Love Letters

Love Letters Maxine did not believe in soul mates or the term love of my life According to her life was a revolving door which people walked in and out of However when she finds herself at a crucible she holds

  • Title: Love Letters
  • Author: M.O. Kenyan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Maxine did not believe in soul mates or the term love of my life According to her, life was a revolving door which people walked in and out of However, when she finds herself at a crucible, she holds on to love The love of a mother, a husband and that of a lover The past shades a light into her confused present and Taylor, the boy she never thought she could count onMaxine did not believe in soul mates or the term love of my life According to her, life was a revolving door which people walked in and out of However, when she finds herself at a crucible, she holds on to love The love of a mother, a husband and that of a lover The past shades a light into her confused present and Taylor, the boy she never thought she could count on is by her side every step of the way.

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      Listening to the voices in my head Putting them down on paper and giving you a piece of my mind.Writing is an escape there is a little piece of me in every charcter i create and in every moment.


    1. OK. I know where she was trying to go with this. She didn't get there though.We have two MC's who don't like each other. That's about all I know beyond they are classmates who get thrown together for a project BECAUSE the teacher knows they don't like each other. I'm not sure of their age; some of it reads like it HAS to be high school, other parts college. Ultimately I don't care because I don't like either of their asses.Heroine's mom is dying of cancer. Hero (and I use both terms lightly) fin [...]

    2. Get The Hankies Out!This was a really nice read and was really two stories in one. Maxine and Taylor are two college students who start out as mortal enemies, but some together when they're forced to complete a group assignment together or face failing the class.In the midst of this project, Maxine deals with a family tragedy and Taylor is there the entire time to support and comfort her. That support eventually blossoms into a physical relationship then eventually love.The story then takes a fa [...]

    3. When I was in high school we had to read some compulsory titles for our Dutch reading list. One of them was(My sister, the negress, 1935). About a white Dutch men, Frits, who was born on Curaçao on a slave plantation. After 14 years of absence (he was in Europe) he returns to the island and the plantation where he grew up. There he meets the housekeeper of his deceased parents, Maria, a black woman and he falls for her. But before he can act on the attraction, he discovers that Maria is in fact [...]

    4. After having the funky misfortune to read some seriously overrated books, this book was a serious breath of fresh air. Because not only was it captivating, but it also reminds us all that true love and passion goes beyond racial lines, class, space, and time. Although there were some parts (including the epilogue) that could have gone into more depth, this book was lovely.Giving this one: 3 1/2 stars.

    5. Pros: The cover was interesting and the premise had loads of potential.One potential Ewww moment was very quickly rescued. (view spoiler)[The MCs aren't blood relatives, so their relationship isn't incestuous (hide spoiler)]. Kudos to the author for not making us linger there in what many would consider Disgustingland.Cons: A (very) shakey grasp on the mechanics of writing was exacerbated by fumbled attempts at literary narrative and by dialogue that was at times nonsensical or stiff and unnatur [...]

    6. Maxine is the smart girl in school. You know the one who causes her History professor to sigh every time she raises her hand in class and he has to call on her for the answer.Once the school quarterback (an injury forced him to forfeit this position to Madison's current boyfriend) Taylor has a witty, sarcastic comeback for every comment Maxine offers in their American History class. He's the one who has a rebuttal for every opinion she offers.She pushes and he pulls.So what does a professor do w [...]

    7. Shades of SpringThe idea for the story is good and this author does have the potential to develop the ability to write well. At the moment, though, the language used is more appropriate to how a poorly educated teenager would tell their story, rather than the twenty year old literature student Maxine is supposed to be. I would suggest a creative writing course, or at least reading a few books on the subject. The whole story is only 24,000 words. It needs to be about 75,000 words to do the theme [...]

    8. This book is different to anything I've read. It has a clever plot with likable and believable protagonists. Maxine struggles with her mother's illness, while Taylor is a womanizer with a sensitive side. About half way through I couldn't tell how the cards were going to fall, but for a short story a remarkable number of events happen and it was all wrapped up neatly at the end.

    9. This story took hold of my heart and squeezed it. I loved the dynamic between Maxine and Taylor. They started out as bitter enemies and became each other's loves. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author weaved the letters from the past into the present day lives of the couple. I cried for Maxine's mother and my heart ached for her poor father. She was one strong young woman. The revolution of who lived at the address in New Orleans had me clutching my pearls. I am happy it turned out good for th [...]

    10. OkayWhat it's about:Maxine is dealing with a lot at home; her mother is dying, and on top of that depressing reality, now her professor has teamed her with Taylor; an arrogant white jock that likes getting under her skin. They're reluctantly tasked to do an African-American history project together, but they'd rather avoid each other. Just when things seemed to be going from bad to worse, tragedy hits, and surprise, surprise, enemies become friends and then lovers. Throw in some old love letters [...]

    11. ***SOME SPOILERS***The cover art attracted me to this book. The black and white artwork representing interracial love is simple yet effective. I was eager to see what the pages would unfold. Love Letters has a good concept but exhibits execution flaws. There are wrong/misleading historic facts, poor word choices, and other errors. The beginning of the story felt awkward. A classroom discussion on how history effects the present/future turns into an unnecessary argument and inappropriate language [...]

    12. This book was a wonderful surprise, though it was way too short!That's why I only gave it 4 stars. That and the fact that Maxine and Taylor's relationship developed way too quickly for my liking.I enjoyed their bickering, in the beginning, but they quicky jump into each other's pants, which is a bit weird, though, hilarious.Apart from that, this book is great! I really recommend it to everyone!This is a beautiful, heart-wrenching love story. +.+The detail of the letters is wonderful!I was really [...]

    13. I loved this book. I found myself crying through some of the chapters. It is a very touching story and easy to identify with. The only down side to the book is that so short and I wanted to read more about Maxine and Taylor. Other than that the story is just great. I cannot wait to read more from this author.

    14. I enjoyed it. It was full of suspense, and twists and turns that unsettled me. I liked how the past and future were intertwined by the letters.

    15. AwesomeThis was an emotional heartfelt book that I can honestly say left me speechless and still I wanted more of the love from Love Letters

    16. This review can also be found at:readinginthewindowseatspoWhen picking this up, I was excited to be possibly delving into some historical fiction. It's something I hadn't done in a while, and I feel like many people need to look to our past in order to preserve the present and future. Even if it's not based on specific events, the feelings, opinions, and morals within them and around them that help to construct a historical fiction are important reminders of our past. I also think the concept of [...]

    17. A wonderful story.I just got this book for free today and read it. I loved the whole story. It have some sad parts but overall it was a good story. The only thing I wished was for it to be a little longer. Maybe the author would write a part 2 because I would love to read more about the main couple of the story. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

    18. Maxine and Taylor made a nice pair. Although they didn't like each other in the beginning, with the death of Maxine's mother and Taylor's support during that time, they grew closer and eventually grew to love each other. I'm glad they got a happy ending. >_<

    19. 31/2 starsThis wasn't a bad story but I got the feeling that even though the letters were supposedly written in 1964, the dialogue sounded more like civil war or post times. That kinda took away from what could have been a better rating

    20. Definitely recommend!!I bought this book years ago but never got around to reading it. I'm so glad to finally get around to it!! Great story from start to finish! Short, engaging, bittersweet love story.

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