Corrupting Dr. Nice

Corrupting Dr Nice August Faison and his gorgeous young daughter Genevieve are rogues of the first water seasoned swindlers who rove across time in search of new victims to fleece Now the most precious pigeon of them

  • Title: Corrupting Dr. Nice
  • Author: John Kessel
  • ISBN: 9780312861162
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • August Faison and his gorgeous young daughter, Genevieve, are rogues of the first water seasoned swindlers who rove across time in search of new victims to fleece Now the most precious pigeon of them all has fallen into their laps, in Jerusalem at the time of Christ Dr Owen Vannice is too innocent, and far too rich, for his own good A fabulously wealthy young amateurAugust Faison and his gorgeous young daughter, Genevieve, are rogues of the first water seasoned swindlers who rove across time in search of new victims to fleece Now the most precious pigeon of them all has fallen into their laps, in Jerusalem at the time of Christ Dr Owen Vannice is too innocent, and far too rich, for his own good A fabulously wealthy young amateur paleontologist who has just spent the last year, and billions of his parents dollars, doing research in the Cretaceous period, he finds himself stranded in the Holy City with a rapidly growing baby dinosaur in tow Simon is a disillusioned disciple whose master has been kidnapped uptime by colonists from the future Now he works for the exploitive crosstime corporations, which have turned his timeline into a tourist trap, complete with luxury hotels and junkets to the Crucifixion When a desperate act of sabotage brings them all together, their lives are drastically transformed.

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    1. John Kessel

      John Joseph Vincent Kessel co directs the creative writing program at North Carolina State University in Raleigh A winner of the Nebula, Locus, Sturgeon, and Tiptree Awards, his books include Good News From Outer Space, Corrupting Dr Nice, The Pure Product, and The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories His story collection Meeting in Infinity was a New York Times Notable Book Most recently, with James Patrick Kelly he has edited the anthologies Feeling Very Strange, Rewired, The Secret History of Science Fiction and Kafkaesque Born in Buffalo, NY, Kessel has a PhD in American Literature, has been an NEA Fellow, and for twenty years has been one of the organizers of the Syca Hill Writers Workshop.


    1. The first half of the book, set in 40 CE Jerusalem, I really enjoyed. The theories of this type of time travel were really fascinating, well-thought out and presented in a very engaging way. I liked the characters (I do have a soft-spot for fictional con men or women, I'll admit) and the plot. But then when they went back to their present/the future, I thought it fell apart a bit. Genevieve's plan for revenge just seemed so weak. I think it's a bit telling that her father, the fellow con, couldn [...]

    2. I think by this point its safe to say that I am a sucker for any book featuring a dinosaur, no matter how prominently, on the cover. I'm pretty sure I first spotted this in a bookstore about ten years ago and the whole package is intriguing, to say the least. An interesting title, with a plot synopsis that promises time traveling misadventures and several bits of praise from noted SF writers (Ursula Le Guin, for one, and an extremely long quote from Connie Willis), while the book itself makes it [...]

    3. Es un 3,4 3,5 raspadito. Aunque si quieres leer algo desengrasante esta es una buena opción. Novela entretenida de viajesen el tiempo. Por cierto el título en español que supongo que lo han tomado de la versión francesa horrible y no tiene mucho que ver con la novela. Si bien es cierto que uno de los protagonistas viene de estar estuadiando dinosaurios y se trae uno, poco más tiene esta novela que ver con los dinosaurios, bueno que aparece en varios puntos de la novela, pero quizás el amor [...]

    4. A book doesn't always have to be surprising to be enjoyable. Just because you can predict the ending doesn't mean you can't enjoy the road that leads there. Corrupting Dr. Nice is a screwball comedy, with time-traveling. And also dinosaurs. (Modern dinosaurs; intelligent, warm-blooded, with feathers! The dinosaur is also adorable.) It's fairly predictable, and I don't care. It's also very readable and engaging, and a whole heck of a lot of fun. Sometimes that's all I ask from a novel.It's anothe [...]

    5. HAd a nice time reading this one. I think one of the things I enjoyed the most was the complete abandoning of the "don't change history by your actions" that occurs in the story. The theory here is that each moment in time is a portal to a discrete universe. So, there can be a pure and unsullied Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, as well as one complete with modern ammenities. Historical figures can transfer to present day, too- multiple times from multiple moments. It was a refreshing view of time [...]

    6. This started out really well. I liked the premise of moment universes - each instant of time creates its own universe, you can travel back in time, make all the changes you want, only foul up the alternate universe and come home to your own without having made any changes in it. I was enjoying the con artists and the baby dinosaur, too. But after a while the mega-evil capitalists and the revenge plot, and especially the terrorism trial pitting attorney Abraham Lincoln against an-advocate-from-th [...]

    7. Let's see - Take Connie Willis's "To Say Nothing of the Dog", mix with" The Lady Eve" & "Bringing up Baby", then throw in a dollop of" The DaVinci Code", and you might get some idea of this screwball time-travel story. Kessel has a flair for pastiche, and fills the book with off the wall allusions and in-jokes that kept me laughing throughout. Best moments: a baseball game in first century Jerusalem with Pontius Pilate in attendance, and a trial where Abraham Lincoln and Jesus square off aga [...]

    8. John Kessel is one of the most imaginative writers that I have ever read. His books are filled with wonderful juxtapositions of the very old with the future, such as the introduction of a modern, luxury hotel in ancient Jerusalem. He also does an excellent job of creating characters with whom it is easy to empathize, including ones that may not be known from history as being particularly empathetic. Who would have ever guessed that Simon the Zealot would have such a tender heart and have all the [...]

    9. A pair of time-traveling con-artists tangle with a paleontologist smuggling an infant dinosaur into the 22nd century. Hijinks ensue.Corrupting Dr. Nice is a postmodern mash-up of 1930s screwball comedies and science fiction: Preston Sturges meets H. G. Wells. Some of the time paradoxes do not bear close examination, and the novel's frenetic speed does not always allow logic to impede its constant lunge forward, but this, too, is an homage to the source material. (The Lady Eve and Bringing Up Bab [...]

    10. This book reminded me a lot of Connie Willis's To Say Nothing of the Dog -- it's a similar blend of time travel, romance, and screwball comedy. This book is darker, though, and a little more serious. Although I liked it, I have to say I enjoyed the light-as-air, pure zaniness of To Say Nothing of the Dog more. My favorite line from this book: "[he] was a man that only Thomas Hobbes could love: nasty, brutish, and short."

    11. This book was a load of fun. :) I agree that it sort of falls apart near the end, but still a good read. Thank you for being the book to break me out of the tired and tiring academic essays of my discipline.

    12. mehIt's a silly, time travel read. The author is going for social criticsm using exploitation of "historicals" (people from the past) as metaphor. Unfortunately, none of the characters in the book are endearing or interesting enough to make the point.Skip it

    13. Time travel and screwball comedy. Entertaining although it was interesting to see that the same stuff that's hard to watch in screwball comedy movies (just talk to each other, already) is equally frustrating in a novel. Fun overall. Interesting take on time travel, too.

    14. This books accomplishes what it set out to perfectly however a story with Time Travel can be played out better.Overall, the elements of Humour, Satire, Romance, mild action/adventure make it an enjoyable experience.

    15. Corrupting Dr Nice (1997) a slighter endeavour attempting to marry Time Travel with the gestures of the screwball comedy.

    16. I admit, I started skimming this about 80 pages in. It had some humorous moments, but overall it seemed rather forced.

    17. an interesting approach to time travel.Multiple universes, without the usual concern for altering the time line

    18. Pas envie de persévérer dans ma lecture Ce type d'histoire mêlant voyage dans le temps façon commerciale et club de tourismes, A I pseudo humour, etc n'est absolument pas mon "genre" de sf

    19. Compré este libro porque me gustan las screwball comedies y la ciencia ficción, por lo que pensé que un combinado de ambos sería entretenido. Y en cierto sentido sí lo fue. El gran problema que tuve con el libro fue que el ambiente y los personajes eran tan cínicos que me sentí incapaz de empatizar con alguien a lo largo de toda la historia. Como resultado, caí víctima de la máxima matadora para cualquier historia: No Me Importa Lo Que Pase Con Esta Gente.El título en español, vale l [...]

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