Tess's Tale

Tess s Tale Another book by the multi award winning author Donna Joy Usher Please note this is a light hearted humorous chicklit female sleuth novel If you are looking for a literary masterpiece with a deep me

  • Title: Tess's Tale
  • Author: Donna Joy Usher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Another book by the multi award winning author Donna Joy Usher Please note this is a light hearted, humorous, chicklit, female sleuth novel If you are looking for a literary masterpiece with a deep meaning this is probably not the book for you.This is Book Three in The Chanel Series and while it could be read alone it will make sense if you have already read Coco Another book by the multi award winning author Donna Joy Usher Please note this is a light hearted, humorous, chicklit, female sleuth novel If you are looking for a literary masterpiece with a deep meaning this is probably not the book for you.This is Book Three in The Chanel Series and while it could be read alone it will make sense if you have already read Cocoa and Chanel, and Goons n Roses.It s been twenty five years since that hellish night Twenty five years of living in denial, and Tess still doesn t want to think about it But now her daughter, Chanel, is insisting that she spill the beans.So Tess must cast her mind back to a life of passion and betrayal, to a time of violence and death, and she must face her past to tell us what really happened to Lou the Brain.

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      Hi there, I m Donna Joy Usher I started writing my first novel when I was seven With no idea about plot or character development I mean I was only seven my storyline quickly disintegrated into a muddled jumble of boring dialogue between two horses Disillusioned, I gave up writing stories for quite a while after that Instead, I concentrated on my studies, eventually graduating as a dentist.After many years of drilling and filling I turned to writing in an effort to escape the seriousness of my day job During that time I created my first book, The Seven Steps to Closure, and discovered that I love nothing than making other people laugh Well that, and my husband and two miniature schnauzers, Chloe and Xena.I currently live in beautiful Perth When I am not working or writing, I love to paddle board, walk on the beach and sip chai lattes at the local cafe.You can connect with me on Twitter DonnaJoyUsher , Facebook Linked In or my blog site, donnajoyusher.


    1. Tess tells her story about that night. This is a change from the first two books where Chanel is crazily running around criminals. This is sober and shows Tess/Lorraine as having a hard life and things happening that she is powerless to change. Her motivation comes from being pregnant with Chanel. While all the series is told in the first person point-of-view, I could tell this was not Chanel telling the story. Tess' voice comes out very clearly. She is different from her daughter. Ms. Usher did [...]

    2. Action packed bio of Lorraine This is a page-turner of a biography, packed with all kinds of action and breath-holding moments. Plus a bit of a surprise ending. It’s written in first person Tess’ perspective and I had to keep reminding myself this is about Tess, not Chanel. Even though Chanel didn’t have much of a role in this book, it was still great.

    3. TerrificTender and terrifying. Tess' story was good but sad Sad for missed time and lost loves. Sad for broken family a and broken hearts. A must read.

    4. How does mafia wife Tess explain her decades-long disappearance - to her daughter, her ex-husband and her cop boyfriend? How does she choose between two men fighting to the death over her? This is the story of a blues club singer and the gorgeous construction worker who never wanted to run the Vegas mob. When she showed up on Madame Liss' doorstep, Tess was the victim of an abused alcoholic mother and her abuser, the Las Vegas Mafia King's money man, Lou the Brain. Little did she know at the tim [...]

    5. I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.This book picks up immediately where “Goons ‘n’ Roses left off, then launches into Tess’s back story. While this book can stand alone, I’d recommend starting the series from the beginning, with “Cocoa and Chanel.” While the first two books in the series are written from Chanel’s point of view, “Tess’s Tale” is truly Tess’s tale.I would consider the first two books of the Chanel series cozy mysteries, while book 3 [...]

    6. FINALLY!!! We now get all the answers about Tess's numerous mysteries since book one in the series! I couldn't help but be angry at Tess at the end of book two and at the beginning of this one, but throughout the book I started feeling bad for her and part of me ended up liking her a little more than Chanel. Tess isn't afraid of anything which makes her a very strong and admirable female lead that you can't help but fall in love with. Donna Joy Usher does it again, bringing her characters to lif [...]

    7. Great Series!This is a great fun series; this is the third book in The Chanel Series by Donna Joy Usher. This book can be read as a standalone, but if you want the full story with each character then you may want to read the first two before reading this one. This book picks up where the last one ended. Tess has been hiding out for twenty five years but her daughter Chanel is insisting that it is time for her to spill the beans. This book gave us a lot of background information on Tess, it also [...]

    8. First time reader!What a great story at first I was a little confused like I was maybe missing something. But in no time at all this book had me pulled in its an awesome story. (I found out later it was the 3rd book in the series) it is full of action, betrayal, drama, and love but also regret.This book is all about Tess' s life . The good, the bad, and the ugly! What a roll-a-coaster ride of feelings tumbling out so fast wow it was done amazingly well. I am do going to look into the first two b [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this look into Tess' life before Chanel. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments in the story and a lot of depth to the characters. There were some fun and crazy situations that cropped up as well as a little suspense. I recommend that you read the other two books first, "Cocoa and Chanel" and "Goons and Roses." They are also very fun and entertaining reads.

    10. I loved the book! I received as part of the before release readers. I loved reading about how the situation began with the mom. Exciting characters and a great story. I read in one day because I could not stop. I wanted to know the whole story from the beginning. I loved the ending. Read it to find out! Great author!

    11. An excellent tale. This book continues straight on from 'Goons and Roses'Finally we discover more about Tess, Chanels mother, as this story takes us back to where it all began. Filled with excitement, laughter, thrills and spills, Donna Joy Usher's latest instalment in the Cocoa and Chanel series, seizes the imagination and holds it firmly from first page to last. A definite must read.

    12. This book was great. It was different, interesting, and deeper than the first two (which is only right, because Tess is deeper than Chanel). The only thing that really got under my skin was a constant use of vocabulary not used by Americans, used by all of the American characters in a book set in Las Vegas.

    13. I am continuing to love this series. It was almost a relief to pick up right at the end of book two and also to find out what really happened "that night". The book did have a bit of a change of pace because it was Tess telling her story. You should definitely read the first two books in the series before picking up this one. Overall, a quick and fun read.

    14. I always know a book is good when I develop feelings for the characters. I'm happy when they are happy & my heart breaks when theirs breaks. Well my heart broke as I read Tess's tale. As Tess's story unfolded I found myself laughing, crying, & smiling. This was an absolutely captivating read! Can't wait for book 4.

    15. How does Tess explain her past to her daughter Chanel and crewyou have to read it to find out. But you will definitely enjoy the ride there are so many twist and turns that you will be laughing all the way through it. I have enjoyed reading this series and I must say Donna Hoy Usher is a master comedian. Great read!

    16. Well that was a thrilling and sad tale , finally hearing Tess's story was amazing so much happened and wow Tess and Harry just wow the story explained so much. I really feel for Channel and Billy that was just extra drama they didn't need.A great story with strong loveable characters

    17. It took me a few chapters to catch up on all the characters because it's been a few months since I read Goons 'n' Roses. I throughly enjoyed the story. Donna Joy Usher did a great job of explaining Tess's story.

    18. Just like the other books in the Chanel series this one was super fun to read. It was a little bit darker than the first two books, but just as enjoyable, and provided a great background story for Tess/Lorraine.

    19. I really liked this book. It was well written and an easy read. In my opinion, you do not have to read the previous books first. Follow Tess on her adventures and enjoy the LOL moments. I would recommend this book to the family/friends that I know would truly enjoy the writing and story line.

    20. Another Winner!This series gets better with each book! Tess's story has been evolving since the first book and I have truly enjoyed reading about her transformation into the woman she was meant to be. I loved her HEA!

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the look into Tess's past was well written with plenty of funny moments I was concerned that without Chanel, Martine and co that it would not be as good but I was thankfully proved wrong. I fell in love with the characters and cant wait for more in the series.

    22. Answered some questions about Tess's past. As always Usher is an entertaining writer and I agree with other reviews that it was easy to tell this apart from Chanel's stories.

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