The Dying Detective

The Dying Detective Retired Chief of the National Crime Police and Swedish Security Service Lars Martin Johansson has just suffered a stroke He is paying the price for a life of excess stress good food and fine wine Wit

  • Title: The Dying Detective
  • Author: Leif G.W. Persson
  • ISBN: 9780857520883
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Retired Chief of the National Crime Police and Swedish Security Service Lars Martin Johansson has just suffered a stroke He is paying the price for a life of excess stress, good food and fine wine With his dangerously high blood pressure, his heart could fail at the slightest excitement.In the hospital, a chance encounter with a neurologist provides an important pieceRetired Chief of the National Crime Police and Swedish Security Service Lars Martin Johansson has just suffered a stroke He is paying the price for a life of excess stress, good food and fine wine With his dangerously high blood pressure, his heart could fail at the slightest excitement.In the hospital, a chance encounter with a neurologist provides an important piece of information about a 25 year old murder investigation and alerts Lars Martin Johansson s irrepressible police instincts The period for prosecution expired just weeks earlier and that isn t the only limitation Lars Martin Johansson is determined to solve the atrocious crime from his deathbed.The inimitable style, distinct voice and dark humour of Leif GW Persson, along with the fascinating exploration of a long cold murder case, serves to make The Dying Detective a true masterpiece of the genre.

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      338 Leif G.W. Persson
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    1. Leif G.W. Persson

      Leif Gustav Willy Persson better known as Leif GW Persson is a Swedish criminologist and novelist He was a professor in criminology at the Swedish National Police Board from 1992 to 2008 He is known for his crime fiction novels and for his regular appearances as an expert commentator on notable crime cases in television and newspapers Between 1999 and 2009 he participated as an expert commentator on the television show Efterlyst Swedish TV program, equivalent of America s Most Wanted on TV3 Since 2010, he is the expert commentator of Veckans Brott roughly translated into Weekly Crimes or Crimes of the Week on SVT.


    1. A ScandiCrime written by Leif Persson, it has his trademark subtle and dark humour and incorporates Swedish cultural and political history which I really like. The strong and likeable character of the retired police chief Lars Martin Johansson is at the heart of the story with his refusal to give up on a cold case from 1986 from his hospital bed. The fact the case is conducted from his hospital bed lends the story a strong cerebral quality. This is not your run around, fast paced affair. The det [...]

    2. This book was listed as a ‘stand alone’ novel by author, Leif G.W. Persson. Although Persson is a well known Swedish novelist and criminologist, I had not read any of his books before, but soon discovered that he has written eight crime novels featuring detectives Jarnebring and/or Johansson (of which this is the eighth) – with books 4-6 being known as the “Fall of the Welfare State Trilogy” and Book 7 the first in the “Evert Backstrom” (‘Linda’) novels. As far as I can tell, h [...]

    3. Lars Martin Johansson, retired chief of the Swedish National Criminal Police, was having such a nice day. One minute he was standing in line for a hot dog at his favourite kiosk, the next everything went black. When he comes to in hospital, he’s told all those years of inactivity & fine dining have caught up with him. His struggling heart caused a stroke. Over the next few days visitors trickle in & out as Lars comes to grips with his immortality. But it’s his doctor who provides a w [...]

    4. 'The Dying Detective' is a wonderful novel that transcends genres. It is a literary in-depth character study, love story, mystery, and morality tale. It offers up a dazzling array of unexpected gifts to the reader.Lars Martin Johansson, former head of the National Criminal Police in Stockholm, Sweden has just ordered a sausage from the best hotdog kiosk in Sweden. He goes to his car to enjoy his food when he suffers a stroke. The next thing he knows, he is a patient in the Karolinska Hospital wh [...]

    5. Lars Martin Johansson, retired crackerjack police detective and former head of the National Criminal Police in Stockholm, was “the man who could see around corners.” Unfortunately, he has let his body go slack since becoming a pensioner, and he is lucky to see his feet! He nourishes his mind with the daily paper and nuggets of literature, but he feeds his body with high volumes of the wrong cholesterol and carbs. One day, after buying his typical sausage meal from his favorite kiosk, he coll [...]

    6. That Perrson manages to keep you hooked using a detective who's a retired, sick, overweight Chief of Police who is often confined to bed or to the sofa, is an achievement in itself. But the real joy in this book is the sparse, Nordic laconic humor, which I suspect occasionally slips through the floorboards in translation. There's a great economy to it. Perrson's characters often reflect on a moment with a single pithy sentence, or a phrase repeated from an earlier scene. Lars Martin Johansson is [...]

    7. 4.5 stars. I had no idea that this book was part of a series when I checked it out of the library. With that said, I must admit that I really wish I had the opportunity to read the other books prior to this one primarily for detailed character background information. There were definitely times when I was reading this that I felt as if I was missing something.Overall though this was a really good book. The plot of the book centers around a retired police officer who has a stroke and winds up adm [...]

    8. The Dying Detective is a mystery by Leif G. W. Persson whose work may be familiar to people who watched the Backstrom TV series on FOX. It opens with Lars Martin Johansson, retired head of the National Criminal Police, stopping at a food cart for sausage and sauerkraut. It was lucky for him that he did so, because he had a stroke as soon as he settled back into his car. Even more fortuitous, several officers had been at the cart and were there to rush him to the hospital where quick action saved [...]

    9. One of the best books I've read. I read the Swedish original so will do my review likewise.Jag har sedan ungdomen läst väldigt många deckare. Men den här är nog en av de bästa jag läst. Redan från första meningen när magen längtar till Günthers korvkiosk så dras man rätt in i handlingen. Jag sträckläste boken, ville bara fortsätta. Att följa känslorna, tankarna och så all denna mat som den stroke drabbade Johansson längtar efter är en ren njutning. Jag verkligen ser framfö [...]

    10. I have never read a book quite like this. Essentially we have a 400 page procedural that is never boring. There is darkness here, but it is never over whelming. The characters are serious and humorous. and for me, one of the most important things of all, the ending is perfect. Somewhere Martin Beck is smiling. Read it!The reason this book got into my hands was the cover. I know "You can't judge a book by it's cover", but I often do and have read many good books because of it. This cover is outst [...]

    11. Jostle me and kill me. That's how I feel from having experienced this.Filled to the brim with simplicities, a language so dated that every single character is unbelievable and an ending that everybody is able to tell from the start. "Hard-boiled" male characters everywhere.The author is a Swedish professor in criminology. Too bad that doesn't show.I must say I fell asleep during several trials of reading this. That's something.

    12. Shortlisted Petrona Award 2017ill I am not impressedI have read better crime ficton.My advice? try Pierre Lemaitre!

    13. Originally posted on Crime Fiction LoverAs retired detective Lars Martin Johansson, a living legend in the Swedish National Police Force, approaches his favourite hot dog kiosk in Stockholm, he hasn’t a care in the world except to savour his favorite lunch ritual. Will it be Yugoslavian bratwurst, Zigeuner schnitzel, or elk sausage? The revered detective is surrounded by admirers as he ponders his choices, all delicious but none too healthy. Unfortunately, the fat and happy ex-cop suffers a ma [...]

    14. De Zweed Leif G.W. Persson is hoogleraar criminologie en schrijver, en had met tussenpozen functies bij de top van de Zweedse politie. In de naweeën van een prostitutieschandaal rond de Zweedse minister van justitie werd hij ontslagen, en dit dreef hem bijna tot zelfmoord. Hij keerde echter terug, en was o.a. betrokken bij het onderzoek naar de moord op premier Olof Palme in 1986. Hij schreef twee thrillers met in de hoofdrol Evert Bäckström, en zes met in de hoofdrol Lars Martin Johansson. P [...]

    15. How is that possible that everyone in this book remember so good names, conversations, details from 25 years ago? quoting what people said quarter a century ago! oh please. And they all seem to be super clever, having ' a feeling' and with that 'feeling' suddenly they find the murderer after 25 years silence. Policemen know everything about witnesses and also about parents of the victim without checking it. They know that they divorced, that mother came back to Iran, started to wear burke again. [...]

    16. Lättläst, men fruktansvärt ospännande. Nästan olidligt tråkig, mycket tråkigare än förväntat. Språket platt och repetativt, karaktärerna nästan ännu plattare. Höll dessutom på att drivas till vansinne av att huvudpersonens bidrag till all dialog alltid följde mönstret "[], sa han. [], tänkte han". Förnumstig och pösig ton som omger allt. Uh!

    17. A delight for those who enjoy their own puzzles, but also full of indignation and empathy. And a race against a very different kind of clock. Reminds me quite a bit of 'The Judge and His Hangman', a book which is referenced here.

    18. The writer's apparently extremely highly thought of in Sweden; he's a professor at the Swedish Nat'l Police Board, has been an adviser to the Swedish Ministry of Justice, and has written some 10 to 15 other books, three of which (one of them is this one) won the Best Swedish Crime Novel Award. says Persson won the "2011 Glass Key award for Den döende detektiven (The Dying Detective); this award is a given annually to a crime novel by an author from the Nordic countries and the 2011 Palle Rosen [...]

    19. The Dying Detective is the eighth book in the Jarnebring and Johansson, not all of which have been translated into English. It can though be read as a standalone and I’ve not yet read any of the other books. In this outing, Johansson has retired as police chief and suffers a serious stroke. While recovering he starts to investigate a twenty five year old rape and murder of a nine year old girl that was never solved. Using his friend Jarnebring to run errands and asking favours of former collea [...]

    20. (3-4 stars, I'm too indecisive!!) ok, so it's impossible to explain why I was so frustrated by this book without spoiling it but it was brilliant until I was about 400 pages in. Worth reading for the first bit though! The blurb gives the impression that it should be really fast paced and tense and it just isn't! I was really looking forward a really thrilling crime novel, ad don't get me wrong there were sections when I was totally enthralled and couldn't put it down, but I just feel let down by [...]

    21. In his prime, Lars Martin Johansson was known among his colleagues as ‘the man who could see around corners’, as well as a walking encyclopaedia when it came to violent crime. As soon as his associates came across and old case they couldn’t place, they would start by asking Johansson Now something had happened inside his head. He could live with the fact that he had forgotten the name of his son’s second wife…e fact that he was unable to remember the murder of Yasmine, apparently only [...]

    22. This book’s title totally gives the game away. The fate of Lars Johansson, not so very long retired from his position as head of Sweden’s national serious crime squad, is determined in the opening chapter during which he suffers a catastrophic cerebrovascular event which leaves him physically, emotionally and intellectually undermined. But that moment also provides the springboard for one final investigation, a chance to resolve a mishandled, 25-year-old cold case. This was the first book by [...]

    23. "Den döende detektiven" blijkt het laatste boek te zijn in de detectivereeks rond rechercheur Lars Johansson, doch het eerste boek van de reeks dat ik las. Dat vormde gelukkig geen enkel obstakel voor de lectuur van het boek. Gepensioneerd rechercheur Johansson wordt op een dag geveld door een beroerte - het gevolg van overmatig drankgebruik, slechte eetgewoonten en weinig beweging sinds zijn pensioen - en wordt op zijn ziektebed aangesproken door zijn doctores. Zij herkent in hem de succesvoll [...]

    24. Den döende detektiven (De stervende detective) of Het laatste woord van de Zweedse schrijver Leif. G.W. Persson is één van de decemberboeken van de FB-page 'Literatuur uit het hoge Noorden'. Het is mijn eerste boek van deze auteur die nochtans heel veel succes kent in eigen land. Dit boek is de negende thriller (eerder detective) van zijn hand. Nu speelt zijn personage Lars Martin Johansson, de nu gepensioneerde chef van het nationale politiekorps opnieuw de hoofdrol (afwisselend met anti-hel [...]

    25. I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of The Dying Detective, the story of Lars Martin Johansson's last case. Johansson is the retired chief of the national police and security services and at the start of the novel suffers a stroke after a lifetime of living the old fashioned police life of poor diet and no exercise. When in hospital he is approached by his doctor about the 1986 unsolved murder of nine year old Yasmine Ermegan. Due to a peculiarity of Swedish law, [...]

    26. The swan song of Lars Martin Johansson was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment for me. Much as with Linda - som i Lindamordet I found myself wondering at times if Person had a ghost writer for this one. His usual sharpness and timing are largely missing for parts of the story. Not as apparent as with the earlier book (and this is certainly a lot better), this is not near his best efforts.

    27. Denne var en gratis lydbog fra DR, indlæst af den fremragende Dan Schlosser. Jeg forstår på krimidebatten, at Leif G.W. Persson er en af "de gamle sure mænd" i svensk kriminallitteratur. Det er muligt, og hans hovedperson er så sandelig også en gammel gnavpot, men hold da op, hvor er det en glimrende krimi. Plottet er et af de bedst udtænkte, jeg er stødt på længe, det holder hele vejen hjem. Og historien er velfortalt og skrider stille, roligt og majestætisk frem som en gletcher. Anb [...]

    28. En positiv overraskning! Har aldrig varit nagon stor beundrare av GW Persson, men denna handling ar gripande fran borjan till slut. En riktig "page turner". Enda anledningen till att den bara far 4 stjarnor ar att den ar daligt korrektur last. Manga gramatik och stav fel plus att ett flertal ganger upprepas ord vilket ar irriterande for lasaren och ger ett slarvigt intryck.

    29. Lars Martin Johansson is a sixty-seven year old former Swedish police officer who held important supervisory positions, including head of the National Crime Unit, before he retired. Unfortunately, his poor health habits have caught up with him. One day, he collapses and is rushed to the hospital. After he regains consciousness, he undergoes a battery of tests. The news is not good. His doctors warn Johansson that he must lower his blood pressure, lose a considerable amount of weight, keep his ch [...]

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