Savage Drift

Savage Drift The stunningly fierce conclusion to Emmy Laybourne s Monument trilogy The survivors of the Monument have finally made it to the safety of a Canadian refugee camp Dean and Alex are cautiously sta

  • Title: Savage Drift
  • Author: Emmy Laybourne
  • ISBN: 9781250036421
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The stunningly fierce conclusion to Emmy Laybourne s Monument 14 trilogy.The survivors of the Monument 14 have finally made it to the safety of a Canadian refugee camp Dean and Alex are cautiously starting to hope that a happy ending might be possible.But for Josie, separated from the group and trapped in a brutal prison camp for exposed Type Os, things have gone from badThe stunningly fierce conclusion to Emmy Laybourne s Monument 14 trilogy.The survivors of the Monument 14 have finally made it to the safety of a Canadian refugee camp Dean and Alex are cautiously starting to hope that a happy ending might be possible.But for Josie, separated from the group and trapped in a brutal prison camp for exposed Type Os, things have gone from bad to worse Traumatized by her experiences, she has given up all hope of rescue or safety.Meanwhile, scared by the government s unusual interest in her pregnancy, Astrid with her two protectors, Dean and Jake in tow joins Niko on his desperate quest to be reunited with his lost love Josie.Author Emmy Laybourne reaches new heights of tension and romance in this action packed conclusion to the Monument 14 trilogy.

    Monument Savage Drift by Emmy Laybourne It s over Dean, Alex, and the other survivors of the Monument have escaped the disaster zone and made it to the safety of a Canadian refugee camp. Savage Drift Monument Trilogy Emmy If you haven t figured it out yet, I loved Savage Drift It was just as strong as the first two M books and I expected nothing less from Laybourne It was just as strong as the first two M books and I expected nothing less from Laybourne. Savage Drift Monument Wiki FANDOM Savage Drift Synopsis Edit They made it I felt joy for them and I missed them and I felt sorry, so deathly sorry for myself and I felt angry at myself for feeling so sorry for myself I hadn t known how good I had it before we got locked in And I hadn t even known how good we had it Monument Savage Drift Emmy Laybourne In Monument Savage Drift, the stunningly fierce conclusion to the Monument trilogy, author Emmy Laybourne ups the stakes even higher for a group of kids who have continually survived the unthinkable. Savage Drift Monument , book by Emmy Savage Drift Monument , book by Emmy Laybourne book cover, description, publication history. Savage Drift Monument , by Emmy Savage Drift, the third book in the Monument series, brings us right back to all the danger of the first two books spoilers from Monument and Sky on Fire are inevitable, so be warned The feeling of safety in the refugee camp in Canada at the end of Sky on Fire doesn t last long in Savage Drift.

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    1. Emmy Laybourne

      Emmy Laybourne is a young adult novelist and screenwriter whose debut, Monument 14, has sold over 100,000 copies in the US was called Frighteningly real riveting, by the New York Times and is a best seller in France Emmy recently collaborated with director Brad Peyton San Andreas, Journey 2 on the adaptation of Monument 14 for the screen for Strange Weather Films Emmy is currently writing the Berserker series, which tells the story of a family of Norse teenagers with ancient Viking superpowers on the run in the American frontier Publishers Weekly called Berserker a bloody and fast paced mash up Yes the genres are Cowboys and Vikings Before her life as an author, Emmy performed original comedy on Comedy Central, MTV and VH1 and acted in the movies Superstar, The In Laws and Nancy Drew, among others She s the daughter of cable pioneer Gerry Laybourne and TV producer Kit Laybourne, and is sister to sit com show runner Sam Laybourne.Emmy is famous with SNL fans for her role as Mary Katherine Gallagher s best friend in Superstar and also to Comedy Central die hard fans for a song she wrote and performed with her brother called, We Can t Make Love Because We re Related.


    1. this is pretty much a three-star series across the board. it's perfectly enjoyable escapist fun perfect for summertime adults, reluctant reader teens, or YA aftermath novel completists. the writing and characters can be a little doofy at times, and there's some overexplication and repetition that gets irritating, but it has a refreshing racial diversity, an emphasis on family, including circumstantial rather than blood-family, and it doesn't shy away from teen sexuality/pregnancy, rape or substa [...]

    2. 4.5 apocalyptic starsDean, Alex, Astrid, Niko, Jake, Sahalia, Chloe, Batiste, Max, Ulysses, Caroline, and Henry are in Quilchena refugee camp. Josie is still missing, or dead. Niko searches for her name and face everywhere he goes. Then, he finds her. She’s with Mario. But she’s being held against her will. They must join forces to get to herMeanwhile, Josie simultaneously finds out about the Monument 14 gang. She believes they aren't looking for her, as they think she is deceased. Josie is [...]

    3. OMG an amazing ending to an incredible series.but I must confess - PLEASE PLEASE Emmy Laybourne, I need one more novella.You know what I'm talking about. You left one huge huge huge cliffhanger. ONE unresolved issue. And I NEED closure!! PLEASE!!Anyway, this book is almost all that you hope for. Short of that one little unresolved part, this is everything I'd hoped for. I can finally put Dean, Astrid, Niko, Alex, Josie, Chloe and all the others away. This was action packed, back to back "OMG!" a [...]

    4. Wow Just Wow. This final installment to the series was incredible. I can't get over how perfect it was for the ending. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions and I can't believe how well it was written. I won't give away any spoilers but I will say, this book completed the series well and it made me happy to finally have a series completed right.I'm probably blabbing on but I will say this entire series is an awesome one. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a world of creativity and [...]

    5. LOVED this finale! I've enjoyed this trilogy from the very beginning, it's easy to read and there's a nice mix of characters with plenty of action and a different take on the chemical-release apocalypse story. This third and final instalment is very different from the first two, but still fits nicely as part of the whole. It's somehow darker and more mature, like the story has had some growth and development along with the characters. There's maybe one or two too many coincidences to be plausibl [...]

    6. 16.5.14 after reading: Whoa. I almost loved it despite some glitches. For instance, (view spoiler)[why did the Government want pregnant ladies? Was it resolved or not? What am I missing here? (hide spoiler)]The book's written in dual POVs from Dean and Josie. I had no problem with that until (view spoiler)[Niko had to part ways and we couldn't get insight on that. I think we should have gotten his POV as well from the part he's on his own. (hide spoiler)]I didn't like that ending. So (view spoil [...]

    7. This book was the best one in the series, but that doesn't really say a lot.The main problems I had were the same as before - lack of emotion, no connection to the characters, no build-up to anything ever.Also, the main character was ridiculously jealous in this one, it was incredibly annoying.I was often left confused, because characters weren't properly introduced and systems (i.e. the prison) not explained well enough.The ending was too rushed and seemed far too unrealistic.I'm just glad I'm [...]

    8. 2.5 starsI'm not sure how I feel about this book. I really wanted to like it, but there was a lot of whining and a lot of bitchiness and a lot of repetition. I didn't really care what was happening to Josie, so her POVs didn't interest me. Especially with the constant maybe-threat of rape. After a couple of those, I just started skimming her side. It got interesting near the end, when there was about 30 pages to go. By then it was too little too late. The epilogue was nice, but I'm just not sure [...]

    9. This was an awesome conclusion to the series! Honestly, the whole series rocked from beginning to end. It felt like a very long book that was broke up into 3 parts, that's how seamless the story is from book to book. You don't see that a lot, so I really loved that aspect! Although I think the ending might have been a bit unrealistic, who cares? I loved it, and was so happy that some of these characters got a HEA :)

    10. As hard as it is to say goodbye to a beloved trilogy (and it seems we’ve been doing it quite often lately) the Monument kids have certainly earned their happy ending. Although it’s not without its problems, Savage Drift is a worthy conclusion to Laybourne’s post-apocalyptic work, a book that inspires both admiration and a healthy dose of introspection.Laybourne’s version of the apocalypse was never too difficult to imagine, which made it stand out among others of the same genre. In Savag [...]

    11. Der Untertitel beantwortet ja eigentlich schon alle Fragen, doch ich wollte das Buch natürlich trotzdem noch lesen. Dieses Mal lesen wir abwechselnd aus der Sicht von Dean und Josie. Nachdem Josie nämlich zum Nuller wurde, um ihre Freunde vor einem gefährlichen Soldaten zu beschützen, wurde sie in ein Internierungslager gebracht, in dem ausschließlich Nuller gefangen gehalten werden. Naja, ausschließlich ist nicht ganz so richtig, denn eine Ausnahme gibt es: Mario Scietto, der bereits Alex [...]

    12. Savage Drift is the final book in the Monument 14 trilogy and I must say I'm fairly happy with the way everything was wrapped up. For some reason though I've always found it difficult to rate this series because whilst I like the characters and the plot, I just wish more happened over the course of the three books. Savage Drift definitely had more going on than the previous book in the series, Sky On Fire, so the series did end on a slight high.This installment is told from two very different pe [...]

    13. Savage Drift was the worst one in the series.The characters didn't improve from the last book.They were still pretty stupid, and most of the time they really annoyed me.The pacing in this one was slow. The other two were slow as well, but they weren't as bad as this.I am so glad that the series is over now! I don't think i could have gone through another book with these characters. Overall, Dull.

    14. Doteď příliš nechápu, proč jsem se na trojku Monumentu 14 vrhl až skoro dva roky po čtení jeho prvních dvou dílů. Na těch úvodních stranách to byla tak trochu nostalgie, znovu se ponořit po té době do tohoto příběhu :D A ponořit se do něj už naposledy, což mě teď celkem i mrzí, protože je to vážně výborná série. Akce a napětí na každé stránce, dobře vymyšlený postapo svět a dramatické scény plné citu. Za mě obrovská spokojenost, a hrozně rád si [...]

    15. So another great series that I loved have ended. The Monument 14agers' (fourTEENAGERS),this come from the book, actually, journey have ended and were concluded in a great way.The last book in the Monument 14 trilogy started where the epilogue of the second book have left. (There's a letter about the Monument 14 at the start, written by Alex which he believes could help to be reunited by their family.)Like the previous book,Sky on Fire, it is told in two alternating POVs.DeanSo Dean, our narrator [...]

    16. I've spent a couple of days reflecting on this book and I've finally came to the conclusion that this book is worth three stars. I had originally given this book four stars, but I've contemplated long enough to know that it wasn't worth four stars to me. I don't usually change a rating after I've already rated the book but I really felt like I needed to. After my initial reactions to Savage Drift, I was left feeling empty-handed. Like Laybourne cheated me out of the ending that I really wanted. [...]

    17. Co uděláte, když přežijete zdánlivý konec světa, po všech útrapách se konečně dostanete na bezpečné místo, ale pak zjistíte, že člověk, o němž jste si mysleli, že zemřel, aby vám zachránil život, je naživu, ale nejspíš to tak moc dlouho být nemusí? Niko se rozhodl.Půjde a Josie, dívku, do níž se zamiloval a která pro ně chtěla položit život, z ostře hlídaného a nebezpečného tábora zachrání. Jenže Josie o tom nemá ani ponětí. Myslí si, že na [...]

    18. Okay, I'm going to start with my biggest gripe with this series: the "day 29" stuff on the bottom of each page. Yes, it was great to have a timeline in the first book to see just how quickly the world is going to hell in a handbasket. But here? Here, it was actually detrimental to my enjoyment of the story. Because I kept being all "Um. It's day 31 and not only have they all been evacuated to refugee camps in Canada, but the government have managed to implement an entire system of fuel rationing [...]

    19. Savage Drift, the third book in the Monument 14 series, brings us right back to all the danger of the first two books.(spoilers from Monument 14 and Sky on Fire are inevitable, so be warned.)The feeling of safety in the refugee camp in Canada at the end of Sky on Fire doesn't last long in Savage Drift. We find out in the first few pages that Josie is alive and is being held in Missouri at a camp for Type Os. They are not being treated well, so Niko is determined to leave immediately to save her. [...]

    20. This conclusion to the Monument 14 trilogy is told from two points of view - Dean's and Josie's. After going through unimaginable difficulties after some horrendous storms caused the release of some secret military chemicals, the majority of the kids have reached the relative safety of a refugee camp in Canada. Conditions aren't terrible but there is so much uncertainty. Most of the kids, including Dean and his brother Alex, don't know if their parents survived or where they are. Dean is worried [...]

    21. In the Book Monument 14: Savage Drift, by Emmy Laybourne, picks up from the second in the series of three. The story begins where it left off, in a Canadian refugee camp with a group of kids just trying to live normal lives. Some with their parents they found, others were not so lucky. But soon the luck changes for the leader of the group, Niko, who finds out that his girlfriend, who ran away in the previous book because she became an “O” monster, was being held in a type O blood type contai [...]

    22. MY THOUGHTS: ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITDean, Alex and the younger kids have been safe at the camp near Vancouver, but they still want to find Josie after Niko discovers that she is still alive. Astrid is experiencing difficulties in her pregnancy but fears going to the doctor there since she has heard rumors of pregnant girls just disappearing. To save Astrid from medical experimentation, the boys devise a plan and with the help of the twins' father, the escape the camp and venture back into the states [...]

    23. (Jan. 27, 2016)Wow. I literally just finished this book and I have tears in my eyes (tears of joy to be exact). This was such a fantastic ending to this amazing trilogy. The books got better and better and this one just topped it off. I'm so sad that this trilogy is over. The ending to this book was fantastic and I'm so happy with what happened (which explains my tears). There were some flaws with the writing throughout the books and I didn't always like the style of the writing, but I ignored t [...]

    24. This was my least favourite book of the series, and I got so bored.The characters in this book continued to be stupid and to make poor decisions. They had obviously learned nothing during the course of the three books, and just thought they could go off crusading and do whatever they liked, and everything would be okay. Wrong.The storyline in this just bored me. Very little seemed to happen, and I just lost interest. The characters made stupid decision, Astrid didn’t even seem to think about t [...]

    25. Wow, wow, wow! I'm obsessed with this series and am going to be going through major "book series hangover". I picked up book 1 three days ago and literally could not stop reading this series. I grumbled when my brain made me stop to sleep and again when I had to work (although I did manage to leave work a little early just to read!)I couldn't get enough of these characters - Dean, Alex, Niko, Josie, Astrid and all the little kids. Or of this world and story. Josie's chapters were absolutely hear [...]

    26. Wow such a magnificent ending to one of the most amazing series I have ever read. It broke my heart because of all the seriously messed up situations they were in. One depressing scene after another made it hard to imagine even a slight possible chance for a happy ending. Emotional was an understatement.I'm glad to say that the ending was more than satisfying. Everything fell into place beautifully, all wrapped up in one powerful ending. I was left with a smile on my face.This series is definite [...]

    27. Pět hvězd si nechávám pro pecky z "velké" literatury a pro absolutní srdcovky (kterými jsem si jistá až s odstupem). Ale tady nemůžu jinak. Nechce se mi psát víc. Jen na ty děti chci myslet. Na ty děti, co už nejsou dětmi Takže aspoň: Naprosto bezchybná psychologie postav dotažená k dokonalosti (navíc se postavy uvěřitelně vyvíjejí). Do detailu promyšlený a vystavěný příběh. Napětí na hranici únosnosti. Naděje a beznaděj v dokonalém poměru. A technická [...]

    28. Yeah took me a long tym to finish this one. Frankly speaking,though all of the Labourne material was present it seemed a kind of dull to me comparing to the previous ones. the story and the pace was fast as expected but it could be more fun. The charecters were more matured and raw to there bones this tym as they were finally fighting for keeping what theyvgot after the drift. Not a great finale to a great series but somehow acceptable.

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