5 cm Per Second 1

cm Per Second Pertemuan itu terjadi saat kami SD Cinta di masa kecil itu berubah menjadi hal yang pasti Dari Tokyo hingga Tochigi Tanegashima Ini adalah kisah pencarian akan dirimu

  • Title: 5 cm Per Second 1
  • Author: Makoto Shinkai Yukiko Seike
  • ISBN: 9786022663416
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pertemuan itu terjadi saat kami SD Cinta di masa kecil itu berubah menjadi hal yang pasti Dari Tokyo hingga Tochigi, Tanegashima Ini adalah kisah pencarian akan dirimu.

    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ 5 cm Per Second 1 : by Makoto Shinkai Yukiko Seike Ó
      237 Makoto Shinkai Yukiko Seike
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    1. Makoto Shinkai Yukiko Seike

      SHINKAI MakotoName in native language Associated Names Makoto ShinkaiMakoto Shinkai Shinkai Makoto , born as Makoto Niitsu Niitsu Makoto , February 9, 1973 is a Japanese director of anime and former graphic designer A native of the Nagano Prefecture, Shinkai studied Japanese literature at Chuo University where he was a member of juvenile literature club where he drew picture books He traces his passion for creation to the manga, anime, and novels he was exposed to while in middle school His favorite anime is Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki Shinkai has been called The New Miyazaki in several reviews including Anime Advocates and ActiveAnime, comparisons which he calls an overestimation.Zodiac Aquarius


    1. Didn't expect anything less from this one. Although I would have liked to have some surprise plot wise, as it's too similar to the movie. But in any case, I love the story either way. It has that feel of first love, youth and aesthetics all over it. The art is okay, basic manga art actually, so nothing interesting there. Again, the main thing about this one is the story. And if you loved the movie and want to revisit the story, this manga is for you!

    2. “Non ricordo più chi ha smesso per primo di scrivere. Ma poco importa, ormai le lettere avevano perso di significato Non potendo più afferrare il presente l'uno dell'altra ci siamo sforzati di spezzare il nostro legame, smettendo di provare a colmare la nostra distanza assoluta.Erano diventate parole vuote messe una dietro l'altra, che non andavano da nessuna parte.Pensavo che saremmo rimasti uniti per sempre. Credevo che questo firmamento non sarebbe mai cambiato, anche se non ci fossimo pi [...]

    3. Moja pierwsza manga w życiu ! ❤Zachwyciłam się kreską,polubiłam bohaterów,a smaczki dla książkoholików i kociarzy to był dla mnie strzał w dziesiątkę 😀 Jeżeli tylko szukacie uroczej historii utrzymanej w tematyce szkolnej,z elementami romansu to myślę,że "5 cm na sekundę" będzie idealną propozycją na rozpoczęcie przygody z komiksową formą.

    4. why just WHY!I AM A HUMAN AND MY FEELING CAN NOT HANDLE THIS!first I read "the sky outside the window" one of drafted stories for 5 centimeter per second and I did not understand what's going on I stopped and I watched the movie Instead,and I'm glad that I did because when I saw the movie the three segments were fresh to me and It give different feelings :')only people who have the same experience will get thise awkward first love.waiting In the trainticipation for the long awaited meetingd the [...]

    5. If you are interested in reading this A piece of advice- DON'T!!!This will melt your heart and make you cry like a newborn piece of shit.Your favorite chocolate wrapped in 'sadness' , 'agony', 'misery',I don't know why and how these Japanese writers come up with such a depressing ending but it surely will take you to the long ride with 'feelings' -__-'whyudotis' PS- The film is the adaptation of 3 parts of Manga. MUST WATCH(if you've already read it). Surely will remain as one of my best.

    6. It's an excruciating journey of two lonely people and it transcends geographical limitations. I know a thing or two about writing letters to no avail, no one will read, no one will know. Love makes us all as miserable as it uplifts our souls. Emotional and delicate, sometimes just purely sad. I'm loving it <3

    7. الجزء الاول من قصة الحب ما بين تاكاكي و آكيرا يتقابلان في الصف الرابع وتكبر علاقتهم ولكن نظرا ل ظروف عمل الاباء تتنقل الفتاة ل مدينة أخري لينتهي تواجدهم ف تستمر الرسائل بينهم والمشاعر ولكن مع الوقت وبعد المسافات تخفت الرسائل مع الوقت ويكبر السن ولكن مازال بداخلهم بعض الأملم [...]

    8. Teniendo como eje principal la distancia, el autor nos plantea una historia de amor y su trascendencia a lo largo de los años. La historia de ‘5 centímetros por segundo’ resultará familiar a cualquiera. En algún momento, todos perdemos algo, todos lamentamos perder algo y todos anhelamos algo que hemos perdido. Para Tohno Takaki esa es Shinohara Akari, su primer amor.La historia está bien. No trata solo sobre el amor, pero este sí tiene repercusión en ciertas decisiones de los persona [...]

    9. あれ?!!まだ終わってないの??!!O.oありえねえ~!!!なんでええ~~この第2巻は前の本より良かったと思う。ただ貴樹君はやっぱ情けない男なんだ。自分の気持ちそんなに語れないの?昔のことはそんなに忘れられないの?彼女のことまだ好きのなら、何で頑張ってないの?ああいう男は嫌だ。大嫌い!!自分の気持ちさえ分からないなら、他人の気持ちを傷 [...]

    10. Esta lectura fue muy esporádica y me dejó un ligero sentimiento de tristeza. Al inicio, fue algo muy tierno, el encuentro de dos niños nuevos en la escuela que hallan entre sí mismos a un amigo confiable con el que comparten varias cosas en común. En serio, el primer capítulo fue muy lindo. (view spoiler)[En especial la parte en que Akira-san le dice a Touno-kun que los pétalos de Sakura caen a 5 centímetros por segundos (he ahí el título de la historia) (hide spoiler)]. Pero el final [...]

    11. Pensa em uma história fofa sobre como a amizade e o amor podem acontecer mesmo à distância. Não tem como não torcer para nenhum dos personagens, principalmente para o Takaki e para a Akari e para que eles consigam levar a vida deles. Acompanhamos a história de dois melhores amigos que são separados pois os pais vivem se mudando. Eles tentam, a todo momento, continuar mantendo contato, até um dia que não conseguem mais continuar com o hábito de trocar cartas. A história não vai além [...]

    12. Gostei bastante desta primeira parte da adaptação de 5 Centímetros por Segundo. Aprofundou-se ainda mais na rotina dos personagens e até revelou alguns poucos pensamentos que passavam pela cabeça deles em momentos-chave das histórias (coisa que, pela natureza da animação, não deu bem pra ser mostrada).

    13. Il primo non è poi così male, bella l'impostazione della storia. Non mi sta prendendo più di tanto però!

    14. La historia rompe-corazones que nos trae Makoto Shinkai nos relata la historia de amor imposible y triste entre dos amigos de la infancia que tan solo pueden comunicarse a través de cartas o cuando se encuentran por casualidad junto a los árboles de cerezo una vez cada muchos años.Mientras que la película ya te deja el corazón destrozado de por sí, el manga es aún peor en ese sentido. Los japoneses tienen una facilidad para las historias de amor de este calibre que asusta ¡y mira que a m [...]

    15. La adaptación de este manga se encuentra entre mis películas favoritas por lo real que se sienten los personajes y el transcurrir del tiempo. Sin embargo, la película es muy corta y leyendo finalmente el manga que fue adaptado magistralmente por Makoto Shinkai se ven más a fondo dichos personajes, su relación, sus sueños, sus vidas, las cosas que vivieron cuando se separaron. Apenas es el volumen uno, pero me encanta. He llorado al final de cada capítulo y la historia, aunque lenta, es he [...]

    16. 4.5/5 StarsUpon re-reading this amazing story, I have a newfound respect for the craft of this narrative and how the art and paneling contribute to the mood of the story. I haven't been able to get 5 Centimeters per Second out of my head for months, and rereading this manga only reminded me of why it's stuck with me for so long. The honesty and truth behind this narrative is both compelling and universal. I just can't say enough about this story. Read the manga, watch the film, be devastated and [...]

    17. I need to read the second volume NOW and I hope the whole story ends well.The main characters are great, the plot is nicely developed, the overall drawing style is amazing as well. It's been a while since I last read such a good manga.

    18. Beautiful, whimsical, sparsely-worded story that captures the immediacy of childhood friendships and first love. The characters' thoughts and feelings are realistic and not overly whiny or angsty. It's also a bonus to me that pen paling is involved.

    19. A chain of short stories about their distance. Itu judul tambahan di depan komik ini. Dan kisah ini benar-benar membekas. Kau tahu, kisah cinta pertama selalu akan meninggalkan kesan, bahkan selamanya. ^_^

    20. This was a really beautiful story. It's slow moving, but it felt realistic, and I really related to the characters struggles. Will do a full review once I finish volume two, and I might do an anime comparison.

    21. *3 or more is good for comics, manga or graphic novels. I never really know how to rate some of these. There are some where I'm totally in love, know automatically it is a 5 star, but then some I am just not sure about in the first couple volumes.*

    22. 5 CM per second is my favorite anime of all time, so I bought the book as soon as I knew a translated manga was available. Deep, despite its slow plot, but very meaningful and touching.

    23. Very sweet ♥ Will read the second book soon, I think I like it much more than the anime movie based on it since the characters are more developed here.

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