After School Activities

After School Activities Two guys insist on complicating Dylan O Connor s life one his bully and the other his best friend It started out simple enough Step one outsmart Adam with wit and flair goad him into doing someth

  • Title: After School Activities
  • Author: Dirk Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781632165428
  • Page: 293
  • Format: ebook
  • Two guys insist on complicating Dylan O Connor s life one, his bully, and the other, his best friend It started out simple enough Step one, outsmart Adam with wit and flair, goad him into doing something stupid, and land him in detention Step two, play video games with Kai all night and laugh about it Go to bed Repeat tomorrow Only, Adam and Kai are about to changeTwo guys insist on complicating Dylan O Connor s life one, his bully, and the other, his best friend It started out simple enough Step one, outsmart Adam with wit and flair, goad him into doing something stupid, and land him in detention Step two, play video games with Kai all night and laugh about it Go to bed Repeat tomorrow Only, Adam and Kai are about to change the rules on him.First, Adam s bullying turns suddenly violent, leaving Dylan to wonder if his bully really needs a friend Then, Kai makes an unexpected move Dylan has only imagined in his most secret fantasies Only he d never dreamed it might come at a price While Adam opens up, coming closer to revealing a secret he s kept his entire life, Kai pulls away even as they get closer than ever.With everything he thought he understood turned upside down, Dylan must decide what he really wants from the men in his life before inaction loses him the very relationships he s always relied on.No pressure, Dylan You got this It s just love How hard could it be

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    1. Every single one of my friends loved this book. Except me. UGH. I know. I know. I'm a Polish Jew, people. Don't you think I'm used to living with the guilt? I can appreciate the stellar writing and the creativity. But I just couldn't get behind the MCs. REASONS:1. Having a shitty home life and being trapped in the closet does NOT excuse bullying others. EVER. 2. Physical abuse is never okay. NEVER. 3. Dylan getting it on with Malachi didn't work for me. THE FUCK?4. Adam. I TRIED to like him. But [...]

    2. This sexy, fun, enemies to lovers YA novel was a complete joy to read. If you like YA, then this book personifies everything that YA readers are normally looking for. In freaking spades.Dylan and Adam are both 17 y.o. high school juniors and have hated one another for years. These two give new meaning to the word "nemesis."        Detention, anyone? Yes, please. He'll take 2. heheDylan is openly gay and Adam doesn't let a single day pass without verbally squaring off against Dylan's "fuc [...]

    3. Re-read 12/9/2017. Still a 5 star read for me and exactly how I like YA stories. Where is Dirk Hunter and when is he going to write another book?. 4.5 -Operation it's raining bitches- stars!So, I thought this would be a pretty standard and maybe cliche enemies-to-lovers storyThe openly gay kid (Dylan) gets picked on at school by bullies. One of these bullies/jocks (Adam) is a closet case and eventually the animosity turns to lust which turns to love. The jock freaks out at some point because he' [...]

    4. They were very cute in the beginning. After that, things were spoiled.First of all, I had no complaint when I began the book. The premise was pretty striking: a youth and his bully. Enough to get your attention, at least. But beneath it, you feel something, not everything is obvious for the eyes, and here this statement is truer than not. I liked the first 30% a lot and I can count a few beautiful scenes that were close to break my heart. My inner goddess really swooned during this period.Then e [...]

    5. DNF @ 56%It's quite possible I didn't like anyone in this book! And then when I found out what happened after I stopped.Yup, this one just wasn't for me!

    6. I have to ask- why aren't more people reading this book???? This was such a fun & sexy read! Here we have two young men who have been enemies since elementary school. Adam, the jock, loves to torture Dylan. Dylan, the only gay boy in school (so he thinks), looks forward to his daily verbal sparring with his enemy Adam. Despite dealing with some heavy topics, this book felt light and made me chuckle several times. I loved:*Dylan*Adam*Dylan & Adam, lolThey were so cute!*The secondary group [...]

    7. After the first two chapters, I was thinking, please don't let this be another openly gay nerd and the homophobic jock-bully end up falling for each other cliché book. Well, that's exactly what it ended up being. So why 5 stars? Because it was a great read. Dirk Hunter gives a great first person perspective from Dylan's point of view, life as an openly gay high school student. Adam has been bullying him since elementary school and it's simply become a pattern of school life for them both as the [...]

    8. 4.5 “IT’S RAINING, BITCHES!” StarsThis story was funny, charming and relatable. M/M YA at its finest. And to think this is the author’s debut novel! I’m wholly impressed; by the narrative, the characters, and the impeccable writing quality (I didn’t pick up on a single grammatical error, which is a rare occurrence). So, to Mr Hunter, I say, great work and keep your editor. You now have a new loyal fan!!It was a “read in one sitting” kind of book. That should say it all.The story [...]

    9. I freaking LOVED this book! Enemies to lovers? Yes please! I adored Dylan and loved being inside his head. I grew to love Adam, too. Mel and Kai were absolutely hysterical! So were Dylan's parents. And the lunchroom scene at the end was the best!! A must read if you are a fan of YA.

    10. This played out like a gay John Hughes movie. I would love to watch it on screen. =] I think I loved Kai the most. He just did it for me. I loved how carefree and mellow he was and how everything was just fun with him. Mel is my gurl! Loved her fierceness and how protective she was of her friends. Dylan's parents were AMAZING and HILARIOUS. I loved them. Dylan and Adam's relationship was pretty much based on them bullying each other and later on turned into bickering and love. Bullying is never [...]

    11. Re-read May 2016!! Oh yes, Dylan's still so awesome the second time around. -------------4.5 starsSO MANY levels of awesomeness to this YA enemies-to-lovers story!First and foremost is Dylan. He's funny and quick-witted and he's the kind of guy who refuses to back down from a bully. In fact, he always comes out on top through his wit. He's smart, he's caring and he's got a HUGE heart. It's so obvious why Adam has been secretly in love with Dylan for years. Adam, on the other hand, starts out the [...]

    12. Absolutely fabulous! It's rare, but it happens, that I'll get a book that perfectly suits my mood right when I need it most.This was funny, heartwarming, frustrating, sweet, exasperating, hilarious, and just what I needed to read at this very moment.The only thing that would have made it better? (view spoiler)[Would be if the new kid and Will Davis had come out too. Because you know it was Will in that closet with the kid at Charlotte's New Year's party. (hide spoiler)]This review has been cross [...]

    13. Having just read two YA books almost in a row brings to the forefront that I am so glad my teen years are behind me. There's a different kind of angst that comes with this genre - more of a palpable anxiety that encompasses a lot of things because everything is so new or an actual first experience.But I digress…so as the blurb says, Dylan is suddenly faced with a literal buffet of sexual options and what he does and doesn't do and what happens and doesn't happen is the center of this fic with [...]

    14. Pigtail pulling at its finest!Meags told me to read this and I did and I really, really liked it, a lot. I am stealing her review because it says everything I would say but just not as pretty as she did. You took the words right out of my mouth!I will tell you for YA this to me was quite believable. High school is not easy and it is never perfect, but it should be fun and it should be a time to discover who you are and who you want to be.Dylan and Adam are funny as shit. Actually, a lot of it ha [...]

    15. I adored this one! Thanks to all you GR buds for the great reviews that convinced me to put this at the top of my TBR.

    16. 4.5 Stars​Once upon a time there was a boy (Adam) who liked another boy (Dylan). So, in the tradition of young boy's expressing their feelings, ​Adam picked on Dylan. Eventually, Dylan learned to use wit to combat his nemesis and their battle raged on for many years to come.I loved this story, a lot. I don't want to make light of bullying, I really don't. It's often really serious and no one ever deserves to be bullied. Adam is hiding and he's terrified of being different, so he goes with th [...]

    17. Mmmmm, no sé qué hacer con esto, le doy dos? le doy tres? Voy con las dos, aunque me ha entretenido. Historia de adolescentes, con mucho humor, algunas bromas tienen gracias, otras no tanta, al menos para mi. Está claro que el autor quiere darle un tono light, pero hay algunas aseveraciones que mmmmm, me han parecido de muy poco gusto, por mucho humor que se le intente dar, concretamente dos: que el bulling no es tan grave si no hay por medio daño físico, y cuando uno de los protagonistas d [...]

    18. God I have so much fun with this book.This make me feel that I was in highschool again, all that innecesary drama, it was so funny, Dylan is one of the most funnys characters I'd ever read.At the beegining I was a little confuse the whole situation with Kai and Adam, but them when I now fur sure who he would pick It was so sweet but it kinda went really fast.I realized I have a guilty pleasure you know inn this kinda of book when a character or both are in the closet I wait for the freak out sce [...]

    19. 3/20/2017 I read this the first time two years ago. I loved it just as much today as I did then. I truly wish there were more stories out ther by this author. I snap them up in a heartbeat.-----original review 3/31/3015-----I normally stay away from young adult stories because my son is typically the same age as the characters. *shudder* But then I saw this review and thought maybe. Then I saw this review, and I thought my reading taste seems similar to both of them. I decided to give it a chanc [...]

    20. I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, it was a quick and easy read with everything I normally like in YA books. On the other hand, there were too many "really?!"-moments to rate it better. (view spoiler)[* like Adam bullying a 2 years younger kid to hide his own gaynes(?!),* like having sex directly after Adam's mother funeral(?!) * and too many giggles the morning after(?!). * I actually like that Dylan's parents were such understandable and nice people, but it was a bit too mu [...]

    21. I tried, but the beginning did not work for me at all:“We’ve known each other since kindergarten, Adam. In all that time, you’ve called me names, fired spitballs at me, shoved my head in a toilet once, and you gave me wedgies for a week until I convinced everyone you were secretly gay and just wanted your hand down my pants. You’ve tripped me. You’ve pinched me. You’ve dumped things in my locker. But you have never, ever hurt me.”And this is AFTER Adam punched Dylan, because Dylan [...]

    22. There are no specific elements in Dirk Hunter’s charming “After School Activities” that are different from those in any other YA/LGBT novel. But Hunter (this cannot be his real name) manages to take every classic ingredient and twist it slightly, surprising the reader and transforming the tried and true into something both poignant and engaging.Disclosure: I bought this book entirely because of the redhead on the cover, who represents the main character, Dylan O’Connor. I have a profound [...]

    23. BR with Elsbeth.3.5 starsWhat can I say, this was YA, with sex! It was different and I liked it.Dylan is 17 years old and the only openly gay kid at school. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. Especially from his nemesis, Adam. They have been insulting each other since kindergarten. And Dylan actually enjoys it. He notices that Adam has been acting weird lately and he finds out he cares. He even offers to listen to Adam if he needs it and to Dylan’s surprise Adam takes him up on it. That is ho [...]

    24. Re-read December 2015. This one to better the 2nd time around (view spoiler)[ probably because the whole Kai-loving didn't surprise the hell out of me (hide spoiler)] and I absolutely love it!First read: 29Mar2015This book was a bit tricky to rateSometimes it felt like the story was a bit all over the place, and didn’t quite know which direction to take, sometimes it was so good I had tears in my eyes, and sometimes I was really laughing (I think the book really managed to keep a fine balance [...]

    25. Let me start by saying I usually don't read a lot of YA books. I've read a few and liked some, but usually they're too dramatic and not steamy enough. However, this book was incredible! And if the lack of sex would stop you from reading this book, stop right there! It has sex, hot, funny sex, not too much, not too little, just enough!This book is written from Dylan's POV, and I can't praise enough what a good job the author did when giving voice to this character. Dylan is hilarious at best and [...]

    26. Thank god TayaJay read this a loved it or I might not have even given it a second glance. Why, you ask? Because when I saw the name Dirk Hunter my went directly to Dirk Diggler of Boogie Nights fame which made me think it was going to be one of those porn with maybe a shitty plot type books.It was not!! It was fantasticd funnyd snarkyd did I mention funny? So freaking clever. We have Dylan, the out and proud smartass and his nemesis Adam, the cool jock so far in the closet it's ridiculous. They' [...]

    27. I've been thinking about this book a lot for the past two days and can't help but think that the author had Kurt and Karofsky in mind when he came up with his MCs. Well, and if not, then that's who I am left imagining as the MCs after reading this book.

    28. I am firmly in the camp that LOVES this book! The snark, the feels, the first person POV: it's exactly what I like. Dylan. Just. He's awesome! Adam, well, bless his little heart, I couldn't help but love him, too. HIGHLY recommend!

    29. Fun read. Oddly humorous. Predictable, mostly. But, I didn't mind that much at all. Nice story. Happy ending. I'm feeling all cuddly inside. Sogood book.

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