Not Letting Go

Not Letting Go Piper O Connell s life is crumbling down around her Broken and betrayed by the man she loves she flees to the safety of North Carolina and the only people she can trust When the man who hurt her come

  • Title: Not Letting Go
  • Author: R.B. Hilliard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Piper O Connell s life is crumbling down around her Broken and betrayed by the man she loves, she flees to the safety of North Carolina and the only people she can trust When the man who hurt her comes knocking at her door, she is forced to face the fact that maybe she had it all wrong Gage Blackwell wants to know why the girl of his dreams walked away Searching for thPiper O Connell s life is crumbling down around her Broken and betrayed by the man she loves, she flees to the safety of North Carolina and the only people she can trust When the man who hurt her comes knocking at her door, she is forced to face the fact that maybe she had it all wrong Gage Blackwell wants to know why the girl of his dreams walked away Searching for the truth, he follows her to North Carolina where, instead of receiving the answers he so desperately seeks, he is drawn into an intricate web of secrets and lies Will the truth bring Piper and Gage back together or will it destroy them and the ones they love, once and for all

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    1. R.B. Hilliard

      RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children In 2012 she began writing His End Game, the first book in her MMG Series Hilliard has not only published six books in this series, but has gone on to publish Utterly Forgettable, a hilariously funny Romantic Comedy, as well as her Rock Star Romance Series, Meltdown.


    1. **SPOILERS** Don't read this in less you've already read the book or you WILL not like what you find out ahead of time.I’ve been waiting for RB Hilliard to follow up His End Game with Gage and Piper’s story since she left us with so many questions around them in book one. Was Gage the one who beat her? Was he in on it? What was Piper hiding? Who was she running from? And there’s the whole mystery behind the ‘parties’ that were held at Dooley’s, that we heard about when we heard about [...]

    2. For more on this review, please seeandaliciousbookreviews.cIt was only a few months ago that I read and reviewed His End Game, the first book in the MMG series. I'm glad I didn't have to wait too long for Not Letting Go because I had A LOT of questions I needed answers too. Mainly, WTH happened to Piper and how was Gage involved? When an author releases their second book in a series, there is always some uncertainty. Will it be as good as the first book? Will it surpass it? Or will it not meet e [...]

    3. FIVE ‘I WANT FOREVER WITH YOU’ STARS!This is the second book in The MMG series by RB Hilliard. This is a story of what happens when love is interfered with by a purely evil outside force. It’s a page turning tale of true love, betrayal, heartbreak and, finally, redemption. This book had me griping my Kindle from the first page through the last. Piper O’Connell is a confident, down-to-earth beauty. The childhood best friend of Ellie McLellan, she lived in Charlotte most of her life before [...]

    4. 4.5 STARSNot Letting Go opens up with the once vibrant and vivacious Piper O’Connell, having the mother of all panic attacks in a cloakroom closet. This resulted in me feeling claustrophobic and taking many much needed deep breaths to get through the opening chapter.‘Finding out that Gage’s love wasn’t real had such a profound effect on me that I often thought about giving up giving in… and letting the dark swallow me whole.’Thus, I was hooked into devouring this book in one sitting, [...]

    5. Favorite Lines or Quotes:“And I love you.” Those three words meant absolutely everything to me. NADBB reviews R.B. Hillard’s second offering of her MMG Series, ‘Not Letting Go.’ It lived up to its name and kept us in for the long haul.Synopsis:In this book we get the story of characters that piqued our interest in the first one. Our heroine Piper O’Connell made a difficult decision. Perhaps it wasn’t well thought out? Sometimes decisions are like that, you make them at the time bec [...]

    6. Piper moves to Texas to and loves being close to her parents and moves in with a friend from her boarding school and cousin Savannah. So when they have a girls night out it was Piper who meets a hot bad boy biker Gage but when a girl sits on his lap its piper who is let down and leaves. Gage’s boss is A creepy and scary man named Dooley he wants nothing more than to get to know piper but she only has for Gage. Gage shows up at her work and she couldn’t be more thrilled and they hit it off an [...]

    7. Piper is holding onto some secrets in the beginning of this book and is hell bent on keeping them to protect those she loves. Piper was informed by Dooley that Gage was not who she thought he was and that their whole relationship was a sham. Gage comes to Charlotte in the hopes of winning Piper back but even he does not know what happened and why Piper left. When all of the secrets come out, the fallout is pretty big. Dooley is pure evil and for some reason became fixated on Piper and was willin [...]

    8. I couldn't wait to read the second installment in this series, and it did not disappoint on any level. RB is now an automatic one-click author for me and I cannot wait for book 3.This story had all the elements I love, and then some. The characters and story were rich in detail and the fast paced action had me up till the early hours until I found out all the answers. I loved Piper and Gage, both were deeply emotional and I certainly felt the highs and lows of their relationship. Their sexual ch [...]

    9. Gage MeThis is the second book I've read by R.B. Hilliard in the past two days and She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!!I absolutely adored this book. I loved Piper! She has been beaten down by the world and by people she shouldn't have trusted but she is still strong and brave! She still loves with her whole heart and fights for what she believes in. Gage is her first true love and she believe she has ruined that love. In order to get back it back she must trust the people closes [...]

    10. YESSSSSSSS!!!! Read this in one night. Fml. I should have been shut in writing, but this was constantly calling out to me and I needed to make time for it after MMG #1. I'm so happy I found this author. I love Hilliard. She is a diamond.I love the pacing, the writing, the heroines, the men, everything. It's like unravelling a present. You don't know what's coming at you, but you're so excited to know and flipping the pages. Today was like an epic hangover from hell. Caffeine is my bitch.

    11. Ms. Hilliard knocked this one out of the park! Wow, what an awesome read, this series just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to get my hands on book 3! Gage is sexy as hell, and I loved Piper, she is such a strong character. I couldn't put this one down. I love this series and i highly recommend it. The story lines in this series are fantastic, and I can't wait for Dillon's story next!

    12. OMG!! This book was incredibly addictive, fast paced and action packed. Piper's story we knew would be intriguing and not pretty and we were right. Totally loved this one. (full review to come) - will review books 1 and 2 together. I cannot wait for more from this group of friends, at least I hope the author will write more!

    13. 4.5 stars. Another great read from RB. She has an amazing story telling capability. She makes you keep turning pages. She's witty, romantic, and always adds suspense. I look forward to more writing from her! And these men she writes aboutew fan me please :)

    14. A definite page turnerA definite page turnerThis book was amazing. Any questions you had from the first book about Piper and Gage were answered. Hilliard knows how to keep you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book.

    15. Love love lovethis is the 2nd in the seriesbut it can be read aloneBONUS! I am in love with the charactersis book is everything: hot sex funny inner thoughtslove and someone to hate! I loved it and enjoyed reading both.n't wait for the 3rd!!!!

    16. I have a new addiction thanks to R.B. Hilliard. I am so in love with your books and chatacters. You made me laugh and cry too many times to count. I am now a fan.

    17. RB Hilliard is a freaking amazing writer!! I absolutely loved this book! Her writing skills blew my mind. This is a 5+++ star book! Absolutely loved it!!

    18. Not letting go. R B HillardI've just finished reading book 1 "His end game" and have jumped straight back in to book 2. I'm glad I didn't have to wait to read this book because I I still felt there was some questions that needed answering and I'm never sure about book 2 in a series. I was hoping " Not letting go" would be just as good as His end game. The second book was just as good as book 1 so I had nothing to worry about.You get to see a different better side to Piper in this book, that in w [...]

    19. Not Letting Go is a story of courage and strength. The female characters have heart and gumption. They rather face down their own death than let those they love face any possible pain. Making the choice to hold a gun and await potential danger while pregnant than have an injured person attempt it and call for help. The characters are so well developed and so full of spunk, which makes the story so real.With a manipulative blow-hard playing everyone like a puppeteer manipulating a marionette and [...]

    20. Absolutely loved it!After staying up all night reading His End Game (book 1), I immediately started this on after getting some sleep. Could NOT put it down! Although this can be read as a standalone I'd advise reading them in order. You won't regret it! In his End Game you figure out Gage is the man from Piper's past. What you don't know is if he had something to do with the way she looked when she turned up. Gage is a hot biker(like that's not enough), who gives up everything to follow Piper an [...]

    21. Just when you think Max, has your heart. Move over for Gage, this man is your rough and tough motorcycle man, with the most gentle heart you could ever imagine. Piper is a feisty girl, and know's when she plays she plays for keeps. Lucky enough for her Gage is a one woman man. They love deep, they love with fierceness, a bond that they never thought could be broken. That type of love you only ever see happen once in a lifetime.When Piper ups and leaves Gage without notice. He thinks it's for all [...]

    22. Wow R.B Hilliard does it again!!I'm a little late to the party but this series is fast becoming one of my favourites. I'm not going to lie after reading book one i wasn't sure I liked Piper I thought she seem a flaky self centered party girl. I was hoping in this story that we would find a real more likable Piper, I wasn't disappointed. She was everything you want in a book heroine, feisty, funny but broken and scared. As for Gage, already a likable character for me is the typical alpha male and [...]

    23. Just as entertaining as the first book and I found the heroine, Piper, hysterical. In this first book, Piper returned to Charlotte from Texas badly bruised but she refused to explain to anyone what had happened to her. We also got glimpses that she and Gage had sort of a history. This book provided clarity to what happened to Piper in Texas. She was a very independent woman but was also flawed that she did not trust people close to her and did not support her best friend, Ellie when she needed h [...]

    24. Hold on to your seats!!!If you thought HIS END GAME was good, NOT LETTING GO is going to blow you away.I am a HUGE fan of romantic suspense and this fits into that niche quite perfectly.We met Piper in the first book as Ellie's best friend, and I have to say, I wasn't too sympathetically inclined toward her. But we get to see a much different side of her here - a side she has kept carefully hidden. Gage also is a familiar face, and not just to us.but very much to Piper. Although one she'd rather [...]

    25. RB Hilliard is a great auther this is book 2 of 4 Piper O’Connell is a confident, down-to-earth beauty. The childhood best friend of Ellie McLellan, she lived in Charlotte most of her life before she left for boarding school in Virginia and then settled in Texas after college. She’s funny, she comfortable with her place in the world and she’s very much in love until she is shattered by the ultimate betrayal.Gage Blackwell is a good guy. He’s handsome, he’s loyal, and he loves Piper. He [...]

    26. Awesome 5star read! I loved this book! At the end of book one we know that something bad had happened to Piper and she seems to be afraid of Gage. In the beginning I wasn't a fan of Gage but about halfway through I started falling for him.In this book we learn what happened between the two of them in Texas and why they are the way they are towards each other. This book is an emotional rollercoaster but in the end there's a happy ending!

    27. I absolutely loved this book! I felt like I was reading a season of SOA!!!I have fallen in love w this group of friends but Gage and piper are by far my favorite.Piper is not a weak girl w a lot of issue but she was hurt really bad I bit my nails through half the book wanting her and gage to get it on!!!!This has been a great series so far and can't wait to read more I need Dillon's story!

    28. I love this series, I read both books in one night.I loved both the main characters Piper and Gage, i was just praying that things would work out with both of them. The storyline was easy to follow and will keep you gripped, wondering what type off trouble Piper has got herself involved with. There's nothing you won't love about this book or series for that fact!! I can't wait for Dillon's story.

    29. Loved it! This book rocked. I couldn't put it down. The characters was awesome and the story line was also awesome. There was parents in this book that made me laugh and then there were times that I just felt heartbroken for what Piper and Gage went through. Thanks RB for writing another great book. Can't wait to see what happens next with this wild bunch

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