Sorrows (The Rogue Saga #1)

Sorrows The Rogue Saga Wrenched from his ordinary life by a violent madman and turned into a vampire against his will Jayson Wallace must learn to adapt to a world he never knew existed a world full of magic and wonder wh

  • Title: Sorrows (The Rogue Saga #1)
  • Author: Donna Fernstrom
  • ISBN: 9781490985336
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wrenched from his ordinary life by a violent madman and turned into a vampire against his will, Jayson Wallace must learn to adapt to a world he never knew existed a world full of magic and wonder, where vampires, donors, and shapeshifting rael shaa travel between quantum realities It s a dream come true but not his dream His sleep is haunted by blood and fear, and aWrenched from his ordinary life by a violent madman and turned into a vampire against his will, Jayson Wallace must learn to adapt to a world he never knew existed a world full of magic and wonder, where vampires, donors, and shapeshifting rael shaa travel between quantum realities It s a dream come true but not his dream His sleep is haunted by blood and fear, and a terrifying voice that he cannot shake from his memory The Circle who rescued him do their best to help, but a terrible betrayal sets off a cascade of events that give them problems of their own to deal with.Despite a growing relationship with a beautiful young donor, and a strong friendship with a lupine shapeshifter, Jay finds it difficult to accept the contrast between the idyllic reality before him, and the brutal torture he endured To make matters worse, somewhere, out there, the monster who changed him still runs free

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      Donna Fernstrom Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sorrows (The Rogue Saga #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Donna Fernstrom author readers around the world.


    1. Sorrows by Donna Fernstrom is the story of Jayson "Jay" and his transformation into what he considers a monster. Together with his new friends, a "vampire police force," they set on the journey to capture the madman that is turning humans for his sick pleasure.This book was soooooooooooooooo depressing. It takes the usual vampire story we are used to and adds many, many layers of sadness. It really explains why we see them as brooding. I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked the interesti [...]

    2. Jay is a newly made vampire. The vampire who kidnapped him, tortured and abused him, scarring his psyche. Jay is damaged and fragile and hungry and is found by a group of vampire law enforcement where he is taken in. When I say Jay is damaged, I mean really damaged. Great fear and guilt. Barely able to feed without a meltdown. Sometimes despite sympathy, I was really annoyed with him. And yet I still wanted him to get better.There is a lot of world building in the book as well, Rael Shaa (werewo [...]

    3. I received this book thru the author for an honest review. I loved this book. I hate reading great reads only because I don't want them to end. Haha this is a great read some parts were confusing but once you keep reading it makes since. I loved the plot and characters. It shows the struggle that vampires go thru to love in the world. It a very unique story and if you love vampire books like me you'll love this story! Can't wait to read more from Donna Fernstrom :)

    4. I hate to give any book two stars because I know how much work and thought goes into writing a novel. Sadly, I can't go any further than just these two stars.The story has no plot that I could see. I kept hoping for something to spark to get the story moving. Unfortunately, that did not happen. It was pages of whining and drifting from one scene to another.The characters are not well-developed and are one-dimensional. Jay is a whiner. I understand that he was turned into a vampire against his wi [...]

    5. This was an unexpected treat. Sorrows is a story of strong and exciting characters set in many worlds, accessed through Gates. We meet Jay, a new vampire, with a traumatic recent past. We follow Jay on his journey, as he deals with his new existence, as a vampire. Fernstrom has created vampires that are original. She also deconstructs the vampires reason for being, and how their presence on Earth is a necessary thing for the sake of Mankind. I loved this aspect. I also enjoyed the darkness inher [...]

    6. I have mixed feelings on this. There's some very unique elements to it, in the worldbuilding and mythos created. It's an interesting addition to the idea of vampires. And there's a lot of time spent on characterization- which should give the reader a purchase to engage with this strange setting. But so much of the drama and plotting didn't feel right to me, no matter how it was expounded on. I had a difficult time engaging with most of the characters, and the personal nature of most of the confl [...]

    7. Having read plenty of vampire novels in the past, this book was a refreshing change and an unexpected pleasure.Giving her own unique explanation for the existence of vampires and the way they operate, the writer has created an original story with engaging, interesting characters.The tale is told through Jay's experiences as a new vampire with a traumatic past which gives him nightmares. He is introduced to the world of the vampire along with the reader and we feel his abhorrence and fear of his [...]

    8. "Jay woke in terror."So begins Donna Fernstrom's "Sorrows".I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a novel that explores a truly unique society of vampires and shapechangers (rael-shaa) that also involves what I found to be an extremely intriguing concept of alternate realities (if a bit mind-boggling if you try to imagine the sheer magnitude of how many dimensions would exist if they split off with every single decision made or branch in evolution that could be taken!)The story starts [...]

    9. Sorrows (The Rogue Saga Book 1)by Donna FernstromJay is a very immature new vampire. He is found and saved by a group of folks, Vampires and Donors (for the Vamps to feed from) and they are considered cops in the Vampire world they are called the Circle. They nab him right before he is about to grab someone and drink from them on the streets. They have been searching for a bad Vampire that is killing people and turning folks by force. Jay has been tortured, held captive and turned against his Wi [...]

    10. I have just finished reading Sorrows. This is the first book in The Rogue Saga, and I am impressed. The star attraction is Jayson, a young musician who was captured, tortured and turned vampire by a total sadist. He was thrown out to die for refusing to feed on a child. He is rescued by a group of policing vampires and donors.Jayson is a vampire petrified to feed, for fear of becoming a killer. He must be coaxed and force fed. He wakes up with a giant wolf in his bed and panics. He finds that hi [...]

    11. This book was surprisingly good (although I'm not sure why, as I've never read anything by this author prior to this and shouldn't have had any expectations), and introduced a lot of ideas about vampire's and their origins that I had never thought to consider. I particularly liked the concept that they were created to be vessels for the sorrows of humans. It was unacceptable to feed from random humans and to kill them was taboo. They were actually presented as mostly noble, and often "human."The [...]

    12. . At the beginning of Sorrows, Jay awakens in an alley in terrible pain from hunger and sensory overload. He stumbles to his feet and finds himself stalking a homeless man. Then a van screaches to a halt and he's thrown inside where a warm donor feeds him. This is his introduction to Vampire society. Worlds filled with vampires, donors, shapeshifting trackers and even mages await him. Jay has a LOT to learn and he's not very happy about it.Jays last "normal" memory is walking home alone after a [...]

    13. Brief synopsis: Sorrows (The Rogue Saga) is a story about Jay, a newly turned vampire who is agonizing over being turned without a choice. He is terrified of himself and what harm he may bring to others. Picked up by the Law Enforcement Circle just before he’s about to pounce on his first victim, he meets a whole cast of characters deeply familiar with the new world he has been thrust into. He fears Malachi, a monster from his past, never feeling safe.Originality: I give the author kudos for p [...]

    14. An intriguing premise, a unique view of vampirism and their history, as well as the shape shifting wolf-like folk (the rael-shaa) establish the potential for a truly fascinating read. And it was an amazing story.What I liked: The first several chapters were absolutely riveting, establishing the main lead character, Jayson and the vampire enforcement group that rescued him. Also, introduced was Ryan, the shape shifting “rael-shaa” wolf, and several more leading vampires and donors. I especial [...]

    15. Sorrow by title, sorrows by nature.I found the characters, including the main character Jay, hard to get to know. His behavior and constant crying led me to believe that he was a young teen; I was surprised to discover that he was in fact in his early twenties. There is a lot of crying in this book, mostly by adult male vampires, which for me was hard to swallow. The story meandered around the feeding process of the vampires and Jays lack of ability to come to terms with this. I think this was a [...]

    16. This was a very refreshing vampire novel after all of the glampires we've been exposed to in recent years. Fernstrom gives us a well-thought-out world with intriguing lore and beasts you want to know more about. I especially enjoyed the rael-shaa, which were integrated into the lore without being too gimmicky (all of the scenes involving Ryan made me want to snuggle up with my own pup.) Vampires and werewolves have been redeemed for me.The book did have a few setbacks for me. Telling this story [...]

    17. Sorrows: Book One of The Rogue Saga by Donna Fernstrom is a paranormal thriller about a new vampire, Jay Wallace, and his struggles to overcome the trauma of his unwanted turning.Jay, an ordinary young man on his way home late one night, is captured and held prisoner by a sadistic vampire named Malachi. After days of witnessing Malachi’s blood-soaked kills and surviving repeated bite attacks, Jay becomes an out-of-control vampire. Before he makes his first kill, a paranormal Law Enforcement Ci [...]

    18. The Blood SquadIn Sorrows, the Rogue Saga, by Donna Fernstrom, Jayson is turned into a vampire by the psychopathic killer Malachi. Jayson is bundled into a van right before he attacks a homeless person for his blood. His rescuers are the Law Enforcement Circle, a group of volunteers who call themselves the Mavericks. Reporting to the Council of Justice, the Mavericks track vampire killers. The Circle consists of Chara, the Southern beauty who let Jayson drink her blood; Lara, who gives him the h [...]

    19. I have mixed feelings about the book. It's difficult to like some of the characters and I felt as if they weren't people I'd like to be around, given a choice. Dave is constantly alienating others with his harsh words and moodiness. Naomi, with with her teenage angry defiance, makes you wander how much of her decisions are motivated by clear-headed choice. Jay makes you feel sorry for him as a survivor of horrors, but his constant crying and hiding in fear is difficult to deal with. I like vampi [...]

    20. Freshly and involuntarily turned into a vampire, Jay goes through hell after his transformation. Being rescued by Law Enforcement Circle, he slowly adjusts to the life of a vampire in mixed society of supernaturals and humans, fighting his traumas and ghosts with more or less success. There is not much of a storyline or plot development in the book; it focuses more on feelings and psychical analysis of victims and traumatized beings. Although it is worked out exquisitely well, I must admit there [...]

    21. My first impressions of this book were that it was as if someone had taken Anne Rice's vampires and placed them in Blade's world. Unique characters and unique situations, but vague similarities to the two. Then Fernstrom added a science fiction element that turns the story completely on its aurally-enhanced ear. This is most definitely a unique take on the vampire genre - and told from a vampire's perspective, too. Jay isn't a perfect hero, but nor is he an angsty teenager. The demons from his p [...]

    22. The story starts off with Jayson waking up in an alley and group of people throw him in a van and offers him the blood of one on the individuals. Since I know the book is about a vampire I understand what he is experiencing but it take a bit more into the story to actually say he is a vampire and even longer to explain how he became an vampire. It takes too long to explain the background on the why and how Jay became a vampire; who the Circle is (even though I'm still not sure what their purpose [...]

    23. Great story idea, and that's it. Idea is were it ends. Waaaay too much crying for any man! Or woman for that matter, sheesh!This book drags on and on and on. The longest it's ever taken me to date to finish a book. I just didn't even want too. To many characters were thrown into this story, at random it seems like. You're just left empty, may be the right word here. Not even going to get started on the assault to your nerves you get when the author walks her character into a room. OMG the way sh [...]

    24. I'm having trouble writing this review for fear that I'll give away spoilers. With that being said I will keep this short and sweet. Sorrows had a well written story, with very descriptive and well developed characters. It was a cross between Anne Rice's vamps and Blade. Jay's a vampire who was forced into a life he hasn't chosen. What he experiences as a new vampire with a traumatic past gives him nightmares. He is introduced to the world of the vampire along with the reader and we feel his abh [...]

    25. This story started out strong, jumping right into action from the get go. I read a lot of paranormal books and this was a different look at a newly turned vampire and his struggles with all the emotional and physical changes that he deals with as a result of a traumatic experience and finding out about vampires by his abduction, torture, and turning. I liked a lot of the back story and supporting characters in the book but I was not a fan of the main character. I found him to be depressing and h [...]

    26. I really wanted to like this book. The concept is very good, but the conflicting actions by the characters, the constant crying and self loathing of Jay (which was way over done), had me skipping my nightly ritual of reading before bed. There was just too much internal warring going on with the characters minds and not enough action to keep my interests. While I did finish this book, I have no desire to continue on with the series. I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. [...]

    27. Sorrows is a story about 22 year old musician who's life gets turned totally up side down. He goes through some pretty wicked-terrible things and comes up more or less ok and gets to help catch the bad guy.This is also a unique take on the vampire story. Sharing more would give away to many details, so you'll have to read it for more on that.Donna Fernstrom does an excellent job of plot and character development and of telling about terrible things happening without being overly graphic. I enjoy [...]

    28. I have to admit the cover put me off--my fear was this was going to turn out to be BDSM--but I was delighted to discover shifters, vampires, other worlds and a really strong plot with mystery and romance thrown in. Each author gets to create her own universe when she writes and it is in describing and incorporating the nuances that Ms. Fernstrom's skill is revealed. I met a number of characters whom I enjoyed getting to know and hope to meet again in other stories.

    29. It took me a while to finish this book. It is a well written, well thought out book which clearly showcases the writers talents. Personally it just moved way too slow for me but I can't slight the book for it. The storyline itself is very creative an unique, I am just used to more action spurring me from page to page. There is some action but the in between made me put the book down a lot. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    30. Zero stars. This story has been done to death by authors who can actually write. Terrible writing. No depth. I suggest the author learn a few things about basic story construction. Or even better, find a new profession. I WANT MY WASTED TIME BACK!

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