The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School

The Top Ways to Ruin the First Day of School Special Ten Year Anniversary Edition Over copies in print Originally published as The Top Ways to Ruin the First Day of th Grade but now it has a new cover and a new title The Top Way

  • Title: The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School
  • Author: Ken Derby
  • ISBN: 9780615974194
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Special Ten Year Anniversary Edition Over 122,000 copies in print Originally published as The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of 5th Grade, but now it has a new cover and a new title, The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School It is the same humorous book with the same humorous story that kids love An International Reading Association and Children s Book Council CSpecial Ten Year Anniversary Edition Over 122,000 copies in print Originally published as The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of 5th Grade, but now it has a new cover and a new title, The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School It is the same humorous book with the same humorous story that kids love An International Reading Association and Children s Book Council Children s Choices Honor BookAn Alabama Children s Choice Book Award Program Winner Nonstop wacky action School Library Journal A quick, fun read that will appeal to would be show offs everywhere Booklist This very funny, very silly book is filled with kids, teachers and parents who will make you laugh when you re not chuckling about Tony s latest antics The Washington Post Summary Anthony Madison, a.k.a Tony Baloney, can t get enough of the Late Show with David Letterman He loves the Late Show and will stop at nothing to get himself on the program But to get from Kansas City to New York City, he ll have to pull out all the stops With his own brand of Top Ten lists, and stunts that range from photocopying his hinder to taking to the field in a bear suit at a professional football game, Tony takes the NFL, MTV, New York City, the Hells Angels, his teacher, friends, family, and readers on an uproarious ride to remember.Hey kids Have fun submitting your own hilarious Top Ten lists online at Top Ten School And you can become an official member of the Top Ten Rockers at Top Ten School Hardcover originally published by Holiday House Paperback originally published by Paperback re released by Illusion Publishing.

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      Ken Derby is a slightly famous author, monkey trainer, twelve minute rock star, five minute TV star, two minute movie star, fisherman, and former CIA operative okay not really When he isn t teaching or writing, he might be found reading, working out, biking, or rooting for the Denver Broncos Ken lives in Budapest, Hungary and teaches grade five at the American International School of Budapest One of his books, The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School, is an International Reading Association and Children s Book Council Children s Choices Honor Book and an Alabama Children s Choice Book Award Program winner Ken is available for author visits and virtual author visits Visit Ken s website to learn about him.New Book Released on Sept 6, 2013 Harley Patrick Davidsun, the zany biker rocker teacher dude from The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School will tickle your funny bone in my new book called Harley P Davidsun s Loony Bin And his classroom is not what one would call traditional He s nicknamed it The Fourth Grade Loony Bin, and that s exactly what it is, especially when he pits the boys against the girls in a contest to win a ride on his chopped motorcycle Zany events ranging from a flatulence test to Kiss A Mania mean you ll never know what s going to happen next Step into the Loony Bin and find out who wins the wacky contest, and you ll be glad you went along for the ride


    1. This book is about a kid that thinks of things how to ruin the 5 grade. I like this book because it has so much detail for you to understand the book. I recommend his book to 5 grade because of the story it gives you about 5 grade and what not to do an o listen to your teacher read this book it will help you

    2. I read this book aloud to my students and, for the most part, we had a lot of good laughs. Since we live in Vietnam, many of the U.S. references (and there were A LOT), were not contextually challenging for us. There were many times I had to show clips of The Late Show, image search football fields, and stop to explain jokes. Because of this, we actually learned a lot from the book.I am giving the book three stars however, because it seemed as though it would only be appropriate for students in [...]

    3. I like this book because it talks about how kids going to be in school and that if they be good then they will have fun with the teacher and that if the kids be bad then they have to stay in and do they work that they did do and why I like it because its fuuny and I can read it over and over.

    4. I always begin the school year reading this book to my new 5th grade students. It is a hilarious and silly read that really units the entire class, both students and teachers can relate to the story in their own ways.

    5. Overall, this book was not bad but also not good. It wasn't really enjoyable to me. The book, The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School, was about a 5th grade student who did crazy things to get on a TV show he really liked. The book title says much about the style of the writing. The author's intentions were to write for elementary students, around 5th and 6th grade. It had easy vocabulary and a very childish humor. However, for me, I am not a great reader so even though the book was for [...]

    6. My edition was titled "The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School" but is identical. All I can say is, am I glad that Tony Baloney isn't one of my fifth graders! Very funny, even though exaggerated at times, and surely a winner with every kid reader. Just to give you a little taste: try imagining someone jump-roping on a toilet seat, interrupting a football match by stealing the ball, causing havoc among a gang of bikers in New York City - yes, things sort of happen to Tony Baloney, which i [...]

    7. I think this book would be on my top ten list.It is very interesting and fun to listen my teacher read it to our class.Every time she starts reading it i pay so much attenchion its like im addicted to the book when i listen to it.The author did a really good job on this book.I love

    8. Tony Baloney loves the Late Show with David Lettermen and he gets in so much trouble by doing stupid tricks and jokes from the show. He writes letters to David Lettermen saying how much he loves his show, and one day is invited to New York to be on the show. I liked this book it was hilarious, I loved it a lot. I would definetly recommend this book it was really good.

    9. i think this book was amazing it talks about a boy who chases his dreams and meets them!!!through his travels in NEW YORK CITY he meets many stars and celebraties!!!as he said in the book problems just happens to him and he was right!!i hope you get a chance to read this unpredictable book it was soooo outstanding!!!!!!!!!1

    10. I think this book was very funny and has great little stories about TB and his friends being on the David Letterman's late night show. If you really like humor and funny books, i think you should read this.

    11. This is a very funny book. T.B. has done many pranks to be on The Late Show With David Letterman. He finally gets to be on the show along with his friends. I think this has been the best book I have ever read.

    12. I kind of liked this book. I'm no stranger to young fiction and I was mainly reading this one for research. There were moments that just lost me though. I also found typoswhich is unforgivable if this is truly a 10 year anniversary edition. With 10 years to check, it should be pristine.

    13. I checked this book out after a few people recommended it as a great back to school read, but I just didn't care for it. I thought the writing was weak, and I've read funnier, more realistic books. Not for me.

    14. What do you think is the worst way to ruin the first day of school? Wearing your pajamas? Tripping I front of the whole school? What about jumping rope over a flushing toilet? On the first day of school, tony wants to jump rope over a toilet. He did 3 jumps, but then Tony and his friend, Mo,thought they were dead. Water was leaking onto the floor. The principle had to call 911 to get Tony's foot unstuck. Read Top 10 Ways to Ruin the 1st Day of School to find out more.

    15. "The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School", by Ken Derby, is an easy and humorous read. It is not hard, but this book is a good, short, break from the more difficult reading. Tony Baloney, a 5th grader, loves 'The Late Show with David Letterman', and it is his dream to go on the show. But the fact that he lives several states away is a problem. In his efforts to get on the show, Tony, or TB, begins to write letters to David Letterman. TB's letters included top ten lists, like 'Top Tens Si [...]

    16. The PandaBat selected this, and then passed it on to me when she finished. No book built around stupid human tricks can be all bad, can it?***Our story involves three fifth-graders from Kansas City and their teacher: Tony Baloney, Anna Banana, Mo, and Mr. Gore. TB does every stupid thing that occurs to him the moment it does, Anna and Mo assist. Tony's great dream is to be on the Late Show with David Letterman, to which end he keeps doing stupid stuff and then writing a letter to his idol which [...]

    17. Had you ever read a book that is so funny you just laugh and laugh? My class and I did and we laugh all the time.A normal kid named Tony Baloney from Kansas City and his friend Mo, Anna will do anything to get on the Late Night Show of David Letterman. Tony Baloney will do any mischievous thing he could imagine to get on the show. He always cause trouble for his friends even though they did not even do it.I love this book because it is very funny and very detailed so that I could have a very cle [...]

    18. This book could be counted as funny, but I found the characters too unbelievable to enjoy it. Tony Baloney gets into a lot of ridiculous situations, but no one appears to stop him. Several trips to the Principal's office and groundings by his parents do nothing but make it slightly more difficult for Tony to misbehave. Tony is determined to misbehave as he wants to become famous for causing his parents great exasperation. His parents are models for bad parenting. Their daughter is out of control [...]

    19. I thought this book was funny with ridiculous, but possible things occurring throughout. Mo was a fabulous supporting character. I enjoyed his sense of humor immensely. I liked that TB achieved his dreams, no matter what it took, and sometimes I couldn't approve of what it took for him to get there. The adults in the story weren't made out to be unintelligent (which happens WAY too often in modern children's literature), but they were sympathetic and realistic. Overall, it was a pleasure to read [...]

    20. I couldn't finish this book, though I tried mightily. It had come highly recommended from someone who had listed other humorous books that I had liked (Long Way from Chicago, No More Dead Dogs), so anticipation was high. The action didn't make sense to me - not even remotely - to the point that I was annoyed by the book's events and character decisions. I understand that the action was slapstick funny - it would probably be hilarious in a movie - but it wasn't book funny.

    21. Interest Level: 3-6 Reading Level: 3.9 Subjects: Late show with David Letterman Fiction.Letterman, David Fiction.Fame Fiction.Schools Fiction.Humorous stories.Notes: "Originally published as The top 10 ways to ruin the first day of 5th grade.";"Apple paperbacks." Follows the humorous attempts of fifth grader Anthony "TB" Madison to become a guest on his favorite television show, "The Late Show with David Letterman." Accelerated ReaderATOS Reading Level: 4.2 Point Value: 4

    22. I read this book to my fifth graders this year and they LOVED IT! It's very engaging, funny and great to use to make inferences, predictions, and there are great vocabulary words to discuss. The kids asked me every day if we were reading it. Unfortunately the book is out of print (why I have no idea because it isn't that old) but I did find it as an ebook through and it only cost $6.99. That way I could also project the book as I read it and the kids followed along. Fun story! I will for sure u [...]

    23. I like top ten ways to ruin the first day of school.My favorite character is Tony Balony.He is my favorite character because he is funny.He always tries to get on the David Leatherman show but all the things that he tries like jump roping on a toilet seat flushing,he ends up getting in trouble.Also all of the people in the book have nicknames that go with what they do or what the look like.This is why I like Tony Baloney.

    24. [From my 9 year old daughter].I recommend this book to anyone who likes funny stories and short books. I LOVED this story, especially how the main character does anything he can (well, almost) to try get to on the Letterman Show. I don't think I've ever wanted something that badly. The author did a great job building the characters and their personalities. It's hilarious!

    25. Hilariously funny story about a fifth grade student who is obsessed with getting on the David Letterman show. He adapts many of Dave's show antics into his own life which consequently causes some major issues for him with his family, his teacher, Mr. Gore, and the principal concidentally named 'The Terminator'.

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