English Creek. [Novel of the summer of 1939 in Montana;it's sequel is "Dancing at the Rascal Fair"(1987)].

English Creek Novel of the summer of in Montana it s sequel is Dancing at the Rascal Fair In the second part of his McCaskill trilogy Ivan Doig creates a rich and varied tapestry of northern Montana and of our country at that still innocent time before the Second World War It is the summe

  • Title: English Creek. [Novel of the summer of 1939 in Montana;it's sequel is "Dancing at the Rascal Fair"(1987)].
  • Author: Ivan Doig
  • ISBN: 9780140084429
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the second part of his McCaskill trilogy, Ivan Doig creates a rich and varied tapestry of northern Montana and of our country at that still innocent time before the Second World War.It is the summer of 1939, and teenager Jick McCaskill is anticipating the usual activities of summer the annual sheep count, the Fourth of July picnic, the excitement and danger of the rodeIn the second part of his McCaskill trilogy, Ivan Doig creates a rich and varied tapestry of northern Montana and of our country at that still innocent time before the Second World War.It is the summer of 1939, and teenager Jick McCaskill is anticipating the usual activities of summer the annual sheep count, the Fourth of July picnic, the excitement and danger of the rodeo But when his brother decides to forgo college for the life of a cowhand, a painful rift in the family leads Jick to discover his own connection to the land, to history, and to family to discover, in fact, who he is.

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      Ivan Doig was born in White Sulphur Springs, Montana to a family of homesteaders and ranch hands After the death of his mother Berneta, on his sixth birthday, he was raised by his father Charles Charlie Doig and his grandmother Elizabeth Bessie Ringer After several stints on ranches, they moved to Dupuyer, Pondera County, Montana in the north to herd sheep close to the Rocky Mountain Front.After his graduation from Valier high school, Doig attended Northwestern University, where he received a bachelor s degree and a master s degree in journalism He later earned a Ph.D in American history at the University of Washington, writing his dissertation about John J McGilvra 1827 1903 He now lives with his wife Carol Doig, n e Muller, a university professor of English, in Seattle, Washington.Before Ivan Doig became a novelist, he wrote for newspapers and magazines as a free lancer and worked for the United States Forest Service.Much of his fiction is set in the Montana country of his youth His major theme is family life in the past, mixing personal memory and regional history As the western landscape and people play an important role in his fiction, he has been hailed as the new dean of western literature, a worthy successor to Wallace Stegner.BibliographyHis works includes both fictional and non fictional writings They can be divided into four groups Early WorksNews A Consumer s Guide 1972 a media textbook coauthored by Carol DoigStreets We Have Come Down Literature of the City 1975 an anthology edited by Ivan DoigUtopian America Dreams and Realities 1976 an anthology edited by Ivan DoigAutobiographical BooksThis House of Sky Landscapes of a Western Mind 1979 memoirs based on the author s life with his father and grandmother nominated for National Book Award Heart Earth 1993 memoirs based on his mother s letters to her brother WallyRegional WorksWinter Brothers A Season at the Edge of America 1980 an essayistic dialog with James G SwanThe Sea Runners 1982 an adventure novel about four Swedes escaping from New Archangel, today s Sitka, AlaskaHistorical NovelsEnglish Creek 1984 Dancing at the Rascal Fair 1987 Ride with Me, Mariah Montana 1990 Bucking the Sun A Novel 1996 Mountain Time A Novel 1999 Prairie Nocturne A Novel 2003 The Whistling Season A Novel 2006 The Eleventh Man A Novel 2008 The first three Montana novels form the so called McCaskill trilogy, covering the first centennial of Montana s statehood from 1889 to 1989om enpedia wiki Ivan_Doig


    1. I found English Creek even better than Dancing at the Rascal Fair, which is a favorite with many, not just me. The weird thing is that "English Creek" is the first of the series but chronologically it follows "Dancing at the Rascal Fair". I think it is better to read it after "Dancing at the Rascal Fair"! Ride With Me, Mariah Montana is the next one I will pick up. Check out all of the "Two Medicine County" series: /series/10271. I love the way Ivan Doig captures the essential both in physical d [...]

    2. From forest fires to sheep counts, haying season to a whizbang Fourth of July celebration, Jick McCaskill moves through the summer of 1939 in Montana's Two Medicine country. For Jick it's "The Summer When" He begins noticing a lot of things, including the fact that "time is the trickiest damn commodity," and he won't be a boy for very much longer. Full of charm and drollery, English Creek is not for the easily bored, but it's worth the patience if you want to see how an author can sometimes make [...]

    3. Ivan Doig is a favorite author, but I found this to be a disappointing book. It had a pretty good beginning (from chapter 1): “The fracture of a family is not a thing that happens clean and sharp, so that you can at least calculate that from here on in it will begin to be over with. No, it is like one of those worst bone breaks, a shatter. You can mend the place, peg it and splint it and work to strengthen it, and while the surface maybe can be brought to look much as it did before, the deeper [...]

    4. While I appreciate the attraction of this story is the Montana Lore and coming of age trick, I found this book doggedly hard to read. I felt I was being lectured. The basic rule of good writing is consistently violated: 'show, don't tell.' Some delightful imagery did not substitute for lack of action. I read this book as a book club selection and therefore committed to finishing, but I passed over many pages of pure, repetitive description. My instincts tell me this book/story should have been c [...]

    5. Sometimes I want to burn through a book because I need to see what’s going to happen. Other books seem to drag out forever because of an uncompelling plot or characters I don't care about, and I might not even finish those books for lack of interest. Then there's Ivan Doig's English Creek. Beautifully written, the story languidly moves along through the main character, Jick MacGaskill, who is looking back on the boy he was at 14, growing up as the son of a forest ranger in the mountains outsid [...]

    6. I have to laugh at myself for thinking it would take forever to read these 300-some pages of dense type, I who think nothing of rereading the 900-some pages of Bleak House over and over. I thought I wasn't going to enjoy this book. Why, I really don't know. But I loved it. The narrator is charming. The Two Medicine country might as well be another of the book's characters. (I'm sure I've read of landscapes being like novel's characters, but I'm not sure I've ever really thought so before.) There [...]

    7. Ivan Doig may be an regional writer, but his themes are universal. Summer, 1939 in Montana comes alive through the eyes of 14-year-old Jick McCaskell, and we experience his life on the ranch, at the community picnic and 4th of July Rodeo, haying, and finally through the deadly forest fire. There are lots of Depression-era details and history, but this is really a tale of family, land, and landscape and the roles they play in a young man's life. Family dominates; his brother, who has taken up cow [...]

    8. Well I didn't expect this. The subject matter and setting would leave one expecting a plain spoken book with taciturn people, perhaps emphasizing plot and local color over style. But Doig is a beautiful stylist, one of those writers you can enjoy just for his sentences and surprising phrases, not just the larger work.The story is about Jick, a fourteen-year-old in Montana trying to navigate a summer working with his father in the forest service (in a place where fires are the great concern), exp [...]

    9. I LOVED The Last Bus to Wisdom and although this has a similar tone to it, it didn't resonate as much. Another coming of age story, this is about 15 year old Jake who is growing up in Montana during the 1930's. The beauty behind this story is the description of the setting. The country is suffering from the Depression and even the sheep and cattle farmers in Montana are struggling. Jake's father is a forest ranger and the whole concept of National Parks is relatively new. I definitely enjoyed re [...]

    10. ‘Verano en English Creek’, de Ivan Doig, tiene muchas semejanzas con ‘Una temporada para silbar’, su anterior novela publicada en castellano. Jick McCaskill, el narrador, rememora desde la vejez y la nostalgia lo acontecido en aquel verano de 1939, cuando tenía casi quince años. La historia, con un cierto aire autobiográfico, transcurre en Montana, estado natal de Ivan Doig, y el protagonista, como el autor, también procede de familia escocesa. Igualmente, el padre de Jick es guarda [...]

    11. My favorite of Doig's Montana stories really culminates in this sequel. The loss of connection that can occur over just one generation, the break in families over time if stories are not told. From immigrant settlers first tentative foothold in the rockies told in "Dancing at the Rascal Fair" to a fully established Forest service and how the family came to be tied to this land but no longer close with the first ranger in its service at English Creek. The two need to be read in order for the full [...]

    12. Another quiet book about Montana--this one is set in northern MT along the Rocky Mountain front. In the summer of 1939, 14 year old Jick is dealing with his parents' disagreement with his older brother about his future and the schism it has caused in the family. Jick spends the summer trying to sort out what is happening around him, while he takes on one physical task after another in rural Montana: counting sheep with his father, digging a new hole for the outhouse, haying, serving as a flunky [...]

    13. For me, this book ranks right up there with 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' and 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' as far as memoirs - or whatever you call a work of fiction written in memoir form - that convey the moment in time/history that they're placed in as well as the identity of, and personal transformations that occur within, the narrator. Combine that with the author's patient, contemplative pacing - perfectly suited to the setting of the book in the historical pause between the Great Depressio [...]

    14. In Doig's work every character's decisions, and motives, regardless of their immediate concern, are framed by how they will live life on the land in a particular place. In this telling, the narrator is demonstrably leaving boyhood behind yet attributes to age his inability to discover the antecedent events that might explain the stations and relations of those around him. Doig provides a series of beautifully rendered experiences for this young man, assisting a camp tender, haying for his uncle, [...]

    15. This is a story of a family, of relationships, of coming of age, of the hard scrabble ranching life during the 1920's and 30's, and the story of a region and its geological and geographical foibles.Doig has a marvelous way with descriptions. Describing the protagonist's best friend: "He was a haunting kid to look at. His eyes were within long deepset arcs, as if always squinched the way you do to thread a needle. And curved over with eybrows which wouldn't need to have been much thicker to make [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book. It takes place during the summer of 1934 in Montana. Doig does an amazing job painting a picture of the land, the times, and the people of this rural Montana sheep and cow farmland. The real story though is the story of Jick, 14 years old almost 15. He is really at a crossroads in his life.on the verge of becoming a young man. Jick is the type of person that analyzes everything and everyone. This summer is full of new experiences and the realization that as he grows u [...]

    17. Read for summer book club at my suggestion. This is the 3rd time I have read it, and I still find it very fulfilling and moving. This was written before the other two books in Ivan Doig's Montana Trilogy. Several GR reviewers have said they think it should be read in its chronological order in the Trilogy, which would make it the second title. Without knowing Doig's intent about doing a 3 part series, I think that defeats what I think must be his vision of introducing Jick and letting us get to [...]

    18. This is an ode to early 20th century way of life in Montana. I enjoyed other novels by the author more than this one but sure I learned a lot about rangering, sheep herding, fire fighting, country fairs and rodeos. 3.5stars.Fav. quote:I somehow knew even then, that the fracture of a family is not a thing that happens clean and sharp, so that you at least can calculate that from here on it will begin to be over with. No, it is like one of those worst bone breaks, a shatter. You can mend the place [...]

    19. Loved this book. I am a huge fan of Ivan Doig and I look forward to reading the rest of this trilogy. Wonderful descriptions of Montana and its history. Great characters.

    20. This middle book of Doig’s trilogy about the McCaskill family of Montana lacks the abundance of sharp humor and eventual emotional punch of its predecessor, Dancing at the Rascal Fair. Still, if you were hooked by the first book and possess a moderate to high Sitzfleisch Quotient to keep you parked in your chair, you may want to plow through it, and, moreover, you may feel rewarded. The story leisurely unfolds over the summer of 1939 through the eyes of almost 15-year old John Angus “Jick” [...]

    21. My nephew (and his family) just moved to Montana, and I went along to watch the kids so they could focus on cleaning, unpacking, and doing all of the other work that goes with a major move. Since I always make time to read, I searched my shelves for appropriate books to pack. Being overly optimistic, I choose three titles set in Montana; this is the only one I actually found time to read, and then I only made it through half of the book.Having read one other title by Doig, I anticipated a strong [...]

    22. A coming-of-age novel set in late 1930's Montana, I'm sorry to say I didn't find it back in 1984 when it first appeared in print. Better late than never, but I am having problems trying to find the two sequels to this family saga. This is a tale that requires you to pay attention, but in a mild mannered way. I will look for the series to buy, so I might add them to my read-repeat library shelves along with Cormack McCarthy, Charles Frazier, Barbara Kingsolver. This is one you will not be able to [...]

    23. I'm going through a phase where I'm obsessed with reading about mountains and the early 1900s in Western states, so this book was exactly what I was in the mood for: it's a novel about a family living in a small town in Montana along the border with a national forest. The father is a USFS ranger and the townspeople do a lot of ranching and grazing. Ivan Doig writes beautifully. The pace was a little slow -- everything from action to scenery is described painstakingly (kind of like in a short sto [...]

    24. The dynamics of Jick's family change forever over dinner one evening. As the youngest child in the family, he tries to understand what happened, delving into even the mystery of parents who once were young. I loved each member of his family. And I feel I understand one of my sons better by reading about Jick's brother. I just have a difficult time with the profanity. Growing up in a farming/ranching family, I am well acquainted with irritation caused by recalcitrant animals, but Utah farmers see [...]

    25. First in Ivan Doig's trilogy of the McCaskill family. I enjoyed reading a novel set in Montana and want to read #2 and 3 in the series. The author makes the northern Montana country near Alberta, Canada in the late 1930s come alive as he plunks you down one summer in the midst of sheep ranches near the Rockies, small town Fourth of July picnics, forest fires, and Forest Ranger McCaskill's family drama (told through the eyes of 14 year old Jick McCaskill.) Ivan Doig recently passed away, April 9, [...]

    26. English Creek takes place in Montana and follows early settlers of the land, just after the National Parks were created in the USA. A book about relationships--those between humans, but also those between humans and the land. Great descriptions of life at that time and about Montana.I really enjoy Ivan Doig's turn of phrase, choice of word and story. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to like this book--not because I didn't enjoy reading it from start to finish, but somehow it didn't reall [...]

    27. I really liked this book. My soul was as lifted by Jick McCaskill as it was disheartened by his grandfather in "Dancing At the Rascal Fair." I loved the Jick character and the way the story expresses this season of transition in his life (his 14th summer), trying to make sense of his family and the people of the "Two" through the eyes of a young soon-to-become-a-man. I appreciated his integrity and strength of character, especially the respect he has for the people around him, the people who cam [...]

    28. I loved fourteen year old Jick the narrator of this story about the summer before his 15th birthday, the early forestry service in Montana in the 1930s and the families and characters of English Creek and the surrounding areas. His great descriptions and his way with words grabbed me from the start. Of course, that was the doing of the author Ivan Doig whose great use of language and descriptions in this book made it just wonderful to read. There were many moments that gave me a real chuckle. En [...]

    29. Wry, perceptive, timeless, invested with feeling and humor. Set over the course of a Great Depression summer in a Montana forest-ranging and sheep-ranching family, this is part coming-of-age story, part family history, and part praise song for the western landscape. Ivan Doig's dialogue and descriptive writing is incredible, and the main character Jick's narration is peppered with clever, funny turns of phrase. No surprise, grandmother knows best.

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