Moon Palace

Moon Palace It was the summer that men first walked on the moon I was very young back then but did not believe there would ever be a future I wanted to live dangerously to push myself as far as I could go and

  • Title: Moon Palace
  • Author: Paul Auster
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  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was the summer that men first walked on the moon I was very young back then, but did not believe there would ever be a future I wanted to live dangerously, to push myself as far as I could go, and then see what happened when I got there So begins the mesmerising narrative of Marco Stanley Fogg orphan, child of the 1960s, a quester by nature Moon Palace is his sto It was the summer that men first walked on the moon I was very young back then, but did not believe there would ever be a future I wanted to live dangerously, to push myself as far as I could go, and then see what happened when I got there So begins the mesmerising narrative of Marco Stanley Fogg orphan, child of the 1960s, a quester by nature Moon Palace is his story a novel that spans three generations, from the early years of this century to the first lunar landings, and moves from the canyons of Manhattan to the cruelly beautiful landscape of the American West Filled with suspense, unlikely coincidences, wrenching tragedies and marvellous flights of lyricism and erudition, the novel carries the reader effortlessly along with Marco s search for love, for his unknown father, and for the key to the elusive riddle of his origins and his fate Clever very Surprising always Auster is a master The Times

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      Paul Auster is the bestselling author of Report from the Interior, Winter Journal, Sunset Park, Invisible, The Book of Illusions, and The New York Trilogy, among many other works He has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature, the Prix M dicis tranger, the Independent Spirit Award, and the Premio Napoli He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Commandeur de l Ordre des Arts et des Lettres He lives in Brooklyn, New Yorkul auster


    1. This is a book about gettin' nekkid.I discovered Paul Auster through the 1001 books list and then went on a big PA binge. I suppose I should have been more restrained because very soon all the PA plots and machinations and convoluted po-mo madness was churning in my brain. I'd given myself PAP. Yes, that well know literary syndrome, Paul Auster Poisoning. This was my third consecutive read and I believe it can be directly attributed to the onset of a severe case of PAP. But I did enjoy this book [...]

    2. Moon Palace, Paul Auster تاریخ نخستین خوانش: نوزدهم سپتامبر سال 2011 میلادیعنوان: مون پالاس؛ پل آستر (استر)؛ مترجم: لیلا نصیریها؛ تهران، افق، چاپ اول و دوم 1386، در 421 ص؛ شابک: ایکس - 964369304، چاپ بعدی سال 1391 در 424 ص، شابک: 9789643698829؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 مما همیشه، یا جای دُرست ب [...]

    3. _Moon Palace_Reading this books was a pleasure <3I tried reading this in the summer but i was going out all the time and i was working and i was having so much fun (SUMMER I NEED YOU, PLZ COME BACK) so reading was not in my plans at all. I picked it up about a week ago and i must admit that i kind of fell in love with Auster's writing and Auster's story.The way he uses the first person narrative is so well done that i started thinking all over again about narration techniques. Authors who are [...]

    4. 300 صفحة من الحكي الممتعبول أوستر له أسلوبه الخاص في السرد, وقدرة عجيبة على جذب القارئ لكلماته من البداية إلى النهايةيحكي ماركو راوي الرواية عن حياته بكل تفاصيلها وتساؤلاتها وشخصياتها المتشابكةسلسلة غريبة من الأحداث والصدف والاختيارات, وعرض لحالات ومشاعر انسانية مختلفة من [...]

    5. In terms of flow of language, this book was quite good. Paul Auster has a way with words. The coincidences he appeals to however are way too much (view spoiler)[and in the end everyone dies or is somehow lost for no real purpose in the plot. (hide spoiler)]. The main character goes through despair, a state of balance, happiness and then he loses everything, but he finds out the key to his past. I didn't really understand the point of this book: was it that everything in life is transient, was it [...]

    6. While this book starts well, it soon goes downhill. The central character in the beginning is Marco Stanley Fogg. He drew my attention. What happens to him gives the reader a lot to think about. He is an orphan and has no relatives. He is totally alone, or so he thinks. Until Well, I am not going to tell you. And he is broke. When? 1969. Where? Brooklyn. I liked the writing. I liked the philosophical thoughts, his thoughts about writing, about travel, about how people interact and our need for c [...]

    7. تستحق رواية قصر القمر الكثير من التقدير فى نسختها العربية بترجمتها الرائعة والسلسة.وعن الرواية نفسها حدث ولا حرج: فالكاتب يتنقل بحرفية شديدة بين الاحداث بدون إزعاج أو ضوضاء إنتقال سلس ومرن بين صيغة المتكلم والمتكلم عنه/الراوى والمروى عنه فى ثلاث حكايات مختلفة ومترابطة الاب [...]

    8. What on earth?This book was recommended to me by a person whose taste in literature I hold in high regard. That's why I was surprised to discover, halfway through the book, that it's a really terrible piece of pretentious writing. I felt no empathy with the main character -- a really spoiled, pretentiously "eccentric" kid with an Asian fetish trying to revel in the black aethetic of his free-fall into poverty. He's saved by Kitty Wu, the sexually precocious daughter of Chinese royalty or some su [...]

    9. Zadie Smith, in an introduction for a Nonrequired Reading Anthology brought a James Joyce quote to my attention"That ideal reader suffering from an ideal insomnia" -Joyce"The ideal reader cannot sleep when holding the writer he was meant to be with." - SmithThis is how I feel about Paul Auster, especially concerning Moon Palace. An odd series of events lead me to read this book at the perfect time. I was on a road trip in which the route of my companions and I followed a route traced by the prot [...]

    10. I loved it. I loved reading this book, but I wish I hadn't read it so fast. I read it because of someone, and I can't thank him enough. I put myself in M.S's shoes, and I cried, I laughed, I dreamt. Paul has a poetic use of language, that's sure.

    11. Sự dễ chịu trong hành động đọc đôi khi nằm ở chỗ mọi thứ dường như được đẩy tới giới hạn của nó. Những sự kiện lỡ dở trong cuộc sống sớm nhường chỗ cho những quyết định. Vài chuyện lấp lửng cũng trở nên chóng vánh và dứt khoát. Giống như nhân vật Marco Fogg trong Moon Palace (Paul Auster – dịch giả: Cao Việt Dũng, Nhã Nam và NXB Hội Nhà Văn ấn hành) nhanh chóng “biến cuộc đ [...]

    12. This book is about writing and observations and hardship. This book is my first introduction to Auster. After reading this book, I went to the university library to look up obscure writers. One of the writers is Giordano Bruno who believed that there was a parallel universe back in medieval times. There is the theme of journey, travel and exploration into other worlds. The narrator has a name inspired by Phileas Fogg, the fictional character in Jules Verns ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. [...]

    13. Cher Paul Auster,Je sais pas si tu savais, mais c'est un peu dégueulasse, in this day & age (ou même en 1989, année où ce roman a été publié), d'écrire un livre où le personnage féminin le plus important est tout à fait dénué de personnalité. (Le port de la mini-jupe & une sexualité particulièrement ardente ne comptent pas.) Ça se fait encore moins de dire "by the way, la gang, elle est Chinoise mais elle parle anglais sans accent", de l'affubler d'un backstory aux relen [...]

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    16. Auster's poetic use of language and the supremely convincing characterization of his protagonist made this novel one that I remember not so much by plot arches [though the plot is faultless], but in very vivid images of moments or point-surveys of MS Fogg's life. Living in an apartment furnished only with boxes of books that for his bed, chairs, table, and entertainment.Living in a shrub-cave in Central Park.Outlaw cave hideouts in the desert, covered in obscure paintings.Handing out money to pe [...]

    17. خیلی بهتر از کتاب قبلیم (ناپیدا) بود که باز از پل آستر خوندم. واقعا عالی بود. لذت بردم, کتاب ۴ بخشه که بخش اول مربوط به مارکو فاگ که شخصیت اول کتابه که زندگی خودش رو داره شرح میده که تنهاست, بخش دوم زندگی پیرمردی به اسم توماس افینگ هستش که فاگ پرستارشه, و تو این بخش که لذت بخش ترین ب [...]

    18. Magistral, y traumático en su locura. Una historia en la que su personaje, M. S. Fogg, busca su yo interior, una especie de señal que guíe sus pasos. Unos pasos tambaleantes, indecisos, y al tiempo quietos, una especie de locura sin definir.

    19. Voy a hacer un ejercicio que casi siempre evito: escribir un review de uno de mis libros favoritos. “El Palacio de la Luna” puede ser, para alguna gente, un libro iniciático. Leerlo a los veinte años puede ser una experiencia parecida a leer “El Guardián en el Centeno” a los quince. Lamentablemente yo leí a Salinger muy tarde; a Auster lo leí exactamente a los 20. He leído al menos 4 veces “El Palacio de la Luna” desde entonces (aunque la última vez fue hace ya un buen tiempo) [...]

    20. هر کسی در کتابخانه خود کتاب هایی دارد که صرف دیدن جلدشان حسی خوش القا می کند. این کتاب ها عمدتا از آن قسم کتاب هایی هستند که وقتی اولین آن ها را می خوانده ایم نمی خواسته ایم هرچه زودتر به پایان آن برسیم. می خواسته ایم آن را، چنان که گویی استکانی قهوه را، ذره ذره بنوشیم. مون پالاس ا [...]

    21. Paul Auster scrive bene, fluido, gradevole. Ti può ammaliare. Però talora capita che ti fermi e ti chiedi: ma che razza di storia mi sta propinando? Si sa che Auster, oltre che per l'inventiva prorompente, si caratterizza per l'insistenza sul ruolo dominante del caso nella vita dell'uomo: ma in questo “Moon Palace” si succedono situazioni, coincidenze, sviluppi tanto inverosimili da ingenerare un crescendo di perplessità e rifiuto. Fino ad un accostamento, sicuramente ingeneroso ma irrefr [...]

    22. I'd give this book one star only, but I feel maybe (though I'm not thoroughly convinced) that somewhere under all the awful, pretentious drivel there's a kernel of something interesting. I mean - by itself - the plot elements have the makings of something to pique the interest of even a casual reader; curious characters, strange happenings, wordplay and symbolism. And maybe I'm missing something others can see in this book. Apparently it's pretty well received overall. I feel, however, that this [...]

    23. Moon Palace is unquestionably classic Auster, and a great starting point, his writing style might not be to everyone's liking but for me he is the most natural of storytellers.This centres on Marco Stanley Fogg (another great name!) and follows him on a journey from a crummy New York apartment to the vast landscapes of the American west and beyond, after becoming intrigued by a story told to him by his old eccentric employer who he cares for. There is rarely a dull moment to be had and as storyt [...]

    24. So there is that guy who grows up, moves to New York and then ends up living in Central Park for a while.Doesn't sound interesting? Yep, I admit I wouldn't have bought the book, but it was given to me and I cannot NOT read a book when you give it to me. I am now convinced that Paul Auster could make everything, well, maybe not interesting in a literal sense, but he makes you want to know. I couldn't stop reading, but if you ask me what I liked about this book, I come up blank. The closest I come [...]

    25. Es ist die Geschichte von M.S. Fogg, der sich auf der Suche nach sich selbst in seiner eigenen Welt verirrt. Eine Welt, die ihm durch das Aufwachsen ohne Vater in einer konservativen Umgebung und durch den frühen Tod seiner Mutter geprägt ist und in eine gelebte Depression gipfelt. Beeindruckend schafft es Paul Auster mit prägnanter aber durchdachter Sprache zu fesseln. Stilsicher wird man in das New York der 60er Jahre und den "Wilden Westen" mitgenommen. Ein Buch das voller Interpretationsm [...]

    26. Toen ik vorig jaar "In The Country Of Last Things" van Paul Auster las en het fantastisch vond dacht ik nog dat het ook een lucky shot kon zijn, maar na Moon Palace gelezen te hebben weet ik dat Paul Auster een fantastische schrijver is. Zo'n schrijver van wie ik nu natuurlijk alles wil lezen, ook al is mijn to read lijstje al lang genoeg zo.Moon Palace deed alles dat een goed boek moet doen. Mij meesleuren, mij ontroeren en amuseren, me met verwondering verder doen lezen en aan het einde zorgen [...]

    27. Ο Auster είναι όντως μετρ της γραφης. Το συγκεκριμένο βιβλιο με κουρασε καπως και εκανα καιρό να το τελειώσω αλλα δεν μπορω να αμφισβητησω τη σπουδαιοτητα του.

    28. Probably one of the best-constructed and intelligent novels on origin and destination I‘ve ever read. Auster is an ace at skillfully dealing out certain themes, among them coincidence, monetary loss, failure and the idea that language is the key aspect of understanding and sensing the world. Obviously, these topics are repeated throughout his quiver of works, however, they are always introduced in a gentle fashion. In Moon Palace, published in 1989, Auster delves deep into the interconnectivit [...]

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