Aegis Incursion

Aegis Incursion On a bright July morning in a B Superfortress flying a top secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks remaining lost for half a century It has be

  • Title: Aegis Incursion
  • Author: S.S. Segran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On a bright July morning in 1948, a B 29 Superfortress flying a top secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks, remaining lost for half a century It has been nearly a year since five friends Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari mysteriously reappeared in a small town in Yukon several weeks after their small plane went down inOn a bright July morning in 1948, a B 29 Superfortress flying a top secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks, remaining lost for half a century It has been nearly a year since five friends Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari mysteriously reappeared in a small town in Yukon several weeks after their small plane went down in Northern Canada All were found in good health but with no recollection of what happened to them after the crash.A baffling contagion is spreading across the bread basket of North America destroying vital crops As this dark shadow marches across the globe, widespread famine and riots bring desperate nations to the brink of war.These seemingly unrelated events set the stage for a battle between the forces of darkness and those destined to become the bearers of light From ravaged fields in the Great Plains to clandestine installations around the world, the Aegis League must race against time to save humanity.

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    1. S.S. Segran

      An avid reader since early childhood, S.S.Segran had written many short stories before embarking on AEGIS RISING , the first book in the Aegis League Series In crafting the premise for the novel she drew from the captivating imagery of the Pacific Northwest, the intriguing wonders of nature and the amazing potential of the human mind She enjoys drawing and horseback riding S.S.Segran is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in British Columbia She is an ardent fan of parkour and freerunning S.S.Segran is also the founder of Aegis League, a non profit organization whose goal is to support youths living in places and conditions that deny them opportunities to grow The mission of the organization is to provide resources that help these youths explore their potential This includes life skills training and micro loan funding to help them launch small businesses in the communities where they reside For information please visit aegisleague


    1. As it states, this book can be read as a standalone, though it is a sequel. I read it as the first book and I must say, it is completely true. I never felt lost or as though I had missed important details. I loved the book and am actually keen, not only to read the rest of the series, but also to pop back and read the first book. I want to know all the details about how they became what they are.This book really is the perfect match for Percy fans and those who have read Paul Durham’s books. I [...]

    2. AEGIS INCURSION is an Action Adventure / Fantasy story by S. S. Segran that was recommended to me; it is the second book of the Aegis League Series Book 2. I asked a few other readers regarding the book as I had not read the prior title and it is one of the rare few that works good as a stand-alone story.While it is geared for the Teen / Young Adult audience it was still a very good book for an adult that enjoys Action Adventure / Fantasy story that is part paranormal, part magic and one that pi [...]

    3. The adventure continues, will the cost become to high? Will winning be worth it, or will a loss be better then the alternative?This review is from: AEGIS INCURSION (Teen/YA - Action Adventure, Fantasy) (The Aegis League Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)This young Author continues to impress and build her characters and her story lines further out into the world to encompass issues and themes that can resonate more and more. These books become the ones that you recommend and pass on to the next gen [...]

    4. This sequel to Aegis Rising is even better than the first book. The story follows five teenagers on a road trip from their home in Montana to California. But these aren't five ordinary teens. The year before they had crash landed in a plane in northern British Columbia and taken in by an isolated native tribe, hailed as the answer to an age old prophecy. The natives trained them in the first book, and they developed some special skills, powers if you will. They helped the natives overcome a dead [...]

    5. And the GOOD FIGHT continues.I have read both books now. And the GOOD fight will continue in book number three. This is a good clean book, for ALL ages. There is mystery, of what is going on, what is coming next. There is action, of how the kids will handle the bad guys. It also makes you think about what could happen to the world if things were to happen the way it does in the book. And what kind of person would you be, if it did. I would recommend this book.

    6. awesome!I have to start by saying that I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. I have no trouble with that because this book is amazing!! The story line draws the reader in and is terrifying that the events could take place. The Five work so well together and are great friends as well as a team. I can NOT wait for the next installment. Excellent book.

    7. I have discovered that some sequels aren't as good as the original. That is not the case with this sequel. "Aegis Incursion" is just as exciting an adventure as the first. It is definitely a worthy successor. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    8. Thanks for a wonderful seriesAction heroes are not just adults any more. If we like all the adult heroes we should love these kids. Using powers that they developed by hard work and trial they face and odds and win. A great story and waiting for the next book.

    9. Okay, so I did not read the first book. I was told this could be read as a stand alone book, and they weren't kidding. Absolutely no mis-step in getting into the story whatsoever.Wow! What an incredibly imaginative story…very scientific in theory, I'm wondering if the author has some kind of background in physics or something? If not, she surly did her research, just the little nanomites alone are something else. And then of course there's all the supernatural excitement included, so this make [...]

    10. A book not to be missed! A great sequel to the first book, Aegis Rising!This book is well thought out and well written. Loved every minute of it. It was also insightful in terms of learning about advanced technology and its scary to think how that could be used against human existence. Aegis Incursion kept me on the edge of my seat. It was filled with many nail-biting moments and was action packed that I wish it was a movie I'm watching. Perhaps one day it will be! Besides the action and suspens [...]

    11. The Next BIG YA Series! I couldn’t put this book down. The pacing is tight, the plot is gripping and it has interesting twists and turns that make you go whoa! And the action, OMG! Definitely one of the best sequels ever for any series, period! It’s got so many different strands that the author expertly brings to a heart-pounding convergence. And to see the way the Five teens have grown is truly astounding. Can’t wait for Book Three! Kudos to S.S.Segran! Thank you for giving this reader an [...]

    12. Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5Readers, note that you don't need to have read the first Aegis League novel to fully appreciate this one - this story does entirely stand alone. While this may be frustrating for followers of the series, it does allow newcomers to be rapidly brought up to speed.I thought that this was a definite improvement on the first book. The story flowed a lot better, reintroducing the principle five characters and their abilities while interspersing their development with some ve [...]

    13. AEGIS INCURSION is the second book in the Aegis League series. Since I haven't read the first book, I was a bit nervous with throwing myself neck-deep into this unfamiliar apocalyptic meets Elders-of-an-ancient-tribe world, but the author did a great job at bringing a new reader up to speed.In neat, short, well-paced chapters, we are introduced to the main ensemble cast consisting of five teenagers: the Geeky Aari, the Always-Hungry Kody, the Daring Jag, the Touchy Tegan, and the Observing Maria [...]

    14. If you liked the Hunger Games or the Divergent Series then you will really love this series of books. Each one is good on its own, but as a series they are great. I was holding my breath through most of the book. The action is almost non stop and often leaves you breathless. There are times that I had to stop reading for a few minutes to just take a breath. The characters are totally believable and there are times when they seem like super heroes and then they go and remind you that they really [...]

    15. This is the second book in the Aegis League series. While it helps to have read the first book in the series, the author does a good job at bringing a new reader up to speed. You have 5 teenagers who lost their memory of a period of time from the previous summer (details of that adventure in Book 1). Add in a new adventure this summer, nightmares, kidnappings, a maniacal figure who wants to destroy most of the world to create a new utopia, food shortages, civil unrest, and you have the makings o [...]

    16. Even better than Book One. Very impressive young author with a unique and engaging YA series unlike anything out there. I see a great future for this author in the vein on JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins. & James Dashner. The writing is very descriptive, the action heart- pounding and the characters engaging. Highly recommended for young adults and adults alike. This book can be read as a standalone.

    17. Excellent sequel to Aegis Rising Too often the second book in a series falls down, but not so in this case! Aegis Incursion is a perfect example of what a sequel should be - expanding on the story line, developing more depth in the characters and an ending that leaves you anxious for book three to hit the shelves.I, for one, can't wait to see where she goes next.

    18. Although the second in a series, I felt this could stand on its own. Targeted for young adults, I think fantasy-minded adults like myself will enjoy it. S.S. Segran is a talented author with promise.

    19. I received this book free for an honest review. I could not put this book down. I was on the edge of my sit. Really great story line. Can't wait for the next one

    20. Great book by S.S. Segran. I can not wait until the next one comes out. Will there be more than three in the series? This one, like the first was very hard to put down.

    21. We are proud to announce that AEGIS INCURSION by S.S. Segran is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

    22. Aegis Incursion is the second book in The Aegis League series by S.S. Segran. In the first book, Aegis Rising, we follow the adventures of a group of five teenagers whose plane has crash landed in Dema-Ki, the hidden valley. With the help of villagers, they learn new powers. However, in Aegis Incursion, it's months after they've returned to their homes. Yet, they've lost their memories of what has happened. Crops are dying all over the world and, on a road trip, the five find that they might be [...]

    23. This is the second book in the series and takes over with the 5 friends returned home, but with no memory whatsoever of the previous 3 months. They have had the rest of the school year being made fun of and need some together time to recover and get their mojo as friends back.They spent the term planning a road trip to California and set off once school is over. The start of the trip is fairly normal with just Jag having bad dreams, which he has been having since he returned homeThe prophecy the [...]

    24. S.S. Segran delivers again!Overall, this is not my genre but I am so glad I stepped outside of my "genre box" with the first book in the series, AEGIS RISING, and now the second book, AEGIS INCURSION. This author has an amazingly imaginative mind! The characters are well-developed; as a reader you care about them. There's a fair amount of science and techno geek knowledge in order to know how to pull off some of these ideas. The reader doesn't require the knowledge though, as it is explained in [...]

    25. Cant wait for the next one'sEveryone who likes science friction this the series for them. I could not stop reading until the end. What a good read.

    26. I picked this book mainly because I was intrigued by the idea that part of the story was based in my childhood stomping grounds. Picking it based on that was a HUGE mistake. I couldn't enjoy the story because I was so mad about all the mistakes.Let's start with the beginning. July on Lake Mead is HOT. And the idea that a boy is trying to get his first fish of the season is ridiculous. I could see April, but not July. Secondly, there are no town's near enough that he could run somewhere for help. [...]

    27. Sequels are often harder to write than the original and often don't live up to expectations. Thankfully with Aegis Incursion, author S.S. Segran adds to the Aegis saga with a flair for description, whether it's of fishing or aviation, and the easy to read prose never gets in the way of a briskly paced plot.It's tempting to guess the baddies early on. The relationships between the teenagers on their road trip are both dynamic and comfortable. Our protagonists are rarely out of danger and their ad [...]

    28. I has been a year since book 1 and we find Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari doing their own things. Although they had been trained, worked together, and developed abilities they had their memories clouded so they don’t remember any of this. They have drifted apart and decide to go on a trip to be closer like they used to be. There is a group that has been affecting the crops of the world and the kids have a run in with them that brings all their memories back. It is now up to the kids to figh [...]

    29. The stunning adventure continues! After losing their memories of the time spent in the mysterious village, the 5 friends decide to take a break and reconnect with each other by embarking on a cross country road trip. Little do they know, sinister forces are seeking them out and mysterious guardians are uncovered. A mysterious crop plague is decimating the world and the friends must recover their lost memories and abilities to save the world. The layers into society, politics and power reaches de [...]

    30. Second in a series so I came in late do to speak, but was still able to follow this tale of 5 high school aged young people who having survived a plane crash and being missing for weeks, reappear seemingly now worse for wear, but remembering nothing of what happened while they were missing. Setting of on a road trip after their senior year they soon encounter some strange occurrences and find themselves going headlong into danger while there missing memories start to reemerge and they discover s [...]

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