Twisted Bitch

Twisted Bitch LondonLie cheat steal Dante will do anything to get his way I drew a line I stay on one side and Dante stays on the other plain and simple Blurry blotchy and broken in most places this line I ve

  • Title: Twisted Bitch
  • Author: Jaci J.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • LondonLie, cheat, steal Dante will do anything to get his way I drew a line I stay on one side and Dante stays on the other, plain and simple Blurry, blotchy, and broken in most places, this line I ve drawn, the one that says absolutely no f g Dante beyond this point, is useless We ll have to be around each other, and there s no way to change that yet He s stoLondonLie, cheat, steal Dante will do anything to get his way I drew a line I stay on one side and Dante stays on the other, plain and simple Blurry, blotchy, and broken in most places, this line I ve drawn, the one that says absolutely no f g Dante beyond this point, is useless We ll have to be around each other, and there s no way to change that yet He s stomped, trampled, and annihilated my all too important line to get to me He s crossed that line, and he s coming for me Dante Use, abuse, and torture London will do anything to hurt me She s in an unwinnable fight It s a battle London has no chance of winning, no matter how hard she fights it I want what I want and I make no apologies for it She can push me away She can run, she can hide, but I m one fast motherf r, and I will always catch her I want her in my life and that is exactly where she ll be She ll be right where I put her There is nothing she can do, because wherever she is, I will be there too 18 65,000 words

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    1. Jaci J.

      Reader Writer Crazy person Lover of all things home d cor and the color black.Jaci lives on the coast in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her lovely, but crazy family If she s not reading or writing you can find her wandering the isles of a home store or hanging out with her monster son She s the author of The Hell s Disciples MC series and The Sick and Twisted Love series You can find her on Facebook facebook authorjacij or her website jacijauthor


    1. I AM #teamDante!London scared the crap out of me at the end of Sick Bastard! I knew she was planning to do something horrid to Dante for his so called betrayal. So I had attitude with London since the end of Sick Bastard. I am team Dante all the way and I totally agree with every decision and every action he executed in Sick Bastard! I knew London had something up her sleeve. However, I had no idea London would resort to becoming an immature semi- drunk! After reading this delicious story and un [...]

    2. You must read book one! You know when a book is really good when you have to walk away before you destroy your kindle. out the author but in the end, hug your kindle and tell the author she's damn lucky. Yep, that's basically what I did. There's a lot of twists and turns in this one. Jaci J does a fantastic job keeping you engaged wondering what's going to happen next. And of course there's demanding, stalker Dante that I fell in love with in book one. Seeing man twist his watch will never be th [...]

    3. LoveI really loved this mini series. Dante is a true alpha and he sometimes had me crying, laughing and screaming at him. This book is about pay back revenge to that Sick Bastard. I do wish he had paid more for his actions in part1 but I got what I needed. At 88% it threw me for a loop and I just started to cry. Because one I was afraid this was how it was going to end and 2nd the author's writing on how it affected the heroine was sad. Anyways I got my ending to this great love hate relationshi [...]

    4. I really did enjoy the book and I think jaci is great. I couldn't give it more stars though because of the love I had for the first book. London was to immature for her own goode's smart and beautiful and should of let go. I understand a heartbreak sucks it does but Dante showed that he was sorry more times than he should of. All in all this was a good book and I would recommend it to those who have read sick bastard.

    5. Like a bad train wreckFrustration at its finest. London drove me absolutely crazy for 70% of the book and then the tipping point Phenomenal! I laughed with the lipstick and picture frame incident, I cried at the end, and I had many smiles throughout the book. I was a little disappointed they couldn't work their problems out sooner and be more about building their life and empire together.

    6. Solid 4 Stars.Book two was pretty good, especially the twist at the end!I really fell for Dante in this one. The first book I was still trying to figure him out. This book gives us a better glimpse into his true feelings. He redeemed himself, big time!

    7. EXHAUSTING is the most appropriate word to describe how it felt to read this book. Dante is a fabulous character, he is the only reason I managed to finish reading this highly repetitive, drawn out, part 2 of a series that should have been only 1, book. Hate it when that happens.

    8. Fantastic book I loved it so much very over the top bossy alpha just what I love a really good story sassy women love this author's writing so much please let's have more books like this.

    9. I wish there more of Dante and LondonIoved the two book series!!! I thought it was super funny and sexy!! I thought the conclusion was good and enjoyed the epilogue

    10. I would of given this book a 4 star, but the editing was pretty bad. However I really loved Dante, I felt my heart break when he finally broke down and told London how heart broke he was with all of the mind games she was playing with him. Her mind games were very repetitive and I feel that some of them could of been left out. The editing in book 1 was not so great either. I'm not sure I will read any more from Jaci J.

    11. Jaci J is a new writer to me and I'm so glad I had the chance to read this and Sick Bastard!I found London and Dante to be so engaging and at times, I was rooting for them to make it work and at times screaming for one or both to walk away. The back and forth, love and hate, kept me on my toes and wondering where they would end up. I found myself mostly rooting for Dante, understanding that the difficulty of the life he came from lead him to be narcissistic and neurotic. Even with the lies and g [...]

    12. An epic ending for this couple 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The antics between Dante & London are fucking hilarious most of the time and I get why London wants to ruin Dante I mean who fucking wouldn't after the betrayal but when you dig a lil deeper you can see the actual pure emotion, and heartbreak on both sides and I was pleasantly shocked to say the least. You finally see these two complex characters for who they really are as they are constantly hiding their feelings for each [...]

    13. Just had her life long dream ripped away from her by a man she loved - how do you get over that? Ill tell you how - in expertly written episodes of office stationery throwing - a stapler is a deadly weapon and a pen used as a dart - I was lol'ing all the way through! And the games continue, the little snipes and door slams - hilarious!Dante is back 'his crazy bordering on unhealthy'. Dante and London are running the company together whilst he is desperately trying to win her back (although she d [...]

    14. If you haven't read Sick bastard or Twisted bitch your missing out on a amazing story.Jaci I have to be honest reading the 1st book I wasn't sure I was going to finish it but I did and I'm glad I did what a story. I loved Dante and London story what a match they made.I laughed at their relationship it was up and down. I like reading a story where the author has male and female telling their feeling.Near the end when you had us beleiving Dante was a goner but you little moster puncked us beleivin [...]

    15. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Thank f**k! I don't think I've ever obsessed over a story as much as this one! Thank you Jaci for not leaving me hanging, I wouldn't have made it! London is funny as hell, I love reading her thoughts. I love how perfect her and Dante are for one another. I was pissed when I was reading the Paris drama. Deep down, I knew Dante wouldn't just roll over BUT Jaci J being the genius she is, almost convinced me he did. I think I'll start from the beginning and re-read Sick [...]

    16. Wow loved this book and the ending left me wanting more of this lovely dysfunctional couple. The book had me from the start of the first book and now I'm sad that its over. A quick read that I could not put down the book and just made me want to learn more about this couple and love their dysfunctional even more. So thank you Ms. J for an awesome book with a great Alpha male. Can't help but love it when he screwed up and is doing everything he can to fix it. So a great book a book I would love t [...]

    17. This is the conclusion to London and Dante's story. And wow, just wow. I thought Dante was crazy and nuts in the first book, but London takes the cake in this one. She is a woman scorned and out for revenge. Both characters are stubborn and hard headed, and spoiled. Both want what they want. They really didn't care if they hurt each other, until it was too late. I don't even know what else to say about this book. i don't want to give anything away though. This is a great read, just like the firs [...]

    18. Loved itThe conclusion to Dante's and London's story did not disappoint action packed from start to finish, was an absolute delight to read,I was screeching at my kindle at times London was doing my head in that much I just wanted her to give Dante a chance and stop acting like my teenage kids, boy that girl sure knows how to throw a strop I was rooting for Dante all the way this was one of my favourite reads of the year loved it.

    19. Thoroughly enjoyedI saw some bad reviews, but I did not really agree with them. I almost didn't buy the book, but I am glad that I did. This book did have some childish antics, but guess what? We all act like that in real life. This book also had connection and steam between Dante and little monster. I did enjoy the story.

    20. 4.5 *s the reason im not giving the whole 5 stars is because id of like to of seen a bit more towards the end of the last few chapters as it felt rushed apart from that the whole story in general was brilliant. afew times i found my self snorting with laughter at london and dante. i loved this side to both characters and its easy to relate to them.

    21. AgainA lot of errors but I loved it! Not the errors but the story, her feistyness was my favorite part. Again you'll have to look past all the errors if it didn't have as many as it did I would have given it 5 stars.

    22. Great set of books!!Great story, FANTABULOUS Love story, They love to hate each, but can't stay away, they crave the heated lust that sparks up everyone they are in a room together. This will be on my Re-read shelves.

    23. I enjoyed the story BUT I'm sorry was this book even proofread or edited? Silly little errors and misplaced words really detract from the story. Plus it is need some smother transitions I felt sometimes parts were missing.

    24. OMG Jaci J, you broke me but i forgive you fixed me! I love dante, can i please have him as my own? This two book series is the first work i have read by Jaci and i absolutely loved it. I cant wait to read the other work, absolutely amazing!

    25. I'll admitI'll admit it I was scared for a while, although I didn't cry ( which is very unlikely for me ) I did get pissed and upset ( sad ) this book was so good and bad it not have been for my husband annoying me I would have lost it at the near end

    26. London drove me crazy! I don't think she had a plan for revenge, it just happened. At times I thought she was a bit childish but who wouldn't be? She was up against Dante. Overall it was a sexy book with great banter.

    27. My god London was a stubborn woman during this book. So many times I just wanted her to just give up and give in to Dante. Near the end my heart was breaking I couldn't believe what the author did but by the end I understood. I absolutely loved reading London and Dantes story.

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