Strayed The sequel to Tarnished book of the Caged series Reunited at last Ruby and Scarlet have tried to mend their fractured relationship But Scarlet s unwillingness to share what she did during her th

  • Title: Strayed
  • Author: Amber Lynn Natusch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sequel to Tarnished, book 5.5 of the Caged series Reunited at last, Ruby and Scarlet have tried to mend their fractured relationship But Scarlet s unwillingness to share what she did during her three week expedition has Ruby frustrated and Sean seething When Ruby starts to remember events she never witnessed, it becomes clear that Scarlet s days of secrecy were f The sequel to Tarnished, book 5.5 of the Caged series Reunited at last, Ruby and Scarlet have tried to mend their fractured relationship But Scarlet s unwillingness to share what she did during her three week expedition has Ruby frustrated and Sean seething When Ruby starts to remember events she never witnessed, it becomes clear that Scarlet s days of secrecy were far nefarious than she let on As though that weren t enough, an enigmatic note and key entangle Ruby in an off the book murder investigation Detective Alan Beauchamp will stop at nothing to uncover the truth surrounding the death of his mentor But when he and Ruby attempt to retrieve the evidence necessary to solve the case, they soon find themselves in the killer s sights With unknown assailants after her and Scarlet s dark deeds surfacing, can Ruby survive long enough to find a way out of death s path, or will events already set in motion lead to her ultimate demise

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    1. As the author mentions, it's a really good idea to re-read both FRACTURED AND TARNISHED. I usually don't read novellas, but I would have been totally lost for a lot of STRAYED without the back story on Sean that TARNISHED provides. If you have not read any of the other books in this series please start from book 1. You will be lost, and you won't enjoy STRAYED like you should. If you are someone that doesn't read things from self-published authors, make an exception, you won't be sorry you did.T [...]

    2. HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT – my exact words to Amber when I finished this book. I am still trying to pick my jaw up from off the floor.This series just blows me away!! I absolutely love it and this book just reiterates why!! If you have not started this series yet – NOW IS THE TIME!!!Amber holds nothing back in Strayed – it is all out there. I will say nothing more than that though. You must read to see what I mean. “All was right with the world, if only for that moment. And that was where [...]

    3. I was among the lucky few who received an ARC from the author. I have been a Ruby fan for a long time. The characters, settings, situations, and world that Amber creates is like long lost memories from your past; like having amnesia and reading your old diary entries to try and remember. Each and every story gets inside your head and leaves its mark. These stories not only become part of you but part of your past, present, and future. You cling to each story in anticipation of the roller coaster [...]

    4. Five amazing stars!!To continue to write a series where you are captivating the reader and holding them tight is a huge accomplishment (I believe) never a dull moment in this series.YOU MUST READ TARNISHED BEFORE THIS BOOK!! There are things you will need to understand prior to READING Strayed. I absolutely love this series, EXCEPTIONAL! Amber Lynn Natusch has amazingly grabbed us and held our attention with this series. Strayed is just as exceptional as all of the other books! To say that you w [...]

    5. OMG, there is a reason why this is my favorite series and why Amber is my favorite author. She never fails to deliver.So this book is everything I had hope for; it is clarity, a breath of fresh air, answers to questions I'm sure you had from all the other books. The spin this book takes is everything. In this book, things that I didn't expect hit me, I for once wasn't expecting the connection of Ruby and the extinction of the Fey. I did however see Gavin coming, only one thing about him was unex [...]

    6. Love it! Whew! I love the twist and turn of this book. It kept me on edge until the very end! The author definitely nailed it!Good thing I re-read "Tarnished" before I read this. So if you have not, follow the author's advise and read it or re-read it. Yes, this book was simply amazing. I did not expect the mind-boggling revelation that's why I love it. Usually (especially lately) I already know the outcome of the book that I'm reading. But this was totally different and so unexpected. And I agr [...]

    7. I learned a lot in the book, the beginning was slow and long. Some things could've been taken out, I think. The ending was a nice way to end it. I always knew something was up with Ronnie!

    8. Another awesome book!Another great book by Amber Lynn Natusch! Up till 3am because i couldn't put it down! I'm starting the next book in the series immediately, i can sleep tomorrow night. I love her characters, and love to hate some of her characters. And Natusch never fails to surprise me time after time, such a refreshing deviation from the predictable stories i so often find. Enough review writing, her next book awaits!

    9. Dammit, Natusch…I’m going to play Captain Obvious for a few and let you know a little something about Amber Lynn Natusch and the Caged series as a whole. I have spent five and a half books prior to Strayed following this pattern:One step forward (a morsel of information)Two steps back (questions I am left with)Two steps forward (a few more morsels of information)Twelve steps back (more questions I’m left with) with a big side of WTF?!?And so on and so forth…Probably more than any other s [...]

    10. Paranormal intrigueAnd answers from the Past come flying. In this book many things that were not known own become known. The can of worms that opens is astronomical. Best book in the series!

    11. OkayThis isn't my favorite of the series. It frustrated me and not in a good way. That was mainly the first half of the book though, once all that. stopped, I enjoyed the second half. This series really knows how to mess with your emotions. Good job!

    12. All. The. Answers!I literally just finished reading this. I'm still reeling. Just…wow!I've been a die hard fan of Amber’s since I devoured the first two books in quick succession. By the third, I was addicted. I needed my next fix like the book-crack addict I’d become. With each book, I fell more and more in love with this series and the amazing characters that Amber created. Every book was better, more intense, more crazy than the last. Always the beacon for trouble and at the heart of da [...]

    13. OK, so the Caged Series is one of my absolute favorite series EVER! To be honest, when I really got into Paranormal, this was one of the series that I started with and I've been hooked every since. And I'll warn whoever is reading this review and wondering about this series, if you haven't read the books previous to Strayed, then I suggest you leave this review and buy the first one in the series! You have a lot of catching up to do.I received an ARC and it was such an honor, and it seriously fe [...]

    14. Caged is one of those series that always makes my top 5 list(in no particular order) of all series I read, and believe me that is saying a lot! It feels like it’s been forever waiting for this book, but it was worth every minute of the wait.For those unfamiliar with this series, its about Ruby, a formerly blind, jewelry maker. It’s also about Scarlet, the rarest of all werewolves, that lives within Ruby. And yes, they are two distinct, completely different personalities, inside of Ruby. Whil [...]

    15. I was provided this ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.In my pre-reading research, I stumbled upon a report that Natusch was recommending readers re-read Fractured (Caged #5) and Tarnished (Caged #5.5). I’ve gotta say, I balked at that suggestion. There are too many books, too little time as it is, and to ask readers to re-read an installment? Well, that takes balls. I admit, I’m a rule-follower with a whisper of a non-conformist streak, so I compromised so as to give Stra [...]

    16. Here is the thing, Amber knows how to mess with your emotions as a reader. She drags you along this roller coaster of feelings and then abruptly dumps you on your ass at the very end leaving you bewildered and shaken and completely ready for another ride because you have an unhealthily addiction to the way Amber makes you feel. This latest book Strayed is no exception to Amber's rule of three, make you giggle from her multiple one liners , make you screaming mad (will Ruby ever make it through a [...]

    17. If you reading this and you haven’t read the any of the Caged Series yet, you should start now. Amber Lynn Natusch is a great story teller. Her characters are rich in personality. Every character has a unique voice and contributes in a way to the story that enhances it. They are not filler. ALN writing makes you laugh, and cry, even at the same time! The stories flow flawlessly. Strayed is the 7th book in the Caged Series by Amber Lynn Natusch. All books must be read in order to understand Str [...]

    18. I have really enjoyed this series and was excited to get the next installment. Ruby is a hot mess, and trouble finds her wherever she goes. This book is no exception, taking her to new lows both in her relationships and, well, literally. The series is almost complete and I will miss Cooper, Peyta, Alistair, Jay, Sean and Ruby. Gavin hasn't quite grown on me yet, but I look forward to his storyline growing. While things in this book took a different turn than I expected, bringing in new immortals [...]

    19. I have to admit because of the long wait between books there were things I didn't remember but I took them at face value when "Ruby" reminds us.Just another exciting installment! The thing with this series is that I've never been able to stop reading it once I start.Ruby is a mess all the time. Cooper is super protective. Sean is dangerous and yet mesmerizing. And the more characters that latch onto Ruby and Scarlet the more story we seem to have.I loved the turmoil in this book and how it reall [...]

    20. Love the series. Love the suspense. Not knowing when and what is going to happen next, and the fact that it is intense, and an action packed heroine, with a split personality, that's funny too, makes it even better, plus the series keeps on keeping on. Down side of this series is that you have to wait over a year between books, and that blows when, you are a reader and reading a series trying to stay true to a series, no one enjoys re-reading a whole series every couple years that an author pops [...]

    21. Better with age!When the release date for Strayed was announced, I knew that I would need to re-read and re-familiarize myself with Ruby and and company. The progression of the story and the steady improvement of the writing style and sophistication have been a pleasure to experience. Strayed twists and turns made this book the best of the series. When I started reading Caged I was not aware of its "paranormal" status, and had not read any books in that genre but I was pleasantly surprised with [...]

    22. WOW! WOW! WOW!Oh! Oh! Oh!The Caged series has been one of my favorites and even though it took me a while to get to "Strayed", it was certainly worth the wait. many twists and turns many answers to our questions from previous books so freaking GOOD! I LOVE Ruby and finally getting the truth of why she is who she is just makes me love her morel the characters in this series are fabeven the ones you dislike! And then there's Sean(SIGH)Thanks for a fantastic read Amber Lynn Natusch❤️

    23. WOW!! This has twists and turns I didn't see coming. I loved having Scarlet back although she isn't quite herself. So much has happened to Ruby and she isn't done yet! Make sure you read the novella it helps a lot. It will give you a lot of A-Ha moments! At least it did for me. I love how Natusch will solve the immediate mystery, but the series still has the underlying mystery waiting to be solved. I can't wait for the next book. This is my favorite book of the series so far! I am totally obsess [...]

    24. An awesome addition to a great series. Amber Lynn Natusch doesn't let us down in this next installment of the Caged series where chaos and edge of your seat plot twists seem to surface on every page. Ruby/Scarlet seem unable to keep themselves out of trouble as usual and new characters and old friends make for an interesting household. Sean and the PC have more on their plate than they can handle when Gods get involved and secrets are revealed. I cannot wait for the next book!

    25. twists and turns you never see comingI have been addicted to this series from the very beginning of Caged. All the books up till this one have had some enticing twists and turns that leave you wanting more This book had me even more on the edge of my seat than all other 6 books combined. I would highly recommend this book and the entire series. The sister series also proves to be just as enticing.

    26. Yet another awesome installment to the Caged series! This book takes you on So many twists and turns! It is so beautifully written, it flows so freely and sucks you in! Absolutely amazing! I am so sad that there are only 2 more books left in the series!! I cannot wait to see what secrets the next book holds!!

    27. Love itI love all the characters in this series. We got to meet some new ones in this book. We also learned a lot about our staple characters. I really enjoy character driven stories and this series doesn't disappoint. I find it hard to pick one favorite! You definitely need to read these in order. Even the novella.

    28. Good readI have read this entire series so far. It's one of my favorites. Can't wait to read the last 2. This book was a good read and although it was probably my least favorite of the series, it connected a lot of dots and was a good set up for the last 2 books. I enjoyed it.

    29. What another amazing Caged Series book by Amber Lynn Natusch. These characters never get boring, predictable or leave your mind. I'm such a fan and know this will be a series I read over and over and over! Thank you for writing such incredible stories!

    30. It had been a long wait between books. I read Tarnished too but still struggled to keep up until about 1/2 way through this book. I recommend reading the series close together, too many parts to try and keep it all straight. I felt a little too lost.

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