What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 4

What Did You Eat Yesterday Volume Shiro turns down an offer to become a celebrity and Kenji s culinary adventures are reprised in a manga about a gay couple for mature in the true sense readers

  • Title: What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 4
  • Author: Fumi Yoshinaga
  • ISBN: 9781939130792
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shiro turns down an offer to become a celebrity and Kenji s culinary adventures are reprised in a manga about a gay couple for mature in the true sense readers.

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      Japanese Fumi Yoshinaga Yoshinaga Fumi, born 1971 is a Japanese manga artist known for her sh jo and sh nen ai works.Fumi Yoshinaga was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1971 She attended the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo.In an interview, she said that I want to show the people who didn t win, whose dreams didn t come true It is not possible for everybody to get first prize I want my readers to understand the happiness that people can get from trying hard, going through the process, and getting frustrated Little is known about her personal life She mentions that her favourite operas are those by Mozart in the author s note of Solfege.She debuted in 1994 with The Moon and the Sandals, serialized in Hanaoto magazine, but was previously a participant in comic markets.Of Yoshinaga s many works, several have been licensed internationally She was also selected and exhibited as one of the Twenty Major Manga artist Who Contributed to the World of Sh jo Manga World War II to Present for Professor Masami Toku s exhibition, Sh jo Manga Girl Power at CSU Chico.Outside of her work with Japanese publishers, she also self publishes original doujinshi on a regular basis, most notably for Antique Bakery Yoshinaga has also drawn fan parodies of Slam Dunk, Rose of Versailles, and Legend of Galactic Heroes.


    1. Shiro is really growing on me now that I'm starting to understand him a little better. And there are some super adorable moments in this volume.

    2. This series is so great. How does the author/illustrator depict such complicated, nuanced emotion and situation in just a few panels?My one complaint for #4 in the series was: not enough time spent on story in each chapter. I wanted more melancholy and loss from the lawyer who remains so uncomfortable with being gay and only half 'out', more of the fun, unlikely friendship with the lawyer's food shopping buddy, more relationship development between lawyer and hair dresser boyfriends! I felt like [...]

    3. Continuation of simple and sweet with much wonderful recipe filler. Realistic every day slice of gay food loving life in Japan.

    4. I'm really on the fence about this Manga (series). First and foremost this is of course a Manga about japanese cuisine and I really like this part of it but it's also about Shiro and Kenji and I can't help but think that the way Shiro is portrayed is not very flattering. He comes across as unloving und self-centred most of the time. I mean he has his moments here and there but they barely make up for it, imho.I'll continue reading this, but I sincerely hope for a gradual change of attitude in Sh [...]

    5. As always, I loved all the food! I read this at a time I wasn't allowed to eat (going in for dental surgery) which was kind of silly as it got my stomach rumbling. I really enjoyed these chapters which focused a bit on relationships, marriage, children and those who choose not to have all that, or can't have all that. I especially thought the last chapter was heartwarming as the two men realize how important it is not to take each other for granted. Very sweet.

    6. The food and relationship goodness continues in Volume 4. Shiro takes another turn at cooking, and we get to see Kenji's thoughts about this, which I find highly entertaining. Kenji continues to explore his thoughts about being openly (or not) gay, and what long-term relationships entail. The cooking segments seemed especially accessible in this volume, though that may just be me getting used to them. Good stuff!

    7. Really enjoy the peek into the lives of two gay men. Dealing with issues like parents and children. One thing that bothers me a bit is the use of slang. Sometimes characters who don't seem like they'd be the type to talk will break out into very casual language which doesn't seem to fit them. It makes you wonder if that's really the character voice or just the voice of the translator.

    8. As always, the recipes just sound so delicious! I am growing to love Kenji even more in this volume, but Shiro is still stilted and a bit self-centered. Whilst I understand the Japanese culture towards homosexuality, it made me uncomfortable and upset for Kenji when Shiro keeps his distance from him in public

    9. Every time Shiro goes bargain hunting at the grocery store an angel gets its wings. This series could not be more perfect for me if it tries.

    10. ちょこちょこっと真剣な話が入りつつ、日常をごはんで表すよしながぶしは最高です繰り返しますが、ひたすらおいしそ~~でもって本気で作れそうなレシピばっかりです!

    11. one of these days i'm going to dedicate a month to cooking lunches based off this manga and it's going to be gr8. 4 stars

    12. This was another very very quick read that was pretty much more of the same. Food, minor conversations. The books are a great filler, but they don't have a lot of substance to them.

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