Found In the world of paid killers vulnerability is dangerous and love will get you killed For many years Ellie has trained to be an assassin in order to kill the men who kidnapped and raped her when she

  • Title: Found
  • Author: Tara Crescent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the world of paid killers, vulnerability is dangerous and love will get you killed For many years, Ellie has trained to be an assassin in order to kill the men who kidnapped and raped her when she was eighteen Nothing else has been allowed to interfere with her mission But when she meets the sexy and mysterious Alexander Hamilton at a bar, her tough fa ade crumbles, In the world of paid killers, vulnerability is dangerous and love will get you killed For many years, Ellie has trained to be an assassin in order to kill the men who kidnapped and raped her when she was eighteen Nothing else has been allowed to interfere with her mission But when she meets the sexy and mysterious Alexander Hamilton at a bar, her tough fa ade crumbles, and she can t help but be drawn to him Alexander Hamilton lives by his own rules and has his own hidden agenda When he sees Ellie, he knows he wants her, though he knows he can never allow himself to have her One night is all that is permitted However, Ellie and Alexander are hiding secrets from each other Their worlds are about to intersect and the secrets they keep might end up destroying both of them Found is BOOK ONE of the ASSASSIN S REVENGE romantic erotic suspense series Found Erotic Romantic Suspense Book 1 B00W2MG5WG Bought Erotic Romantic Suspense Book 2 B00W03H98Q Freed Erotic Romantic Suspense Book 3 B00WA0JWRA Claimed Erotic Romantic Suspense Book 4 B00XB2HVDI

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      Hello, I m Tara Crescent I ve always fantasized about being a mysterious spy, leading a secret double life, and now, I find that that s come true Sort of By day, I m a mild mannered corporate drone in Toronto, but by night, I m limited only by my imagination I sit, and I type, and I am a daring writer of BDSM, erotica and romance In my spare time, I write of course I also read, garden, travel, cook, and almost never clean I just started watching Walking Dead on Netflix zombie erotica, anyone , and I m impatiently awaiting the next episode of Doctor Who I would kill for a TARDIS I ve scribbled bits and pieces all my life, chiefly inspired by what I m reading, which tends to be mainly science fiction and fantasy, with a healthy sprinkling of romance and erotica thrown in I m a huge believer in happily ever after, but tempered by real life, where happily ever after is possible, but takes work My favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable I like strong men and women who know what they want out of life, and are driven to get it From time to time, I blog about what I m writing at taracrescent The blog is also where I post book excerpts highlight information about upcoming promotions, and so on and so forth Follow me there to keep up with all the fun


    1. Well hello fabulous new series!This woman had wounds. I did too. Perhaps that was it. Two people, both scarred, both not quite healed, searching for a shard of intimacy in the darkness of night. The first book in the Assassin's Revenge series delivers on sex, mystery, and intrigue - when I finished this story (which had a cliffy luring the reader into the series) my first thought was total elation because I have no idea what will happen next. It's true! Sometimes I'm able to work out all the why [...]

    2. This was an enjoyable start to the series. I used to say that I wasn't a fan of serial novels but I've found a few I've loved recently and this is one of the good ones.I like the idea of this revenge story. I have a feeling the next installment will reveal more secrets from our main characters. I really like both of them so far. They seem quite tortured which I always enjoy.The ending was great, and definitely spiked my interest for book 2. I enjoy a good story with my kink, looking forward to b [...]

    3. Ellie is a victim of abduction and slavery.Her innocence and normality are forever goneOnce upon a long, long time ago, I had been a girl who was always lost in a book.Once upon a long, long time ago, I’d had dreams,modest though they were.For years she had been at the mercy of cruel men who used her for their pleasure. For years she has dreamed of revenge.Now it is time to get it. As she gets closer to the man who tortured her and left her soul scarred, the danger becomes more prominent. Stil [...]

    4. Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock, I was given this book in exchange for my review.First and foremost, you need to know, this is not a complete story, its a part works, and I didn't know that going in and I am proper miffed now!!Ellie/Rachel is on a mission to get her revenge on those who kidnapped her, raped her, beat her bloody, for two whole years. But she need an escape, just for the one night, she needs to forget. Alexander/Marc provides that escape. But ther [...]

    5. A great start to a new serial from Ms. Crescent. A fan of assassin stories, this serial is for you. For those who enjoyed the TV show Alias, this one will trip your trigger as Ellie "Rachel" takes revenge on those who kidnapped her and tortured her. Since this is only book one, the setup of this criminal world is only partially revealed. There is a criminal mastermind dealing in human trafficking. What he doesn't know is that his world is going to end as two separate parties are interested in hi [...]

    6. I have had this book on my for awhile. This was the first book in the "Assassin's Revenge" series. For many years Ellie has trained to be an assassin in order to kill the men who kidnapped and raped her when she was eighteen. Nothing else has been allowed to interfere with her mission. when she meets the sexy and mysterious Alexander Hamilton ( yes I laught at the name also) at a bar, her tough façade crumbles, and she can’t help but be drawn to him. Both of these characters have secrets both [...]

    7. I'm a first time reader of Tara Crescent. Found gets a solid 3.5 stars from me for a few reasons. If there was a bit more foundation laid out to better understand both Ellie (Rachel) and Alexander (Mark) the the rating would have went up to at least four stars. I was a bit confused reading this so that took away from my enjoyment. I did like what we were given of their personalities, more Alexander than Ellie since he's much more fleshed out in the story than her. I loved the writing because it [...]

    8. I was given this book as an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.I loved itbut the most annoying bit,well actually two. It's too short and it leaves me on a cliff hangerI just can't wait for the next!!!!Both main characters Alexander aka Marc, and Ellie aka Rachel are trained killers. They happen to stumble across each other in a bar. Rachel is a victim of kidnap and rape in her past and is struggling with sexual relationships, but takes to Marc in a big way. She is set on revenge, [...]

    9. I was given this free for my honest review, I love tara's books they never disappoint me, always filled with great plots and fantastic emotions the love scenes are great, this story just falls into you and keeps you captivated

    10. ~~Gifted by the Author in exchange for a honest reveiw~Tara Crescent always seems to deliver, Found (Assassin’s Revenge) she does it again. Its the first book in the series and I loved it. The intrigue, the lies the passion, the hiding in plain sight. Rachel and Marc play a game but not a game. They fill a need in each other and walk away, they both tell lies and proclaim to be somebody they are only shadows of. “Rachel” has a serious problem she must get a handle on, or it just may cost h [...]

    11. Advanced read copy generously provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewTwo wounded souls who have suffered greatly at a young age now live their lives for one thing-Revenge. Ellie was your average 17 year old girl until one day she is kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. For two years she suffers daily abuse both physical and sexually at the hands of her "master" Dylan McAllister. Now four years later Ellie has dedicated her life to becoming a stone cold assassin with only one [...]

    12. In this part 1 of a 4 part serial we find out that Ellie had been abducted, sexually abused and beaten for two years by a group of men. Years later she is out for revenge. In order for her plan to work she uses a fake identity and becomes Rachel. Ellie's ordeal left her uninterested in sex but one night she feels she's ready to be intimate with a man. She's in a bar and spots Alexander who she is immediately attracted to. She picks him up and they spend several erotic hours together. Alexander w [...]

    13. I received this book for an honest review.Ellie is on a path of revenge. Determined to make the man who kidnapped her 6 years ago pay she's joined forces with another to become the killer she needs to be. What she doesn't count on is meeting Alexander. He's supposed to be a distraction, a one night of passion to help her past some of her demons, she never expects to find the connection with him that she does. Both have secrets they are hiding but do those secrets intersect?This is by far my favo [...]

    14. Alexander/Marc and Ellie/Rachel are both trained killers that meet in a bar in the seedy part of Saint Denis France. Ellie had been kidnapped and raped repeatedly over a two year span 6 years earlier, when she finally left her captivity she became a woman with a vengeance and started training as an assassin with the plans on taking out everyone that had raped her in the two years she was held. Alexander is also an assassin his story is a little different from Ellie's and I'm sure we don't know t [...]

    15. Wow! So I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review. And this one is SO easy to do! I just love a good romance.just a little trip away from my everyday. Throw in some fabulous chemistry and I'm hooked. But add in some suspense, mystery and keep me guessing and I am over the moon! This book has all of that and more! Love how Tara introduces us to her characters.we get bits and pieces that are like getting to know a new friend and as you read, you get more and more and you find you wan [...]

    16. I was given an arc of Found in exchange for a honest review. When I read the blurb on the book I was very excited for what seemed would be a dark and twisted romance. I was excited about reading something out of my comfort zone.When I first started to read this book I was intrigued by the multiple POV’s between Ellie and Alexander. Both of these two main characters have dark backgrounds that affect how they interact with present day characters.When these two characters clash together in the th [...]

    17. Holy freaking macarroni!!! I have no idea how I came across this book, but I am freaking glad I did !!!I have to admit I consider myself an avid reader, but I am not a big fan of serial novels, to be honest, I am actually more incline to hate them, since patience is not a virtue God bestow on mebut this story is amazing and completely draws you in an I am so going to wait for the next installment. In short is a perfect combination of old fashion one night stand romance (if there is such think LO [...]

    18. Rachel was kidnapped when she was in her teens by an evil man that made her his sex slave. She escaped, and with the help of a friend, is out for revenge. Marc and Rachel meet in a seedy bar in Paris, he takes her home and they spend the night together. The next day, Marc drops Rachel off at what he thinks is her apartment. When he calls her the next day, Rachel has disappeared. Marc has his own agenda so he tries not to think about Rachel, but he doesn't forget her. Two years later he sees her [...]

    19. WOW, this story is such a great romantic suspense novel. It is a novella and it grabs you from the very first page and doesn't let go even on the last page. I am so looking forward to the next story in this series. I started reading this and the next thing I knew I finished it without stopping. It was real and gritty and tough, but had some very hot scenes in it. The two character point of view really works for this story and adds to the drama. I can't wait to see how the characters develop, esp [...]

    20. Tara Crescent OMGosh. I read this book in less then four hour I'm hooked!!! Can't wait until part two! This ebook will have you on the edge waiting to see what's happened next!!! Falling in love with Marc/Alexander already!

    21. if anyone knows me they know I love this author. she's dark and dirty and real with her characters. you feel like you become the main character because she always puts enough background story in with her sex that has you begging for more I will continue this series

    22. good read. tight writing. we know her back story but not his yet. will read part 2 as this ends with a cliffhanger.

    23. 5 Stars!!Found (Assassin's Revenge Book 1) is the 1st installment in a new series. It is a great start as well. The main characters have many secrets and have tragic pasts.Rachel/Ellie is an assassin and is out for revenge. Ellie was kidnapped 6 years ago and held as a sex slave. Her entire life revolves around getting revenge on the man/master and his guards. She has already a few of the guards, when the story begins. Ellie has been using the identity of Rachel to find and kill Dylan McAllister [...]

    24. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions or the content of my review.Found by Tara Crescent is an enthralling erotic romance. It captured my attention from the very first page. I could not put it down once I started to read it. Found is the first book in the Assassin’s Revenge series and I can’t wait to find out how the rest of the story unfolds. I found the characters and their backstories interesting. Found is the first book I have read b [...]

    25. 4.5-5 starsWhat a great start to this serial. We are thrown straight into the action from page one and, as the story unfolds, curiosity builds, my attention was captured and held until I turned the last page. The premise of this novella really piqued my interest, the heroine being the assassin, independent and fierce, steadfast in her resolve to exact revenge on those who captured and violated her so violently. The hero, a man looking to exact his own revenge, dominant in nature, totally focused [...]

    26. The Assassin’s Revenge series deals with the ugly subject of human trafficking in the sex trade. It has some very graphic descriptions of the trauma Ellie survived as well as some other minor characters. These descriptions might be disturbing to some readers, which is why I mention them. With that being said, I feel they were necessary to build on Ellie’s character and her reasons for becoming an assassin. I won’t lie; I had my doubts about whether it was a good idea to mix a BDSM story in [...]

    27. ** ARC received from the Author in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Words Turn Me On Book Blog**The first book in The Assassins Revenge Series and wow what a start, although a short novella compared to the three further full length novels in the series that are all out, it certainly packed a punch!Ellie was kidnapped at the tender age of 18, thrust into a world of sex, slavery and abuse. Now freed from her captors and a trained assassin vows to seek revenge and kill the men that repeate [...]

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