Bittersweet Love is the last thing on Zoe s mind Widowed at only twenty six she s just trying to get through one lonely day at a time as she grieves her late husband and finds the energy to take care of her inf

  • Title: Bittersweet
  • Author: NoelleAdams
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  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love is the last thing on Zoe s mind Widowed at only twenty six, she s just trying to get through one lonely day at a time as she grieves her late husband, and finds the energy to take care of her infant son.As Zoe bravely tries to hold herself together, her husband s cousin and business partner, Adam, offers his support and friendship Shattered by her loss, Zoe is distaLove is the last thing on Zoe s mind Widowed at only twenty six, she s just trying to get through one lonely day at a time as she grieves her late husband, and finds the energy to take care of her infant son.As Zoe bravely tries to hold herself together, her husband s cousin and business partner, Adam, offers his support and friendship Shattered by her loss, Zoe is distant and resentful at first, but Adam gently persists, and Zoe s reserve soon begins to crumble .Adam knows that Zoe needs time to heal but finds himself and attracted to her He knows he must not act on these forbidden feelings, but they just won t go away .Noelle Adams s Bittersweet is a poignant, fearless exploration of friendship, loss, new beginnings, and the healing power of love.

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      Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn t stopped writing since She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she teaches English, reads any book she can get her hands on, and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.


    1. Zoe is friends with nerdy (and wealthy, natch) Adam. She’s attracted to him, and she thinks that maybe he’s attracted to her, but he won’t ask her out. So she’s stuck in the friend zone. Then she meets his hawt cousin Josh and…well, you know what happens next. He makes a move. Four years later, she’s a widow with a young son. And there’s Adam, not so nerdy anymore and still pretty rich. I saw ALL of the set ups coming from miles away. Like here, where Zoe is getting dressed to go o [...]

    2. This is a slow burn friends-to-lovers romance about a widow who falls in love with her late husband's cousin who has always secretly been in love with her (not a spoiler to me because it's so obvious to the reader). Uhy'all, this book was basically written for me.This book was recommended to me by willaful after I asked for recommendations on Twitter for books where a protagonist falls in love with their sibling's or best friend's ex or widow/er (along the lines of Within Reach, a personal favor [...]

    3. I was debating how to rate this, definitely four stars but after reading through a couple of scenes and how they affected me, I've decided to give it a full five star. The book was aptly titled because that's how I felt when I was reading it. The story is about a widow, Zoe and how she tries to move on. Her husband's cousin, Adam tries to help her cope with hurdles of dealing with the loss of her husband, Josh — what to do with Josh's company, making decisions on buying a house, even babysitti [...]

    4. Very slow building romance between grieving widow and her husband's cousin who loved her even before she met her husband.The realism of grief and overcoming it is refreshing although cynic in me have a hard time believing that a successful, rich, smart and handsome hero would wait for the heroine so long and be so understanding and sensitive. I am not sure man like him exist in real world :)but hey, that's why I love reading romance! It is nice to dream:)

    5. 4.5 stars.My thoughts during the first half: TENSION! Delicious, palpable tension! Poor clueless Zoe. Poor patient Adam. Oh, the feels!The second half was weaker because the tension lessened and Patient Adam became Angsty Emo Adam. I still love him but man he feels things so deeply that I wanted to give him a Valium.Claire’s journey felt real while not making her an emotional wreck or giving Adam competition for World’s Top Emo. Most clueless and naïve, perhaps. Honey, I knew from the secon [...]

    6. 05/22/2013 --Overall Rating = 2.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 3 = 3 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 3 StarsStory Appreciation = 2 StarsWorth the Chili = 4 Stars [$Free for me on , currently $2.99] Didn't feel the love with this one. It fell apart a bit at the end. All the dry hump love? Seriously? These were adults. I just didn't buy much of it. It may work for you, but it fell short for me.This author can write some of my favorite, long, absorbing, "full of feeling [...]

    7. My MusingsUnique story line and enjoyable characters, especially little Logan. Glad I took a chance on this. I enjoyed the narrator a lot. Happy ☺reading 📚!

    8. Bittersweet is my favorite flavor, so it's no wonder I consumed this book. Without spoilers, I can really only say that my only real problem with this book is that (I think) the readers will all know what is up with Adam Peterson (Our Hero) almost as soon as he is re-involved in Our Heroine's - Zoe's - life. What I love here is the opening and closing. I love the willingness of Zoe to communicate and confront even when she's uncomfortable. Once she knows what she's feeling, anyway. I enjoyed the [...]

    9. This is a tale of grief and second chance love depicted with realism. I listened to this book on audio and the narration was good. Zoe meets and marries Josh, their relationship is full and everything she hoped it would be until Josh dies from an aggressive cancer leaving Zoe with their little boy Logan, only a few months old. Zoe met Josh through her then friend Adam. Adam became estranged to both Zoe and Josh early on in their relationship, so she doesn't appreciate Adam's bossy and entitled a [...]

    10. I couldn't sleep last night so started reading thiis book on my kindle.It was so good I couldn't put it down and go to sleep like I knew I should. I was getting sleepy but had to finish it. This author writes a story that is aobut loss and finding love right in front of your face after losing a husband. She writes about loss and love and how recovery and falling in love is not perfect or easy, it's messy and it's hard and it doesn't follow any rule books. I loved the book!Found here on Good Read [...]

    11. I hadn't started this book with much expectations and honestly I don't know whether to be glad because of it or plain disappointed, that I was proven right. Reading Anna Karenina can be pretty depressing not to mention headache inducing at times so I picked up this little thing for a break from Mr.Tolstoy' monstrosity and it was not a relief.Bittersweet tells the story of Zoe who has recently became a mom and a widow, She lost her husband around the same time she gave birth to her son Logan. Ada [...]

    12. This was a two-and-a-halfer for me. While it was an emotional read and I could relate personally to the main character, the story was drawn out and repetitive. There were grammatical errors that took away from the flow of the words, but nothing so major that I couldn't keep reading. It was a fast read, something that might interest readers of Jodi Picoult or Kristin Hannah. I do have to say, though, that the sex scenes were surprisingly pleasing. Sex scenes have a tendency to be unoriginal, over [...]

    13. Bottom line is that I liked it, but it would really benefit from some editing to tighten the story up and a wee bit of copy editing to fix some sneaky homophone mix-ups. The premise, characters, and depth of emotion were all wonderful, but sometimes I was pulled out of the story by the meandering plot (this happens, then this happens, then it's two months later and this happens, then it's three months later and that happens) and repetitions. There were also a lot of clothing descriptions, a pet [...]

    14. Such an interesting story.Amazing plot,I felt like I could relate to the characters Zoe and Adam.How do you wait so long?What if the time never comes?Though I know this is just a novel,am glad that finally Adam got what he really wanted,even if the love of your life is married to your cousin and are happy together.I feel that Adam was her better fit,and that its possible to find love despite everything.I would read any of her books if I came across them.

    15. Bittersweet it was. I remembered that Zoe was widowed butt not that she had a son which made it harder on her knowing Josh would never get to see his son grow up and Adam would. I thought this was pretty good, enough but not too much information or writing, not overly done and that's what really made it good. I read or hear about a lot of books with too much effort from the author. Definitely worth it.

    16. This story y Noelle Adams was great and I really enjoyed reading it. It is the story of Zoe who meets Adam and then later meets his cousin Josh. Josh and Zoe fall in love and get married, then years later Josh dies. Zoe tries to pull her life together for her and her son. Adam is a great help and he and Zoe rekindle their friendship. Zoe is not aware that Adam has always loved her. The story follows her struggles and Adams as they try to rebuild a life. Its really a good read

    17. Not badThis book wasn't bad but it wasn't great, what I liked about it is what I also disliked. Pacing. I felt at times it moved too fast when there could have been more build up but on a positive note it didn't dwell too long on unnecessary things. It's sweet at times and pulls at the heartstrings as well. A very quick read.

    18. Oh, I liked this! Noelle Adams is usually a sort of middle of the road author for me, where I like her, but I don't find her remarkable, but I liked this a lot. It's sort of a cross between a second chance romance and widow moves on, and I don't know, it just really worked for me. It takes a long time to build, and the kid is used well, and I just liked it.

    19. This book was okay. I think it might have been improved if we had got to hear from Adam instead of just Zoe. Given that it was written in 3rd person I don't think it would have been that difficult. The story would have been much improved by hearing directly from Adam about his feelings for Zoe and what he'd gone through.It was an enjoyable read though.

    20. A lukewarm contemporary romance between a widow and her late husband's cousin. It was well written however, for me, it lacked the necessary tension that would take it from just an okay read to a place where I could emotionally relate to the characters and muster the interest to root for them.

    21. somewhat cute, sad, uplifting-ish storyZoe meets nerdy Adam at her lunch place, they become friends, it seems obvious that he's into her, but she's mostly clueless, then she falls in love with Adam's cousin, Josh.Zoe and Josh get married and have a son, Logan. right before Logan's birth, Josh is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and subsequently diese story is about Zoe dealing with her grief and moving on after Josh's death. made somewhat easier by the fact that Josh's business did well, s [...]

    22. This book isn’t subtle, but sometimes that’s what I like about romance novels - that you can go straight to a scenario that pushes your buttons and enjoy the vicarious emotions. It does make my life (which is overall pretty good) better to be able to escape in this way. This kind of book also serves as a palate cleanser between more cerebral offerings, so that I can come to a new book refreshed and focused. Adams is especially good at writing heroes who pine and repress their deep emotions f [...]

    23. For a romance, the premise, characters and pace of this book was really good. I thought the characters were realistic and relatable and their story worked. I thought the emotions and struggles were very realistic, and for me that is key for any good romance. (I get tired of the same story over and over, and this one was different.)I do think the author reused a lot of the same words over and over in the book, and that was very distracting. ("diffidently", "thickly") But overall, I liked this one [...]

    24. I'm not usually into romance stories unless it's thrown into a mystery but this book caught my attention from the very first page and kept it until the very last page. I listened to the audio version and loved the narrator. I especially liked the way both the author and the story teller captured and described the child's behavior and speech. I actually laughed out loud several times and felt the emotions of the main character. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

    25. I do enjoy Noelle Adams' clear and error free writing. This book, like all the others I have read, was pretty light weight. And definitely not a clean romance. I did like the idea of the hero having loved the heroine from afar and continuing to keep his distance when she was widowed until she was ready.

    26. Wow. Very charming storyI loved this book. The story is very emotional and poignant about a woman that falls in love again after her first husband dies. Very well written. I felt like I was there watching in person as the story developed. I recommended to everyone that likes a good romance. The narration was also outstanding!

    27. Great book!! I really loved the theme in this book!! It sad and sweet and so human!!! I feel like she captures a very real portrait of one of life's unfortunate tragedies!!! The characters were sweet and loveable without being pretentious!! I highly recommend for a Sunday read!!

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