The Last Flight of Poxl West

The Last Flight of Poxl West A stunning novel from award winning author Daniel Torday in which a young man recounts his idolization of his Uncle Poxl a Jewish former RAF pilot exploring memory fame and story telling All his

  • Title: The Last Flight of Poxl West
  • Author: Daniel Torday
  • ISBN: 9781250051684
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A stunning novel from award winning author Daniel Torday, in which a young man recounts his idolization of his Uncle Poxl, a Jewish, former RAF pilot, exploring memory, fame and story telling.All his life, Elijah Goldstein has idolized his charismatic Uncle Poxl Intensely magnetic, cultured and brilliant, Poxl takes Elijah under his wing, introducing him to opera and artA stunning novel from award winning author Daniel Torday, in which a young man recounts his idolization of his Uncle Poxl, a Jewish, former RAF pilot, exploring memory, fame and story telling.All his life, Elijah Goldstein has idolized his charismatic Uncle Poxl Intensely magnetic, cultured and brilliant, Poxl takes Elijah under his wing, introducing him to opera and art and literature But when Poxl publishes a memoir of how he was forced to leave his home north of Prague at the start of WWII and then avenged the deaths of his parents by flying RAF bombers over Germany during the war, killing thousands of German citizens, Elijah watches as the carefully constructed world his uncle has created begins to unravel As Elijah discovers the darker truth of Poxl s past, he comes to understand that the fearless war hero he always revered is in fact a broken and devastated man who suffered unimaginable losses from which he has never recovered.The Last Flight of Poxl West beautifully weaves together what it means to be a family in the shadow of war to love, to lose, and to heal.

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      Daniel Torday is the author of the novel THE LAST FLIGHT OF POXL WEST New York Times chief critic Michiko Kakutani said the book announces Torday s emergence as a writer deserving of attention, and in a cover review, The New York Times Book Review called the novel, Expertly crafted full of lyrical prose, superb Rothian sentences that glide over the page as smoothly as a Spitfire across a cloudless sky utterly accomplished Esquire Magazine called the book s ending the 149 best words published this year Torday s novella, THE SENSUALIST, won the 2012 National Jewish Book Award for debut fiction His short stories and essays have appeared in Esquire, Tin House, Paris Review Daily and The Kenyon Review He is the Director of Creative Writing at Bryn Mawr College.


    1. A Jewish teenager, Elijah, reveres the older man who is his Uncle Poxl. This man has time for him, takes him to museums, discusses art and literature with him and tells him stories of his life during the war. This is the bare bones of the story but this is a story within a story and telling more would ruin this book for future readers.There is something so tender in the way this is written, the characters so likable. The art of storytelling, the interpretation of memory, experiences and regrets, [...]

    2. The Last Flight of Poxl West is an excellent novel, exploring the ways in which history can easily be romanticized, even if there's an underlying darker truth beneath it. It's great WWII fiction but more than that, it's the story of love and how it can become misdirected.

    3. I had the joy of reading this pre-publication and trust me, this is a book you want to read. More in a bit as I sort through what is and what isn't a spoiler, but for now just Hooray!!

    4. Os pongo en situación: este libro es una novela que intercala dos historias. La primera, en una época un poco más moderna, nos cuenta la historia de Eli y la admiración que siente por su tío Poxl West, que recientemente ha publicado un libro superventas sobre su experiencia como piloto de la RAF durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Y como ya os imaginaréis, la otra línea argumental es el susodicho libro.Casi al principio, poco después de la publicación del libro del tío Poxl, un estudian [...]

    5. Joan Jett once sang that “Everybody needs a hero,” which is certainly the truth for fifteen-year-old Eli Goldstein, who is searching for a touchstone to transcend his Jewish consciousness, in 1980s Boston. His hippie-ish rabbi in Hebrew school has tried to turn him on to the kabbalah, but Eli worships his surrogate Uncle Poxl, a flamboyant and charismatic scholar, and a bomber pilot in WW II. During museum, opera, and symphony outings, Poxl taught Eli to appreciate the finer nuances of art; [...]

    6. Thank you to St Martin's Press and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of The Last Flight of Poxl West. It's a narrative within a narrative. Eli recounts the story of his relationship with his "uncle" Poxl, a family friend who wrote a memoir about his experience as a Jewish fighter pilot during WWII. Eli idolizes Poxl and his stories. Interspersed with Eli's narrative is Poxl's memoir of his time during the war and just after. I really liked Eli's narrative and parts of Poxl's m [...]

    7. I was excited to read this novel. The story of a Jewish WWII RAF pilot who goes on to publish his memoirs more than forty years after the war, sounded interesting. Poxl West, born Leopold Weisberg, tells a story within a story, as we read his memoir as well as his nephew's narrative set in 1986 as Poxl's book is published.I was eager to be taken back in time and learn about Poxl's experiences during the war but half way through I realized the past didn't come alive for me, I wasn't engaged by th [...]

    8. This was fine, but a little underwhelming. Maybe just because I figured out where it was going about a third of the way through? I dunno. A longer review to come.

    9. The Last Flight of Poxl West alternates between two related stories - a World War II “memoir” and a story about a relationship between young Elijah Goldstein and his uncle Poxl. This structure breaks up the story nicely and provides needed perspective to the memoir sections, which make up most of the novel. In summary, The Last Flight of Poxl West is a good story and extremely well-written, with characters that experience deep emotions and complex moral issues.Eli, a Jewish teenager in Bosto [...]

    10. Eli is a teenager who adores his uncle, Poxl West, who is not really a relative but is more of a grandfather figure to Eli. When Poxl writes a memoir of his experiences during WWII, Eli is miffed that he never receives his signed copy, but still he reads the book several times and uses it as a basis for school assignments. This novel contains the entire text of Poxl’s memoir, and this book-within-a-book is the real meat of this novel. Poxl, a Jew, flees Czechoslovakia for the Netherlands as a [...]

    11. This debut novel by David Torday employs a story-within-a-story plot device to dramatic effect. Beginning with the narration of Elijah Goldstein, a fifteen-year-old student, it recounts his relationship with his uncle Leopold Weisberg, known as Poxl West. Poxl introduces him to cultural life around Boston --opera, symphony, literature and art. As Elijah learns more about Poxl’s early life and exploits during World War II, his feelings progress from love and admiration to hero worship. He also [...]

    12. I really liked this book! It begins in the perspective of a 15-year-old Jewish teenager, Elijah Goldstein, growing up in Boston in the '80s, who idolizes his Uncle Poxl, a Czech Jew who was an RAF pilot in WWII. The novel then switches to Poxl's recently released war memoir and moves back and forth between the viewpoints as it goes on. I loved the interplay of the two very distinct voices of Eli and Poxl, with both of them strong enough to engage you equally. At first, I thought I wouldn't like [...]

    13. I would like to thank Bookbrowse for this beautiful book. The focus of the story is a novel written by the protagonist's uncle, Poxl West. The fact that Poxl West is not his real uncle is revealed in the very first paragraph. It is in some ways a foreshadowing of things to come in Daniel Torday's brilliant examination of the memoir novel. The novel alternates between chapters narrating what is happening with the characters in the story, and chapters of Poxl’s memoir. This approach really worke [...]

    14. Because he last eighty pages or so of this novel are so good, I regretted that I didn't find the first 200 pages more compelling. I was never convinced that the mock memoir that lies at the heart of this novel (occupying 70-80% of the pages) could really have caused the stir among the reading public that occurs in the novel. However, as the novel comes to a close, we alternate more frequently between Poxl West's memoir which is centered around World War II, and the 1980's story of Poxl's nephew [...]

    15. The last Flight if Poxl West is a troubling story. Told as a memoir within a novel, the plot revolves around the flawed hero, Leopoldo Weisberg,, aka Poxl West. The narrator of the novel is Elijah, Poxl's young nephew. I liked the sections in the voice of Eli. They rang true as the young boy who idolized his uncle matures into a man who realizes his uncle's flaws. Less successful, in my view, is the memoir. Why Poxl found Francoise to be his true love was not convincing at all. Her tawdry charac [...]

    16. Yes, the main reason I was interested in this book was because it had an airplane on the cover. It's two stories told simultaneously. One is about a young Jewish boy who is taken under the wing of his uncle, who he adores. The other story is the text of a book the uncle wrote of his coming of age during WWII. The facts about living in London during the invasion of Britain were horrific - people living in subways and caves and the huge amount of destruction. Of course it was the same in Germany a [...]

    17. ***Received through a Giveaway***An extraordinary novel that explores glory, redemption, and our omnipresent need as humans to tell the stories we tell. This is a war story that isn't predominately about war; rather, the fighting is the backdrop of Poxl's story, not the thesis of it. The result is an intriguing narrative that is unafraid to stray from our typically black-and-white hindsight impressions of WWII, and makes a compelling distinction between what is true and what is honest. I predic [...]

    18. Reseña completa aquí: leerenlaluna/2 Lo tiene todo: amor, guerra, venganza, inspiración. El autor escribe de maravilla y utiliza referencias que demuestran su cultura.Son dos tramas que están enlazadas entre sí y se van combinando a lo largo del libro.Lo recomiendo abiertamente.

    19. I only gave it a one star because it doesn't have a no star. This was supposed to be heartwarming? This is nothing heartwarming about it. There are no likable characters, no story line that I could see.

    20. Hard not to spoil this book, so if you ask me, I'm just going to respond by asking why you haven't read it already. It's truly senseless not to.

    21. this was an interesting and well written book about a close family friend, a Jew from Czechoslavakia writing his memoir of his experience as a pilot with the RAF during WWII. the book alternates between the manuscript of the memoir and the realtionship of the young boy who views Poxl as a surrogate grandfather. The memoir (book within a book) tells a touching story as does the alternating chapters. Still i sometimes found the book dragged and especially in the first third.I would recommend it an [...]

    22. Fictional account of a Czeck Jew who was sent initially to the Netherlands and eventually arrived in London. He puts his experience as a pilot to use as a pilot for his adopted country raining bombs on the Germans who killed his family. According to the book he wrote, telling the story to his adopted nephew over ice cream after visits to the symphony or art gallery, he wanted to revenge himself on the Germans. But that might not be the entire story.

    23. Daniel Torday uses a classic story-within-a-story structure to explore the fascinating character of Poxl West and the nephew who hero worships him as a Jewish fighter pilot in The RAF during World War II. How Poxl fled to England as a young Czech refugee just before the war started is fictional but authentically reflective of the real stories of many young people of the time. I really enjoyed reading his story but did think that the "big reveal" was not really much of a surprise.

    24. I slogged through this book. The format was unique and I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get wrapped up in the story or the characters. There were some parts where the action picked up and I became engaged. But then Poxl would wax philosophical and I would need to reread the paragraph several times. Just ok.

    25. A bit disappointing. The twist was predictable. It short, and overall enjoyable as a reading experience, but not as deep as I had hoped. If you're looking for a sort of coming of age story set during WWII, this might be good for you, but don't expect to be wowed.

    26. In part this is a story and the other part a history. I'm not sure which story really grabbed me. I did find one minor character so wonderfully true and wise, the 80's hip rabbi. Otherwise, I want terribly impressed with this novel although I wanted to enjoy it more.

    27. Pas vraiment intéressant beaucoup de longueurs et la fin m'a laissé perplexe. Pas bien compris le propos

    28. HistoriographyI put off reading this debut novel because the playful cover design and strange choice of name for its leading character (Poxl, apparently, is a diminutive of Leopold) made it sound trivial and flippant. Far from it. It is actually a solid story of the Second World War, familiar enough in its elements perhaps, but told from an unfamiliar perspective. More than that, it is an exploration of that strangely permeable border between fact and fiction, and a study of how we manipulate hi [...]

    29. *I received a free copy of this from a giveaway on .**This is also posted on my blog: Library of Books. Elijah, a young Jewish teenager, adores and idolizes his “Uncle” Poxl, a long time family friend. Poxl makes time for him, usually taking him to museums and plays and every time Poxl divulges and discusses his life during the war. However, you should know that this is a story within a story, and saying much more on the plot or structure could possible ruin this book for other readers. I wi [...]

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