Game On, Game Over

Game On Game Over Game On John Jones alias Aidan Whittaker is undercover in Tajikistan to broker a deal with tribal leaders a mission complicated when two Americans arrive to document the Silk Road and one starts as

  • Title: Game On, Game Over
  • Author: Chris Quinton
  • ISBN: 9781908312181
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • Game On John Jones, alias Aidan Whittaker, is undercover in Tajikistan to broker a deal with tribal leaders, a mission complicated when two Americans arrive to document the Silk Road and one starts asking very awkward questions The other, Scott Landon, is a different kind of trouble young, gay and single minded, he clearly wants John Unwilling to jeopardize his operatGame On John Jones, alias Aidan Whittaker, is undercover in Tajikistan to broker a deal with tribal leaders, a mission complicated when two Americans arrive to document the Silk Road and one starts asking very awkward questions The other, Scott Landon, is a different kind of trouble young, gay and single minded, he clearly wants John Unwilling to jeopardize his operation John rejects Scott, despite being attracted to him, but then events spiral out of control will this be the start of a new life for both of them or is it Game Over

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      Chris started creating stories not long after she mastered joined up writing, somewhat to the bemusement of her parents and her English teachers But she received plenty of encouragement Her dad gave her an already old Everest typewriter when she was about ten, and it was probably the best gift she d ever received until the inventions of the home computer and the worldwide web Chris s reading and writing interests range from historical, mystery, and paranormal, to science fiction and fantasy, mostly in the male male genre She also writes male female novels in the name of Chris Power She refuses to be pigeon holed and intends to uphold the long and honourable tradition of the Eccentric Brit to the best of her ability In her spare time hah she reads, embroiders, quilts and knits In the past she has been a part time and unpaid amateur archaeologist, and a 15th century re enactor She currently lives in a small and ancient city in the south west of the United Kingdom, sharing her usually chaotic home with an extended family, two large dogs, fancy mice, sundry goldfish and a young frilled dragon Australian lizard aka Trogdorina.


    1. 4.5 starsThis book is divided into two parts. The first one takes place in Tajikistan, and the second one in UK.In the first part, Scott and John (Aidan) met. Since the beginning, they had some chemistry although John hid it behind mask as a grumpy anthropologist. When John appeared to be killed in an attack, Scott was devastated, but somehow didn't believe that John has died. He started an investigation, and managed to locate where John lived. In the second part, Scott moved to the town where J [...]

    2. Really enjoyed this tale of two men who meet (and part) while on an archaeological dig in Tajikstan, and then meet again in Avebury, England. These are two very cool locations - and if Avebury was perhaps more vividly written as a setting, the half set in Tajikstan contained the more vividly written adventure, so that balanced out rather well.The sex scenes were hot, the romance evolved nicely, and the characters (both main and otherwise) were engaging. I particularly enjoyed 'That Bloody Cat' w [...]

    3. John is a MI6 (equivalent CIA) spy on a mission in a former Soviet block country, trying to broker a deal to shore up Western support against the Taliban. In his "real" life, he is also a talent linguist, writer and archeological specialist. Closing in on 40, he has made the conscious decision to forgo love and commitment for his career.Scott is a photographer, 25 but not new to risky situations. He is in the area of the dig John is assistant director of, working with a jerky journalist to photo [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. This is an interesting story and the author writes the archeological and spy/action scenes with authority but I wasn't really sold on the romance. John Jones is a specialist negotiator with MI6 who's masquerading as an ancient documents translator on a dig in Tajikistan. An obnoxious reporter and his attractive young photographer arrive at the dig wanting material for a story. John finds himself drawn to the photographer but doesn't want to risk his cover. But no sooner do John and Sc [...]

    5. This is a book full of interesting contradictions. John/Aidan is an agent, but also an archeologist. Scott is attracted to him, but John/Aidan cannot allow this to interfere with his secret mission (of course, it does, and chaos ensues). The first half of the book reflects this more turbulent situation, whereas the second half is almost too quiet and relaxed. I loved how the situations and the language in each half of the book reflected what was going on in the story as well.John/Aidan is a dedi [...]

    6. Scott is a freelance photographer who whilst in Turkistan meets Aiden, an undercover MI6 operative. Whilst being evacuated, Aiden is shot ans Scott is told that he died from his wounds.Fast forward a year. Scott has never forgotten Aiden and eventually tracks him down to a small english village.The build up to the HEA is slow and interesting. Scott slowly breaks down Aidens defences.Best part of the book though was Aiden's war with 'That Bloody Cat'.

    7. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/ John Jones/Aidan Whittaker is on a negotiation mission, his plans begin to be derailed by Babcock who is sticking his nose where it could cause trouble. Scott just wants to take pictures… and get in the hot archaeologists bed, but he gets more trouble when his boss Babcock arranges a meeting with a local tribal leader.This is an interesting combination of settings, you have the first part of the book set in Tajikistan [...]

    8. This book in its entirety wasn’t quite what I expected from the blurb. Part one was fraught with tension in every aspect, moving along at a fast pace. Okay, the setting was perhaps a little romanticized, but not so much as to appear unrealistic, and the rivalizing tribesmen’s knives and bullets were certainly real enough. I liked the descriptions of life at the archeological site and the way this emphasized John/Aidan’s professor persona. He was very believable as adept yet half-hearted sp [...]

    9. 3.5I'm a bit Jekyll and Hyde about this book. The book is setup as two separate parts and I absolutely enjoyed the first part. It had action, adventure, academics, secret lives, and sexiness. I liked both characters and had a good sense that John was a likable person that was just trying to avoid complications in his mission. I did feel some connection with him and Sam. Part two just left me a bit flat, John (Aidan) was so crumudgeony that it really took away from his personality and the story a [...]

    10. 3.5 starsA good contemporary MM Romance between an John, MI6 agent and Scott, a photographer, after they meet on an archeological dig in Tajikistan. I admit I much preferred the first half of the story where the action takes place mostly on the dig site. The second half of the book, which takes place about a year after they last saw each other in Tajikistan, is set in Avebury, England. While I enjoyed the push & pull between the two men, it didn't have quite the same intensity as the previou [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book. The struggle between John/Aidan trying to deal with being undercover and having to figure out who he is again when that falls away was very well written. I liked Scott's persistence and I'm glad Aidan finally came to his senses. They were cute together.

    12. The first book I've read by this author. I liked it. Although, it felt like two short stories instead of one novel. The first, Game On, is an action/adventure story. The second, Game Over, is the romance.

    13. I liked the side characters as well as the main characters. TBC = grumpy cat. Funny thing is, Aiden is grumpier. :D

    14. I really liked most of this book. It is split into two very distinct parts, with the first part set in Tajikistan, just over the border from Afghanistan. John/Aiden is a complicated man who is an archaeological and linguistic expert as well as a secret negotiator for MI6. Scott is a free lance photographer who ends up at the same dig as John. After connecting in several ways, they're separated by circumstances. The events in this half of the book were written tightly, with a strong plot.The seco [...]

    15. A book of two parts. The first part takes place in Tajikistan around an archaeological dig on the old silk road. John an archaeology professor is also an MI6 operative on an undercover mission to destabilise the Taliban influence in the area. Scott is a photographer on job for a lunatic journalist writing a book on the silk road. Action packed story with kidnap, rescue and a burgeoning relationship between John and Scott. On escaping the area John is badly wounded and taken from the rest of the [...]

    16. I'm a bit ambivalent about this book because the two halves are so very different. The first half set in Tajikistan was packed with danger and incident and really had my pulse racing a few times. I loved that part of it, the scene setting, the secondary characters, the feeling of peril, the growing attraction between the protagonists even though it was so clearly a very bad idea.But the second half lost me a bit. It was much quieter and much more of a romance. I enjoyed the village setting - a g [...]

    17. I found both Aidan and Scott to be interesting characters and despite their differences they made a great couple. The book was written in 3rd person POV and the reader gets an inside view for both Aidan and Scott which makes it easy to connect with both MCs. What started as an instant lust and attraction successfully avoided the trap of instant love. While their attraction was more or less evident from their interaction and thoughts, the falling in love took a while to happen and it was more sub [...]

    18. I like I enjoyed it. It's well written, entertaining and has characters with well developed personalities. The story is written in two distinct portions. The first takes place in Tajikistan. It's fast paced, filled with action and danger and contains lots of details on the archaeological dig site. The second is much slower and takes place in a small village in the English countryside. While the tone is much lighter here, you still have some wonderful local townspeople, and some great historical [...]

    19. 2.5Eh, this was like two books smushed together and it just didn't work. The first half is exciting. There is an MI6 agent, an adventurous photographer, border skirmishes with the Taliban, a cool archaeological dig and a sexy lust-at-first-sight element.Then in the second half we get the MI6 agent turning into a crotchety small village dweller and, I kid you not, 80% of the story deals with his fight with an annoying house cat; 10% deals with what he eats at the pub.The chemistry between the MCs [...]

    20. I finally finished this book! Pfeew.I liked it, especially the first part of it. I fell in love with Scott. The way he seduced John/Aidan was really amusing, I couldn't get enough of it. The second part I didn't really like that much. It was too slow for me, especially after reading all the action from the first part. I got frustrated with the second part because I already barely had time to read the past 2 weeks that I got disappointed whenever I picked up the book to read and not much seemed t [...]

    21. This story was enjoyable, I give you that, but something was off. I liked both main characters. of course. Aidan was intelligent, comical and interesting. Scott was simply Scott, I didn't connect to him at all. I have to admit, the plotted action in Tajikistan was a bit boring, at least there were some comical scenes. I did like interaction between Aidan and Scott, but mostly that was it. In the last part of the plot we got amusing scenes between Aidan, Scott and the cat. I liked it.In general i [...]

    22. This book was recommended to me by 6 different people over the past month so I decided to pick it up and read it. I did enjoy it, both sections were totally different but both were enjoyable. I liked Scott's pursuit of John/Aiden throughout the story and was happy to see that persistence pays off.

    23. For some reason this story just didn't click for me! I really liked the Scott character and while there was a certain endearing charm about Aiden I just didn't feel the connection. The sex was descriptively hot but I didn't feel the emotion of it.

    24. It was ok, but maybe too short, the character development as well as story line could have been stretched out more

    25. 2,5 stars, loved the plot in part one, but didn't really care about Scott.I also had some issues with the age difference.

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