The Prosecutor

The Prosecutor Two attorneys with everything to lose fight for justice in THE PROSECUTOR by USA TODAY bestselling author Adrienne GiordanoChicago assistant state s attorney Zac Hennings just got handed a political h

  • Title: The Prosecutor
  • Author: Adrienne Giordano
  • ISBN: 9780373697502
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two attorneys with everything to lose fight for justice in THE PROSECUTOR by USA TODAY bestselling author Adrienne GiordanoChicago assistant state s attorney Zac Hennings just got handed a political hot potato keeping the convicted murderer in a high profile case behind bars He s up against his most formidable and alluring adversary First year law student Emma SincTwo attorneys with everything to lose fight for justice in THE PROSECUTOR by USA TODAY bestselling author Adrienne GiordanoChicago assistant state s attorney Zac Hennings just got handed a political hot potato keeping the convicted murderer in a high profile case behind bars He s up against his most formidable and alluring adversary First year law student Emma Sinclair is passionately fighting to free her brother But she needs the take no prisoners prosecutor s help.Caught between attraction and letting a killer go free, Zac walks a tightrope Until evidence surfaces that the real culprit s still out there With his career and Emma s life on the line, Zac races to right a terrible wrong Refusing to back down, he ll bring a cunning lawbreaker to justice or die trying.

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      Adrienne Giordano is a USA Today bestselling author of over twenty romantic suspense and mystery novels She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist Terrier She is a cofounder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane s Salon Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction For information on Adrienne s books, please visit AdrienneGiordano Adrienne can also be found on Facebook at facebook AdrienneGiord, Twitter at twitter AdriennGiordano and at AdrienneGior For information on Adrienne s street team, Dangerous Darlings, go to facebook groups danger.


    1. One of my biggest complaints in the contemporary mystery-thriller-suspense romance involving police-law enforcement is that they are just not convincing enough. I know it's tough for authors, who may not be intimately involved in the profession of one of their main characters to be able to get to grips with the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day work, but as a reader, it's really noticeable if an author does know their stuff.In this one, provided by the publisher through netgalley, this author clear [...]

    2. Rating 3.25 starsThere were good things in this book but it had it's draw-backs as well. I loved the hero and his sister's thing, they were a hoot. My problem was that the heroine was depicted as this strong lone fighter and even when the hero is in the opposition she continues to be attracted to him. Meanwhile, there is someone willing to do anything to stop the true killer from being revealed. So, the romance was iffy for me, and who doesn't keep multiple copies of evidence?? Overall, I saw po [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this. The author can obviously write, but she started out with likable characters, then made me start doubting their motivation, commitment, and sanity.The heroine has given up her life to help a brother who's been imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. She manages to get the case looked at again, then meets the new prosecutor and is immediately attracted to him (and him to her). So it's got a nice push-pull, until the two decide that they can't resist sleeping together [...]

    4. Very good book with good blend of suspense and romance. Zac is a state's attorney who has been given the job of reviewing a case to make sure that a convicted murderer stays in prison. Emma is the sister of the convicted man, convinced he is innocent and determined to prove it. When new evidence surfaces she finds an attorney willing to take on the case, who just happens to be Zac's sister.Emma has been fighting this battle for a long time and she finally feels like she's getting somewhere. She' [...]

    5. This Book was provided by the Author for an honest reviewI started this book around lunchtime today and could not put it down. The story involves a Cook County IL (Chicago) Asst DA Zac Hennings and Emma Sinclair, a law student fighting to prove her brothers innocence after being convicted of murder. Emma is a strong, smart,loyal to the end woman and convinces Zac's sister, also an attorney to represent Emma's brother. You will enjoy the family interaction between brother and sister. The sexual a [...]

    6. This is the second book by Adrienne Giordano that I have read in a week and it is another home run! I really enjoy the style of writing Giordano uses. The main characters are Emma, Penny, and Penny's brother Zachary. Penny is the defense attorney for Emma's brother, Brian. Zachary is the prosecutor on the case and doesn't have the typical mindset of a prosecutor. It was great to see the brother/sister rivalry when they are working a case. This book is full of twists and turns that constantly kee [...]

    7. Thanks to Adrienne Giordano I have found a new love in romantic suspense novels!! First with "Stealing Justice" and now she did it again with "The Prosecutor".Emma Sinclair is a distraught sister that is certain that her brother, Brian, has been wrongfully convicted of the murder of a detectives daughter. As a new law student she works endlessly to gather enough evidence to help overturn the conviction. Finally she catches a break and one of the detectives on her brothers case says that they may [...]

    8. For the last 18 months, Emma Sinclair’s life has revolved around proving that her brother was wrongly convicted of murder. The case against her brother was circumstantial but, no defense attorney is willing to help her fight for a reversal. It is not until she receives video evidence, a deathbed confession that the case gains media attention. This is when the pace of the story gains momentum.The author introduces the Hennings siblings – defense attorney, Penny and state prosecutor, Zac. It w [...]

    9. In Adrienne Giordano’s The Prosecutor, she delivers it all! From death bed confessions to big city corruption, strong family ties to families struggling to hold on, sibling rivalry, and a complicated relationship between the hero and heroine that will have you simultaneously begging them to stay away from each other (for their own good) and cheering them to find a way to make their relationship work.An intriguing story line and non-stop suspense provided the basis for this page turning story. [...]

    10. Fun Fantasy Adrienne Giordano’s, The Prosecutor, has great chemistry and characters you have to love; if you don’t you might be a bad person. The overall story seems a little unbelievable, but in this genre that doesn’t bother me too much and a family of good hearted lawyers is a fun setup that I haven’t read before. Character wise, the good guys were a bit too clean and perfect and the bad guys too bad, which is also true to the genre, but I’d like to see a bit more complex bad guys, [...]

    11. This author is new to me and her novel THE PROSECUTOR is outstanding! A brother and sister, opposing counsels for a bungled prosecution that resulted in the heroine's brother jailed for murder: Emma Sinclair is adamant in freeing her innocent brother. She has reached the conscience of Penny Hennings, a member of a top Chicago law firm who is willing to pursue getting her brother 's case back on the court dockets. The problem is Penny's brother, Zac Hennings, one of Chicago's top prosecutors, he' [...]

    12. This is my first book by this particular author and after reading The Prosecutor I definitely will be looking forward to reading more of her works. The storyline revolves around a Prosecuting Attorney Zac who meets and falls for Emma who is trying to prove her imprisoned brother innocent of a murder, Zac is the attorney that put him behind bars. A who done it that really did keep me guessing, I liked the characters and enjoyed the rapport between Zac and his attorney sister Penney. Romance and i [...]

    13. I love stories based in Chicago. I've never read this author before and glad I had the chance to now. The Prosecutor is a fast, intense read and it's clear the author knows her craft. The plot kept me hanging on to the end. Engaging story.

    14. Review originally posted atRamblings from this Chick I admit it: I’ve spent many years (okay, at least a decade) snubbing category romances because, as a fairly fast reader, a book shorter than 300 pages never felt sufficiently meaty. Now that life gets in the way of my reading, I’ve developed a love affair with Harlequin’s suspense line of category romances: Intrigue for a larger dose of suspense layered over romance and Romantic Suspense for that extra shot of romance to go with the puls [...]

    15. REVIEW OF AUDIO & KINDLE: NOVEMBER 28, 2014 STORY: 4.5 STARSNARRATOR: 3 STARSThis was my first Harlequin Intrigue, and what a lovely introduction to these category books! I was hooked right from the start and despite one minor TSTL moment, and the bit at the end where the author got in the way and disrupted the flow of the climax, this turned out to be one of the best romantic suspense books I've read/listened to this year.The plot is simple - Emma is trying to get her brother, found guilty [...]

    16. Emma Sinclair's brother, Brian, was sent to prison for murder. She is positive he is innocent so she has spent 18 months trying to prove it by interviewing witnesses and tracking down any lead she can find. She also tried to get a defense attorney to help her fight for a reversal but none would agree to take the case. That is until a video comes out of a deathbed confession by one of the detectives on the case changes everything. A young lawyer in one of Chicago's top law firms, Penny Hennings, [...]

    17. She will fight till the end to get a wrongful murder conviction overturn . Banging on the doors all over the city of defense attorneys to reverse the conviction. Who is she trying to help? Her younger brother Brian Sinclair charged with killing a detectives daughter. Emma Sinclair first year law student a tenacious hard working likeable person. All circumstantial evidence but still he was convicted, now a death bed confession with a video of the confession is exposed and the media gets wind of i [...]

    18. A thoroughly enjoyable read! It was fast-paced and hard to put down, with a nice blend of suspense and romance. I didn't have a clue whodunnit until it was revealed, which was a nice change. I loved the characters--not just Emma and Zac, but Zac's sister/Emma's lawyer Penny too--they were so much fun to read. The sibling dynamics were especially well-written between both sets of siblings, though Emma and Brian's were understandably a bit more bittersweet throughout the book. The chemistry betwee [...]

    19. I gave The Prosecutor a five star rating because it had me turning the pages to try to discover who the bad guy really was. The characters are really well written. Zac the prosecuting attorney, he is strong and determined but honest and a truly good guy he wants justice nothing more nothing less. His sister Penny is a tiny woman with a spine of iron and a brain that jumps 3 steps ahead of others. Emma the sister of a Brian who is in prison for a murder that Emma says he did not commit. Zac is de [...]

    20. The Prosecutor by Adrienne Giordano was an excellent book. It had lots of funny parts in it between brother, Zac and sister Penny. It had me laughing. Emma's brother was accused of murdering a girl two years ago. Emma has been working on freeing him. She is a first year law student, because of this case. She has boxes and boxes of statements in her basement about the trial. Emma discovers a video showing her brother was someplace else at the time. When this video came to lite it upset a lot of p [...]

    21. This smart, snappy suspense will hold readers' attention from beginning to end. Assistant state's attorney Zac knows he is expected to make the conviction of a young man for the murder of a Chicago policeman's daughter stick when a witness recants on video. Emma Sinclair has been passionately trying to clear her brother and has eighteen boxes of evidence and enrollment in law school to back her claims. Zac's sister Penny offers to take Emma's case pro bono after reading about it in the news and [...]

    22. This is my first book read by this author. After reading the book I highly recommend her. I am glad to have the rest of the series to read as well.Emma has been trying for almost 2 years to get her brother out of jail. No one will help her so she is doing her own work to uncover all the wrongs made by the attorney's that did the trail. She is working hard and almost losing faith that she will ever get any help when Penny comes along to take the case. Penny's brother Zac works for the prosecution [...]

    23. The Prosecutor is another winner from an awesome author. While the Private Protectors will always be my first love, Adrienne Giordano presents her usual wonderful style in The Prosecutor! Emma Sinclair has been battling for a year and a half to prove that her imprisoned brother not only is innocent of the murder but that he did not receive a fair investigation and trial. When new evidence turns up that the key witness may have been "led" a bright, young, and slightly crazy attorney takes up the [...]

    24. A suspenseful romance novel about a woman gathering evidence to prove her brother’s innocence in a high profile murder case and ignore her growing attraction toward the prosecutor assigned to keep him in jail.The Prosecutor is an engaging dramatic story with vivid characters. I particularly enjoyed the details and care the author took to create a believable law setting and mindset. I also enjoyed the fact that the romance complicated the story and situation. The Prosecutor is a fun, dramatic l [...]

    25. This book is listed under intrigue and it is very intriguing. I was hooked from the very first page. As soon as you start reading you will know something is just not right about Emma Sinclair ' s bothers murder conviction. A lot of bad police work but what were they trying to cover up . Where they just trying to get someone convicted for the murder or trying to cover up something for someone else. While this mystery unfolds the heat between Zac and Emma almost boils over as a killer is out to ge [...]

    26. In Giordano’s romantic suspense novel, Chicago state’s attorney, Zac Hennings has just been assigned to keep a high-profile case behind bars. He’s up against an attractive adversary in first-year law student Emma Sinclair who is passionately fighting to keep her brother out of prison. Caught between duty and desire, Zac walks carefully when new evidence surfaces indicating the real culprit is still free. With his career and Emma’s safety on the line, Zac works overtime to right a wrong b [...]

    27. This book caught my attention from the first page and I couldn't put it down until I had read the last page! Emma Sinclair, a first-year law student, has been fighting for 18 months to have her brother's murder conviction overturned. One of the officer's involved in the case makes a deathbed confession that leads to a break in the case. Zac Hennings is the Prosecutor assigned to the case to make sure there is no basis for an appeal. Things get even better when Zac's sister decides to become Emma [...]

    28. I found this book to be extremely intriguing blend of suspense and romance.   My attention was caught from the very beginning, in which Emma is struggling to free her wrongly convicted brother from prison, and Zac, the hero of this story, is putting together evidence to keep him there.  Add in Zac's very different sister, Penny, and the surprising murderer, revealed at the very end, and this novel has everything you could want in a suspense novel.  You can practically feel the sparks flying f [...]

    29. I thoroughly enjoyed Zach and Emma's story. I found the story line to be well thought out and written with just the right amount of heat and spice. None of the plot twists felt contrived or over the top and although I've been a mystery reader for many years, I didn't see the villain until the last couple of chapters. Of course, now I want to read both Penny and Brian's stories. The family interactions were funny and heart breaking in turn.I received an arc of this book from the author in exchang [...]

    30. My Review:4.7 Star Review - The ProsecutorI received the book for an honest review. Everyone should be innocent until proven guilty right? Some are proven guilty even when innocent. Emma knows her brother is innocent if she could just get Zac to see that too.Zac is not going to let a killer go free no matter what. But what happens when you finally realize that the person that was found guilty is really innocent? Will he be able to get the innocent set free and put the real killer where they belo [...]

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