Rachel and Connor's Little Black Book: Volume One

Rachel and Connor s Little Black Book Volume One Rachel The only thing worse than being a personal assistant is being one for your high school nemesis But if this is the only way I can escape the family business so be it I can bite my tongue and sh

  • Title: Rachel and Connor's Little Black Book: Volume One
  • Author: K.T. Mara
  • ISBN: 9781501024177
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rachel The only thing worse than being a personal assistant is being one for your high school nemesis.But if this is the only way I can escape the family business, so be it.I can bite my tongue and shit on my pride for a few months I hope.

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      156 K.T. Mara
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    1. ★★★★! Rachel & Connor’s Little Black Book, part 1 of 4. Rachel takes job as old nemesis Connor’s assistant & secret crushes & complicated pasts resurface!“She slapped me again, this time with her left hand. To my surprise it hurt equally much. Leave it to me to piss off a girl who was fucking ambidextrous.”Books in the Rachel & Connor 4-part serial should be read in order:Part 1: Rachel and Connor’s Little Black BookPart 2: UntitledPart 3: UntitledPart 4: Untitl [...]

    2. This book is Rated G for Good3.5 STARS out of 5Genre: Contemporary Romance laced with humor Full Review Posted 11-5-14Rachel and Connor’s Little Black Book was a quick read that held hilarious moments with two charmingly witty lead characters. Characters who seemed to keep my eyebrows raised up around my hairline as I read. ‘Her smile—I was at a loss for words. This never happened to me before. It was like waiting for so long for something you want so badly, so earnestly, that when it fina [...]

    3. 4.5 STARSGenre: Romance with humour & mysteryCover: 8/10 Writing: 8/10Heroine: 8/10Hero: 9/10Humour: 7/10Hotness: 1/10Romance: 2/10Extra book Details: Heroine & Hero POV; 1st person. Approx 90 Kindle pages. 1st in a serial series.The first book of the serial Rachel and Connor's Little Black Book was really funny. The sarcastic wit and immature antics were great.26 year olds Rachel & Connor reunite after attending boarding school together when Rachel mysteriously becomes Connor's new [...]

    4. Excerpt- Connor’s POVI kept my eyes averted.“Connor, did you hear me?”I heard him, but right now he was digging in my fridge, and his ass was not-so-subtlety sticking out. I would not talk to his ass. It wasn’t even a nice one.“I heard you. Come sit down first.” He turned around, holding one of my Cokes in his hand.“You don’t mind if I have a drink, right? I’m really thirsty.”Yes, I did mind, and it was pointless to ask after already taking it. I wasn’t going to make him pu [...]

    5. It's LIVE! Rachel and Connor's Little Black Book is finally live! And it's only 99 cents!Here are the sales links: US amzn/1FoLV3V CA amzn/1vT3I08 UK amzn/1CJaCUB AU amazon/gp/product/BKobo store.kobobooks/en-CA/ebooiBooks: (I'll keep you posted)Special note regarding Barnes and Noble, because I am Canadian I am unable to upload directly to Nook via NookPress :/ I am aware that Smashwords is an alternative, but I would rather not use that service. has a great cloud app for use on other devices, [...]

    6. Overall rating: 2.5 stars Plot: 4/10 too jumpy and not enough questions answeredEnding: 9/10 enjoyable cliffhanger for once, intriguingWriting: 4/10Hero: 6/10Heroine: 8/10Humour: 5/10Steaminess: 6/10HEA: n/a (series)

    7. Two spoiled rich kids trying to be funny, some of it was but a lot of it wasn't.It was over the top and slightly annoying

    8. OMG what a FUNNNNN read!!!I hate that it was so short, but I am DYING for the next volume of the series to come out! PLEASEE let it be longer than this one because I honestly cannot get enough of Connor and Rachel!!

    9. Seriously can't wait to read this one. Just from reading the synopsis I'd say this one sounds pretty great!

    10. Rachel & Connors little black book:Volume One. 9th Dec I have been desperate to get my hands on this book since I read the Synposis for it. It sounded completly up my street and I was hooked immediately from just reading it. As soon as it came through to my kindle at 3AM I started the book. I was instantly sucked straight in to the story and laughing continuously. One minute I was reading the book, laughing along, getting to know the characters and the basic out line of the story and the nex [...]

    11. **Received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review**Wow, I don't even know how to start this. I though this has been the most hilarious book I've read this year by far. I loved everything about it. It literally had me in stitches. The author did an amazing job with this book, my only gripe is that I wish it would have been much longer. I know she has more books out in the works in this series but I'm an impatient person and wish that she would have just thrown all of it in one book [...]

    12. Cute book and one that I will definitely continue as the series progresses. I loved the weird personalities of the H and h and the bickering back and forth, but I would have liked to see more of it. I love to see lots of angst and tension in books like this, but this one was more "cutesy," even though I feel like it was trying to be something else. I am looking forward to seeing where their relationship is going to go as it could be a few different ways. And, that zinger of a last line? I can't [...]

    13. This book wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but, I enjoyed it! It had me laughing and smiling at almost every page! Can't wait for the next book!

    14. Rachel is in her mid-20s and works for her family business, which is largely unspecified, but apparently they dabble a little bit in hotel ownership and management. At her parent’s urging, she pursues a position with ShawTech, working as the personal assistant to Connor Shaw, the COO and son of the CEO. She also happens to have a long history with Connor, having attended a prestigious prep school together from kindergarten through high school graduation, and then attending the same college, bo [...]

    15. 4 Stars!I liked this book. This book was so freaking funny. I love it when a story have two people who are nemesis' yet hold a serious attraction for each other. This book was funny, steamy and filled with tons of sexual tension just waiting to explode. And warned, this is the first volume in a series so the ending is not satisfied and does end on a cliffhanger.This is the beginning of Rachel and Connor's story. Rachel and Connor have known each other their entire lives. They have never been fri [...]

    16. REVIEWED FOR SASSY DIVAS BOOK BLOGLittle Black Book by KT Mara was hilarious!! It is told by both Connor and Rachel's point of views and both of them are funny as hell! If you are looking or a fun, quick read this is your next book. I'll definitely continue with the series to find out what happens next! Major game changer at the end and completely through me off guard, and possibly makes the cover fit the book! I say Little Black Book has earned 3.5 stars!Connor Shaw is struggling with his manho [...]

    17. Rachel and Connor's Little Black Book is a great read. It's a short quick read too. Rachel and Connor both go to the same therapist. There therapist seems down to earth and funny. He has gotten no where with either on of them. In a last ditch effort, he gives Connor a dairy to write in. Connor calls it his little black book. Later when the therapist gives the a book to Rachel to write in, she calls it her little black book too.Connor and Rachel have know each other since school. They don't seem [...]

    18. Argh! How did I not know this was a cliffhangerbut what a cliffhangerwith a gigantic twist! This funny-as-h*** little gem had me crying with laughter and running to a friend in between chapters saying, "You've got to read this!"Rachel Trevellyan and Connor Shaw share a history, a hate and disdain for each other that has been prodded and nurtured since they were 5 years old. Better that they stay out of each other's way. That's kind of difficult when they now work for the same company the same of [...]

    19. Short, funny and entertaining read. Really loved it! Because it's a part of a series, expect a cliffhanger and don't expect smut in this one as its very early times for the MC's however, I can foresee a (hopefully) satisfying buildup to it as the series progresses. I'm defo on the bandwagon for this author and series as its been a while since I have given 5 full stars to a book. That's saying a LOT as I'm such a smut junkie and hater of cliffhanger serials! I just hope that when the MC's finally [...]

    20. I didn't know what to expect when I read this book, because I didn't read any reviews or description, so I just sent in blind from the title I think I expected a rich guy with a Black book of women he slept with, I quickly realized it wasn't but I enjoyed it so much, the back and forth banter between Rachel and Conner was what kept my attention in this book, the sarcasm was just great, a really good quick read that I'm looking forward to continuing.

    21. This book had me in stitches. Rachel and Conner are hilarious as they try to sort out their personal issues. I was reading along and "hey, where's the rest?" *shakes kindle in hopes that more story will fall out* and *pouts*I'd have preferred that this story did not come in four installments. However, I must admit that it's a really good cliffhanger. Definitely looking forward to reading the rest.

    22. 4 Crazy Stars!!!This is a great start to the makings of a great series. This was a great, quick read that had me laughing so hard at times. I need more of Rachel and Connor! I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

    23. I freaking loved it!! It was real FUN and some parts were absolutely hilarious! I absolutely lived both Connor and Racheley're so adorable at times! But damn the bloody cliffhanger! It was so abrupt and now we've gotta wait for December to know what happens next*sigh*

    24. I really liked it. It's quick and fun. Bummer that it's a cliffhanger but I'm really looking forward to continuing the story.

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