The Unquiet: A Charlie Parker Thriller

The Unquiet A Charlie Parker Thriller Haunted private detective Charlie Parker returns in this thriller by New York Times and internationally bestselling author John Connolly Daniel Clay a once respected psychiatrist has gone missing f

  • Title: The Unquiet: A Charlie Parker Thriller
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9781501122668
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Haunted private detective Charlie Parker returns in this thriller by New York Times and internationally bestselling author John Connolly.Daniel Clay, a once respected psychiatrist, has gone missing, following revelations about the harm done to children in his care Now, a killer obsessed with finding the truth about his own daughter 8217 s disappearance is seeking revHaunted private detective Charlie Parker returns in this thriller by New York Times and internationally bestselling author John Connolly.Daniel Clay, a once respected psychiatrist, has gone missing, following revelations about the harm done to children in his care Now, a killer obsessed with finding the truth about his own daughter 8217 s disappearance is seeking revenge, and Charlie Parker finds himself trapped between those who want the truth about Clay to be revealed, and those who will go to any lengths to keep it hidden.As with his previous novels, John Connolly masterfully intertwines mystery, emotion, and violence in this gripping page turner Fast paced, hypnotic, and elegantly written, The Unquiet is John Connolly at his chilling best.

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    1. One of the most straight-forward of the Charlie Parker novels I have read, and quite possibly the most bleak, as well. As always, Connolly weaves a tale that is able to completely immerse you from the very beginning, and hold your attention until the final page. Angel and Louis (Connolly's usual comic-relief duo) are present in this novel, but to a much lesser degree than in some of its predecessors.The storyline doesn't contain as many divergent paths as earlier novels in the series, but was no [...]

    2. Charlie “Bird” Parker is an ex-New York police officer. Now working as a private detective, he is also hunting the killer of his wife and daughter. A mother named Rebecca Clay hires him to shoo away Frank Merrick a.k.a. “Revenger” who is stalking and tormenting Rebecca and her daughter. Merrick wants to know the true whereabouts of Rebecca’s father Daniel Clay who mysteriously disappeared five years ago. Daniel Clay used to work as a psychiatrist specializing in abused children. Parker [...]

    3. In March of 2009, I started reading Charlie’s journey through the criminal underworld with “Every Dead Thing”. While having a little supernatural stuff thrown in there, his character reminded me of a “Batman-ish” vigilante. You had the classic story line of a traumatic event happening to an undeserving person which leads into spending their life trying to make amends for what happened. I loved it – I was hooked right away. The first book was full of such anger, he hated the world and [...]

    4. Great, creepy read, with elements of mystery/crime fiction. Not really horror, though; Connolly creates his own genre. Creepish-mystery.It's best to read the Charlie Parker series in order, IMO. Each book can be read alone, but a lot of the nuances, depth, and complexity are lost if done so. There are reoccurring characters, most of whom get their own back stories, eventually. But like people do irl, these characters develop, change, and take twists and turns which are both predictable to their [...]

    5. Cuando descubre tarde una serie, como me ha ocurrido con John Connolly y su fantástico Charlie Parker, corre el peligro de leer los libros muy seguidos en lugar de con el intervalo de años con que han sido escritos.En estos casos la lectura puede hacerse pesada e identificar en cada volumen el esquema que le funciona al autor y repite en cada libro. Por no hablar de aquellos elementos que te ponen en situación con lo contado en novelas anteriores pero que te rechinan al haberlos leídos hace [...]

    6. Какъвто и да ви изглеждам - мил, обичен,в делата си досущ на него съм приличен.Не вярвате ли? Тогаз дъските подни разковете,отдолу тайните ми потърсете

    7. Frank Merrick is a dangerous man, a violent ex-con set on finding out what happened to his missing daughter. He believes the answers lie with psychiatrist Daniel Clay, accused years ago of promoting the sexual abuse of some of the children he treated. Clay has been declared legally dead, but since Merrick thinks Clay's reclusive daughter Rebecca keeping him hidden away. Badly frightened, Rebecca hires detective Charlie Parker to warn Merrick off. But Merrick will not be warned, and Parker procee [...]

    8. Sixth Charlie Parker novel. Back in New England dealing with religious fanatics, child molesters and other evil men. There are always two stories going on in these books; the main investigation and the a side character, usually evil, hunting or following Parker or his compatriots. The threads mix and weave together in interesting and unpredictable ways. Connolly tells quite a yarn. One of Connolly’s great strengths as a writer has to do with the way he furthers the narrative; I mentioned earli [...]

    9. Charlie Parker - you are my hero! Plus Angel and Louis of course. This is the sixth in the Charlie Parker series and they are definitely not losing my interest. In fact I think they are getting better and better. There is some disturbing stuff in this one about child pornography which I tried not to dwell on too much. And there are quite a few ghostly beings making themselves known which makes it a book you read in a well lit room preferably in the middle of the day surrounded by a lot of people [...]

    10. Despite having the most linear plot of all the Parker books, THE UNQUIET is a superb read, and less cluttered than THE BLACK ANGEL. If there's a fault to be found it's in the lack of Angel & Louis, who ordinarily provide a welcome dose of humor in Connolly's grim tales.

    11. Magnificent as always. A bit less supernatural than its predecsesor Black Angel. One thing worth mentioning is (and I wish I knew this beforehand) it would make sense to read Charlie Parker novella included in Nocturnes first before reading this book. Highly recommended.

    12. This is the first Charlie Parker novel I've read and it was brilliant. The writing is superb and very powerful. The plot is intelligently complex but mixed with a strong paranormal undertone. The characters are really well crafted. You root for Parker all the way through because unlike other heroes he is believable in being fallible, and you are worried he could be on the losing end in any given situation.If I had to criticize the book for one thing then it would have to be the supernatural side [...]

    13. This is the first book I've read by John Connolly but I've already ordered another. He is a writer that I will continue to read. His prose is remarkable and his characterizations are deep and give the reader a true feeling for each and every person in the book. It is a mystery/thriller with some hints of the supernatural. Normally, if one were to say the word 'supernatural' in reference to a book, I wouldn't even begin the first page. However, this is different. The elements of the supernatural [...]

    14. John Connolly's "The Unquiet" is, perhaps, Connolly's most straight-forward murder mystery to date. By that I mean that it does not have the rambling expository passages and poetic flourishes that have graced some of his other novels. I think it's due to the harsh and rather ugly subject matter: pedophelia. Not a lot one can (or would want to) poeticize about that. Not missing from the book is Connolly's deft handling of the supernatural. It's toned down a bit in this one, but he manages to brin [...]

    15. Всички се погнусяваме и отвращаваме от педофилите, ала тази книга задълбава още по-навътре и изкарва на бял свят същността на подобен тип изверги и цялата ни черна, неподправена омраза, която заслужават. Авторът ни е показал едва ли не, че някаква зла висша сила помага на по [...]

    16. 'The Unquiet', book 6 in the private detective Charlie Parker series, is a sad novel. It has an ending, but it isn't very happy. Not only is Parker shocked by how the stalking case he tries to fix for his new client spins out into an unexpected crime of child abuse, he suffers a more personal loss which he can't afford. Then, after learning a little more than he wants about the supernatural forces following him, he is left with a sour truth "This world is full of broken things" The dark entities [...]

    17. I have this happy little addiction to thrillers - and John Connolly is a favorite. Yes, it's formulaic but it's a great escape and a refreshing departure from more intellectually stimulating fare. Charlie Parker is an ex-cop and private eye with a troubled past and a troubled present - family problems and relationship issues with the various law enforcement agencies a private investigator is often obliged to bump into. The Unquiet is a reference to victims of a sinister cabal of men who are sexu [...]

    18. I have mixed feelings about this book. Given its genre, it couldn't have been too bad, because it suited me fine while I was stuck in an airport for four hours today--and this, even though I usually go to great lengths to avoid fiction that has supernatural elements. As escapism, it does the job, and I also learned more than I ever wanted to know about the gruesome world of child pornography. My attitude is that all knowledge is good, and it's necessary to be aware of the grotesque underbelly of [...]

    19. THE UNQUIET (PI/Suspense-Charlie Parker-Maine-Cont) – VG+Connolly, John – 6th in seriesHodder & Stoughton, 2007, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780340920480First Sentence: This world is full of broken things: broken hearts and broken promises, broken people.*** PI Charlie Parker is hired to protect Rebecca Clay. Her father, Daniel, was once a respected psychiatrist but many years ago, after his career was ruined by information being released about the harm children suffered while in his care, h [...]

    20. Esta saga no hace mas que mejorar, no entiendo como Connolly supera a sus propios personajes de libro a libro, mas detallados y macabros a la vez; de cuando en cuando me escalofrío un poco al pensar en Pudd o el Coleccionista que junto con Moloch (de Malvados de Connolly pero no de la serie Charlie Parker) son mis mentes perversas favoritas. La mención entrecruzada de Malvados es fugaz pero deliciosa. No puedo decir cual es mi entrega predilecta de esta serie, tal vez no necesito tenerla, pues [...]

    21. A veces, como 'divertimento', me gusta adentrarme en una novela negra y pese a que, normalmente, suelen ser novelas flojas, tras leer 'Los atormentados' de Connolly uno tiene la sensación de que la buena literatura no entiende de géneros. Connolly consigue crear un relato estremecedor, con personajes creíbles y una escenografía oscura hilada a partir de una virtud literaria más que transparente.

    22. Will poor Charlie Parker ever catch a break? The Unquiet is another on a long another of stellar John Connolly books.A full review to follow soon.

    23. This is one dark story, a tale of child abuse and revenge. Darkness envelops Parker throughout, he’s haunted by his dead wife and daughter as well as by other ghostly beings. If you like a story guaranteed to raise the hair at the back of your neck and goosebumps on the arms, this is one for you. This story is pretty straightforward, no wandering off the main thrust. Parker is hired to protect a woman from a stalker. Parker brings in Jackie Garner and the Fulci brothers to help out but they do [...]

    24. John Connolly's Charlie Parker is one of the most interesting detectives in modern contemporary fiction. He's hard-boiled yet sensitive, violent yet compassionate. He is in touch with spirits from the other side, especially those of his slain wife and daughter who were slaughtered in quite an unsettling fashion in EVERY DEAD THING. The killers he tracks down are warped, twisted, and cringe-inducing and are some of the darkest characters one will in encounter in the modern detective novel. THE UN [...]

    25. A good book with a unique story. I was not sure why the author titled it the "Unquiet" unless it referred to the occasional voices of the characters' personal ghosts as whispers in their ears. I thought, instead, that it would be more appropriately named Hollow Men since they were referred to so much throughout the story. Some of the story jumped around a bit and it was not always clear to a speedy reader, such as myself, who was doing the narrating at times or what they were referring to in som [...]

    26. I'm embarrassed to admit this. I first discovered John Connolly because at the Balboa Peninsula library he shared a shelf with one of my favorite crime novelists, Michael Connelly. The first book I read by Mr. Connolly was YA and I loved it. The Infernals was both scary and fun with a sharp-tongued edginess and Dante-inspired mayhem I appreciated. It never spoke down to its audience while its slang (Irish, perhaps, like the author) was unfamiliar and foreign in a wonderful way. The Unquiet is an [...]

    27. Yet another great entry in the Charlie Parker series. A little light on Louis and Angel (can't help feeling that way, they are one of my absolute favorite things about the whole series). The sexual abuse of children is very difficult to read and write about, but Connolly did a fantastic job here. There was the same dark feel as with the prior books. I was happy to see Charlie evolve as a character and my interest is definitely peaked for the next installment!Just a side note: I always have a har [...]

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