Legacy Corinne Granger doesn t want to get out of bed Or paint Or talk about her feelings Losing Michael the man who taught her to believe in love has left the year old portrait artist trapped in grief

  • Title: Legacy
  • Author: Stephanie Fournet
  • ISBN: 9781503223394
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Corinne Granger doesn t want to get out of bed Or paint Or talk about her feelings Losing Michael, the man who taught her to believe in love, has left the 25 year old portrait artist trapped in grief, a stranger to herself Before Michael s death, she was a force to be reckoned with Intelligent Talented Terrifying And Michael adored it all even her hot temper and heCorinne Granger doesn t want to get out of bed Or paint Or talk about her feelings Losing Michael, the man who taught her to believe in love, has left the 25 year old portrait artist trapped in grief, a stranger to herself Before Michael s death, she was a force to be reckoned with Intelligent Talented Terrifying And Michael adored it all even her hot temper and her sharp tongue When you lose the only person who gets you, the world becomes a lonely place.Wes Clarkson can numb the pain of missing his best friend if he pushes his body hard enough A personal trainer and Ironman triathlete, Wes can forget his grief at the gym or between the legs of one of his clients And this works for him as long as he doesn t think about the promise he made to Michael on his deathbed to look after Corinne But who could handle such a woman The only thing Corinne and Wes had in common before Michael died was Michael But when the two find themselves living under the same roof, everything changes.Is there hope for the man who s never been in love and for the woman who s afraid to love again

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      bestselling romance author Stephanie Fournet has five novels and one novella to her name She lives in Lafayette, Louisiana not far from the Saint Streets where her books are set She shares her home with her husband John and their needy dogs Gladys and Mabel, and sometimes their daughter Hannah even comes home from college to visit them When she isn t writing romance novels, Stephanie is usually helping students get into college or running She loves hearing from fans, so look for her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and stephaniefournet.Like her page on Facebook facebook StephanieFouFind her books on Stephanie Fourn


    1. Now and again when I choose to read one of the books from the blog tours I help host for and end up enjoying it, its not often I choose one I can't relate to.Corinne Granger is a painter, and since loosing Michael she is unable to concentrate on painting, let alone interested in it at all.Michael was her lover, her best friend, her world.Michael had taught her to believe in love. She is so wrapped up in grief, will she ever believe in love again, would she ever want to.Corrine, pre Michael days [...]

    2. RATING: 4.5 STARSI really REALLY liked this one. Very believable characters. Very realistic story. This is my first experience with Stephanie Fournet and let me tell you -- this author knows how to write very real and believable characters. Now I've never lost anybody that close to me like Corinne, our female protagonist has; but after reading this book I can definitely say that I have a new glimpse into what loss can be like.Legacy follows a young woman, Corinne Granger, who is trying (and fail [...]

    3. I loved everything about this book. The characters, the plot, the setting.Corinne Granger is a portrait artist who has lost the love of her life, Michael Roush. She is in a deep depression and is intent on sleeping her life away to escape the hurt in her heart.Wes Clarkson was Michael's closest and best friend. Michael was hit by a drunk driver and he knew he wasn't going to make it. On his death bed Michael asked Wes to take care of Corinne. Wes initially refused as he said that she hated him. [...]

    4. Legacy is a beautifully written story of love, loss, grief, and second chances. It’s about giving yourself permission to live and love again. It is brimming with emotion right from the first page and made me feel as though I was experiencing everything right along with the characters.Corinne Granger is merely existing. Her life has been at a standstill since the death of her boyfriend, Michael. She spends her time crying and sleeping, just trying to get through her days under the weight of her [...]

    5. A wonderful love story. I enjoyed every moment of this story. As with Fournet's first book, it filled me with tears, laughter, hope, and love. It is a truly enjoyable read!

    6. I absolutely loved this book- I stayed up all night to read it and then immediately flipped back to the beginning of the book to re-read it (and as a librarian who has a list of "Books I Need to Read" that is impossibly long, it's unusual for me to read a book over again right after I finish it.) But this book was just immersive and I loved being sucked into the story. The two main characters- Wes & Corinne- are flawed and totally relatable. After the death of his best friend Michael, Wes is [...]

    7. While I don't wish to rate my own books, I'd like to thank all of my Fall Semester fans for their eager anticipation of this second novel. You just have a few more days to wait! While Legacy is not a sequel or part of a series with Fall Semester, it is set in the Saint Streets, so look for a cameo of Malcolm and Maren!My daily prayer is that every reader who would enjoy my books finds my books, so I hope that you enjoy this one. I love reading reviews and hearing from fans, so feel free to share [...]

    8. I won this book through Giveaways. I truly enjoyed it from the first page to the last page. This story felt like something that all readers could relate too. Love, loss, and finding love again is what happens to main character Corinne. She goes through a tragic loss of her boyfriend only to have to find her way back out into the real world. Best friend Wes to Corinne's dead boyfriend doesn't really like Corinne but he promised his best friend on his death bed he would look out for her. Can he h [...]

    9. So powerful!I am so glad I stumbled across this author and her works. She has such a gift for writing and telling a story that just grabs the reader from the first chapter. At least that's how I felt with each book of hers that I have devoured from front to back. This one was no exception. At some points felt like I was experiencing Corrine's feelings and emotions with her. I felt this book was so well written from both POV's.

    10. I truly was very impressed with this book. In places while extremely sad made you in turn ache for and cheer on the young characters. It also screams for a sequel and other books about some of the other characters stories. I think we will be hearing more from mrs Fournet in the future and I hope she gets the recognition she richly deserves

    11. Stephanie really knows how to draw you in. This book was fabulous. She developed the characters so well that you felt like you actually knew them. At first I wasn't a fan of Wes, but was rooting for him in the end, but wasn't sure they would make it. I laughed, cried, and definitely related to the characters. Would and have recommended the book to my friends. Congrats Steph!!!!

    12. I loved this book. It was recommended to by a friend that knows Stephanie and I also live in Lafayette. I really enjoyed reading about familiar places that I go to. It made the characters more relatable. Would love to read more by this author.

    13. 4.75 StarsLoved this book Heart breaking yet inspiring Corrine and Wes have just lost a loved one Micheal was Corrine's boyfriend and Wes's best friend Before this tradegy they barely tolerated each other, after this tradegy they needed each other more than they realized Watching them help and rebuild each other was touching Corrine and Wes falling in love felt fresh and flowed nicely I was curious to see how it'd work out, and am happy with how it all played out I thought the epilogue was great [...]

    14. So this book broke my heart. I spent most of the first half in tears.But it's so fucking beautiful. It's a romance that's not just about romance. It's not even about sex. It's about caring, and grief, and healing, and love, and it's It's a fucking work of art. And I loved it.

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