Devil's Cape

Devil s Cape A superhero thriller Devil s Cape Louisiana Founded by pirates Ruled by villains Desperate for heroes In the masked pirate St Diable created the city of Devil s Cape as a haven for his men and

  • Title: Devil's Cape
  • Author: Rob Rogers
  • ISBN: 9780786949014
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • A superhero thriller.Devil s Cape, Louisiana Founded by pirates Ruled by villains Desperate for heroes.In 1727, the masked pirate St Diable created the city of Devil s Cape as a haven for his men and a place to begin his empire Pirates gave way to outlaws, who gave way to gangsters, who gave way to gangs and organized crime But the city has never escaped from its shrA superhero thriller.Devil s Cape, Louisiana Founded by pirates Ruled by villains Desperate for heroes.In 1727, the masked pirate St Diable created the city of Devil s Cape as a haven for his men and a place to begin his empire Pirates gave way to outlaws, who gave way to gangsters, who gave way to gangs and organized crime But the city has never escaped from its shroud of violence and corruption.And now a stunning, murderous act has made Devil s Cape dangerous than ever Someone needs to protect the city.Three people are willing to try Jason Kale, part of a criminal family, who hides the abilities of Greek heroes Cain Ducett, a psychiatrist and former gang member, who finds that he is turning into a monster Kate Brauer, genius engineer, daughter of a slain superhero, who has lost than most to the city and its criminals But they re outnumbered and overpowered Can they possibly make a difference

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    1. Original review over at Fantasy Book Critic I first noticed Devil’s Cape when it was released more than three years ago, but never got around to reading the book. Recently, I came across a signed copy in a bookstore and decided to buy it and see how the novel was. The cover blurb didn’t give a clear picture of the story, so I thought Devil’s Cape would turn out to be an average novel. Boy was I wrong on that count and on multiple levels.The story in Devil’s Cape is spread over a vast per [...]

    2. With an alliterative name like Rob Rogers, it was obvious that the author was destined to write a superhero-based novel. And, indeed, that's what Devil's Cape is. It's a thriller about superheroes (with a bit of piratey goodness thrown in) set in the seedy, corrupt city of Devil's Cape, a mix of Batman's gloomy Gotham City and a darker version of New Orleans. Powered villains rule the city until a trio of reluctant heroes step forward to bring a little light and hope to the place.There aren't ma [...]

    3. A common problem I have with "superheroes in the real world" novels (i.e. "Wildcards") is that they tend to revel in dark, R-rated violence and cynicism. Fortunately, "Devil's Cape" succeeds without having to resort to that darker level of storytelling. It also does a fine job of capturing the appeal of the comic book superhero within the context of the fictional city of Devil's Cape, Louisiana. Author Rob Rogers gives the city a vivid history and unique "personality" for the cast to play off of [...]

    4. Aside from the Big Two [Marvel & DC:] the literary landscape is suffering from a lack of original super hero content. When Wizards of the Coast started their Original Voices lines I saw this book as something Wizard's might jump on to turn into a new RPG landscape. However, that has yet to happen.I will say this, readers looking for a book that will have you cheering out loud during the final fight, here's a book for you. It starts off grim in the face of the destruction of the world's premi [...]

    5. So, it's funny, because you hear superhero, and I at least expect something *totally* different from the gritty feel of this book. Think Heroes but darker and larger in scope. No, that's a poor attempt at a generic description think The Godfather with an LA Confidential feel, but with capes.It's a noir/gangster/realistic take on superheroes in Louisiana. Noir can sometimes be a little slow for me, but this book, so far, is expertly plotted, drawing me right along. Oooh, and carnies! Did I mentio [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this book. I read the synopsis about new superheroes rising to take the place of the old, in a city that had none, and I thought of the Watchmen. It was nothing like that, it had it's own story. The characters and city were described in such a way that you could see it as real. It's darkly engaging, well-written, and shows depth in all of the characters. I couldn't put it down. And I can't wait for the next one.

    7. This is the most unusual story I’ve ever read. This is an America that is different from the one in which we live; this is an America where superhumans battle supervillains, and the helpless citizens take it for granted that they live in a war zone. Devil’s Cape was a haven for pirates, and is now in the grips of ruthless mobsters and violent gangs. Superheroes have come and gone, but the supervillains have stuck around…for centuries. The story centers around three unlikely superheroes, fr [...]

    8. From the Ancient Greek origins in the opening pages through to the Iron Man-inspired legacy hero and the Dr Jekyl/Mister Hyde bat creature, Rob Rogers brought three major strands of superhero fiction together. His fictional city is a good choice as he can weave through his own mythology rather than take a real city and add it as an alternate history kind of thing. Devil's Cape has a great cast of characters, from the heroes to the cynical bystanders and the circus-themed villains.Each of the thr [...]

    9. A little slow to start with as it piles on the backstory, but it eventually picks up into an entertaining superhero adventure (in the darker current style - rather than a "golden age" mode).Reminds me, a lot, of Astro City* - in both it's character asides and how much world building it packs in. I certainly imagined it with Brent Anderson art and an Alex Ross cover.The only thing that nags at me is the question - did this being a novel rather than a comic actually add anything; did it allow the [...]

    10. Hey! That was a totally satisfying and fun way to spend an afternoon! Not great, not entirely unclunky, but not bad! Rogers obviously needs to spend a little bit more time in Louisiana, as the titular city does not feel as though is could actually exist next to New Orleans. But if you don't know LA, you probably won't care. The idea of superheroes in prose fiction is still something I find a little silly, althoughSoon I Will Be Invincible was surprisingly good. Here it feels a little like the au [...]

    11. “The Devil’s Cape” by Rob Rogers is a strange read. Initially I found this book hard to due to it’s genre, but that feeling is quickly dispelled by both the pacing and the setup in the book. The autor not only manages to portray three well rounded protagonists aswell as an array of antagonists, locations and supporting characters. The book itself spans over thirty years which help to not only set up the events which occur in the book aswell as the particular reasons each character is env [...]

    12. It's pretty rare that I read an author I've never heard of before and thought "Good Lord, this author knows how to write!" That's most assuredly the case with this book. Wow Rob Rogers, where the hell have you been? This book man. It's freaking fantastic and one of the best super-hero books I've read ever.Strong Points: The mythology is fricking awesome; the characters are strong, competent, compelling and well drawn; and the plot is an excellent "super team assembles" type without falling int [...]

    13. Knowing this author personally, I had to be supportive. Like, yeah man, the book will be great. He gave it to me when it came out and I guess it went into the big pile of things-to-do. I finally found it, and felt obligated to read it, being a few years late. Nothing prepared me for the thrilling storyline, the at times dark motives, and the twisting and turning revealed secrets. Finally finished it, and I'm sure to tell him that he needs a sequel.

    14. This is a book with multiple narratives - it follows a number of beginner heroes - but with the central character being the city of Devil's Cape.The villains are dark and work well as a team.The heroes are naive enough to be realistic but quickly grow into an effective and heroic team.Highly recommended!

    15. This was a very good book about superheroes in a fictional cityDevil's Cape, Louisiana. This is the author's first book, but you would never guess this fact because Rogers manages to avoid the typical mistakes of many new authors. Devil's Cape has the right blend of action and characterization. I never felt bored reading this book. In fact, I eagerly look forward to the next installment.

    16. I truly enjoyed Devil's Cape. It took me by surprise, what with the super heroes and villains, and I usually don't stomach thrills and suspense too well, but this read like some of my favorite movies. I could see it as a movie, in fact.Not for children, but then, there's no sex or romance, so I'll let my teens read it. I can't wait for the sequel!

    17. Wonderfully written. Not your average superhero story - the author takes the fantasy idea of superheros and plants them in a believable, real-world setting. Good isn't always invincible. Evil is brutal, merciless and does not hesitate to act. For a first novel, this author does an amazing job at drawing you into the story and letting you become entwined with the characters and their ventures.

    18. I'm a sucker for a superhero novels. I've never understood why this genre wasn't more popular. Rob Rogers might change that. Deft plotting, a thorough understanding of the genre and enough gritty realism to keep it all ground. I could ask for nothing more in a book.

    19. Very enjoyable alternate-history / superhero fiction set in Louisiana. Tied a lot of varied storylines together very easily and gave vague hints of how the various relationships will pick up in a sequel. Best of this sort of thing I've read in quite a while, and I'm looking forward to reading the next installment, when/if it appears.

    20. Gritty superhero yarn similar in feel to Watchmen which I'm now reading. Set down on Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana and featuring some of the more interestingd troubledper powered people I've ever met. Expect a few great twists.

    21. Meh never really hooked for me and was a struggle to get though. All the characters felt bland and I just didn't care about anyone. I'm disappointed because I came in with high hopes from all the reviews.

    22. Solid world building, seemingly effortless dialogue, and superheroes. Weirdly believable soperheroes. Great setting, vilkains, and an easy quick read to boot. Well worth your time.

    23. Excellent book and very dark; I wish that Rob would write a sequel to this book becuase I definitely would be buy it.

    24. Moody as hell and dark with the kind of setting that breathes like it's alive. Didn't find myself terribly engaged by the plot or (most) characters, but worth a read.

    25. This was a great book. It kept me interested all the way through, setting itself up nicely for a sequel without being blatant.

    26. Devil's Cape was founded by pirates and has been a sinkhole of corruption ever since. Superheroes have attempted to clean it up with stunning failure. The author has painted a detailed, well realised world where we get to know not just the history and people of Devil's Cape but the true reasons why the place is so deadly to those who try to reform it. I've seen this book recommended as among the better superhero fiction and I would have to agree that this book does stand out. It is well written [...]

    27. This books was a lot of fun, I liked the world Rogers created. The story itself is really a bit of history setup to tell the origins of three heroes and how they came to join up as a super group. There are crime families, super villains (this wanted to auto-correct to vaudevillians, and really that's not far off since there is a group of evil sideshow freaks), corruption, and a bit of hope for a better future all set in what is sort of a stand in for New Orleans (which I don't recall seeing as a [...]

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