All That Glitters

All That Glitters Driven from the Dumas Mansion back to her beloved bayou Ruby s only hope is that fate will let her begin anew Living again in a humble shack Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for he

  • Title: All That Glitters
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780671854621
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Driven from the Dumas Mansion back to her beloved bayou, Ruby s only hope is that fate will let her begin anew Living again in a humble shack, Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for her precious infant daughter, Pearl Paul Tate her first love, whom she was forced to abandon is at her side once , now a man of dazzling wealth When he whisks heDriven from the Dumas Mansion back to her beloved bayou, Ruby s only hope is that fate will let her begin anew Living again in a humble shack, Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for her precious infant daughter, Pearl Paul Tate her first love, whom she was forced to abandon is at her side once , now a man of dazzling wealth When he whisks her into his grand house, it seems their future is assured As mistress of Cypress Woods, Ruby can forget even the shocking reason she and Paul must wed in a secret ceremony and remain husband and wife in name alone But the thick, expensive walls of Cypress Woods cannot shut out the terrible memories that have woven their fabric over her destiny, or the cold eyes of Paul s mother, Gladys, reminding Ruby of the secret she must keep to give Pearl a loving father Then her venomous twin sister, Gisselle, arrives to taunt her with news of Beau Andreas, the true father Pearl has never met, and the only man Ruby will ever long for with all her body and soul, Desperate to find the complete, fulfilling life she craves, Ruby builds a precarious new existence, a flimsy shanty of hope that the first flood washes away Only when the storm exposes the very blackest evils of the past will she glimpse the rainbow s fragile promise, a morning of sunshine and laughter with a family of her own.

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      Books published under the following names Virginia Andrews, V Andrews, Virginia C Andrews V.C Endrius Books since her death ghost written by Andrew Neiderman, but still attributed to the V.C Andrews nameVirginia Cleo Andrews born Cleo Virginia Andrews was born June 6, 1923 in Portsmouth, Virginia The youngest child and the only daughter of William Henry Andrews, a career navy man who opened a tool and die business after retirement, and Lillian Lilnora Parker Andrews, a telephone operator She spent her happy childhood years in Portsmouth, Virginia, living briefly in Rochester, New York The Andrews family returned to Portsmouth while Virginia was in high school.While a teenager, Virginia suffered a tragic accident, falling down the stairs at her school and incurred severe back injuries Arthritis and a failed spinal surgical procedure forced her to spend most of her life on crutches or in a wheelchair.Virginia excelled in school and, at fifteen, won a scholarship for writing a parody of Tennyson s Idylls of the King She proudly earned her diploma from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth After graduation, she nurtured her artistic talent by completing a four year correspondence art course while living at home with her family.After William Andrews died in the late 1960s, Virginia helped to support herself and her mother through her extremely successful career as a commercial artist, portrait painter, and fashion illustrator.Frustrated with the lack of creative satisfaction that her work provided, Virginia sought creative release through writing, which she did in secret In 1972, she completed her first novel, The Gods of the Green Mountain sic , a science fantasy story It was never published Between 1972 and 1979, she wrote nine novels and twenty short stories, of which only one was published I Slept with My Uncle on My Wedding Night , a short fiction piece, was published in a pulp confession magazine.Promise gleamed over the horizon for Virginia when she submitted a 290,000 word novel, The Obsessed, to a publishing company She was told that the story had potential, but needed to be trimmed and spiced up a bit She drafted a new outline in a single night and added unspeakable things my mother didn t want me to write about The ninety eight page revision was re titled Flowers in the Attic and she was paid a 7,500 advance Her new generation Gothic novel reached the bestseller lists a mere two weeks after its 1979 paperback publication by Pocket Books.Petals on the Wind, her sequel to Flowers, was published the next year, earning Virginia a 35,000 advance The second book remained on the New York Times bestseller list for an unbelievable nineteen weeks Flowers also returned to the list These first two novels alone sold over seven million copies in only two years The third novel of the Dollanganger series, If There Be Thorns, was released in 1981, bringing Virginia a 75,000 advance It reached No 2 on many bestseller lists within its first two weeks.Taking a break from the chronicles of Chris and Cathy Dollanganger, Virginia published her one, and only, stand alone novel, My Sweet Audrina, in 1982 The book welcomed an immediate success, topping the sales figures of her previous novels Two years later, a fourth Dollanganger novel was released, Seeds of Yesterday According to the New York Times, Seeds was the best selling fiction paperback novel of 1984 Also in 1984, V.C Andrews was named Professional Woman of the Year by the city of Norfolk, Virginia.Upon Andrews s death in 1986, two final novels Garden of Shadows and Fallen Hearts were published These two novels are considered the last to bear the V.C Andrews name and to be almost completely written by A


    1. I preferred Paul over Beau from day one so naturally I had issues with this book. Ruby turned into her sister as much as she would like to deny it. She should never have swapped with her Sick sister and taken advantage of Giselle like that. She didn't even feel sad for Giselle dying, it was like she was just some doppleganger in the end. Lost all respect for Ruby, she was everything the author swore she wasn't.

    2. I don't even have a proper way to begin this review. So I'll just put about as much effort into this as Andrew Neiderman did.This book sucked. Honestly, Ruby is about as likable as Christina Aguilera's character in Burlesque. She. Is. Awful. Once again we have a Mary Sue that is just so damn sweet that nothing can taint her aura of perfection. And trust me, in this book she does plenty that would cause uproar in any other universe.I guess the best place to start is with Ruby, who at this point i [...]

    3. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. I am giving this one an extra star than it deserves simply because of the sheer entertainment value. All That Glitters is the third book in the Landry Saga. By now, we're firmly entrenched in silly, soap like shenanigans. Ruby is married to her half brother Paul, Giselle is still a bitch and is now married to Beau and Daphne conveniently falls off a horse and dies, so we don't have to worry too much about her any more. The first half of the novel builds up to an affair b [...]

    4. Totally ridiculous and over the top story line but I loved every page of it. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby What were you thinking!? How was it ever a good idea to marry your half brother for security when he is still madly in love with you? You went on and on about how lives shouldn't be based on lies and then go about creating the biggest lie for yourself. You only had to wait a year. ONE YEAR! before you would have been given your trust money and then you could have lived a happy lie free life with p [...]

    5. The lies that started before Ruby Dumas was born seemed to have one impact after another on Ruby, her life, and people around her. With her baby Pearl, Ruby was driven back to the bayou, and to her original roots. She was contended living in the old shack she used to share with her Grandmere. However, her old flame Paul was stubborn and he had built an empire for her and her baby. If you know the secret, you would know why Ruby was so resistant, but of course, providing security for her daughter [...]

    6. ****Contains Spoilers****Did you ever watch Days of Our Lives in the early 90's? If you did, you'll know what I'm talking about, if you didn't that's okay too, this will still make sense. The plot lines in this are so ridiculous they are reminiscent of Stefano kidnapping Marlena and keeping her in a giant bird cage - yes they are that ridiculous. Ruby goes back to the Bayou to have her baby Pearl, and her half brother is still in love with her even though he knows they are half siblings! She agr [...]

    7. 1.5 stars, It really pissed me off. I spent the first two books kind of liking the main character, who always tried to do what was right or at least would not hurt people. But towards the end of this book she makes a very stupid desion that didn't not fit with her character and in general it was a very stupid idea, that could not work. It wasn't even a intresting stupid that I want to watch and see what happens. Instead I spent the last part of the book skimming.Honestly I'm not sure if I'm goin [...]

    8. This book ended a lot better than I thought it would. For once, a VC Andrews book had an ending that was completely happy. I admit, some of the characters didn't turn out exactly as I thought they would, and mid-book I was more irate with the characters because things weren't going the way I wanted them to, but it ended very well. On to the next book in the series.


    10. I wasn't much of a fan of this book. I'm still going to give it a 3 star rating but I was very disappointed in a lot of it. I wrote as I read so not much of a review. Just my 2 cents. So how does this work out? Ruby was 15 in Ruby. Spent a year in New Orleans. Not even a year at school. So 16 by this point when she got pregnant. Give it time for pregnancy. She should be 17. 18 at the most but this book starts with her being 19. 🤔🤔🤔 Changes how I picture her. I'm surprised that Beau move [...]

    11. SPOILERS for major plot points as well as the ending (Spoilers for Tarnished Gold as well.)I really enjoyed this book. My third favorite in a great series.Here are my gripes about the characters and plot :)1. Ruby and Beau are selfish assholes. They let themselves do the one thing that, in these books, only the rich douche bags obsessed with what society thinks and their family reputations do: create an elaborate ruse and live with elaborate lies in order cover up something/get what they want. T [...]

    12. Although the development of each characters and the stories was not what I wanted it to be, it describes struggles of human-irrational and unwise, which betrays our expectation to be more rational-toward their warped destiny from their birth. The way Ruby, the main character here, coped with each given situations didn't really win my sympathy because I can't help but feel that she was somewhat selfish. However, the results she had made was probably what she wanted from the beginning. And, since [...]

    13. Ruby is forced to return to the Bayou and re-begin her life there. But ghosts of her time as a Dumas continue to haunt her. She is torn between the two parts of her life, and decisions must be made. Again, a good book, but Ruby is still a giant Mary-Sue.

    14. In my opinion, this book got off to a slow start but eventually got back into the "VC Andrew's twists and turns." In the beginning, I was annoyed with the fact that Ruby didn't even graduate high school, but acts like she's going on 35 and a know-it-all. Isn't there always a character in VC Andrews' books that is young but acts old? Ruby finally decided to marry Paul, even though she knows it's not right being they're half brother and sister. But she doesn't want to be alone, Paul would make a g [...]

    15. Dans le genre "je fais le pire choix du monde" Ruby est la reine Alors, j'admets qu'elle ait voulu assurer l'avenir de sa fille mais de là à épouser son demi frère La scène de la guerre de sécession m'a au passage parue complètement inappropriée (une chance que Ruby ne soit pas tombée enceinte) De plus, je trouve celà tellement naïf qu'elle ait cru sur parole tout ce que Giselle lui écrivait ! Si seulement Ruby avait pris tout de suite contact avec Chris, tout celà aurait surement p [...]

    16. Typical V C Andrews storyline: Generally unlikeable, consistently mopey, female protagonist, who is somehow irresistibly beautiful, gentle, pure, and intelligent/talented, who has men throw themselves at her constantly at all points of time, finds out she's ridiculously wealthy (somehow), does some dumb shit, bad things happen as a result, "why, cruel fate?!?", some fam dies, evil matriarchal character (2 in this series so far!!!!!) tries to ruin the day. I really hate that the vibe is really mi [...]

    17. I've enjoyed following Ruby thus far, but this book made me question her character. Ruby can usually be described as a young painter who is selfless, smart (although naive too), and eager to please. This addition to the series proves otherwise in almost every way. In the past, Ruby has been the victim of circumstance and the decisions of the people around her. However, throughout this book she leaves her own string of victims, while also telling herself that she is doing what is best for her chi [...]

    18. What more can happen to Ruby Dumas! This book wasn't as good from the beginning as the other 2 books were, but as time went on and momentum picked up it became just as good of a book. At first it is hard to sympathize with Ruby as easily as it was in the previous 2 books as it seems that everything going bad for her she brought onto herself. As the book continues you do become empathetic for her. As with the previous 2 books it ends on a happier note. There are events that take place that I was [...]

    19. This was OK, laughably far-fetched but I needed some brain candy after two days with the delightfully cheery Ms. Oates ;/Easy to read drama that is typical of this author/ ghost writerif you like this type of story, you would likely enjoy it, if you don't I can't see why you would have picked it upThere is a happy ending to the book; however, you can bet your buttcakes it won't last as there are two more books in This Landry seriesI don't really understand why The estate of V C Andrews felt the [...]

    20. A continuação da saga da família Landry, agora no seu terceiro volume, continua a não desiludir e a conseguir manter-me presa à história com um entusiasmo, como se fosse a primeira vez que a estou a ler (estou a reler a saga, que li pela primeira vez há 16 anos).As reviravoltas da vida das gémeas Ruby e Giselle, o constante mau feitio desta segunda, os amores e paixões do passado que voltam para se afirmar ainda mais fortes, troca de identidades, morte, vignança tudo ingredientes desta [...]

    21. When I read these novels back in the day I would have given them 3-3.5 STARS and now would say about one StarI started reading VC Andrews books in the 1991 and stopped about 2003. I have read:-Dollanganger Series-Casteel Series-Cutler Series-Landry Series-Logan Series-Orphans Series-Wildflowers Series-Hudson Series-Shooting Stars Series-DeBeers Series-Broken Wings SeriesAs a preteen reading these novels was a rebellion and the gothic theme also seemed cool. I stopped reading this author because [...]

    22. Pearl in the Mist wasn't the best book in the Landry saga, but it is made up for in this book. The twin angle is really played here - for some rather unexpected results. And unlike Secrets of the Morning/Twilight's Child in the previous series, the babydaddy in this one is actually a nice guy - so I'm not sure which guy to root for here.Of course, Daphne is up to her usual tricks - and if that's not enough, you have Gladys Tate. With them and Giselle, Ruby sure does have a lot on her plate. Plen [...]

    23. Well, I rooted for Ruby in the last book, but this one made me go "Why you wanna go and do that?" Great story but some decisions were made, while ultimately ending up well, didn't start out so great in her favor. I couldn't quite be on her side through the whole thing. By the end I did actually cry a few tears. I'll definitely finish this series because I like it a lot, however I'm taking a break from the soap opera that is Ruby Landry Dumas Tate Andreas's life (yeahat's her full name). Gotta re [...]

    24. The first time I read this book was about 20 years ago, when I was around 16-17 years old. I don't distinctly remember my feelings on the book then, but I'm sure they were different than they are now. I've always loved the character of Ruby Landry, but this book made me want to slap her. She is more selfish than in previous books, but it doesn't take away from the story at all. It's still a great book.

    25. VC Andrews has always been a favorite of mine since my childhood days. I have read (and re-read) all of her books, and although I am much older now and find that some of her work is better than others, I still enjoy the twists and turns, strangeness and mystery that continues to captivate my interest. (even some of the ghostwriter's work)

    26. Overall this was another good book by VC Andrews, and very typical of the books she writes. I have been enjoying this series very much. This book was probably the least believable of the series and the end really got rushed too much. I think it needed at least another 50 pages for the ending to play out in better detail.

    27. The third entry in the Landry series is pure soap opera. It's so overdramatic and far-fetched that it's ridiculous, but at the same time so much fun! Like another reader said, if Ruby had just waited one more year she could have assumed control of her inheritance and avoided all of the heartache and drama. However, that wouldn't have made for as entertaining a story.

    28. I did not enjoy this book as I did the first two, Ruby and Pearl in the Mist. I feel that Ruby, the main character, became so weak and annoying. Honestly, her stupidity made the book difficult to read. However, the ending redeemed the series for me, and I am eager to start the next book.

    29. The story of ruby continues.When her sister Gisselle ends up in a coma ruby trades places with her and becomes her twin to be with the man she loves.Everything falls apart when the fake ruby dies and Paul cant get over the loss of his one true love.He soon believes that the one who died was Rubye dramatic change of evens are shocking and hard to take.

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