Nefertiti's Heart

Nefertiti s Heart Cara Devon has always suffered curiosity and impetuousness but tangling with a serial killer might cure that Permanently London Impoverished noble Cara has a simple mission after the strange de

  • Title: Nefertiti's Heart
  • Author: A.W. Exley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cara Devon has always suffered curiosity and impetuousness, but tangling with a serial killer might cure that Permanently London, 1861 Impoverished noble Cara has a simple mission after the strange death of her father sell off his damned collection of priceless artifacts Her plan goes awry when aristocratic beauties start dying of broken hearts, an eight inch long brCara Devon has always suffered curiosity and impetuousness, but tangling with a serial killer might cure that Permanently London, 1861 Impoverished noble Cara has a simple mission after the strange death of her father sell off his damned collection of priceless artifacts Her plan goes awry when aristocratic beauties start dying of broken hearts, an eight inch long brass key hammered through their chests A killer hunts amongst the nobility, searching for a regal beauty and an ancient Egyptian relic rumoured to hold the key to immortality Her Majesty s Enforcers are in pursuit of the murderer and they see a connection between the gruesome deaths and Cara So does she, somewhere in London her father hid Nefertiti s Heart, a fist sized diamond with strange mechanical workings Adding further complication to her life, notorious crime lord, Viscount Nathaniel Lyons is relentless in his desire to lay his hands on Cara and the priceless artifact If only she could figure out his motive Self preservation fuels Cara s search for the gem In a society where everyone wears a mask to hide their true intent, she needs to figure out who to trust, before she makes a fatal mistake.

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      Books and writing have always been an enormous part of my life I survived school by hiding out in the library, with several thousand fictional characters for company At university, I overcame the boredom of studying accountancy by squeezing in Egyptology papers and learning to read hieroglyphics.I write gaslamp and fantasy historical novels from my home in rural New Zealand.Sign up to my newsletter if you want details on new releases, specials and competitions awexley newsletter


    1. I wrote it, so I'm kinda biased :)An ancient artefact, a kick arse heroine, a serial killer & a bad boy Viscount, sexiness, airships and pirates - what more could you want?

    2. Quick warning - this book contains triggers for those who have experienced physical and sexual abuse.Overall, the book is a fun read if you enjoy a romance with a pushy male lead who swoops in and rescues the female lead in her times of duress. If you are more of a "female-kicks-ass" fan, you might not like this tale so much.What I liked-------------------* The steampunk world - well crafted with many creative mechanical elements subtly included in the regular every-day way of things.* Well-craf [...]

    3. Don’t be fooled by the description for this book. It has little to do with steampunk or mystery and everything to do with romance. I don’t like romance so it was a big turn off for me. I was expecting a fun steampunk adventure with a strong female character but what I got was LOTS of romance. Talk about being misled! The sexual content of the book should definitely be mentioned in the description and I really think no book depicting the repeated rape and beating of an underage child should c [...]

    4. Free on Kindle: July 23, 2016. Apparently, this is steampunk lite and heavy on the romance, with some possibly controversial topics. Read my friend Sarah's review to see if you may be put off by it. I'm a masochist when it comes to books, so I'm going to give it a try. What can I say.

    5. I took a chance requesting this one from Netgalley, and it was WELL worth it.This is a fun romp through a Victorian-era London, with the steampunk technological twist. Likeable characters, an intriguing mystery, and a vividly described (and brought to life) world made this a 5 star for me.Cara Devon's father was NOT a good man. At the age of 14, after some seriously rotten events (that are revealed over the course of the book), Cara bolts and doesn't return until 7 years later after the death of [...]

    6. Cara Devon has suffered her father’s whims and paid a horrible price. Now he’s dead and she must reface her past, return to London and the society that sat idle and watched while she was so badly misused. She is a survivor. She escaped her abuse and nothing will get in her way now. Cara is determined to sell off all her father’s precious collection and leave London and her past behind her forever.Viscount Nathaniel Lyons wants Cara’s artifacts. He wasn’t prepared for the spit fire that [...]

    7. AMMP Buddy Read with Venecia & Preethi!So I admit I skimmed a bit toward the 2/3 mark. Maybe part of it was because I'd put the book down for a few days in order to read Fairest, but I think it had already lost some of my interest before that point, unfortunately. The romance didn't interest me at all; I'd gone into this book expecting something akin to an Indiana Jones adventure with a bit of steampunk thrown in, and the book seemed unable to decide whether it wanted to be that with a kicka [...]

    8. I lurk over at the Writer's Group every now & again & I was impressed with some of A.W's comments & her attitude to writing. & she is a Kiwi - bonus. & this particular book was free on my Kindle - for the win!I liked the realisation of a very different Victorian England & the story itself was a fast paced read. In spite of her horrific past I never became fond of Cara & found some of her actions & motivations bizarre. I did quite like Nate though.I've never read [...]

    9. I'm not sure how to rate this book. First half was interesting, the romance didn't get in the way too much, and thenere was too much romance,not enough adventure and mystery was solved too quickly. I guess 3.5 going on 3 is a well researched and skillfuly written book, though.

    10. Interesting 19th Century MysteryThis book had a lot of different elements (steam punk, adventure, "archeology," etc.), but overall it was a murder mystery. I found the story very enjoyable, though it did read a bit like a Mary Higgins Clark novel. That is, I knew who the killer was halfway through the story and the loose ends information was given via character explanation at the end of the book.

    11. I was very torn about how I felt about this book. I enjoyed the murder mystery aspects immensely. I also was very intrigued by the way author weaves in aspects of Steam Punk Fantasy without letting it bog down descriptive narrative. An unfortunate failing in many steam punk or sci-fi novels in my opinion. The story line is creative and has just enough twists to keep you hooked without becoming garbled. Over all a thoroughly entertaining murder mystery in a unique setting.Where I get very conflic [...]

    12. Writing style was not too impressive. A bit abruptThe plot was also unrealistic. The heroine was supposed to be this strong woman with an abusive past. But then she becomes weak for the hero. The first time she visits the hero at his home, a near stranger to her, he tells her to take a bath and change her clothes and she does, with no resistance. She tells herself she needs a bath. Well maybe don't take it in a stranger's home.

    13. NEFERTITI’S HEART is one of those books I knew I’d enjoy from the very first chapter. It was a wonderful mix of fun and dark, with an engaging writing style and well-paced plot that kept me wanting to read more.Exley writes colorful, developed characters. Cara is a strong heroine who goes against the societal grain. In a way, so does Nathaniel, with his questionable and perhaps not entirely legal dealings. Both have dark pasts that helped connect them. Though their relationship seemed a bit [...]

    14. Edited on May 22, 2015After reading The Iron Duke, and seeing how much more inclusive a steampunk romance can be, I had to come back here and change my rating from a 4 to a 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------I vacillated between giving this 2 stars and 4. Obviously, the higher rating won out.There are things about this book that can absolutely make a reader hate it. Things like a magic penis that (view spoiler)["cures" a woman who was brutally raped and beate [...]

    15. ORIGINALLY POSTED TO DJ'S BOOK CORNERSteampunk is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres. I’d had my eye on this book on for months (look at that beautiful cover!), so when the author appeared on the Masquerade Crew site, I was like WHAAAA??? Let me get Nefertiti’s Heart! She gave it to me, and I tried to hold off, but like I said, I’ve been eyeballing this book for forever.The beginning is intriguing and I immediately liked the main character, Cara. From the jump, we learn that she [...]

    16. I was very disappointed by Nefertiti's Heart. I had it on my GR wishlist for MONTHS and then specifically bought it to read on holiday and it was such a letdown. Although the book was not as awful as Phoenix Rising (the comparison is inevitable, I'm afraid), it ended up being still rather uninspired. The plot was was serviceable as I was reading but pretty forgettable afterwards.This review summarizes all my issues with the story quite nicely - I find it unbelievable that a heavily traumatised s [...]

    17. Neferitit's Heart4 StarsAfter the death of her father, Cara Devon inherits his collection of priceless artifacts. Her plan is to locate and sell the hidden antiquities, but soon discovers that she is not the only one searching for them. A deranged killer is hunting amongst the daughters of the nobility for an ancient Egyptian relic rumored to hold the key to immortality and Cara realizes that she must find it before she becomes the next victim. An entertaining mix of mystery, romance and treasur [...]

    18. This review was originally posted on In Wonderland My Thoughts I really enjoyed this book! I was a little hesitant to pick it up for reasons I will never understand but I am so glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed this and am really itching to get to the rest of this series!Things that I really enjoyed:All of the Egyptian-ness within it! It was great to hear about some of these artifacts and the Egyptian elements were wonderful!I really loved the mystery that went with this. It wasn't just a [...]

    19. Cara returns to London after her father's mysterious death due to being bitten by an Egyptian asp. He had been an avid collector of rare artifacts, so Cara wants to find and sell the artifacts and be rid of her harsh childhood home for good. But when young women similar to Cara's station in life start being found murdered with a key jammed into their hearts, Inspector Fraser thinks Cara is involved somehow and warns her not to leave London. In the meantime, Cara makes an arrangement with the das [...]

    20. It passed my 2 main criteria. It was enjoyable, and it kept me hooked right up to the final word. I really like the lead characters, and they are portrayed in such a way that the reader genuinely wants them to succeed. I found the romance a little off-putting, but that's because a) it was unexpected and b) I am not what one might describe as a true romantic. There is such sizzling heat between the main characters that it's not advisable for anyone who has just been through a breakup to read this [...]

    21. I enjoyed this but thought it was a bit thin. That being said, I know it's a series so quite a bit of time ended up being spent on character & world building. I enjoyed Cara as a heroine but didn't think she was entirely believable (and I think her past would be difficult for some readers). Nonetheless, it was witty and I suspect I'll plunge back into the series at some point. 3.5 stars.

    22. Oh this tale started out so very well, only to fall into adult sexuality. Not my cup of tea, but really great steampunk.

    23. This book is a hard one to review. It has some very nice parts to it, and I honestly have to say that I enjoyed reading it, once I started ignoring about half of what was going on in it. I am not a very critical reader, but for the sake of this blog, I have to be a critical reviewer, and for this reason, I wasn’t really able to give this book more than 2 stars.Let’s start with the most critical element of any piece of historical fiction: the historical part IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO – I [...]

    24. First thing that attracted me to Nefertiti's Heart was the title. You may not know, but I am crazy about Egyptian history and mythology, so as soon as I heard Nefertiti - I had to read it. The second thing that I liked was the cover art. That steampunk heart looked so awesome, I just had to know how A.W. Exley merged steampunk and Egypt into one. Robot-mummy Nefertiti? One can only hope. :)My realistic expectations that I will like Nefertiti's Heart were, honestly, pretty low. I never heard abou [...]

    25. OMG! I loved this! With its 1860's Victorian Steampunk backdrop, Nefertiti's Heart was an awesome read! It had the perfect balance of suspense, violence, gore, dark humor, steamy sex, and romance. Considering the horrible abuse that she received when she was fourteen years old, the heroine Cara is a surprisingly tough, independent, kick-ass character, with a sometimes warped sense of humor. The hero, the viscount/pirate Nathaniel is a totally hot, icy bad ass. I guessed who the serial killer was [...]

    26. Huge disclaimer here - I don't like romance. Flirting is okay, and a quick hook up, but then lets get back to the real story. I'm not fond of endless pages of moaning and groaning and gasps of pleasure. So, take that into account when you look at my rating - 2.5 stars. This book is chock full of romance and sex and I picked it up looking for Indiana Jones-ish adventure.The cover of the book is what initially grabbed my attention. I think it's simply gorgeous, depicting the artifact, Nefertiti's [...]

    27. First I want to send a big thank you to Curiosity Quills who, after I mentioned not being able to read the galley I received due to computer issues and having it expire on me, sent me an e-copy. I was completely surprised by this and their kindness has definitely left it’s mark. Now on to the review.Nefertiti’s Heart is a delicious mix of historical romance, mystery and steampunk with an ever so slight sprinkle of fantasy. I originally snatched this one due to the name and the added steampun [...]

    28. This book blew me away. Suspense, mystery, romance, and the added element of steampunk injected with some mythology. It was exactly what I was looking for when I carelessly typed steampunk into s search bar praying and hoping something decent would pop up for once.Cara was an amazing character, right from the get go I was dying to know what her story was, and with any great book it was giving to me in increments. Keeping me biting at the bit for more and surprising me with different information [...]

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