Golden Urchin

Golden Urchin In the scorching Australian Desert A wild beautiful woman recues a man from death He was a handsome English aristocrat sprawled in the dunes dying of thirst She was a white skinned savage fleeing

  • Title: Golden Urchin
  • Author: Madeleine Brent
  • ISBN: 9780449213896
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the scorching Australian Desert, A wild beautiful woman recues a man from death He was a handsome English aristocrat, sprawled in the dunes, dying of thirst She was a white skinned savage, fleeing the aborigine tribe that found her and raised her but still shunned the fiery haired outcast.Suddenly Meg is aboout to escape her primitive life as Luke introduces her toIn the scorching Australian Desert, A wild beautiful woman recues a man from death He was a handsome English aristocrat, sprawled in the dunes, dying of thirst She was a white skinned savage, fleeing the aborigine tribe that found her and raised her but still shunned the fiery haired outcast.Suddenly Meg is aboout to escape her primitive life as Luke introduces her to the strange ways of Victorian England In a search filled with adventure and excitement that spans three continents, Meg uncovers the clues to her true identity and realizes someone is trying to kill her But the mysteries and secrets of the aborigines still pulse through the Victorian young lady, enabling Meg to triumph in the final desperate battle for survival and claim the only man she will ever love.

    Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent Madeleine Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent Madeleine Brent ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . GOLDEN URCHIN Bcher GOLDEN URCHIN ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent Bcher Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent Fremdsprachige Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . Golden Urchin by Madeleine Brent Golden Urchin was interesting, and mostly held my attention throughout, but about the last % was pretty bad Also, I understand the time period was heavily into the Christian thing, but that was annoying, and so was the hippie bullshit of allowing bad men to live Oh yes, it was all very over dramatic and clean, as others DIY Gold Urchin Westwing Magazin Nun den Ball mit der goldenen Sprhfarbe einfrben und erneut gut trocknen lassen Step Holzspiee rundherum in den Styroporball stecken Westwing Tipp Je mehr Holzspiee Sie hinzufgen, desto weniger kommt der Styropor zum Vorschein und Ihr Gold Urchin wirkt noch hochwertiger Step Golden Urchin Download Pdf ePub eBook Golden Urchin Welcome,you are looking at books for reading, the Golden Urchin, you will able to read or download in Pdf or ePub books and notice some of author may have lock the Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent Golden Urchin Madeleine Brent on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Meg, an Irish heiress kidnapped from her parents at a young age and raised by a tribe of aborigines in the Australian outback

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    1. Madeleine Brent

      Madeleine Brent is a pseudonym used by Peter O Donnell.Peter O Donnell was born on 11 April 1920 in Lewisham, London, England, UK He was interested in writing as a child, and began writing professionally at the age of 16 During World War II he served in the Royal Signals Corps, and was stationed in Persia, Syria, Egypt, the Western Desert, Italy, and Greece After the war, he worked as a comic strip writer, and scripted the Daily Express adaptation of the James Bond novel Dr No He was most famous for inventing the character Modesty Blaise, an undercover agent who first appeared in comic strips in 1963 In 1965, he published his first novel, Modesty Blaise, which was based on the screenplay he had written for the motion picture of the same name He also wrote short stories, plays, television and film scripts, and nine romance novels published under the pseudonym Madeleine Brent In 2001, he retired from writing He passed away on 03 May 2010.


    1. 4.5 stars. In the course of my ongoing search for good old-fashioned romantic suspense novels in the vein of Mary Stewart, I've been down the path of gothic mysteries with Phyllis Whitney and Victoria Holt (which didn't work out particularly well for me), and tried some of the more modern ones by Susanna Kearsley (a bit hit and miss, but there are definitely some good ones there). A while back one of my friends recommended that I give Madeleine Brent's books a shot. They're quite good, and this [...]

    2. Mix together adventure, mystery, exotic locations and lightly sprinkle some romance and you have this fun and captivating story written from the POV of a very unusual heroine. Mitji/Meg was just two years old when she was kidnapped from her wealthy Irish family, abandoned in the wilds of the Australian outback, and taken in by the aboriginal tribe where she spent the next decade as not quite a member. She's considered a freak and not a true person and grows up with much self-loathing. When her o [...]

    3. Mitji (Meg) is one of my favorite characters ever! And she is an inspiring character for any woman or young lady. She is bright, clever, disarming and amazingly talented in ways that are so very unexpected. For the time period she is quite feisty which is always a good thing. She overcomes amazing ordeals throughout the story. I suppose this could be called a coming of age story as she spans ages 14-18 or so as the story progresses. I really enjoy stories such as this and will absolutely read mo [...]

    4. There are so many shelves I want to put this book under! Adventure is at the top of that list and I think it can even go under thriller just for those last few chapters…Mitji has never known anything or anyone but the Aboriginal tribe that brought her up. They say she came from the Totem Gods, after all, she looks nothing like them! Mitji is a freak of nature what with her fiery red hair and sparkling green eyes. And then there is her nose. No aborigine has a narrow nose, so she can not be ful [...]

    5. Somebody recommended these books recently when I wrote a blog post about romantic adventure. This book is so much fun!I haven't had so much sheer reading fun for ages. At the start, Meg is a reject from the aboriginal tribe she was adopted by. Because she's white, she's a non-person, and no one will willingly touch her. So she runs away, stumbles across the aftermath of a gunfight. One of the combatants is alive, so she saves him . . . he turns out to be a rancher. He takes her home to his lovel [...]

    6. I loved this book! A girl is kidnapped and found by a tribe of aboriginies. She grows up with the tribe and thinks she's a freak of nature left by the "totem gods ". After many years she leaves the village, saves the life of a man dying in a desert, finds a new home and learns to live as a white woman. But who is she? Someone knows and an attempt is made on her life. The question is why?Her travels take her from Australia to Switzerland to England and finally to Africa where the adventure climax [...]

    7. This is an old fashioned adventure that chases across 3 or 4 different continents in just as many years. But the beginnings are in Australia and that first half is incredible for detail, the tribal, in every aspect of "Meg/Mitji" and her experiences with all the friends, enemies, associates that she meets. This is clear and flowing prose and not difficult in the reading to context and languages. Because Madeleine Brent is exceptional in translating to nuance and mood, particularly within the phr [...]

    8. A historical novel about a young woman who grows up among aborigines as a white-skinned “freak,” until she stumbles across a dying white man and discovers the world of her own people. 1986.Full review (and other recommendations!) at Another look bookTotally amazing book. This book represents the very best of historical fiction. My favorite parts are the early parts, when the main character is trying to understand all the new things she's encountering in the new world of the white man. I also [...]

    9. I feel a little self-conscious about liking this book, because I think there are a number of problems with it, but I actually did enjoy it. I don't know enough about the ways of aboriginal Australians to judge whether that part was accurate, but if it is, I must admit that that part was very interesting to me. The mystery of her past and the intrigue over her heritage was interesting enough for me to continue with the book, even though it reads a lot like a bodice-ripping romance and was a bit p [...]

    10. I loved the main character, Meg, Mitji, Red. I thought it was a very intriguing twist to have her grow up as an aborigine. She was fantastic. I liked how the 'bad guys' kept changing and revealing their true colors. That was quite a change of pace! I did not, however, enjoy the romance at all. This novel did not thrill me or particularly draw me in. I would say that overall, it was an okay book.

    11. Another great book from M Brent. The plot is about the same and now that I have read four of his books it is possible to predict the progress. This one is taking place in Australia, England and Africa.I like them in this order:-Merlin's keep (my favorite)(Himalyan mountains, India, England)supernatural element.-Moonraker's bride (China, England)-Tregaron's daughter (Cornwall, Kent, Italy)-Golden urchin

    12. This is a great adventure story that mostly takes place in the Australian Outback at the turn of the century.This is a wonderful story about outcasts, secret identities, and relationships.Quick read!

    13. What utterly lovely perfection. I'm so glad I finally got my hands on this. A concoction of all the ingredients that I'm weak for in a book - adventure, suspense, survival, romance, humor, etcetcetc all written very engagingly in first person from the perspective of a girl growing up with Aborigines thrust into "civilised" society.There is a slight feeling of the character being a bit too perfect against the hardships she has to face, but the charm of the writing makes it work. And it is quite i [...]

    14. A WONDERFUL story!!! Great twists, adventure, romance has it all!! I just wanted to story to keep going after it ended.

    15. I try to balance my reading with fiction, non-fiction, and fluff. Fluff being fun, escapist books that are fast to read andwell, you know. Madeleine Brent fills the bill. She is really a he named Peter O'Donnell, a British writer famous for his Modesty Blaise books. He wanted to break into the American market, so he decided that romance novels were the way to go. His/her romances are more adventure novels and don't have explicit sex in them. Golden Urchin is one of my favorites. A little girl is [...]

    16. This was read from a recommendation from forever ago, so I had no expectations. I really, really enjoyed it. It was a fairly quick read (I read it in about 4-5 hours) and just fun to read-especially after reading Mutant Message Down Under. I liked the character development, the morality in it, etc. Just a great book!

    17. Pretty good, I enjoyed it except I couldn't get over the idea of her being a redhead and living mostly naked as an aboriginee and somehow getting 'acclimated' to the sun and not burning up. I am a redhead, and I just couldn't suspend disbelief on this issue. :)

    18. More like a 4 1/2. I have been looking forward to reading this book since I read Tregaron's Daughter by the same author. I flew through it. It's an easy read with an inspiring, interesting heroine and an eclectic cast of characters. Some of the overall plot, I've read before-ahem Tregaron's Daughter-but I still truly enjoyed the read. There are twists and turns and I like the slight touch of romance that keeps the reader looking forward to the moment when all will work out. I was happy to read a [...]

    19. Long out of print, I was really glad that certain books stick around much longer in library collections in large print editions when I decided to track it down. "Madeleine Brent" being primarily an adventure story writer (and male) meant he brought a different perspective to the romance novels of the 80s. He developed an effective and unique formula, a Victorian heroine who is heir to some kind of fortune but orphaned and consigned to an exotic rough life that will help her develop special skill [...]

    20. One problem with enjoying vintage fiction is running across the occasional imperialism and casual racism. This book was loaded with more of this than I could overlook. What's more, the adventure and relationships got a little dull. This is the story of a white girl who is raised by an Aborigine tribe in Australia. As a teenager, after having grown tired of being such an outsider in her tribe, she comes across an Englishman in trouble in the Outback. This ends up leading to her learning a new cul [...]

    21. An enjoyable charity shop find.Every plot twist was predictable but great fun all the same.A likeable, capable heroine. No rescuing needed here.And no tormenting the protagonist either. I hate those old-fashioned historical novels where the author takes glee in punishing the heroine for her flirtatious ways.

    22. Mitji is an aborigine girl who is considered a freak in her tribe, for she has fair skin, red hair, green eyes, and freckles. When she is around 15-years-old, she encounters a near-dead man in the desert, and saves his life. Although they speak different languages, they understand each other, and when Mitji gets herself sick, the man is the one who saves her, taking her to the civilized world.And there is where Mitji's adventure begins. First, with the help of the man she saved, Luke, and his ki [...]

    23. )I'll have to admit that this book is not my usual genre. I usually read paranormal, sci/fi. Futuristic (Hot romance stuff). While flipping through suggestions I saw this and it sounded intriguing. I really couldn't stop reading, except when I HAD to sleep. Loved it. Now I'm giving it to my daughter to read. I laughed, I cried, I got quite frustrated at some of the characters at times. And the mysteriesn't get me started, I recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who likes to read, even gir [...]

    24. I went through this in record time, so there was a lot about it that I liked. However, it was also overwrought—filled with situations and events that would never actually happen, let alone all of them to a single individual. I know for some people this makes great reading; for me it is exhausting in its unbelievability.The writing was good, the pace was good, the characters (especially the protagonist Meg) were all very likeable and well-drawn. And even the unbelievable parts were, at minimum, [...]

    25. This is a historical romance about Meg, a British girl who was raised in the outback by the tribe of Australian Aborigines. After a chance meeting, a rancher and his wife take her in and educate her. An attempt on her life leads to questions about her past, and Meg learns that her outback instincts can be just as valuable in civilization as they were in the desert where she grew up.It's a predictable but entertaining story with a lot of adventure and travel. There were some aspects of the romanc [...]

    26. Predictable, yes, as all Brent books are, but I love MB and this book. I think this one is one of my favorites of hers/his. All of the books Peter Odonnell wrote under this name have strong, moral heroines with something that sets them apart from everyone else and helps them bring something to the table no one else could ever do. Love this book in particular because of Meg, the heroine. She's down to earth for someone raised by aborigines till she was 15 then thrown into a world of murder, greed [...]

    27. This is the first of the Madeleine Brent books I ever read. Mitji is the white orphan child taken in by a tribe of Aborigines in the Austrailian outback, but after a falling out with one of her closest friends in the tribe, Mitji decides to leave the tribe in search of her own kind, the white people. She becomes Meg, the young English lady who wins the heart of a kindly couple in Perth and finds out that she in the heiress to a grand fortune. There's no sense in spilling a drop of the complex, r [...]

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