Tangled Mess

Tangled Mess Twenty one year old hairstylist Tiffany Banks thought her life was planned out until her coworkers talk her into auditioning for American Icon a popular reality singing competition Unfortunately h

  • Title: Tangled Mess
  • Author: K.L. Middleton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twenty one year old hairstylist, Tiffany Banks, thought her life was planned out until her coworkers talk her into auditioning for American Icon, a popular reality singing competition Unfortunately, her dreams of stardom are threatened when one of the judges, a notorious bad boy rockstar, Ransom, appears hell bent on making sure she doesn t make it to the final round.AfteTwenty one year old hairstylist, Tiffany Banks, thought her life was planned out until her coworkers talk her into auditioning for American Icon, a popular reality singing competition Unfortunately, her dreams of stardom are threatened when one of the judges, a notorious bad boy rockstar, Ransom, appears hell bent on making sure she doesn t make it to the final round.After winning American Icon four years ago and signing away his soul, Ransom s life became a blur of booze, concerts, and women Then, when pressured into becoming one of the judges on the show, he finds himself face to face with Tiffany, his sister s beautiful and naive friend, he takes it upon himself to stop her from making the same mistakes he did, and screwing up her life, no matter the consequences.This steamy book contains adult situations and is recommended for ages 18 This is part of the Tangled series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

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      I am a wife and mother of two girls, Cassie and Allie I live in Minnesota and, yes, our winters are legendary I believe this has a lot to do with my passion for reading and writing, which is something I d like to make a full time career of sometime in the future Right now my days are filled with chasing after children in my daycare but at night I chase after my dreams of becoming a popular writer Most of my books are written with young adults in mind but I am ecstatic when I hear that readers of all ages enjoy them It s a great motivator and pushes me to keep writing, even when I m exhausted from wiping noses all day long Also writes YA books as Kristen Middleton.


    1. The bones of the story are good, details failed to hook meI wasn't convinced to keep with the series after the first book, but accidentally purchased this book while finishing the first and didn't realize in time to cancel the order. Once again, the characters and basic story are interesting, but the execution failed to spark my interest. The writing and dialogue felt stilted and unnatural at times. There were some secondary plots that never developed (murder, a random stranger introduced at a f [...]

    2. This was cute but never got below the surface in terms of plot or characters.I really thought this story was going to take place during the competition but it really didn't. That would have been a fun aspect I think to explore but it isn't until the last 20% of the book.I totally missed the bit about them knowing each other before the competition so that was a pleasant surprise. It did help provide a little more substance to their relationship.I just felt that things never fully developed in ter [...]

    3. Cute enough. I liked this, but it never fully pulled me in. Ransom was kinda meh. I don't really enjoy guys who do nothing but party, even if he did get it together eventually, and I enjoyed his history with Tiffany.

    4. After I read TANGLED BEAUTY I wanted to read this. I liked Tiffany's character & my heart broke for her. Some of the dialogue made me laugh. Ransom's attitude turned me off & I didn't like his attitude towards Tiffany either. I think TANGLED BEAUTY was better.

    5. I read this book as part of the "Tangled Box Set". This story is the stylish Tiffany and the Rock legend Ransom, who are getting hot and cold for each other. Thrown into the artificial environment of a Televised Talent Quest, then you have one heck of a good story. I am enjoying the various players portrayed in this series, with backstories that are relevant to real life possibilities.

    6. Twisted tangleStarts out with a bang ends with a bang. Romance, lack of trust takes you on many twists. Read, get lost for a while in a mother life!

    7. FabulousLoved Tiffany and Ransom's story and how the series is continues on with the other characters surprise ending looking forward to the next book

    8. A real carnival of a read.A real carnival of a read.To start I have to say I love to sing but dislike most reality show (except SYTYCD). While I tend to really enjoy the artists who come out of shows like American Idol, I dislike the show itself and know I am in a minority on that opinion. ok now on to this book, it is a emotional rollercoaster that had my crying, laughing out loud and "singing along" (ha). The author has a way of hooking you on the characters even if you can't understand what t [...]

    9. A nice sexy read.There is a smoldering hot passion between Ransom and Tiffany that has been there since junior high. Tiffany had a hugh crush on the sexy young rocker but he thought she was too youngd that is that, except they shared a hot kiss that neither one has forgotten. Ransom made it big and got his dream of being a sexy rock god but all is not what is seems. Once he sees Tiffany tryout and get picked to continue on he tries to get her to leave the contest for her own good. But instead th [...]

    10. CoolI read the first book and loved it so I went for the second hoping it would be just as good, and it was. Though it's a continuation of the first book and has some of the same characters it can on its own without book one. I liked tiffany I feel like she was a girl that can roll with the punches. I felt bad for her because it seemed that the author wanted to make tiffany more of a victim but it didn't take. Ransom is the sexy bad boy that does whatever he wants and is sexy doing it. K.L Middl [...]

    11. Rock Star and Hair Stylist - love conquers allRansom first saw Tiffany again when he was judging for American Icon. He could not believe his sisters childhood friend was singing her heart out to be the next Icon. He was not going to let her do it. Since winning the title himself he was signed on with them, but their rules and restrictions made him an unhappy and desperate man. She was not going to be imprisoned like he was. So he voted no and broke her heart. This is an account of their rocky lo [...]

    12. Tiffany is a hair stylist and aspiring singer. Ransom is the childhood crush she never got over and now a red-hot performing artist. The story is set against an American Idol-esque reality show, which Ransom won a few years prior. After winning, his life and artistic career pretty much spun completely out of his control. With no say in what he sings, where he sings, when he sings, etc. Ransom is completely fed up and wants to save Tiffany from the same fate, which in typical romance-novel-leadin [...]

    13. Pretty good, I liked this book and it was probably funnier than the other Tangled book, can't remember for sure, its been a while since I last read it. I got this book on Kindle, and can't tell you how many times I underlined little smart remarks I found funny or witty.“Ransom,” I said. “What an unexpected surprise.” One corner of his mouth twitched. “You left out ‘pleasant’.”I smiled coolly. “Did I?”Overall a short entertaining read.

    14. second book in the series and really enjoyed it.Tiffany is sweet, talented and very likeable. Ransom is the judge on American Icon.Tiffany knows read since she grew up besties with his sister. Ransom knows the real truth and loss that the celebrity status has cost him he refuses to vote in "Taffy's" his nickname for her favor.Its a good book. I look forward to the next book.

    15. Page turnerThis book is just one of those page turning, easy reads that you can't put down. It made me laugh, I just could not put it down. I like that the plot is easy to follow, you don't get confused with the different characters. My only complaint would be that it's not longer.

    16. Keeps getting better and better.I am not much for making comments about books. This series just gets more and more interesting. I am buying book three when I finish this recommendation.

    17. Ramson and Tiffany rock!! She trys out for American Icon--he's a judge. They've known each other since childhood. He doesn't want her to become involved with the Hollywood madness. Loved this book.

    18. I wanted to love this book. I really like the concept of a "American Icon" contestant and the behind the scenes dirt. But the book reads like a screen play or dialogue. 98% of the book is people talking.And there is so much tragedy; murder, suicide, cancer.

    19. This book should be a lesson for all of us that most of our problems are caused by misunderstandings and things not said. Sheesh, these two, they're worse than me and I get most of my exercise jumping to conclusions! ;-)Very much enjoyed the read, though! I really like this author.

    20. I loved the story and the characters but like the first book in the series it left you hanging. Please I wish the author would finish the story!

    21. good story but bad editing. I don't know if this is the new trend with ebooks but there were words missing and punctuation missing. It was sometimes distracting

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