City of the Chasch

City of the Chasch Someone sent distress signals to outer space from the planet Tschai It was Adam Reith s misfortune to be sent from Earth to investigate Because when his ship came close to Tschai it was torpedoed and

  • Title: City of the Chasch
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780879974619
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someone sent distress signals to outer space from the planet Tschai It was Adam Reith s misfortune to be sent from Earth to investigate Because when his ship came close to Tschai, it was torpedoed and Adam escaped to the surface with his life and nothing else.Tschai was a vast planet and previously unexplored Adam, taken as slave by humans, learned that there were foSomeone sent distress signals to outer space from the planet Tschai It was Adam Reith s misfortune to be sent from Earth to investigate Because when his ship came close to Tschai, it was torpedoed and Adam escaped to the surface with his life and nothing else.Tschai was a vast planet and previously unexplored Adam, taken as slave by humans, learned that there were four other intelligent but non human races dominant on that strange world And to find the mystery of the distress call and the vicious attack, he would have first to gain his freedom and then find a safe way to pass the city and the alien Chasch and their treacherous cousins, the Blue Chasch.Jack Vance s Tschai novels are considered his masterwork, a constantly changing epic canvas of weird peoples, exotic lands, and surprising extra terrestrial adventures.

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    1. Jack Vance

      Aka John Holbrooke Vance, Peter Held, John Holbrook, Ellery Queen, John van See, Alan Wade.The author was born in 1916 and educated at the University of California, first as a mining engineer, then majoring in physics and finally in journalism During the 1940s and 1950s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines His first novel, The Dying Earth, was published in 1950 to great acclaim He won both of science fiction s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards He also won an Edgar Award for his mystery novel The Man in the Cage He lived in Oakland, California in a house he designed.


    1. After having read his ‘Tales of the Dying Earth’ featuring the scoundrel Cugel (The Dying Earth) this shouldn’t have come as such a great surprise, but I loved this book. They certainly don’t make them like this anymore. The City of the Chasch is the marvellously bizarre first book in a series that is called, in some cases, ‘The Planet of Adventure’, and in other cases, the ‘Tschai’ series. It owes a lot to the pulps and in particular to Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter / Mar [...]

    2. To one side of the 'Explorator IV' flared a dim and aging star, Carina 4269; to the other hung a single planet, gray-brown under a heavy blanket of atmosphere. The star was distinguished only by a curious amber cast to its light. The planet was somewhat larger than Earth, attended by a pair of small moons with rapid periods of orbit. An almost typical K2 star, an unremarkable planet, but for the men aboard 'Explorator IV' the system was a source of wonder and fascination. Call them whatever you [...]

    3. The City of the Chasch is Jack Vance’s 1968 first book in his ‘Tschai’ series. Reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Barsoom books, the Tschai is Vance’s magnum opus of alien life and man’s adventures on a planet colonized by several races. This also reminded me of Robert Silverberg’s magnificent Majipoor series with its inventive combination of science fiction and fantasy. The four books were published together in 1993 as the Planet of Adventure.As in much of Vance’s writing, hi [...]

    4. _The Chasch_ (originally published as _City of the Chasch_) is sort of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars as envisioned by Jack Vance. It is an entertaining Planetary Romance tale (or Sword & Planet if you prefer that designation) that describes the adventures of Adam Reith, Earthman and sole survivor of the Explorator IV a starship that is destroyed by unknown forces while in orbit above the planet Tschai. Reith is a Scout, meaning that he is a Jack-of-all-Trades uniquely equipped f [...]

    5. City of the Chasch, also known as The Chasch, was first published as a paperback novel in 1968. My copy is 141 pages long. It is the first of four novels in the Planet of Adventure series about the planet Tschai. It appears to still be in print in paperback along with the other three novels under the title Planet of Adventure by Orb books. Each of the four novels included continues with the main character, Adam Reith, and same storyline. There are four main civilizations on Tschai. Each involves [...]

    6. Novela cuyo mayor interés radica en el entretenimiento que aporta. Se trata de una lectura ligera cuya recuperación merece la pena, pues abre una saga con una serie de posibilidades que, ya planteadas en este primer tomo, resultan francamente interesantes. Pese a no pertenecer a mi(s) tipo(s) de literatura predilecto(s), me ha resultado una grata y agradable lectura. Crítica completa: libros-prohibidos/jack

    7. I first read this about 30 years ago, but after recently coming across The Pnume (Tschai, 4), I decided to read the whole series through.I love Vance's compressed, ironic, decorative prose, his "lapidary style" as one friend put it. Aside from that, this is pure escapist fun: Meet quirkly alien, have funny dialogue. Meet dangerous alien, bash and run.Can't wait to read the next installment.

    8. First of the short novels collected in "Planet of Adventure." Reviewed in my review of "Planet of Adventure."- 3.75* rounds up to 4* for the great writing and world creation of Mr. Vance. Otherwise very much in line(generally and generically) with many other fantasy-sci novels. Not quite in the space opera category occupied by "The Demon Princes" and therefore not as compelling for me.

    9. Quite good universe, superb prose, excellent characters, surreal landscapes and real intense action plus subtle plot and satiric, and highly critical content,

    10. Prima opera di Jack Vance che leggo.Adam Reich è un terrestre che, per un incidente, naufraga sul pianeta Tschai. E il nostro astronauta non è un uomo fortunato, visto che su questo pianeta ben presto capirà che i suoi abitanti, divisi rigidamente in caste, si combattono fra loro in continuazione. Pian piano troverà degli amici e, in un certo senso, diventerà un comandante ribelle che proverà a far cambiare la loro ottusa e guerrafondaia (e superstiziosa) mentalità, provando a portare tra [...]

    11. In his inimitable style, Vance narrates the eventful tale of Adam Reith, a stranded Earth astronaut, marooned on Tschai, a world where all humans are slaves to aliens and the societies are ridiculous.I had hoped to like this a lot more.The strange people and places Reith encounter are wonderful; I'm particularly fond of the society that basically runs like a message board, with everyone inheriting an avatar. The methods of speaking are distinct;y Vancian, with his sardonic, devil-may-care pessim [...]

    12. My first introduction to Jack Vance, whom I'd heard of but never read. It was quite an enjoyable book. I would imagine that to enjoy this story you have to know to take it lightly & be up to having a light, fun read. Nothing too serious, nothing that tugs the heartstrings, nothing overly complicated or so beautifully written you have to re-read certain passages. This was just a plain, but fantastic, adventure featuring a most unlikely hero named Reith. Vance wrote this long ago & it read [...]

    13. Only Jack Vance could have pulled this off - vintage 60s Sci Fi (that means solitary male heroes who can fight aliens, plan daring escapes, lead armies, drink without embarrassing themselves, get on with the ladies), set in a planet that has - I don't know - maybe about six different alien races co-existing in the same landscape, with multiple societies, histories, sub-species. The whole shebang and its all easy to digest, urbane, generally not too offensive politically. He makes it all look so [...]

    14. City of the Chasch is pure pulp, the characterisation paper-thin, as is the general story line. Having said that, it is a great read, I was not disappointed at all, quite the opposite. The novel grips from the opening and I’m now waiting impatiently for my next fill of the series.I’m now looking forward to reading the next instalment in the adventure, the excellently titled ‘Servants of the Wankh’ (apparently, Vance was advised to change the title to ‘Servants of the Wannek‘ after th [...]

    15. Hoopla lost my place and I wasn't thrilled enough to return. Struck me as an Edgar Rice Burroughs meme with more of a Fantasy emphasis. Audiobook review, perhaps I'll try the print version some time.

    16. I haven't read Vance before and had no idea what to expect. City of the Chasch was published in 1968, but it would fit in with SF of an earlier era - the 1930s or 40's, or even earlier. It puts me in mind of John Carter's adventures on Barsoom by Edgar Rice Burroughs.The attitudes are a bit dated. The only virtue of women is their beauty. Putting adversaries to death is done rather cavalierly. The protagonist is from Earth of the future, but his general outlook is from the nineteenth century.

    17. Great Sword & Planet story by one of the masters of the SF/Fantasy Genre. I've never read anything by Jack Vance yet that I did not love. This is the first of a tetralogy of novels with the protagonist Adam Reith from Earth who is exploring space for earth but suddenly he finds himself the only survivor stranded on the planet Tscai with humans and alien beings named the Blue Chasch, the Green Chasch, the Wankh, the Dirdir, the Pnume and the Phung. What an amazing imagination and a great acti [...]

    18. Un vaisseau d'exploration terrien arrive en orbite d'un planète inconnue, d’où a été émis un message de détresse il y a plusieurs décennies. Il est abattu et seul Adam Reith, un spécialiste de la survie, s'en sort. Il se retrouve sur une planète du nom de Tschaï ou il va connaître de nombreuses aventures, découvrir des races non-humaines étranges, et aura besoin de toute son ingéniosité et ruse pour revenir sur TerreCette quadrilogie est l'une des œuvres les plus connues de Van [...]

    19. Uno de los pulp más elaborados que he leído. Claro Tenía que ser Jack Vance cuya capacidad para crear héroes y montarlos en mundos total entes ajenos es incuestionable. El libro tiene propuestas muy interesantes, como el grupo de humanos barbáricos cuya personalidad es dictada a través de unos emblemas que usan en el sombrero. El emblema es quien dicta su destino, así como personalidad y los enemigos que tendrán en el mismo clan. Es como el apellido pero un poco más severo. Los juegos c [...]

    20. The fun of the book is that Reith is adaptable, moral, and willing to become entangled in local problems, all of which is a recipe for adventure in the Vance mode. And as a bonus, he's pleasant to travel with, and not some grim antihero.And of course there are all sorts of nice Vance tidbits, from the culture of the Emblem Men (where the person is merely the spiritual vehicle for the medallions they wear), to the sandblast guns (firing particulates at relativistic speeds), to the ways that the a [...]

    21. I've been meaning to get around to re-reading some of my Jack Vance ever since I heard he died last fall. This is fairly standard fair for the 60's—an interesting story, but with an Earthman stranded on an alien planet who is, of course, a match for anything that planet can throw at him. All the women he meets need to be rescued (not that he has a good record at that…) and all the aliens are evil.Still the world-building is better than most of his contemporaries' and other than their oppres [...]

    22. -Aventuras pulp en otro planeta.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Una nave espacial terrestre se acerca un planeta desconocido y muy lejos de la Tierra siguiendo una extraña señal. Cuando se preparan para lanzar hacia la superficie a dos exploradores, la nave es atacada y destruida, alcanzando los exploradores el planeta con mucha dificultad y mediante un aterrizaje de emergencia. Adan Reith sobrevive y comienza a ver hombres en ese planeta, lo cual debería ser imposible, junto a [...]

    23. Campy pulp fiction relying heavily on tropes of the genre. Very little character development, abysmal portrayals of women (well, one woman, there is only really 1 female character). The main character strides forward as only a white man in retro sci-fi can, completely certain that his way of life is the correct one and that he must liberate the poor savages of Tschai. If you can set all that aside, a fun light read.

    24. The thing about Jack Vance books is they never lag, he doesn't get bogged down in the minutia of 'world building'. He gives you just enough to suspend belief and hold onto your seats, coz it's always going to be a ride. This was a very impressive book, well paced, colourful characters and poignant in it's simple accessibility. A great adventure.

    25. This is probably the weakest of the Vance books I've ever read. The world is less developed than in a lot of his other books, and the story is rather straight-forward. It still fun, but definitely on the light fluffy side.

    26. The first in a four book series of Sword and planet type books. Pretty good. Definitely more strange than the average one. Very imaginative, although I wasn't overly enamored of the story line.

    27. I intended to read the entire Planet of Adventure series, but after finishing City of the Chasch, I had to walk away. While Vance is undeniably a master of world-building and I admire his voice, that's not enough to forgive his one-dimension characters that rely completely on tropes, or the overt misogyny that permeates every page of this book.This story is the epitome of white savior complex: our protagonist (who I suppose we're supposed to like) crash-lands on an unknown planet and wrangles hi [...]

    28. Piacevolissima avventura di space fiction.Scritto in un linguaggio semplice e privo di fronzoli la storia scorre e diverte con il protagonista umano che in questo primo capitolo della saga di ritrova a naufragare sul pianeta Tschai, di tipo terrestre, e incontrerà alcune delle molteplici razze viventi sul pianeta e i loro "Sub"; sorta di schiavi, umani però. Il mistero pare risolversi immaginando precedenti rapimenti di umani dal nostro pianeta da parte di questi alieni che li han poi soggioga [...]

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