The Dream Alchemist

The Dream Alchemist When the sun goes down their passion awakens and so do their nightmares Centuries ago a man with Bryn Llewelyn s dreamwalking ability would have been a shaman or a priest In this time he s merely e

  • Title: The Dream Alchemist
  • Author: Joanna Chambers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
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  • When the sun goes down, their passion awakens and so do their nightmares Centuries ago, a man with Bryn Llewelyn s dreamwalking ability would have been a shaman or a priest In this time, he s merely exhausted, strung out on too much caffeine and too little sleep.Sleep means descent into Somnus an alternate reality constructed of the combined dreaming consciousness of orWhen the sun goes down, their passion awakens and so do their nightmares.Centuries ago, a man with Bryn Llewelyn s dreamwalking ability would have been a shaman or a priest In this time, he s merely exhausted, strung out on too much caffeine and too little sleep.Sleep means descent into Somnus an alternate reality constructed of the combined dreaming consciousness of ordinary humans A place he d rather avoid Trouble is, his powers don t include the ability to go without sleep indefinitely At some point his eyes close and his nightmare begins.As a teen, the treatment that cured Laszlo Grimm s sleep disorder stole his dreams and his ability to feel emotion Petrified of needing treatment , he clings to familiar rituals and habits But lately his nightly terror has returned, and when he meets Bryn in the real world, the man seems hauntingly familiar Not only that, Bryn awakens feelings in Laszlo for the first time in years Slowly Bryn and Laszlo realize they are both unknowing pawns in a plan of unspeakable evil And that their powerful attraction could release the destinies locked within them or be the instrument of their doom.

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      Joanna Chambers always wanted to write In between studying, finding a proper grown up job, getting married and having kids, she spent many hours staring at blank sheets of paper and chewing pens That changed when she rediscovered her love of romance and found her muse Joanna s muse likes red wine, coffee and won t let Joanna clean the house or watch television


    1. Written December 30, 20143 1/2 Stars - Adventurous and kind of interesting but also 'strange'Finished reading November 11, 2014Full review closer to publishing date Dec 2. I need to collect my thoughts and think more about my impressions.I should of course have written down my thoughts then directly in November, but I packed my bags for a longer vacation trip, came home and time passed. Now, next to two months later, is it kind of too late, and the fact that I have so very difficult to summariz [...]

    2. I felt for sure that this would be 5 star read. I asked for an ARC because of the blurb, it sounded really complex but fascinating. The storyline was great, really well written, the world building superb, the guy's eyes on the cover were so mesmerizing (hehe) and for 80% of the story, that was the caseI just couldn't stop reading it and then BOOM!! I hit a wall, it felt rushed and absolutely everything I'd thought would happen, the who, the why and the WTF?? actually did happenAnd I was so disap [...]

    3. This started off really well. I was quickly drawn into the characters and the world of the dreamwalkers. I liked Bryn and the way he struggles with who he is, especially as he begins to develop his powers. However, in the end everything just seemed a bit rushed. The romance was too fast and relied heavily on physical lust and unexplained attraction, the character of Dylan was intriguing at first but it became quickly obvious that he was there as fodder for the next book. I was left with lots of [...]

    4. 4.5 Dreamwalker Dreams over on Prism Book AllianceDream walkers. Who are they? And why would one do all that he can to delay falling asleep? This is Bryn. Equally mysterious is an early question and Bryn’s reply… something is definitely not right. Color me intrigued.Chambers is so good at using physicality, physical reactions, as a way of conveying emotion: churning stomach as opposed to simple fear, fisting hands as opposed to thin irritation. It allows me to feel connected and tuned in at [...]

    5. 4.5 STARSI really enjoyed this book, it's a great UF/Fantasy mix with some PRN on top. It's very well written with quite a novel plot for it's genre which is always refreshing. The MC's and other prominent characters are all fantastic and one of my most alluring traits of any book is strong secretive sub plots, which this book was full of. There is loads more to come and I can't wait for book two. This has the potential to be an excellent series within it's genre. I need book two NOW.

    6. I found the MC's really interesting and hot, but I got a little lost in the plot. At some point, I didn't knew how many realities there were. The idea of the book is good though

    7. 3.75 stars. Tense and suspenseful paranormal tale about dreamwalkers. Lots of chemistry between Bryn and Laszlo although I didn't understand why they had that instant bond and it was never explained. A lot happened in the 220 pages. As a fantasy reader I feel that the whole thing was rushed and its full potential in terms of world creation was not reached. A lot of the appeal of fantasy for me is how much I love the fantasy world, i.e. its history, laws and appearance. But it was a good start to [...]

    8. 3.5 starsBryn Llewelyn isn't living the best of life. He's working dead-end jobs, only has a roof over his head because he managed to become the sole heir of a family friend, and he's not too happy with his life as a 'dreamwalker' (someone who is conscious in Somnus, the dream world). Laszlo Grimm is successful, ambitious, and doesn't have to work hard to get someone to warm his bed. But he's unable to feel anything beyond the physical, a result of the abuse-like sleep disorder treatment he rece [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to be involved in this relatively early on, and I thought then, and think now that it's a great fun book, with a remarkable new world.The premise of Somnus, is fantastic, a world within a world - a different reality.Bryn, is an intriguing and attractive character, so believing that he's not up to much, when in reality he is so much more and better.Lazslo, waiting for someone to melt the ice in his heart, he's trapped but only vaguely realises it.These two, are the answers to e [...]

    10. The Dream Alchemist is quite a detour for Chambers since she is known for her historical romance work. This is a paranormal romance, or maybe even romance with fantastical elements.I was really looking forward to this story because description gave of Sandman vibe, but yeah it was nothing like that.Despite the promising blurb, this book simply didn't work for me the way I thought it would:1)World building - considering this is first book in series and it's a series named after alternate dream re [...]

    11. Boys in Our Books tackled another group readI was looking forward to my first Chambers book.*womp womp*It didn't turn out as planned.Check it out tomorrow

    12. 3.5 starsWhat would you do if your dreams could become a separate reality? What if you could control your dreams? And what if those dreams started slowly shifting into a waking nightmare?Bryn has this ability to dream walk; he’s a dreamwalker. When he sleeps, he enters Somnus, or the dreamscapes of others. The ‘others’ are we common people, or drones, who can supply dream architecture but can’t manipulate it. Bryn can. He and his dreamwalker pals have lots of exciting skills when in Somn [...]

    13. 3.5 stars - An interesting and imaginative read, although I had a few issues.The story: It's our world, but there are those who exist who can "dreamwalk" or when they sleep, they enter the dreamworld of Somnus, lucid and having powers, while drone-like zombies mill around (that's us when we're sleeping.) The first time dreamwalker Bryn meets Laszlo, it's when he's visiting this dream world. They don't know each other in the waking world, but that meeting starts a chain-reaction of realizations, [...]

    14. My reluctance to purchase and download this novel stems from my fear that an author able to write such a compelling historical m/m series,Enlightened meant that I wasn't sure she'd be able to pull off a modern day, alternative world story.How wrong was I?This was a great first novel in a to-be-written series of three. I use the term "Alternative World" but actually the story is set in current day London, the alternative world being the land-of-nod, or the place where we go when falling to sleep. [...]

    15. While parts of this were well written, it lacked depth in world building. I just couldn't see the vision and it felt flat and 2 dimensional. Parts of the relationship seemed rushed and insta love. I really wanted to like this, I've loved this authors historicals and I adore paranormal and urban fantasy, but it just didn't work for me.

    16. I'm in. Question: should I wait for the other books in this series to be published FIRST? History would suggest YES. But . I can't wait!***********************************5.0 StarsHoly hell. That was awesome. Susan is right. Joanna Chambers is a genius. When can I get book 2?!??!?Review to come.

    17. Hmm. Great concept as a whole, but too much exposition. Some bits felt like a lecture. Maybe the next one will be less so because the groundwork has been laid here.

    18. Why you should read it: I've read a couple dream-walker books and love the idea. I mean, what happens when we dream? So I was happy to pick this one up. Joanna does a great job differentiating hers, and I enjoyed Bryn. Bryn can manipulate dreams in Somnus. He doesn't always trust his gift, though, and when he starts feeling a dark force at the edge of Somnus, he doesn't know what it wants. We also have Lazlo (poor guy), and the two together, both in Somnus and real life, are fun to watch. They s [...]

    19. Joanna did it again! Another wonderfully written novel, sweet slow developing romance. Interesting and real feeling characters (even in a Paranormal environment). Though I'm not sure I"d be able to explain this novel, I REALLY enjoyed it. It was such a RIDE! I was drawn into Somnus and into the main character's struggle unable to put the book down. Joanna build a mesmerizing world of a dreams called Somnus. In there I think we all go when we sleep but most of us are "Drones", having our dreams d [...]

    20. 3.5/5 stars Bryn Llewelyn lives on Red Bull with Vodka and caffeine in an attempt not to sleep. When he sleeps he doesn’t dream, he wakes in an alternate reality known as Somnus where Bryn is a sleepwalker. His gift in Somnus is continually evolving though, and most recently he has shown a talent for alchemy as well. When the shadow of a man tries to catch him in Somnus, intent on doing wickedly sexy things to Bryn, he tries harder to stay awake when he is in reality. Then he meets that man at [...]

    21. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsWow, this was an incredible story, you guys. I started it and I could barely put it down. Chambers has created such a wonderfully fascinating world in this book and I was blown away by the fabulous detail and the creative world building. I wish that my explanation of the plot could better capture how masterful this story is, and I really fear I am not doing it justice. Partly I am trying not to give too much aware here. As the story continues we learn more about Bry [...]

    22. This was both fascinating and frustrating. Somnus, the dream world, had delightful potential but I didn't feel like it was explored well enough. There were many potentially-interesting characters, but I didn't quite feel like I got to know any of them well enough. And there were clearly-evil characters, and characters who were set up to be evil, and characters who were unintentionally evil, but no clear motivations for any of them.Still interesting. And I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship betw [...]

    23. Very cool. I really liked this. It's a neat story and a neat world with neat characters. The ending felt a little rushed, but I loved reading this. There's a lot of set-up here for the next book and it makes me really keen for the second instalment. The romance is a little on the insta-love side, but it's a nice romance and I really like the main characters. I loved the detailed world and the whole idea of the story. The writing is lovely, as it always is from Joanna Chambers. This is a very coo [...]

    24. Not that I expected less from Ms Chambers, but it's a wonderful, plot-heavy book with fresh, engaging worldbuilding, and fantastic characters, both the main and the supporting ones.

    25. A satisfying build-up (though slightly over-reliant on the instalust plot device), but the eventual resolution felt a bit too easy and tidy.

    26. Gah! Why do I do this to myself? I saw that this was the only book in a "series" and that the author published it several years ago with no follow ups. So I figured it was probably stand alone material. Yes and no. It can stand alone as there isn't a cliffhanger or anything and you can enjoy it just as this, but the story does leave a lot of questions out there that never get answered. And that last page or so really sets up the next story that never comes. Bryn is a dreamwalker, one of the peop [...]

    27. Torn between three and four stars. Very unique world but felt incomplete. There is so much to know about Somnus, and it feels like we have barely scratched the surface. I look forward to more books in this series.What I didn't like The writing style felt a bit repetitive. Things that the reader had already been told were repeated. And the characters' names were over used. Once I notice something like that, I can't unsee it.

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