of Miss Read's books (real name Dora Saint) in the eighties and even before then, before my records began. I must have been delighted to stumble across this in the local library in 2002 and how strange to find the headmistress had finally reached retirement. I seem to have known her all my life.

    3. A lovely wrap up to a darling seriesMarie's Read (Marie Shirley Griffin)I have thoroughly enjoyed this series (no murders, no sexual content, no bad language - a really nice change of pace).Life in a small English village as seen through the eyes of their school teacher over many many years.Villages, towns, etc. always have more or less the same type of folks with relatively the same issues, but this series is so nicely done, that you just can't help but caring how things turn out.There are a fe [...]

    4. I bought this book from the library sale table over three years ago. In view of the title I decided to set it aside for the first day of my retirement. Finally that day arrived and I was pleased to be able to pick up this gentle pleasant book. The last in the Fairacre series, it tells of Miss Read’s early retirement due to a minor stroke. A former headmistress, she plans for quiet time relishing the opportunity for some solitude but soon finds herself as busy as ever. Friends and neighbours ar [...]

    5. "A Peaceful Retirement", the last in the Fairacre series by Miss Read is, as always a very peaceful novel, but not a soporific one. Miss Read, the schoolmistress of Fairacre, has retired and is busy organizing her newfound leisure. This character is the kind of person one would love to have as a friend: thoughtful, interesting, generous, and an expert in gentle satire. I adored this series, and especially appreciated the beautiful descriptions of nature through the seasons, the countryside of th [...]

    6. Like me, and many others, Miss Read found her days of retirement filled with activities and offers from friends to partake in many volunteer opportunities. Couple this with a serious suitor for our retired school teacher, and she started looking for activities to "complete" her in mental rather than physical ways. She began by redoing a church tour pamphlet, which led to thoughts of recording memories of her local friends and acquaintances. Inspired by her suitor to write what she knew best, she [...]

    7. The Miss Read books are light, quick reads. She's been a school teacher in Fairacre for many years and teaching is her life's passion. But in this book, Miss Read has already had her retirement party, forced into it because of a slight stroke. She has recovered and is looking for a peaceful retirement, to rest, read, do a little gardening and enjoy life. This is a story about life and how it just takes over and happens and it's never exactly the way you planned. What seems like interuptions at f [...]

    8. All Miss Read wanted was a peaceful retirement. Forget it. Her retirement is anything but peaceful.Jenkins still keeps asking her to marry him and she keeps turning him down. Henry's wife has run off to Ireland and he wants her advice on what to do. Mrs. Pringle still comes to clean her house on Wednesdays and is still her grumpy self.Miss Read returns to teach for a week as a substitute teacher. Then there's more trouble with Minnie, including an armed showdown with Ern's mother. Then there's p [...]

    9. Miss Read is once more delightful as she goes through a new phase in her life. I believe this is the last in a wonderful series, a cozy village story, without any murder to solve, just people to know . Although some of the mores are a bit dated, the unfolding of events and human nature is timeless and a real treat.

    10. This is the first Miss Read book I've read, and I found it a peaceful and sometimes funny book to read while recovering from bronchitis. I'll be reading more of her stories.

    11. End of the Fairacre series. Highly recommend for a relaxing, soothing read set in the English countryside.

    12. I read these in the wrong order. This is the last book in the Fairacre series and it's a lovely novel about Miss Read's retirement. As usual everyone is telling her what to do, and no one listens to her except John Jenkins who is in love with her and proposes to her every time he sees her, and she turns him down. She begins to find her way and finds a balance of activities and the solitude which she loves. A great book to read in the winter curled up in bed under a cozy quilt and a nice cup of t [...]

    13. Well, it was appropriately named. The title describes the story perfectly.I don't think it could be described as a page turner but it was a pleasant story, about a retired School Principal. How she spent her days and how she adjusted to her retirement. I would love to be her.I think, anyway. I may re-think that after a few months of her life. Perhaps I will read the next book, just to know what happens.

    14. I've always enjoyed Miss Read, and this was no exception. If you're familiar with Jan Karon, this would be a good read-alike. Or should I say Karon is a rea-alike for Miss Read seeing as she was first?Surprisingly earthy humor, good light positive reading. Some readers may find the time/setting a little unfamiliar as these books are definitely dated from between the wars and past Wold War II in rural England.

    15. I've been aware of Miss Read for years but this was the first one I ever read. Charming, humorous, tidy story of Miss Read retiring from teaching to happily settle down in the darling village of Fairacre. She has many friends, and even a suitor, and is exploring activities to throw herself into. Her suitor proposes at least weekly but Miss Read is very happily single, thank you. I can see where the Miss Read novels would be a comfort to pick up now and then.

    16. How did I miss this last Fairacre book? Well, I had a five year old, and the Lexington Library didn't buy it so I didn't know it existed. But Miss Read, in retirement, is still providing endless cups of tea and advice to friends and fighting off elderly suitors while looking for a fulfilling amusement. One of the suitors sets her on the right path - can you guess what it is?

    17. I love the Miss Read books and this was as usual a comfy read about life in an English village. Miss Read is busier than she thought she would be after she retired from teaching because her fellow villagers get her involved with their lives.

    18. Just reread it and was reminded that these last 3 or so fairacre books are my favorites. This ended the series very satisfactorily. Miss read ends her teaching career and finds that life is just as busy as ever. That certainly rings true!

    19. Aw I'm so sad it's over. It's such a wonderful series of village chronicles, I enjoyed it to the very last and know that I'll often reread them. They're lovely, comforting, warm and everything good in life. Also made me want to give primary teaching a try (I've only done secondary so far).

    20. I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I was just wanting something sweet and peaceful and I thought this would be it. I thought I didn't want much of a plot, but apparently a complete lack of plot doesn't work

    21. Miss Read's life is a lot more lively as a retired person than as a school teacher. The book ended a little abruptly, however. And I was prepared to knock another star off if she'd caved in and actually married John Jenkins, to whom I took a dislike from the start.

    22. A perfect wrap-up for this series. The loose ends are even comfortable. The story arc was satisfying, the characters believable and real, the environs welcoming and sweet. I've really enjoyed my sojourn at Fairacre, but I'm also glad to be finished.

    23. As all other Miss Read books, a relaxing, non-challenging, bucolic read. Lovely with a cup of tea and a biccie.

    24. A typical Miss Read novel, which means I loved it! She is sort of a modern day Jane Austin, without the romance.

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