Too Many Fairy Princes

Too Many Fairy Princes Happily ever after doesn t always come quietly Sometimes it puts up a fight Kjartan s family is royally dysfunctional He d prefer to ignore the lot of them but can t since his father has set him and

  • Title: Too Many Fairy Princes
  • Author: Alex Beecroft
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Happily ever after doesn t always come quietly Sometimes it puts up a fight.Kjartan s family is royally dysfunctional He d prefer to ignore the lot of them, but can t since his father has set him and his brothers on a quest to win a throne Kjartan doesn t even want Worse, his younger brother resorts to murder and forces Kjartan to teleport without looking where he s goiHappily ever after doesn t always come quietly Sometimes it puts up a fight.Kjartan s family is royally dysfunctional He d prefer to ignore the lot of them, but can t since his father has set him and his brothers on a quest to win a throne Kjartan doesn t even want Worse, his younger brother resorts to murder and forces Kjartan to teleport without looking where he s going.Art gallery worker Joel Wilson s day has gone from hopeless, to hopeful, then straight to hell One minute he s sure his boss has found a way to save the floundering business, the next he s scrambling to sell everything to pay off a loan shark If anyone needs a fairy godmother right now, it s Joel What he gets is a fugitive elven prince in a trash bin.They ll both have to make the best of it, because fairy tales run roughshod over reluctant heroes Particularly when there aren t enough happy endings to go around.Warning This sweet romance contains a starving artist trying to scrape together a living, extreme sibling rivalry, royalty behaving outrageously, and elves being unreasonably beautiful, grotesque or deadly.

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      Spaceships and galaxy spanning empires, conversations with angels, viking villages, haunted mansions and forbidden love in the Age of Sail I love a good strong plot in an exotic setting, with characters you can admire, and a happy ending If you make a venn diagram of genres, including historical, fantasy, gay romance and mystery, I occupy the space in the middle where they overlap BTW, if you re thinking my reviews on here are a bit mean, most of the books I really enjoy will get a 4 star I am saving 5 stars for books I find genuinely life changing 4 is still this was really really good, you should read it 5 is OMG, my mind is blown and my life will never be the same again.


    1. The title of Alex Beecroft's book, "Too Many Fairy Princes," doesn't really quite do it justice. It is too elegant, too delicately wrought, its emotions too genuinely felt, to be classed as a farce, which is what I think the title suggests. Maybe the author, who is a really wonderful writer, thought it would help sell it. To be truthful, there is farce here, but it is more like a surreal comedy of manners, because the worlds of Kjartan and Joel are so different, their worldviews so completely al [...]

    2. This was a difficult book to read and it is a difficult one to review!On the one hand, the story really interested me. I love fantasy worlds that meet with ours and the idea of elves coming to earth and getting in touch with humans was quite funny and appealing.Unfortunately, the book had several major disappointments as well.Sometimes it was interesting, sometimes funny but sometimes just plain stupid!(view spoiler)[Isn`t it "lovely" for example to find out that the way to gaining the fairy kin [...]

    3. 4.5 starsJoel Wilson’s day cannot go any worse. Penniless, almost jobless, betrayed by his friend and boss, and threatened by a pair of thugs… He does not need an injured elf to look after. But he cannot leave him abandoned on the street, so he takes him home. Because something that beautiful cannot be wicked… Can he?Kjartan's lost his little brother, and almost lost his own life, to the treacherous schemes of his ruthless brothers. But nothing can be worse that finding himself surrounded [...]

    4. 3.5 starsThis was an interesting book. I liked the Fae side of it, the world and all. but it also had bits of whimsy that made it funny and weird at times.

    5. I've said it before and I'll say it over, and over again. The secret to good writing is to not look like writing at all. The whole time I read this book, I felt like I was reading a book.It is almost exactly the same as the dumb, silly stuff my friends and I used to write when we were bored. Unfortunately, that kind of thing is not nearly as much fun to read when you haven't had a hand in creating it.It is silly, and the characters definitely have chemistry. (Although I sometimes wondered how be [...]

    6. This is very enjoyable, quite funny and wildly imaginative. At its heart, it's a story about two lonely men who find each other in highly coincidental (or are they?) circumstances.Joel is wonderful and Kai is a wonder. They take ages to get together, but all the way through their love is there.The dialogue is clever, the situations they get themselves into hilarious and there's nothing like the Queen of England to ensure we are on a crazy ride.

    7. Sweet, funny and romantic.Creative world building, and beautifully written, the writing elevates this to 4 startsMC's charming and believable (not that I know any elves)

    8. This was an alright book. The premise sounded quite interesting with attractive fae men, struggling artists, conflict, world-hopping, and a bit of dangerous attraction.Kai was more apathetic than I hoped he would be. He has talent in virtually everything but takes all of it for granted. He has feelings that he was taught to abhor and deny and discard. This is a troublesome thing because the human he's imposing on is inspiring quite a few of those pesky feelings. In this world fairies have just a [...]

    9. This was a very weird book and really not much of a romance. Before the end which ends mid-foreplay, there are maybe 2 chaste kisses. It is completely fantastical, including QEII making a few appearances. There were some funny moments in it, but it is by far the worst book I've read by Alex Beecroft. I really don't know how this made it past a precursory imaginative stage.

    10. This review can be found at The Blog of Sid Love.This was a fascinating tale about Joel, a struggling artist who’s been forced to pick up the pieces of his boss’s financial problems, and Kjartan, an elven prince fleeing to Earth to save his life. When Joel finds Kjartan injured and unconscious near his home, he takes Kjartan in and cares for him. That is until Kjartan awakens and almost kills Joel for touching him. What follows is a slow-forming fondness between a haughty elven prince and a [...]

    11. The title let me expect a sweet fairy tale in Disney style. What I got was so much better: "real" sidhe, merciless conflict, a clash of cultures and the dawning of understanding and love. Not to forget the Queen with a hunting rifle.Don't read "Too Many Fairy Princes" if you are looking for erotica or sweet romance, you'll be disappointed - read it if you want speculative fiction with lgbtq characters.

    12. I did enjoy this book. I wouldn’t call it great literature or anything, but it was an enjoyable read. It’s a pretty classic Romance plot, the world-travelling love interest having to be rescued in present-day time (the flipside of the other trope, the love interest traveling BACK in time), and as such things go, I think it was well done. I actually think the author did a good job with the world of the elves, their culture and their description.This is why I think the author should have avoid [...]

    13. A struggling young artist in London meets an elven prince in this odd, amusing, sometimes violent and horrible tale. The elf cavern kingdom is foul and the dead old king clings on to power, before setting one prince against another just as in 'Stardust', to claim the throne. Escaping from an ambush, one brother magically gets transported to London, where he meets Joel who has troubles of his own. The art gallery owner is in hospital and a loan shark wants his money repaid. Joel, the gallery empl [...]

    14. I'm not really sure what to think of this. In one way, I liked it enough to read it 'till the end but in another way, I was kind of disappointed. I was expecting something more epic, less ordinary. Maybe Kai to be less alien and more approachable. Joel to be more sure and not so lost. Maybe not to have elfs so cold and insensitive. That war washorrible. All wars are but this was particularly unreasonable and idiotic. So many unnecessary deaths. I don't know. I just never got that happy feeling I [...]

    15. This book is much more than it might seem at first glance. Based on the title, cover, and blurb, I expected something much lighter and more fanciful than what I got. Instead, Too Many Fairy Princes is a darkish, intense adventure with the elves of old legends: baby-snatchers and tricksters. Beecroft does an amazing job in making the elves a truly alien culture and species, while still making Kai a relatable and sympathetic character. Joel is a brave character for even bringing Kjartan into his h [...]

    16. Seriously love thisGod, I love the way she writes! There's so much poetry in the way she puts her story together and yet there's humour and action and the loveliest romance in this one about an elf Prince come to earth by mistake whilst evading an assassination attempt by his brother. Kjartan, our elf, is found in an ally by Joel Wilson who runs a little art gallery in London and the story mostly involves them getting to know and understand each other and their respective worlds. This book, like [...]

    17. I really, really wanted to like this book more. I mean, it's Alex Beecoft, it's set in London, there are strange fae messing with human lives And yet. The story just didn't click with me, nor the characters, I didn't get their relationship, the Queen bit was weird, and while it was sweet and witty and fairy tale-ish enough to be enjoyable, it still took me ages to read it.I'm sure there's going to be lots of people who love this story, I have no doubts about it, it just wasn't for me. Four stars [...]

    18. Lovely and exactly what I was in the mood for! Liked the recognition of the "other" and the fact that there would be a HUGE difference between any sort of sidhe and a human and I do, indeed, recommend. Primarily to fans of romantic fantasy, but also just in general. Low on smut, fair warning to my fellow pervs ;)

    19. 2.5 stars rounded upThe auto star rating says it perfectly"it was okay". The MC's have little depth and present as pitiable. The storyline and writing seemed fairly amateurish and clumsy. Kai and Joel muddle through Kai's foray into the human world and battle the elvish baddies that want to do him in. Ends as one might expect; no surprises here.

    20. An entertaining tale, lighthearted and fun, a successful blend of traditional fairy tale, hot men (or humanoids, at least!), and modern elements. A few moments tethering on the edge of oh, please, too much eye roll are countered by some that are laugh out loud funny. Definitely recommended!

    21. Another review by ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWordsRating 5 stars out of 5Enchanting, mesmerizing and oh so satisfying tale of romance and deception of elves and men. For my full review visit wp/p220KL-1tM.One of ScatteredThoughts Best covers of 2013.

    22. If nothing else this should be enjoyed for HRH kicking butt, Lizzy brandishing a shotgun (which one keeps beside one's bed no less) and blasting otherworld creatures to Kingdom Come.

    23. A quick and easy yet sweet and interesting read, with touching moments and characters. I liked it for its strangeness and humor and it was a nice break from long reads.

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