Disturber of the Peace The Enchanted Prince

  • Title: 納賽爾丁阿凡提傳
  • Author: Leonid Solovyov 楊冰皓 邱曉倫
  • ISBN: 9789570831108
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1906 1962 Disturber of the Peace The Enchanted Prince.

    • Free Read [History Book] ☆ 納賽爾丁阿凡提傳 - by Leonid Solovyov 楊冰皓 邱曉倫 ✓
      497 Leonid Solovyov 楊冰皓 邱曉倫
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    1. Leonid Solovyov 楊冰皓 邱曉倫

      Born in Tripoli, Syria now Lebanon where his father taught at the Russian consulate, Leonid Solovyov began writing as a newspaper correspondent in Uzbek for the Pravda Vostoka, published in Tashkent His first book was Lenin in Eastern Folk Art Moscow, 1930 , which he described as a volume of Central Asian post revolutionary folklore His masterpiece is Tale of Hodja Nasreddin, which Alexei Tolstoy hailed as a work of unusual talent.During the Second World War, Solovyov served as a war correspondent and produced several wartime stories and screenplays.In 1946, Solovyov was accused of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism against the Soviet state He was interned in several prison camps until 1954, when he was cleared of all charges and released The second part of The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin, subtitled The Enchanted Prince , was written in the prison camps and completed around 1950 After his release, Solovyov settled in Leningrad The two parts of The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin were published together for the first time in 1956 and enjoyed a very favorable reception.The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin, contains two novels Disturber of the Peace, or Hodja Nasreddin in Bokhara and The Enchanted Prince The whole novel has been translated into dozens of languages including Turkish, Persian, Hindi, Uzbek and Hebrew.He died in Leningrad at age 55.


    1. 突厥民族的民間故事感覺這些傳說裡有很多中國和西方故事的影子絲路果然是多民族往來的地方啊這裡面提到的國家一大堆都是清朝的藩屬XD尤其布哈拉浩罕安集延布魯特這幾個在清末都讓中國非常頭痛呢傳說絲路有多長,納塞爾丁的故事就有多長這也是說從新疆到土耳其整個中亞幾乎都是突厥民族的地盤只要學會了土耳其語,在這些地區幾乎就可以暢通無礙啦從這本書了常出 [...]

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