Victorious Star

Victorious Star Victoria Stark is an Imperial Navigations Pilot known among the sentient battleships as the Victorious Star for sacrificing her captains to save her ships Strong willed and resourceful she has never

  • Title: Victorious Star
  • Author: Morgan Hawke
  • ISBN: 9781596323285
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Victoria Stark is an Imperial Navigations Pilot known among the sentient battleships as the Victorious Star for sacrificing her captains to save her ships Strong willed and resourceful, she has never lost a ship she s flown and never serviced a captain she s had.Captain Ravnos of the Mercenary dreadnaught Hellsbreath rules his crew with an iron will First Officer Seht isVictoria Stark is an Imperial Navigations Pilot known among the sentient battleships as the Victorious Star for sacrificing her captains to save her ships Strong willed and resourceful, she has never lost a ship she s flown and never serviced a captain she s had.Captain Ravnos of the Mercenary dreadnaught Hellsbreath rules his crew with an iron will First Officer Seht is a skeldhi prince whose specialty is erotic discipline They re on a mission, and in need of a nav pilot.Kidnapped into service on the Hellsbreath, Victoria is caught between two very different men locked in their own private and erotic power struggle And then there s the mission The Moribund Company has captured the Imperial Dreadnaught Arcane, and intends to auction the sentient ship to the highest bidder Unfortunately, Moribund himself is attending the auction and Ravnos is forced to remain onboard the Hellsbreath for Moribund has a personal vendetta against the handsome captain It is up to Victoria and First Officer Seht to go deep undercover at the Mordred Space Station to rescue the Arcane.To complete the mission and return to her duties as an Imperial Officer, Victoria must become Prince Seht s rehkyt a pet, literally and figuratively Not allowed on the furniture and kept at the end of a leash, Victoria discovers that there are worse things than servicing your captain Or are there Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, BDSM including bondage, domination submission, whipping , menage m m f , and homoerotic sexual situations m m, f f.

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    1. Morgan Hawke

      Morgan Hawke has been writing erotic fiction since 1998 She has lived in seven states of the US and spent two years in England She has been an auto mechanic, a security guard, a waitress, a groom in a horse stable, in the military, a copywriter, a magazine editor, a professional tarot reader, a belly dancer and a stripper Her personal area of expertise is the strange and unusual.


    1. Well Hot Damn, This is a Panty Soaker!!!What an Amazing ride this turned out to be. No matter what your "Kink" is, this book had it! And I have a lot of Kinks!! Lets see it hadForced Seduction. CheckMenage CheckBDSM CheckErotic M/M CheckPlus there was a Prince with 2 CocksDouble Check( I love a Buy one Get one Free Deal)Prince Seht was beyond yummy with his Dual PackageThere was a Golden Shower incidentCheck A Total Bad Ass Pilot aka Victorious StarAnd my favorite Space Captain Ever, Captain Ra [...]

    2. This is not your Grandpas scifi story. Ms. Hawke has managed to write a story that combines two genres I love to read: Science Fiction and Erotica. This is not a typical romance although there is a HEA. If you prefer your erotica/romance more vanilla- you should probably just move along ~ nothing to see here!~. However, if your adventuresome and like to take a walk on the wildside (or at least take a peek on the wildside), I can recommend this book. The erotic portions of the book run the gamut [...]

    3. I chose this book for an Erotic SciFi Club group read due to the broad acknowledgement of its appeal within our genre. I also had a personal agenda in selecting a so-called "classic"--I've been looking for the missing middle ground between Science Fiction and Erotica for years (consider what it implies about human sexuality), and "Victorious Star" looked like an ideal story to deconstruct in that aim.The first part of this critique takes a pretty surly tone, and I apologize in advance to anyone [...]

    4. Rating lowered to 1* on second attempt of reading.I tried to finish this a second time - having had an excellent run of well-written scifi by women - and again couldn't get past the rape scenes. The second time around I'm angry rather than just bored. I wouldn't mind reading a future world containing institutional rape; I mean, one of the best scifis written by a woman is Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" after all. I also adore reading well-written rape fiction as it's a kink of mine. The [...]

    5. This is one of those books where you think " wtf I'm I reading" like 1000 times while you read it. I really don't have a specific review for this. Sometimes it felt OK, sometimes so off.The males were OK, the heroine I just couldn't connect with.Maybe I'm done with sci fi (for now). Although I have to say that this book was very unique and soo steamy.Not quite sure I'll read the others in the series, though. We'll see.

    6. This is one of my FAVOURITE books of all time. Ms. Hawke creates an amazing world that I would love to live in. The aggressive skeldhi culture which includes modified humans into sex slave is amazing. Captain Ravnos is an uber dom. I don't know why Victoria resisted so hard. Seht is a hot and sexy alien. He also sports (view spoiler)[TWO dicks! Talk about double penetration.(hide spoiler)] Every sex scene in here turned me on. Ms. Hawke writes great scenes of submission. She is truly talented. I [...]

    7. You might have noticed that this book has some pretty wildly diverging reviews. You'll move from glowing 5 star ones to pitiless 1 star ratings. I've read plenty of both, to try to make my mind around this novel. And I've realised I'm not sure I agree with any. Oh, don't get me wrong, this has been a 1 star experience for me, out of sheer bordom, mostly. But let's clear the field first. This is erotica, plain and simple. I didn't know that, so my fault. Still, I read the genre, and while I admit [...]

    8. Violent, frequent, painful rape may be a turn-on for some, but it’s not for everyone. It’s mostly about sex, but the sci-fi story is okVIEWER’S OPINION:Throughout the book, the heroine is forced to do things that are painful, uncomfortable, or humiliating and to suffer bad situations. In the first sex scene she is kidnapped and fights two men who handcuff her and forcibly rape her (rear door). It’s painful. She is forced to do her job as pilot wearing no underwear and a skirt so short th [...]

    9. Really enjoyed this book recommended by Belinda McBride. It had all the ingredients I love in a great read: strong, likeable characters, action, sci-fi/fantasy, and lots of scorching sex. AMBIGUOUS SPOILERS BELOW!The only reason I'm not giving it a 5-star rating is because I didn't feel as though some of the reactions were equal to the actions in the book. For example, I didn't really get a sense that Victoria was a submissive in denial, so the dub-con scene really threw me for a loop. I mean, i [...]

    10. Nice world building with a sort of Battlestar Galactica meets Farscape feel. Some serious bdsm with a healthy dose of all which is set in the hierarchical world of a military ship. Throw in some twisted ties revolving around the three primary characters and slavery--it's bound to be crazy hot. Sure the sex is off the charts, but it's the story that pushes you along so it doesn't become a stream of never-ending IKEA sex. It truly is a smorgasbord of sexual encounters, definitely not for the timid [...]

    11. This is one of my favorite books of all times. It marries beautifully two of my favorite genres, scifi and erotica. Absolutely amazing. Not for the faint of heart though. There are some S&M elements and m/m/f sex that is very graphic. You've got to love a book that comes with a disclaimer not to try anything in the book on your own without a skilled practitioner. Love it!

    12. This is my favorite down and dirty erotica book of all time. OMG! I remember when I first read it, I was just blushing from ear to ear and giggling. Here’s a spaceship where they still believe in old school, with a little rum, sodomy and the lash.Morgan writes fun smut, and she's just so damn imaginative. Her story just moves along at a breathtaking pace. I think Seht is the most hilarious Dom ever, and he’s so ornery. It’s sort of amusing to see Seht topped by Ravnos. Anyway, all I can sa [...]

    13. Hot, damn, sexy smexiness!!! This book was full of amazingly written hot (HOT!!) M/M AND M/F AND M/F/M Loving and I loved it.Truly I did. Morgan Hawke, what other amazing goodies do you have to offer because I am hunting them down to see if they compare to this jewel.Oh and the two penis's!!!!Wowowowowow. Just loved it.

    14. I'm afraid I don't understand the high ratings for this one. I can enjoy a well-done dub-con scene along with the rest of them, but this was just cold. I kept wanting Victoria to escape Ravnos and Seht, because her time with them was just one violation after another.

    15. 4.5 StarsSooooooo Good! I can’t believe I waited this long to read this series. I should have my head examined! There is a fair amount of what I call “scy-fy” lingo & you can definitely tell that Ms. Hawke is ex-military (I’d guess Navy but I could totally be wrong); but, it still held my attention. This is significant since I tried to read Dune once & fell asleep in the first chapter. The story & pacing are highly entertaining & engaging. The characters are witty & p [...]

    16. This book has a little bit of everything for everybody. Some m/m, m/m/f, m/f, even a tiny bit of f/f action. BDSM, dub-con, public sex, I don't think anything was left out of this one.

    17. Practically everyone reviewing this book has gushed over the sex scenes, which are definitely hot and not for the faint of heart or easily offended. There's strong BDSM, m/f and m/f/m scenes as well as one other consensual act that can't be mentioned here. However, what makes Victorious Star worthy of the 5-star rating is the overall story itself. Ms. Hawke has brilliantly fused such diverse ideas ranging from the 80's cyberpunk movement to Anne McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang and even throwing in [...]

    18. Very interesting premise and the sex scenes were scorching. Although I found the "rough love" a bit too rough at times. (view spoiler)[ Didn't understand the whole stealing an nav-pilot and then convincing her to work with you by fucking her in the ass.(hide spoiler)] Author had original concepts (sentient ships, body augmentations, genetic modificationsc) but I felt a bit lost and confused at some points. I wish there would have been more background info before just getting tossed into the mix. [...]

    19. For some retarded reason I read the second book in this series before this one, and turns out it was probably for the best since it was way better than this crappy excuse for erotica.Whilst the love triangle in Fallen Star made sense, in a way, the one in Victorious Star did not, especially for those who read the prequel to it called Lost Star, about the two male protagonists from Victorious Star. Seht and Aubrey were truly in love with each other, even if in a very twisted way, and regardless o [...]

    20. Ok so the plot I don't even care about the plot. Not much about the world is explained I think this is because there is a prequel I did not read so I was missing that info. However for some reason this book was seriously hot. There are some parts in it I didn't care for like any f/f scenes and bloodletting. But otherwise it was very interesting and different. The author did a great job with the sex scenes and I was surprised at how I wasn't even bored with them.However this isnot for some of you [...]

    21. Seriously? I'm at a loss for words. Oh, maybe it's that I'm having trouble talking around my ball gag. Oops, did I say that out loud? This one combined two of my favorites-- erotica and scifi. What's not to love? Well, if the whole BDSM scene isn't to your taste, then this one isn't for you. Scat got your tongue? This one isn't for you. Menage a twat isn't your thing? Move along, there's nothing to see here.I thoroughly enjoyed this-- in spite of some of the sexual scenes that may or may not hav [...]

    22. Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.Read the above note and take it seriously! I now know what the publisher meant by finding situations "objectionable." The forced sex as part of the dom/sub role would have many readers running. It's explained that the heroine is a "fear junky." She gets turned on by fear. She runs, fights, struggles to get away and at the same time she is sexually excited. It ha [...]

    23. Okay, I wouldn't recommend this book to most of my friends, because I believe it would be decidedly outside most of their comfort levels. It's a very twisted book, mixed with some bizarre bouts of sadism and a bit too much rumpity-rump action if you know what I mean. That being said, I really liked this book and am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I loved the crazy gibberish words the author made up throughout the book. I loved the setting. I loved the sci-fi aspects [...]

    24. Oh a lovely story of abuse, rape, blackmail and negligence of a woman by two males that claim to love her Nothing described in this book can be classified as BDSM, purely non-con fiction.

    25. If not for 2 huge flaws, I would have happily read this twice & then go looking for sequels. Because of those flaws I have -with regret- stopped at 30% and can go no further. As military science fiction with steampunk visuals this works. As science fiction ménage alien romance this also works (or I assume it does as the story progresses). The erotica component is well written enough that you can read the parts that don't float your boat as easily as you read the parts that do. I really hope [...]

    26. A score of 4 on is usually a very strong recommendation, so I decided to give this a shot. My faith was shaken as yellow flags appeared paragraph after paragraph: the heroine appears to be hyper competent and flawless while her superior officers are unfit for duty (no, really, how does someone who faints at the start of combat ever get promoted to a captain? What the fuck?), there's no world-building, the novel rambles about how attractive the men-candy areYeah. This is basically a paranormal r [...]

    27. This book was definitely a step outside the realm of normalcy for meaning I am not typically partial to Sci-Fi books. There were definitely parts of the book that appealed to me, but ultimately, the sci-fi aspect knocked it down a little for me. I would rate it 2.5 stars--being just a little better than okay for me.First, the heroine, Victoria comes across as a strong willed woman and she is powerful and in a powerful position--eventually, it becomes obvious that her mind and body are at war. He [...]

    28. ★★★★★2014 - Been in a bit of a rereading mode and I never wrote a review when I read this in 2011 and I'm finding that some books stand the test of time and others, not so much. I've read hundreds of books since 2011 and I feel that I have a better grasp on what I like in a book.VS is full of action, smexin' and emotions. It is sci-fi-ish but not so much that someone who doesn't read sci-fi will be lost. Aubrey and Seht are a year past their reunion from Lost Star and their relationshi [...]

    29. This is straight up porn, let's not kid ourselves, but I found myself really engrossed in the story. There's a great plot with a rich world building between all the buttsex scenes. In the first chapters I found the characters a bit cardboardish but as the story progressed I came to like them more and more. I ended up pretty invested in their arcs. Victoria is a kick ass heroine. I loved her connection to the ships, who are sentient beings, and the world she navigates through is compelling. There [...]

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