Histoire de ma vie : Texte intégral du manuscrit original suivi de textes inédits, tome 1

Histoire de ma vie Texte int gral du manuscrit original suivi de textes in dits tome Libertin picurien esth te et s ducteur incorrigible Giacomo Casanova est l un des personnages marquants du e si cle Faisant sien le pr cepte selon lequel il faut jouir de chaque instant v cu il

  • Title: Histoire de ma vie : Texte intégral du manuscrit original suivi de textes inédits, tome 1
  • Author: Giacomo Casanova Francis Lacassin
  • ISBN: 9782221065228
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Poche
  • Libertin, picurien, esth te et s ducteur incorrigible, Giacomo Casanova est l un des personnages marquants du 18e si cle Faisant sien le pr cepte selon lequel il faut jouir de chaque instant v cu, il appliqua celui ci sa vie mondaine et amoureuse qui ne firent souvent qu une Toute cette vie de plaisirs fut consign e, sans aucune pudeur, dans ces M moires galement intLibertin, picurien, esth te et s ducteur incorrigible, Giacomo Casanova est l un des personnages marquants du 18e si cle Faisant sien le pr cepte selon lequel il faut jouir de chaque instant v cu, il appliqua celui ci sa vie mondaine et amoureuse qui ne firent souvent qu une Toute cette vie de plaisirs fut consign e, sans aucune pudeur, dans ces M moires galement intitul es Histoire de ma vie, autobiographie sans complaisance qui traverse le Si cle des Lumi res J cris ma vie pour me faire rire et j y r ussis pr cise t il Consignant ses moindres faits et gestes, surtout ses rencontres f minines, il abonde dans les d tails, des menus des d ners aux lieux de ses rencontres galantes D une pr cision parfois croustillante et d une verve savoureuse, cette autobiographie nous fait d couvrir l picurisme dans toute sa splendeur R dig es en fran ais, ces m moires expriment son amour, immense, des femmes et voquent le 18e si cle qui court sa fin C est un des chefs d oeuvre du patrimoine litt raire universel auquel nous sommes ici confront s Florent Mazzoleni

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    1. Giacomo Casanova Francis Lacassin

      Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt was a Venetian adventurer and author His main book Histoire de ma vie Story of My Life , part autobiography and part memoir, is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century.He was so famous as a womanizer that his name remains synonymous with the art of seduction and he is sometimes called the world s greatest lover He associated with European royalty, popes and cardinals, along with men such as Voltaire, Goethe and Mozart but if he had not been obliged to spend some years as a librarian in the household of Count Waldstein of Bohemia where he relieved his boredom by writing the story of his life , it is possible that he would be forgotten today


    1. I'm not usually one to listen to books-on-tape but I'd pay to hear Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman or Benedict Cumberbatch read a shampoo bottle, let alone an entire book.I'm about half-way through it and it's wonderful. I'd read the book as a teenager, but it's so different to hear the book read to you. Cumberbatch is an amazing narrator. I hope he does more books in the future. On par with Irons' reading of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita.

    2. Casanova is a great big bag of dicks. The only reason I finished the book was because it was read by Benedict Cumberbatch, he could read the yellow pages and I'd still listen. The only thing that made me smile in this novel was when Casanova got an STD proving that at least there is some justice in the world.

    3. From this book, I get the feeling that one shouldn't read Casanova hoping for erotica. When it comes to the actual deeds done, he's remarkably discreet. However, he's an excellent storyteller and this book is worth reading for the stories alone (whether or not they're "true" or this is the real version of the actual events). Cumberbatch is a fantastic reader--he captures Casanova's voice and adds a touch of sensuality to the narration, despite the redaction of specifics.

    4. 1er tome sur 3. Bon, c'était un vrai régal. Jacques Casanova, citoyen Vénitien du 18me siècle a écrit ses mémoires après la révolution française. S'il est connu pour ses aventures galantes, la lecture de ses écrits ne laisse pas spécialement entendre qu'elles fussent pour lui un sujet de fierté, leurs issues n'étant pas toujours heureuses. Il met en avant une sincérité qui le rend immédiatement aimable, une indépendance d'esprit qui le rend intéressant. Tout à tour séminarist [...]

    5. I'm going to admit a few things off the bat. I only listened to this audiobook for two reasons, and neither of them had anything to do with the book itself.1) I love, love, love the city of Venice and remember our tour guide telling us about Casanova and his imprisonment and escape. Since then, I've been very intrigued by that part of Casanova's story2) I'm a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fangirl, and I was stoked to find out he read an audiobook that was easily accessible in the U.S.Okay, those adm [...]

    6. I have this shelved as nonfiction--it is a memoir--but it might as well be fiction, because I hardly believe a word of it. It comes off as an extremely unreliable narrator bragging. That being said, it was very entertaining, if not plausible, and I enjoyed it greatly. The narration by Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic, and perfect for the part. I wish he would narrate more parts of the memoirs, because no other voice will ever be Casanova to me. Those of you who prefer your characters likeable, [...]

    7. I've listened to several of Cumberbatch's readings of audiobooks, and he is great on all of them. However, this reading of Casanova's memoirs surely is the perfect marriage of voice and book and really shows off his talent. He adapts his voice for each character with a seamless flow, and has just the barest hint of falsetto for the women without being silly. He gives Casanova a charming pompousness that I'm sure the real man had, and puts on a bedroom voice that could make a grandmother blush. T [...]

    8. I broke my rule against abridged books for Benedict Cumberbatch's reading and it was worth it. Casanova and his diaries might be famous but a little goes a long way.

    9. Casanova was a much, much better plotter than Rousseau was. Though really, my cat is a better plotter than Rousseau was.And now, an addendum:The comparison to Rousseau, and how light this narrative was when placed alongside JJR, was the first thought that sprang to mind. And they are similar projects, especially in these earlier years, though Casanova moves us ahead far more briskly. But more particular to Casanova, what I find myself coming back to is how different it was being a teenager. The [...]

    10. Je to také ľahké čítanie - osobne ma na tom viac zaujalo historické pozadie a spoločenské konvencie, než jeho milostné dobrodružstvá, opisované veľmi decentne a v náznakoch. Fascinoval ma však ten traktát, ktorý mal byť akýmsi úvodom k jeho spomienkam - príliš vyumelkované, filozoficko-náboženské reči točiace sa okolo toho istého, minimálne na desiatich stranách. Nezdá sa mi, že by bol vyslovene neúprimný, ale i tak som sa nemohla zbaviť dojmu, že sa chce ta [...]

    11. I learned so much about this man, and it was only volume 1!! He is far more fascinating than history portrays. And funny. There were a few parts I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. This book is an interesting dichotomy of religion and philosophy. I can't wait to get my hands on volume 2 ♥

    12. Really interesting book. Whether or not Casanova did all the things he claims to have done is completely irrelevant to me. This is a wonderful look into the social history of the early 18th century.Also Benedict Cumberbatch narrated and is wonderful although was there really any doubt?

    13. As impressive as the first time I read it. Definitely Casanova was a great man and I trully admire his character.

    14. Another book I've added because of the narrator. When Benedict Cumberbatch, whose voice is made of sex and chocolate and silk, reads the memoir of famous lover Casanova, I'll listen.

    15. I loved listening to Benedict Cumberbatch reading the story, but I found the words themselves to be rather dull.

    16. Premetto che io adoro Casanova ed è il mio mito. Se ne va in giro per tutto il '700 a divertirsi come un matto, pigliandosi tutte le gonnelle che si trova a portata di mano, senza formalizzarsi sul censo, l'età, lo status sociale. Ed a tutte cerca di lasciare un pezzetto di sè, un briciolo di umanità e buone maniere. E poi viaggia come un forsennato, in un anno ad esempio, parte da Parigi, arriva in Olanda, poi in Germania ed a Firenze, Roma, Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Bologna, Modena, Parma, To [...]

    17. What an enjoyable and lighthearted read. I listened to Benedict Cumberbatch read this using Audible, and it was so fun. It's just short enough that I didn't feel like I was wasting my time listening to Casanova talk endlessly about his various love affairs- which is essentially what this is. Only it's read by Cumberbatch. And Casanova is an incredibly vivid, creative, and picturesque writer. He's also very funny as he interprets his actions and thoughts from a first-person perspective. It was es [...]

    18. I think I will be looking up more audiobooks narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. The book itself was enjoyable, and it was actually a lot easier for me to follow along than I, at first, feared it would be. The narration made it all the more enjoyable. While I wanted to punch Casanova over and over, I couldn't help but enjoy the book. I shall probably try to read the entire memoir in the future.

    19. So this was a very mixed experience for me, thus the three stars.On the one hand, while I hoped to enjoy this because of how much my girlfriend loves Casanova, and while I rather enjoyed his wily exploitsI also found him to be a rather entitled, rapey asshole. I mean, it's the 1700sbut still.On the other hand, this is an audio book with Benedict Cumberbatch reading it. Sooooo that was really awesome, and his reading definitely increased my enjoyment of what largely, in the content, was making me [...]

    20. Ho appena finito il primo volume di questa bellissima opera autobiografica di Giacomo Casanova. Una veloce ricerca su Internet identifica i termini "casanova" e "libertino"; il suo nome viene spesso erroneamente associato soltanto al proibito, al tabù. Nel suo testo l'autore racconta nel dettaglio la sua vita "avventurosa", ma non solo: il lettore ha l'opportunità di immergersi nella cultura veneziana settecentesca, nel sistema politico dell'epoca, e di rivivere l'intensa trasformazione cultur [...]

    21. Despite the fact that I can't possibly believe that everything written in Casanova's memoirs is true, I still enjoyed reading this first volume of his memoirs and I'll probably read the rest of them. It was better than I expected.Yes, Casanova can be a little self occupied and he does brag about his love adventures a lot (that will not really be a surprise to any reader considering that Casanova's name is synonymous with womanizer- and his memoirs are the reason for it). However, when describing [...]

    22. Well, I'll be honest and admit I sort of cheated-this was an audio book, narrated by the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch.This was the only reason why I even bothered reading/hearing a story written by the world's greatest womanizer who clearly states than in his lifetime he's slept with approximately over a thousand women. The story was weak, and immensely unbelievable with chronological mistakes and an incredible muddle of names. Casanova seems to be the world's luckiest guy, always running a [...]

    23. Ich hab das Buch gekauft weil ich dachte, es wäre quasi das Buch zum Film mit Heath Ledger, immerhin ist draußen groß ein Sticker mit Referenz auf den Film drauf. Und etwas mit historischem Hintergrund lese ich eigentlich immer gern, zudem ich von Casanova nicht viel weiß.Jetzt nahm ich das Buch endlich mal zur Hand, und habe dann feststellen müssen, dass es inhaltlich doch ganz anders ist. Nämlich eine Neuauflage eines Teils der Aufzeichnungen von Casanova - von 1754 bis zu seiner Flucht [...]

    24. Hmm. I don't think the story was believable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Plus, needless to say, one couldn't ever help liking something Benedict Cumberbatch has read - his voice is made for storytelling, and he uses it well.I rarely if not ever listen to audio books, since I'm highly suspicious towards actors' influence on my opinion of the story itself, fearing my dislike of the narrator forces me to dislike the story too, but my prejudice can be lessened, apparently: this evening of listenin [...]

    25. I have read the complete set, several times and it astonishes friends when I say that. Why? (If you are reading this, you probably know why, or can guess from all other contributions here). Because his entire life story consumes more than 1,000,000 words, or roughly 16 standard length novels.I read it once in book form in college and probably surprised my English professor when I wrote it up. Then I read it twice on a Palm Pilot. Now, I have embarked upon Willard Trask's translation.Casanova's s [...]

    26. If this wasn't read by Benedict Cumberbatch, it would have been equal parts boring and rather disgusting.I find it ironic and a bit disturbing that we use the term "casanova" for someone who is a great lover of women when in fact, the guy was a pedophile. I understand, different time and different place but a 12 year old? Really?Two parts that cracked me up: the first was he kept getting STDs and getting mad about it which I found hilarious and second hearing Cumberbatch have to say "dildo."I do [...]

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