Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake Reverend Brian Lucas has a secret his congregation in the Nine Mile Methodist Church knows nothing about and he d really like to keep it that way But even his earth shattering secret takes a backseat

  • Title: Sunset Lake
  • Author: John Inman
  • ISBN: 9781634761383
  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook
  • Reverend Brian Lucas has a secret his congregation in the Nine Mile Methodist Church knows nothing about, and he d really like to keep it that way But even his earth shattering secret takes a backseat to what else is happening in his tiny hometown.Murders usually do that.Brian s close friend, Sam, is urging a resolution to their little problem, but Brian s brother, BoydReverend Brian Lucas has a secret his congregation in the Nine Mile Methodist Church knows nothing about, and he d really like to keep it that way But even his earth shattering secret takes a backseat to what else is happening in his tiny hometown.Murders usually do that.Brian s close friend, Sam, is urging a resolution to their little problem, but Brian s brother, Boyd, the County Sheriff, is caught up in chasing down a homicidal maniac who is slaughtering little old ladies.When Brian s secret and Boyd s mystery run into each other head on, and Boyd s fifteen year old son, Jesse, gets involved, all hell breaks loose Then a fourth death comes to terrify the town, and it is Brian who begins to see what is taking place in their little corner of the Corn Belt But even for a Methodist minister, it will take than prayer to set it right.

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    1. Audible4,5 stars.It was time for my first John Inman. Now I understand why this author is so popular among my GR friends.Though if I had to judge this book on it’s 1 person POV narrator, Reverend Brian Lucas, it would be difficult for me to rate it. Reverend Brian Lucas is not an easy person to be fond of. Not for me anyway. But luckily I stopped long ago to judge a book on the fact how likable I found the characters in it. Otherwise my favorite books were a boring idyllic conflict-free storie [...]

    2. Please follow the link to see my full review posted at SinfullyAddicted to All Male RomanceIt’s been three days since I finished reading and I’m still thinking about this story.Nine Mile is a rural Midwestern farm town, Population 327, where daily life revolves around work, family and friends. As the story opens we are introduced to a number of the town’s residents as they attend the Methodist Church’s Basket Dinner under the direction of Rev. Brian Lucas, the town’s twenty-eight year [...]

    3. If I have you with me, I know I’ll be happy. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted, Sam.A little happiness. And you.”After reading on Facebook that John Inman has written a new murder mystery I felt like these guys…I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his latest work.The blurb got me all riled up, though. A gay reverend deep in the closet? Really John?But I loved every single book John Inman has written so far and I decided to just trust him and give Sunset Lake a go.Anyway, it didn’t t [...]

    4. That down there was a late night, just finished the book, gotta say something review. It is now half way through the day after and I am still thinking about this book.I think I had one suspect in mind while reading and honestly, I was dead wrong. Not at first mind you because jeez, there were just not enough specific clues for that. There were a couple of things said and done that made me suspect this person but then I kind of started thinking of someone else and until the end I wavered back and [...]

    5. Quietly horrifying.I really can’t come up with a better way to describe John Inman’s Sunset Lake. The setting is a quiet small town full of quiet small town folks. Not much new happens and the biggest drama they have is the ongoing debate about, who makes the best peach cobbler for the church’s basket dinner. Reverend Brian is the epitome of a backwoods minister. He’s got an old soul full of kindness and empathy, but his age shows a little in his naiveté and his humor. He’s in his lat [...]

    6. THIS BOOK! This book!!!!What do you do when a book wrecks you? I mean -- demolishes you? Wrings you out and then spits you out so hard and so far that you wonder if you'll ever recover. Ever get back to normal. Ever be whole enough again to continue where you left off. What do you do when you don't want to read another book? You just want to think and think and THINK? Well, that's what this book did. It has ruined me. In a good way. But still RUINED ME!!!!!! Will review the actual book soon. Wh [...]

    7. OMG - what an ending!! I felt emotionally drained by the end and shocked to the core by the graphic descriptions of the horrific murders. There were some lighter bantering and humorous episodes thrown in (thank God). I loved our emotionally insecure investigating priest sleuth, his loving and loyal side-kick (Sam Gangee-esque) lover, the lover's wise-cracking no-nonsense aunt, the sheriff brother and his son wonderful cast. There will be many who will strongly dislike the resolution / ending bu [...]

    8. Sunset Lake is a place of beauty and joy, reclaimed from a place of devastation and ugliness. You can only reach it down a long, narrow dirt road, pocked with craters and ruts that threaten to break up the undercarriage of all but the sturdiest vehicles. The Rev. Brian Lucas has chosen Sunset Lake as the site for his new Methodist Youth Camp, the land wrested from the state government and the funds to build it from the tight-fisted Methodist officials who control his career. He wants a place whe [...]

    9. So far I haven't read a book by John Inman that I didn't love, but this one might just be my favorite. I'll be thinking about this one for a long time.

    10. Gut wrenching, heartbreaking, thought provoking and spiritual are all words to describe this book. John Inman is an amazing writer, he so easily captures a mood or a moment so clearly and truthfully you have no doubt that these are real people who you can empathize with and feel for.The story is set in a small farming community somewhere in the Midwest, God's country. Bryan is a Methodist minister with a secret, and a well developed sense of snark. I loved Bryan, although at times I wanted to sm [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsThis is not an easy book, in fact it is a kind that will make you exhausted and shocked by the end. The writing is great and absorbing, yet I wish the pace of the murders were faster; the blurb had revealed the number of the murders and while reading I knew I should be reading another sixty pages to get to the next murder and I found it quite long. At the same time, you are desperate to guess who the murderer is and you are forced to guess, though there aren't enough clues, and you are [...]

    12. Stop what you are doing and read this. John Inman is incredible in his ability to create worlds and stories to scare the crap out of you. This man is my literary hero.

    13. "In a minute, he would rap at my door, and another day of lies would begin. Lies to the world around us, not to each other. Yet somewhere deep in the back of my mind, back where the guilt was blackest, I had begun to suspect even our truths were lies. They had become a way of life, you see. Those lies. I could only wonder how long Sam would continue to abide us living them."I didn't really like Brian very much in the beginning. I understood him, but I didn't like him. I understood how his very s [...]

    14. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsThis story is told from Brian’s POV point of view. Right off, we realize that despite being a minister, Brian has plenty of uncharitable thoughts about the members of his congregation that will leave you in stitches. As the story opens, Brian’s church is holding its annual basket luncheon when he receives a call from his brother, who is supposed to be on his honeymoon, advising him that there was a murder of one of his church members and there may be more to [...]

    15. John Inman has the gift to create atmosphere, emotions and pictures in my head.I’ve wished for him to write another crime story since I’ve read “A Hard Winter Rain” and finally he did it.I’m still searching for words. This is such a well-drawn story, with love in every detail, with such an elaborate set-up.A gay minister is solving a series of murders, more or less unwillingly, just because he pays attention to what happens in his surroundings and of course because his brother is the s [...]

    16. ♥ ♥ ♥ 3.5 STARS ♥ ♥ ♥I enjoyed it. I really liked the whole mystery aspect of the book. It was quite entertaining and the killer definitely caught me by surprise. I was not expecting that person at all. I liked the characters, but didn't fall in love with them. While all those suspenseful moments had my interest, the romance didn't, at least not completely. I would have liked more romance and more focus on the relationship between Brian and Sam. There were some moments that did melt [...]

    17. 4,5 starsWhy haven’t more people read this book??I was just great! I do have to admit I was a bit annoyed in the beginning about the slow pace of the book. Then I got thinking, about the book and realised the pacing is perfect, the book takes place in a very small town, it follows the everyday life of the reverend Brian. It’s a town where everyone knows everything about everyone and nothing ever happens.…until it does. Until old ladies are found murdered and leaves the town searching for a [...]

    18. I bought this without even reading the blurb, knowing only that it was a John Inman. That's enough to know for me. And he certainly didn't let me down with this wonderful thriller. It reminded me, in a way, of the Ellery Queen mysteries set in Wrightsville. Here we have a small town, loads of small town folk with small town ideas and jargon, and suddenly we have a series of brutal, horrible murders. Inman kept me guessing so much that at one point or another I suspected nearly everyoneexcept the [...]

    19. Completely Unique and Beautifully ToldJohn Inman has given me tons of reasons to worship at his keyboard and brain, but this one was a real surprise. Set in a dying rural community with a cast of characters that are both stereotypical and completely off-the-wall, Sunset Lake has a multitude of overlapping plots involving a multitude of delicious, or suspicious, characters--and an denouement that will tear you apart, explode your sensibilities but give you some hope for the future.From the deeply [...]

    20. And no, the one star rating is not a mistake. I have given this book one stars because of my own personal feelings for said book, the writing is great, mystery, laughs, yadda, yadda, and I give it five stars for that, I just can't help but hate it and I rate the books here on how they made ME feel. Even though I've given this book five stars, I'll be deleting it and never reading it again. In fact, I'll probably never even come to this page or look at the cover again. In my life. The mystery asp [...]

    21. I AM FLABBERGASTEDI know, that being Danish I have never had the full vulcaburlaty to make amazing reviews here.I wish I could, but you have to take what I can I can give you.This book is just perfect, if you want love, crime, careing , suspence, and all other emotions along in a wonderful story.Our “Hero” here is Reverend Brian Lucas. He is the preacher in a tiny town, where his brother Boyd is the sheriff.Sunset Lake is a Church Camp, that Brian is setting up for the children in his congre [...]

    22. Yet another excellent book from a most excellent author! I really enjoyed how this—and Mr. Inman's last couple of books—leaned more toward thriller/horror than romance. This book kept me guessing until the very end!

    23. I really enjoy this authors work. Special about this book is the -in my opinion- very enjoyable combination of romance an crime. Sunset Lake is in my book a solid 4 star reading experience. Only thing that could have been better for me, would be a little more romance. I can't help it, I'm a sap However, if you enjoy this book, I really recommend the "Belladonna Arms" Series and "Shy". Those are at the moment my favorites by John Inman.

    24. ⭐️4.5 I really enjoyed the story/mystery aspect of this novel. The character development was complete and interesting reading. I deducted 1/2 ⭐️ due to the fact that religious themes bother me. The actual religious parts were a minimal facet to the entire story it actually didn't keep me from continuing to read on and on, until the end. The mystery reveal was a surprise and was near enough to the end that I was truly surprised. Great book John, keep them coming!

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