The Groundbreaking

The Groundbreaking Nine lives Nine stories One last best hope But will they find it in time The introductory volume to the Love Under Construction Series this quick read introduces you to the major characters in the s

  • Title: The Groundbreaking
  • Author: Deanndra Hall
  • ISBN: 9781301989133
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook
  • Nine lives Nine stories One last, best hope But will they find it in time The introductory volume to the Love Under Construction Series, this quick read introduces you to the major characters in the series The books within the series are not stand alone, and reading this one will help the reader understand them better All other books in this series are full length noNine lives Nine stories One last, best hope But will they find it in time The introductory volume to the Love Under Construction Series, this quick read introduces you to the major characters in the series The books within the series are not stand alone, and reading this one will help the reader understand them better All other books in this series are full length novels This volume is free Meet the Walters family of Louisville, Kentucky, and their extended family and friends This introductory volume introduces the reader to the major characters in the series and gives some insight into what makes them who they are in a series of vignettes from their pasts From Tony, the owner of the family construction business who s still dealing with his mentally unstable ex wife, to Steve, his attorney who also owns a security firm and a BDSM club too while he holds everyone at arms length, to a widow, Nikki, who thinks her life is pretty well over, there s plenty of drama, fun, and white hot, sex filled romance to keep readers entertained for hours There s Kelly, working in the insurance industry while no one knows her past Jose, a former cage fighter turned personal security specialist and Molly, a woman spurned in the worst of ways Laura s clothes cover a painful secret that could get her killed, and Peyton, the wholesome boy next door, struggles with an injury from his service in Kandahar And don t forget Vic, Tony s cousin and the manager of the construction company s Lexington office, who s six feet and eight inches of the hottest Italian the United States was lucky enough to find on their shores This introductory work introduces readers to the major characters in the series and is a quick read the four volumes to follow are full length novels None of the volumes are stand alone and are written to be read in order to get the most enjoyment from them Use The Groundbreaking as your portal jump in and find out who lives, who dies, and who finds the love of their life It s a rollicking good time, between the sheets and out

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      Deanndra Hall is a working writer living in far western Kentucky A free spirit and chronic jokester, she and her partner of over 30 years enjoy visiting their two adult children and their partners and playing with their three crazy little dogs When she s not writing, Deanndra can be found kayaking, working out at the gym, cooking something healthy, or reading After writing for business, industry, academia, and non profits for years and having her work credited to others, she jumped into the fiction realm, particularly erotic fiction and erotica, and had so much fun she never looked back Look for her on Twitter and Facebook and on her website and blog.


    1. *I received this book free from Drue’s Random Chatter in exchange for an honest review*This is not an actual book per se; it’s more of a character introduction or meet and greet.If you want to read the series, and I suggest you do, then this is a must read. It gives you the background stories of all the main characters, so there’s no wondering. You’ll know what kind of baggage each of them carry, and it’s helpful in understanding why they act the way they do, as you read more about the [...]

    2. I received a free book in exchange for a read and review for Wicked Reads.This is a prequel for The Love Under Construction Series, small tidbits that allow you to meet and greet the characters before the actual story. There is no real entertainment value if you do not plan to read the series. This was an in depth look into the lives of the characters, it seems as though all of these people have one thing in common. Life sucks, and they are at their lowest point. Each of them have had joy taken [...]

    3. Although this was released after the first story in the series, it's meant to provide prefatory information about the characters that Hall intends to include in her four part series. Basically, this novella guides readers in the direction that Hall is going and we the readers get a snippet in the background of the characters in Deanndra Hall's Love Under Construction Series. If you're hoping that there's any sort of romance in this one, there's isn't - it’s gritty and in some places dark and v [...]

    4. This book is really just an intro into the series Love Under Construction. In this short novella we are introduced to key players in the series. We meet Tony, Steve, Nikki, Kelly, Jose, Molly, Laura, Peyton and Vic. Each characters background is touched on and this book is a real must before starting the series, it helps you understand and go forward. After reading this novella I was hooked and can’t wait to read the first book in the series!Characters: Each one was described very well in this [...]

    5. This is a quick read but it really gives you a back story to the characters featured in the Love Under Construction series. While reading this you get wrapped in their lives and feel their pain, heartache, and grief.Each of their stories proves a different struggle. Deanndra brings to light the effects of abuse, rape, and adultery. I love that she does this in a way that isn't flashy but does bring notice.While some scenes are graphic, each story is important to me. I recommend you read this if [...]

    6. This prequel is different from any other. It is an introduction to the characters, but not exactly a prequel. It is more like an insight into what makes the characters who they are. It also is a bit of a tourism guide to Kentucky. :)I tried reading this first, but I recommend reading Laying a Foundation first, then read this. That worked best for me. Then I had a better understanding of the characters in the series, and this just gave the characters so much depth. Grab all the books in this seri [...]

    7. Loved this introduction to the Love Under Construction series! Having the back stories for the characters will be great going forward. I also liked that so many of the characters are over forty AND hot! Regardless of what movies and books pedal to us, twenty-something kids really don't have a corner on the market when it comes to attraction, love, and great sex. In fact, my own life experiences (and I'm close to the half-century mark!) has shown me that it's ALL so much better now than it was ba [...]

    8. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This novella (as the author explains in the introduction) gives the reader the back stories of characters that will populate the future books. Well, it is going to be an amazing journey, given what we learn here. Each person has a lot of baggage that they bring to the series, and their experiences are bound to impact heavily on the story lines. I cannot wait to start the next one right about now!

    9. ***We received a copy from the author for a honest review***This novella is the introductory to the Love Under Construction Series. You get to meet 9 people Nikki, Peyton, Jose, Molly, Laura, Vic, Tony, Kelly and Steve. Each character has their own story and struggle and this gives you a background on their grief and pain.I really enjoyed how i got to get to know each person before i actually read the series! I had a hard time putting this book down it left me wanting more. I really look forward [...]

    10. Check out our blog post to see what the Wicked Reads Review Team thought about The Groundbreaking by Deanndra Hall.vkwickedreads.wordpress/20

    11. This prequel is just the beginning of the series, it sets the stage for the rest of the books. I really liked getting the back story on each character, so many times it seems like you want to know why a certain character acts like they do, it seems to me in this series you just may find out. I was gifted this book for a fair and honest review.

    12. Quick read to familiarize you with the backgrounds of the characters in the Love Under Construction series. The short story moves quickly, giving you enough background on each character to see how they all ended up in Kentucky working for Steve.I developed an attachment to a few of these characters and am looking forward to the series to see how they move on in their lives.

    13. Great start to a new series. Loved the characters were so believable and three dimensional. They have lives, and friends and an overload of drama. Great book.

    14. Title: The Groundbreaking 0.5Author: Deanndra HallSeries: Love Under ConstructionPublisher: SelfReviewer: BarbRelease Date: August 13, 2013Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Military, Rape, Italian FamilyPage Count: 75Heat Level:3.5 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:Review:*****5 What a Beginning Stars*****This short novella is an ABSOLUTE must read before you start the Love Under Construction Series! Ms. Hall sets the stage for a 4 book series that promises to be WOW, steamy, intriguing, [...]

    15. This is a quick read but it gives good background details on several characters in the following books of the Love Under Construction series, based mostly in Louisville, KY. There is a wide variety of issues that each character has dealt with, and after reading ‘Laying a Foundation’, I was very happy to know more about the characters. I was glad that I read this before ‘Laying a Foundation’ but I didn’t remember all of the details of every character since the second book focuses more o [...]

    16. WOW!!! I have never had a prequel make me want to read the first book Laying A Foundation soooo bad!!! I absolutely loved this prequel. You really get to know the characters and their stories before you read Laying A Foundation. Books don't usually make me cry, but a certain character in this book did just that. I'm NOT going to spoil it for you, so you must read to understand what I'm talking about. You will not be disappointed, and what a deal FREE at that. I had the pleasure of meeting Deannd [...]

    17. This book is an introduction to the main characters from the series Love Under Construction. It's a series of flashbacks to the lives of the characters before their respective books. I attempted to read this book before Laying a Foundation but found it confusing because it is a series of unrelated flashbacks of the characters from the series so after the confusion I decided to come back to it after having read the first book which I think was a good idea.You get to see the lives of these charact [...]

    18. This is a back story to the Love Under Construction Series people. It is a short read but within that short read you find out about these people and what they have to deal with in their lives. I got wrapped up in each of their lives while reading and makes me want to hurry up and read this entire series. There are nine people whose lives you get a little peak into and this will help me understand the characters more on a personal level. Each character was touched on and even though this just giv [...]

    19. I waited to write my review for this until after I read Laying a Foundation. For me this is not really a prequel but is a great book that you can read to get to know a little more about the characters in the series. I think it would depend on the person and how good they remember things on whether or not I would recommend this be read before or after Laying a Foundation. For me I was glad I read it before Laying a Foundation. If I had not read it first I would have been somewhat confused by some [...]

    20. This book should be considered the pre-quel to the series and should be read first. As a book, it provides the background to the stories we are about to read in this series for each of the nine characters involved.The constant in all of these characters is the fact that they have all hit rock bottom. Whether old or young, age makes no difference when you are bitter about love, unemployed, or in a life situation with no future in sight. These characters share these characteristics. I cannot wait [...]

    21. Received this series in exchange for an honest review for Beautifully Broken Book Blog. While this is not an actual book with a story line, I do believe that the author made a great decision to write this prequel. There are many complex characters throughout this series and this novella was a great introduction to the characters and provided the reader with background information on their lives. .

    22. The perfect introductionThis novella is the introduction to The Love Under Construction Series. The author devotes a chapter to each character. Nine characters all with different lives and different heartache, but with one common denominatorA future in Louisville, KY. This was a short but wonderful story, and if it's any indication on how the rest of the story will go, then I'm in for a treat!

    23. The title says it all. This lays the groundwork by explaining the back story of the characters in The Love Under Construction series. If you read this expecting a story this is just background but it's crucial information that helps you understand the characters you meet in book one. Warning (spoiler alert plus PTSD warning) If reading about rape is a trigger for you please skip over Laura's background This does not mean you shouldn't read this book just be aware

    24. 4 starI was pulled right into this short story. This is an introduction to the Walters family. You meet the key players of the series. You get a little insight to their lives and what they are going though at this time. Even being a short story it packs in a lot of information. I loved these characters and also the side characters. I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read.I recommend this book.

    25. This might be a shot read, but the author has loaded this story with tons of info on all the characters to come in this series. I just started reading the first full book in the series and already could link info from this book to the first. I think it will help if you read this to link things together as you go through the series. Looking forward to reading more as they come out.

    26. I loved the way Deanndra has took time to introduce major characters because it gives us a background to the book so we don't take time to find out each one and get right to story It is also about a couple in their mid 50s not a twenty somethingI can't wait to start the next one.I recommend this read before you start reading series

    27. This book is a lovely introduction to the characters of this series. I like how you get to know each character separately but have no idea which order you're going to meet them. I also like that they aren't 18/30 year olds, I'm looking forward to reading the other books to find out who ends up with who and how.

    28. Never read any books from Deanndra Hall. What a great prequel to a series. I purchased all the books in this series and am looking forward to it!! I am starting Book 1 - Laying A Foundation (Love Under Construction #1). I was in a book slump for awhile, but this one has seemed to have taken me out of that funk.

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