Those Four Letter Words

Those Four Letter Words Librarian Notes this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B DR X E Eighteen year old Jade Reamer is a tough girl with a reputation to prove it She loves three people and three people only her brother

  • Title: Those Four Letter Words
  • Author: Christina Channelle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Notes this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00DR6X20E.Eighteen year old Jade Reamer is a tough girl with a reputation to prove it She loves three people and three people only her brother, her boyfriend, and her best friend Everyone else is irrelevant.That is until Reed enters the picture again.Suddenly things start to spiral out of control and things areLibrarian Notes this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00DR6X20E.Eighteen year old Jade Reamer is a tough girl with a reputation to prove it She loves three people and three people only her brother, her boyfriend, and her best friend Everyone else is irrelevant.That is until Reed enters the picture again.Suddenly things start to spiral out of control and things aren t as they seem Life is no longer simply black and white, love versus hate Suddenly, it s hard to figure out which of those four letter words is true.Especially when she can t look away from those devil eyes.I love you I hate you I love you I hate you Which is it I don t even know any.Well, let s find out.This 15,000 word novella contains coarse language, angst driven young adults, and a lot of pent up frustration.Oh yeah Plus love and a little bit of hate Mature YA New Adult Contemporary

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      Christina Channelle is the author of Young Adult and New Adult Fiction, her series including Four Letters and Blood Crave She s happily addicted to coffee, the colour green, and Netflix She s also partial to writing about angsty girls who may or may not have a potty mouth Christina was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, graduating with both Bachelor of Arts and Doctorate degrees She is currently enrolled in a post graduate television writing and producing program where she looks forward to being buried in scripts and producing awesome web series.


    1. First of all Thank you Christina Channelle for allowing me to read an ARC of this book. Those Four Letter Words was an enjoyable read! The characters and their personalities are easy to relate to. The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what is going to happen next.This is a quick read and with that being said, my only complaint is that it was not long enough!! Just as you start to fall for the characters and get immersed in their lives, the story wraps. However, I little bir [...]

    2. I was asked to read an ARC copy in exchange for a honest review. The story captured my attention from start to finish. Every character is unique in their own way and there's a good message derived from this story. Everybody can relate to it and that's what I love most. Great work Christina!!! :)

    3. I love love loved it TFLW is Jade Reamer's story where she tells us about her love-hate relationships with the people close to her. In the beginning Jade tells us about her English assignment on the most amazing topic of love and hate, discussing the differences and similarities between the two. But for Jade it a bullshit and a moronic assignment. Why? Because in the following story she discusses about the people in her life and the relationship she share with them. Why is that a problem? Well I [...]

    4. This is the first new adult book I’m reviewing. According to USA Today, “New Adult novels explore the terrifying and wonderful chasm between adolescence and adulthood”. While the story in this book doesn’t exactly explore that chasm much, I could see some of that element in the story. It is a short story (only 15,000 words) but it is unforgettable. The story dives right into the main plot with barely any buildup. Along the way, we discover bits of information about Jade and Reed’s past [...]

    5. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I usually prefer longer reads over short stories because I feel I never am able to connect with the characters, but this is definitely an exception. Christina Channelle wrote this in such a way that I was able to get to know the main character, Jade, just by reading the first page. I really enjoyed how it was written from Jade's point of view and in her voice.Jade is an 18 year old tough girl that doesn't take sh*t from anyone. She is given [...]

    6. Love and HateFour Letter Words.Strong Four letter words.I started reading this about on the weary and edgy side, I really didn't know what to expect with all the tension and mystery as to what would happen next. Though only a novella, the romance is pretty captivating and exciting, I even find myself rooting for someone. I really find the way it was written suitable for the story itself, short but definitely concise (though I'm still looking for little tidbits more). The story build-up was reall [...]

    7. Thank you to Kelly and Ms. Channelle for providing an ecopy of this bookCover: It’s cute…Jade:According to her, there are only 3 people who are important in her life, or 3 people she loves… Those are her brother, her best friend and her boyfriend…She’s struggling between love and hate especially if we’re talking about Reed… Those two had a past that Jade doesn’t like that’s why she hates him… But then love was also involved in that past… She says she hates him, but I think [...]

    8. My brain is on emotional overload after this story! Review coming soon as soon as I can think like a normal human instead of an emotional girl who just read an amazing story! :)24 hours later, thinking clearly.I adored this book. It was a quick read, but it was clear that Christina dug deep into her MC Jade and pulled out a very authentic, "tough girl" teen voice. Jade is full of angst and emotion, both good and bad, and it felt very real to me. There is a lot of drama, and Jade goes through a l [...]

    9. I got this book to write an honest review so here it is. This review may have SPOILERS, so you've been warned!Jade Reamers life is fine, well kind of, except for her idiotic boyfriend who cheats on her and whom she still loves, that is until she is aware of the fact that Reed is back. As the story is told you get to know the history of Jade and Reed. Thereby you understand why Jade behaves towards Reed the way she does. I really liked Jade's character. She is this cool chick who does not hesitat [...]

    10. Those Four Letter Words packed a lot of emotional punch for a novella. I was drawn in immediately by Jade’s raw, authentic teenage voice. The author did a wonderful job of crafting her as a sharp-edged character with some hidden vulnerabilities. Since it’s a novella, it’s hard to say too much about the plot without spoiling it, but I will say the author captured the difficulty of feeling justifiably angry with someone, yet at the same time feeling guilty and torn because that person has go [...]

    11. Those Four Letter Words is a great short story about a very relatable character Jade and her struggle with love and hate. I’m typically a longer read type of girl due to the sheer fact that I enjoy the angst and build up of characters and their issues. However, this short has it all! Angst, romance, and twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect it to take. The chapters and subplots change so quickly that it makes for this novella to be a super fast read. I honestly just wanted to keep readin [...]

    12. In some ways the story follows the lines of a typical older teen/young adult tale. However, what set this novella apart for me was the way it was written. I loved the fact that the story was written as a writing assignment on love and hate that the main character had to turn in to a teacher. It added an element of humor and made the novella feel like the best version of the story. Although Jade takes several hits one after another, her ability to figure it out in the end was great. Even though r [...]

    13. Within the first few pages of this book, the reader knows s/he's in the hands of a master storyteller. Christina Channelle has a great writing style. Her romance is very captivating and the characters in the book were very realistic. The beauty of the writing is only matched by the humanity of the characters. Channelle takes us inside their minds and their hearts and we see them laid bare, essentially good people but with their flaws and weaknesses exposed, to us and to themselves. The plot was [...]

    14. Those Four Letter Words is a quick and enticing read that definitely leaves the reader wanting more. I loved Reed and I might die if I don’t get more of him soon! I’m a sucker for guys with green eyes, though. Jade is one of the very few kickass girls that I can honestly say I was rooting for while reading this. Christina did a fabulous job with each character and the story itself. The story sucks you in, and you’ll often find yourself thinking “OMG! NO!” and you’ll wish to kick a fe [...]

    15. divainpyjamas/I really enjoyed Those Four Little Words, and devoured it within one sitting. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be the first person to read this angst driven, emotionally charged book in it's entirety.Jade is genuine, her persona is realistic and true to life. I spent the first half of four letter words on edge, the tension is unbearable and you know something is coming. It was an emotional read, my only complaint is that I want more! Christina Channelle seemed to hi [...]

    16. Those Four Letter Words by Christina Channelle is an awesome novella!! Without a doubt, I give it 5 stars. Love and Hate. Two completely different words, yet so closely related it’s scary. Jade is a no-nonsense girl and only has love for those few select people and doesn’t care to deal with anyone outside her circle, although that circle continues to change on her. I love how this novella is written and I can’t wait for the next book in the series to see how Jade’s story continues. I lov [...]

    17. I'm not the biggest fan of short stories because they sometimes can't develop the characters. Those Four Letter Words was not like that at all. The way it was written gave me a feel of who Jade was and what she was going through. There are some hard truths about love, hate, and lost. I also loved the ending. Now I hope there will be a longer story about Jade and Reed, also that B can have a story. I hope to read more from Christina Channelle in the future. I'm glad I got the chance to read this [...]

    18. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Love vs Hate Is there really a difference? This Novella is Jades Story about the difference or lack thereof between love and hate. As well as everything that she faces from the very few people that she loves. I really love this story and was sad that it was so short. I'm hoping there will be more to it that will go Into the relationship between jade and reed.

    19. I received this arc in exchange for an honest review.Great story!! Even though this was a short story, it still felt completed to me! I mean don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to read more, but I didn't feel like I read an incomplete story. There were a lot if different dynamics going on for such a short story but they all tied in nicely.

    20. Actual rating: 3.5 starsNote: I received a free digital copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours via Smashwords in exchange for an honest review.Hi! Today I have a review on Those Four Letter Words, the prequel novella to Jaded Little Lies. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant in reading this book, as I am with most NA books. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and it was a quick, enjoyable read.Quick SummaryThis is a short novella written as a writing assignment on love and hate [...]

    21. "Life is full of love-hate relationships, isn't it? Then there are those people that you just love to hate."I enjoyed this novella very much! From the first page, I wanted to know more about Jade. What started out as a school assignment on love and hate, it slowly turned into something more. You get into Jade's mind and you find out how she views every personal relationship in her life. From her parents and brother, to her boyfriend and best friend. You also learn that the one person she seems t [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading this quick, short story. It was easy-ish to relate to Jade and some of her struggles. I have been through some similar situations that she went through involving her best friend, Nina, but not the exact same. If it were a different story with a different plot, I probably would have hated Jade, but it wasn't, so I liked her. I understood why she said certain things or acted a certain way. I loved Reed, although I did have my moments where I was silently yelling at him bec [...]

    23. Although this was a short novella, it was packed with a whole lot. Jade isn't the most likable character to me, she's angry and volatile for a whole lot of reasons I don't understand. Her boyfriend cheats on her, but she always takes him back anyway, so he's not the one to blame. Just because you want to fight all the time, doesn't make you a "bad" or "kickass" heroine.cially when you might be the one to blame for your longtime boyfriend straying.There were, in fact, so many emotional events goi [...]

    24. I was apprehensive about reading Those Four Letter Words by Christina Channelle because it was a novella, and most times with novellas I am left with wanting more. A lot more. But somehow with Those Four letter Words, Christina has compacted a story with plot twists and tension satisfied within 58 pages; so I was more than happy as I reached the very last page. I would have loved to have a longer story with Reed and Jade as a couple, we as readers can always hope.I was slightly annoyed that ther [...]

    25. A Terrific Quick ReadThis is a short read but is really chock full and doesn't leave you feeling like you're missing out on anything and doesn't have that rushed feeling that you get with so many short reads. I really enjoyed the characters and the writing flows along nicely. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. You wouldn't think that there would be room for twists and turns in a novella or the chance to connect with the characters, but this offered b [...]

    26. I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.I was captured by this story from the beginning. This was a very unique story and the characters are unique in their own way. Jade's life is going ok, besides the fact her boyfriend cheated on her. Her old friend Reed shows back up and things get a little complicated. I really liked her character. This was definitely a nice read and it actually didn't feel rushed like most short stories do.Review done in conjunction with Nerd Girl [...]

    27. This was a great quick read. The story is mostly from Jade's point of view. There is one chapter from Reed's point of view. The story starts with Jade writing an assignment on the topic of the similarities between love and hate. The story was well written and I was drawn into it before I finished the first chapter. I was completely surprised (in a good way) by the direction the story went in chapters 7 and 8. This story is a 15,000 word novella. I wish it was longer. A copy was received for a re [...]

    28. Fun! Fun! Fun! I really like the fact that the viewpoint was a paper that needed to be written by a teenager full of angst. We have all wanted to write "take that Mrs. Smith!" to one of our English teachers! Although Jade is not the bad girl you are led to believe, she is full of spunk. The "adopted" part seemed to be thrown in as filler and wasn't fully developed so it seems a bit out of place. That in itself could become a couple of chapters in this novella. *I received a free copy of the nove [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this short story. Jade (the main character) is a tough cookie and I can see how she might get on the nerves of some readers, but for me it worked. Her “me vs. the world” outlook and tough girl persona didn’t seem forced. The full review can be found at katetilton/march-2015-k8ap

    30. I'm the author so I'm partial to the characters in this little novella of mine. Every single one of them has a place in my heart no matter how imperfect they are. It's real, it's raw, and I hope you enjoy it! -CC

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