Harry and the Hot Lava (Xist Children's Books)

Harry and the Hot Lava Xist Children s Books Harry is a little boy with a big imagination One day a simple game of don t step on the hot lava turns into an adventure he ll never forget This children s picture book features the iconic art of Chr

  • Title: Harry and the Hot Lava (Xist Children's Books)
  • Author: Chris Robertson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Harry is a little boy with a big imagination One day, a simple game of don t step on the hot lava turns into an adventure he ll never forget This children s picture book features the iconic art of Chris Robertson and has fun simple text perfect for beginning readers and storytime.

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    1. Chris Robertson

      Chris Robertson is an author illustrator of Children s Picture Books His most recent book is Harry and the Hot Lava Chris s other books include My Yellow Umbrella , I ll Trade My Peanut Butter Sandwich , Little Miss Liberty , Kit and Kaboodle , The Tooth That s on the Loose and Pandora s Box with Julia Dweck Chris s whimsical cartoon style feels light hearted and carefree which seems to perfectly match his humorous writing style.While in elementary school, Chris was introduced to Curious George , Madeline , and Harry the Dirty Dog by way of the Bookmobile The introduction left such a strong impression, that even at an early age, Chris knew children s books were going to be an important part of his life.


    1. One of my favorite rainy day kid activities was navigating around the living room without once touching floor which was, of course, aboil with molten lava. This game, also known as Why-My-Parents-Couldn't-Have-Nice-Things (Seriously, how was I to know to stupid coffee table wouldn't support my weight? They never used it for coffee anyway!), was and is played universally, I suspect. It seemed to be a prominent part of my kids' playtime. The youngest still enjoys dunking elf-shaped cookies head fi [...]

    2. My two sons and husband love playing "Floor is lava!" So, it was nice surprise coming across this one. My 4 year old son loved this book! We read it twice. Short story with gorgeous illustrations.

    3. Chris Robertson has written and illustrated a wonderfully whimsical picture book that has the main character, Harry, frantically attempting to avoid the hot lava which is flowing all over the floors in his house. We see Harry (inspired by the author’s own son, Benton) ducking into the bathtub, jumping onto a coffee table, trying to balance on one unaffected tile in the kitchen, and cowering on the top bunk of a bunkbed trying to escape the dangerous red-hot liquid. Phew! Even I was nervous for [...]

    4. Watch out! The hot lava's coming!!! Did you bounce from table to couch or pillow to pillow to escape hot lava as a kid? This story brings back those wonderful days of imagination (for us adults, at least). For kids, this is exactly the thing they love to play. Run! The hot lava's here!This is a lovely story for children of all ages, which hits them in a world they understand - play time fantasy. The illustrations are colorful and fun to watch. . pecially when Harry screams 'Hot Lava!' All my nie [...]

    5. Harry and the Hot Lava is a whimsical tale of a little boy and his wildly imaginative adventure through a hot lava river that has swept through his home.This simple story takes "don't step on the crack" to a whole new level. The author uses creativity and humor to capture the attention of young readers and the story is sure to become a treasure of children and parents alike. One of my favorite aspects of the story are the vividly colorful illustrations which are fun and engaging. I am a big fan [...]

    6. As a child I remember playing this game but as the world changes I can't honestly remember my children doing so. This and don't step on the cracks, such simple things that kept us occupied. Time for a revival I think.

    7. She liked itGood fun read helps little ones see the power in imagination and play maybe we will move from being pirates on the ocean after this one.

    8. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    9. Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author. This in no way affected my review, nor am I being compensated for it.The first thing I noticed about this book, aside from the great pictures, was the word choice. It's great for children, and it really fits the story. Though the ever changing font was a bit jarring and sometimes unnecessary (in my opinion), it was a huge hindrance.The ending was incredibly abrupt and felt a bit awkward. I think that was sort of the purpose, but I think it pr [...]

    10. Chris Robertson delivers an imaginative and playful tale of a boy named Harry, who is determined to avoid the hot lava that seems to be following him everywhere. The Author’s illustrations are beautifully adapted to the story, and we can see and almost feel the hot lava as Harry struggles to make his way to the safety of his Mom.The character of Harry is inspired by, and dedicated to, his son Benton; the author makes an appearance at the end of the book, joining in the fun and imaginative stor [...]

    11. As a mother, I am familiar with the game that has my children setting up obstacle courses in the family room, and then jumping from couch to pillow to cushion to chair and back to the couch without touching the shark-invested water, or perhaps lava, that is the floor. It's a fun game ~ until they try to play it at the grocery store!Harry and the Hot Lava is a sizzling new picture book by Chris Robertson about a little boy with a big imagination who loves to play this Hot Lava game too. But with [...]

    12. There is no denying that I love Chris Robertson. I love his artwork and the way he captures childhood in the pages of a book. Harry and the Hot Lava is a charming picture book about a young boy with a wild imagination. Kids will love this simple story that depicts a common childhood game requiring nothing more than the desire to play. Kids will enjoy the familiar theme and the bright colors of the illustrations. My kids are big fans of Chris Robertson and they always ask to read his books over a [...]

    13. Harry is a little boy with a big imagination. (I wrote that before I read the book description, and I'm keeping it!) Join Harry as he battles his way through the perilous fields of lava. Who will save him?Like the author's fabulous "My Yellow Umbrella", "Harry and the Hot Lava" celebrates childhood imagination and play, but this time from a boy's point-of-view. And of course, boys love adventure. Full of the author-illustrator's wonderful images and graphics, this book is sure to become a favori [...]

    14. I have read and reviewed several of Chris' books and love them all. They are perfect for children to just get lost in their imagination. Although I love all of Chris' books this one totally hit home. I have an autistic son who is 13 and he is just like Harry. He is always living in some imaginary situation and I often find him in closets, under the kitchen table, behind the couch, or standing on his bed. Harry is running and hiding from lava that is following him no matter where he goes in searc [...]

    15. A colourful and striking picture book. Harry imagines hot lava is on the loose, running through his house. Reading this book reminded me of when children have a what we used to call in our house a 'mad half-hour', running,chasing, screeching and laughing, the type of behaviour that makes parents quickly say 'okay now, lets just sit quietly and look at some books.'The illustrations in Harry and the Hot Lava are cute, colourful, dynamic and very well drawn. However the story is minimal, not really [...]

    16. This book brought me back to my childhood memories of playing lava around the house--don't touch certain spots on the floor or you're touching lava! The style of writing is fantastic; weaving in and out of the lava as if it is also afraid. Illustrations are awesome and feature a consistent color theme throughout. The plot is lacking a bit, though, which is why I only gave it three out of five stars. I would recommend this to new readers and children who have a short attention span. There is no w [...]

    17. This is the first Chris Robertson book I've read and I can tell you, I'm now a fan. This is a wonderful picture book for young children. The illustrations are fantastic with viewpoints from unique angles and scenes from interesting perspectives. This clever story of a boy with a fantastic imagination is such fun to read. My toddler makes me read it over and over again. Even though we know exactly what is going to happen, the suspense builds expertly each time we read it. Recommended!

    18. What a DARLING BOOK!Get caught up in the gameSomething is very strange about Harry's houseSomething is going on indeed!It seems to be ALL OVERLOOK OUT!It's HOT LAVA!Come join Harry"QUICK! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! JUMP OUT OF THE WAY! SAVE YOURSELF!"CUTEST ILLUSTRATIONS!FUN SURPRISE ENDING :)WARNING: Playing will commence after reading this book~

    19. Great bookthis is a wonderful book to read with any young children. most people at some point in their lives play the hot lava game and I think it is quite interesting s ting to see it as a book

    20. Harry takes us on an adventure through his house as it fills with hot lava. We travel with him until he jumps into his mom's armas and we learn his imagination is a large as his fathers. This is a really cute book. I loved the kid's imagination. We need more kids to use their imagination

    21. It is a clear example of the imagination of children, making them see and feel things that are only in your imagination. In this case, the child's imagination was an inheritance from her father's imagination. Or perhaps following the example of him.

    22. My Grandchild Loves This Book!She is six and just learning to read and this book is her speed. She has an active imagination which is stimulated by the hero of this book. The story, it's simple illustra-tions, and choice of words make this book a favorite of hers.

    23. Graphics were good. There was no real plot. If the story had said the boy was playing a game that his father taught him then it would have made sense. It ends with his mom telling him that he's like his dad. Is that a good thing?

    24. A great bookA great quick read,a great story. I love this story. This was written by a great author and drawn by a great artist.

    25. THERE'S HOT LAVA IN THE HOUSE.He has an very good imagination. I think it's never going away. It's a very good book. My name is Jaelynn Gent.

    26. Quick and cute!I read to my grandkids and they have very short attention spans! So for them the best book has to have few words and lots of pictures! This one is Perfect!

    27. CuteFrom my 8 year old son:I liked the hot lava and how lava was everywhere in his house and his imagination. he was funny.

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