Fever at Dawn

Fever at Dawn Twenty five year old Holocaust survivor Mikl s is being shipped from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp to Gotland Sweden to receive treatment at the Larbro Hospital Here he is sentenced to death

  • Title: Fever at Dawn
  • Author: Péter Gárdos Elizabeth Szász
  • ISBN: 9781487001056
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twenty five year old Holocaust survivor Mikl s is being shipped from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp to Gotland, Sweden, to receive treatment at the Larbro Hospital Here he is sentenced to death again he is diagnosed with tuberculosis and his doctors inform him that he has six months to live But Mikl s decides to wage war on his own fate he writes 117 letters to 1Twenty five year old Holocaust survivor Mikl s is being shipped from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp to Gotland, Sweden, to receive treatment at the Larbro Hospital Here he is sentenced to death again he is diagnosed with tuberculosis and his doctors inform him that he has six months to live But Mikl s decides to wage war on his own fate he writes 117 letters to 117 Hungarian girls, all of whom are being treated in the Swedish camps, with the aim of eventually choosing a wife from among them.Two hundred kilometres away, in another Swedish rehabilitation camp, nineteen year old Lili receives Mikl s s letter Since she is bedridden for three weeks due to a serious kidney problem, out of boredom and curiosity she decides to write back.The slightly formal exchange of letters becomes increasingly intimate When the two finally manage to meet, they fall in love and are determined to marry, despite the odds that are against them.Based on the original letters written by Mikl s and Lili ninety six altogether , Fever at Dawn is a tale of passion, striving, and betrayal true and false friendships doubt and faith and the redeeming power of love.

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      217 Péter Gárdos Elizabeth Szász
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    1. Péter Gárdos Elizabeth Szász

      P ter G rdos was born in Budapest in 1948 He is a multiple award winning film and theatre director As a director he has received than twenty international awards at major film festivals, among them the Jury s Special Award at the Montreal Film Festival and the Golden Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival Based on the true story of his parents, Fever at Dawn is his first novel.


    1. I struggled with how to properly convey my thoughts about this book."Fever at Dawn" is a fictionalized account about the love story of author Peter Gardos's parents, Miklos and Lili, who are both Holocaust survivors. After being liberated from their separate concentration camps, Miklos and Lili are each taken to Sweden where they are sent to recuperate in hospitals. Miklos learns that having survived the Nazis, he has developed a virulent tuberculosis which will claim his life in 6 months or les [...]

    2. Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyIt’s so rare that Hungarian or Polish or Estonian writers get translated into English that I’m always keeping an eye out for works from that portion of the continent. So when notice came up on NetGalley of this one, “translated from Hungarian,” I decided to take a chance. Even thought that meant my rule of avoiding fiction about the Holocaust. But in a way, I haven’t broken my rule, because this book reads like the fictional overlay is so light as to [...]

    3. "Dear Nora, Dear Erzsébet, Dear Lili, Dear Zsuzsa, Dear Sára, Dear Seréna, Dear Ágnes, Dear Giza, Dear Baba, Dear Katalin, Dear Judit, Dear Gabriella… You are probably used to strangers chatting you up when you speak Hungarian, for no better reason than they are Hungarian too. We men can be so bad-mannered. For example, I addressed you by your first name on the pretext that we grew up in the same town. I don’t know whether you already know me from Debrecen."117 of these letters were sent [...]

    4. Fever at Dawn is the first novel by award-winning Hungarian film and theatre director, Peter Gardos. It is based on the true story of how his parents met just after the Second World War. Miklos has survived Belsen; he has survived (just) the journey by ship to Sweden. At the refugee hospital on Gotland, Dr Lindholm examines his X-rays and gives him the bad news: he will only survive another six or seven months. But Miklos is determined. He does some research and begins his campaign to find a wif [...]

    5. Một câu chuyện rất đặc biệt và khác thường ở chỗ anh nam chính thả thính theo cách công nghiệp với thần thái tự tin đậm chất Hungary =))

    6. Uma escrita boa mas ficou só por aí. Tive um claro problema com as expectativas que depositei na história. Esperava algo mais sobre o holocausto e isso não aconteceu. Ainda bem que o livro é curto mas, se não provavelmente não o teria terminado. Mas aconselho a quem gosta de uma boa história de amor do tempo dos nossos avós.

    7. ”La prânz, în timpul mesei, tot la tine m-am gândit, pentru că ne-au dat sos de roșii și știu că ție îți place foarte mult.Dragul meu copilaș, te iubesc atât de mult!”

    8. Aceasta este povestea părinţilor lui Péter Gárdos, ambii supravieţuitori ai lagărelor de concentrare din cel de-Al Doilea Război Mondial. Fără să se fi cunoscut înainte, Miklós şi Lili, doi tineri maghiari, află unul de celălalt abia după ce au fost la un pas de moarte şi au ajuns, separaţi, în tabere de recuperare din Suedia.Sunt mai multe momente interesante în cartea asta în aparenţă uşurică şi melodramatică, dar care are darul de a se citi uşor şi de a rămâne f [...]

    9. A minha opinião em vídeo: youtube/watch?v=KktdbEra um livro para qual tinha imensas expectativas e fiquei um pouco desiludida.Achei-o grande demais para a história que conta. Não criei empatia com as personagens.

    10. I received a copy of this novel in a giveaway.The poor guy in this book just can't catch a break. After surviving the atrocities of the Holocaust during WWII and being rescued from one of the concentration camps, he gets sick while on-board a boat to Sweden and a doctor has to perform an emergency procedure. Unfortunately Miklós has only half a year left to live his life according to the doctor who diagnoses him with tuberculosis. Miklós is determined to make the most of it though, and he sta [...]

    11. Quando a mãe de Péter Gárdos, realizador húngaro de 68 anos, lhe entregou um conjunto de cartas que havia trocado com o falecido marido e pai de Péter, ele não imaginava a riqueza que estava prestes a descobrir. As cartas contavam a história de como os dois se conheceram e apaixonaram, mas não só; eram também o registo das vicissitudes por que muitos húngaros judeus passaram no pós-Segunda Guerra Mundial. Apesar de se terem mantido guardadas e intocadas ao longo de décadas, Péter G [...]

    12. Unkarilaisen dokumentaristin Péter Gárdosin 117 kirjettä kuulosti niin herkältä, kun luin kirjan arvion Ullan blogista. Kirjan tarina on uskomaton ja kirjan kansikuva on varmasti kauneimpia mitä olen koskaan nähnyt. Kirjan tarina on Gárdosin vanhempien rakkaustarina. He molemmat selvisivät keskitysleireiltä noin kahdenkymmenen kilon painoisina luurankoina ja kuljetettiin Ruotsiin kuntoutukseen. Gárdosin isä sai kuolemantuomion saapuessaan Ruotsiin, lääkäri antoi elinaikaa vain kuu [...]

    13. Al principio iba a darle tres estrellas porque el inicio es algo lento y confuso. Además imaginaba que iba a ser todo epistolar pero tan sólo consta de pequeños extractos de cartas y ello chocó con las expectativas que yo llevaba. Pero las últimas 100 páginas (es una novela no muy extensa) me han gustado mucho y me han dejado ver todo el encanto de la historia que está basada en hechos reales.

    14. It is the end of WWII. Miklos is on his way to Sweden to recover after being liberated from a concentration camp. He is a mere 29 kilograms. He is ill, his teeth were so poor they were replaced with metal dentures, and he has rampart tuberculosis with doctors giving him only six months to live. But something the nazis did not take from Miklos was hope and his desire to live. This is a theme that runs continuously through the book: Miklos, even at the most dire of moments, even when things seem i [...]

    15. An utterly charming novel based on a true story of the courtship of the authors parents, young Hungarian survivors of the concentration camps post WW2.The novel takes place during six months that Miklos ad Lili were letter correspondents, Miklos who'd survived the camps ws diagnosed with TB ad told he had only 6 months to live. He writes 117 letters to young women convalesing in hospitals in Sweden, where many of the Hungarian survivors were being taken care of after the horrors of their wartime [...]

    16. 2.5 I'm a little 'meh' about this one. It's sweet and funny but it's fairly light. The tone was good but the writing (or perhaps translation) didn't do anything for me. A holocaust survivor love story crossed with How I Met Your Mother. It will find an audience I'm sure but isn't really my thing.

    17. Há histórias de amor, nascidas em ambientes fatais, que merecem ser dadas a conhecer ao mundo. Mesmo na toxicidade do Holocausto, registado nos últimos anos com mais incidência em dezenas de romances, foi possível encontrar uma das mais belas histórias de amor. “Carta à mulher do meu futuro” (Alfaguara, 2016) é a primeira aventura do realizador e encenador Péter Gardos na literatura. Tal como o escritor húngaro confessou, nunca faltaram histórias sobre as suas aventuras e sobre a [...]

    18. Sometimes, a love story can be very good for the soul. Fever at Dawn, drawn from the love letters of the author’s parents, is a triumph of the human spirit over adversity that is very satisfying reading.As a child, I had the rather naïve idea that the end of a war meant that the survivors could go home immediately, not knowing that POWs could continue to be held for months and years after an armistice, and that meant that their military guards weren’t demobbed. Occupation forces stayed in G [...]

    19. 8 de 10*Achei "Carta à Mulher do Meu Futuro" um livro muito tocante. Sendo baseado em factos reais, a capacidade do ser humano de procurar o amor depois de passar por uma experiência tão traumática como foram os campos de concentração, conseguiu surpreender-me.Comentário completo em:abibliotecadajoao/

    20. *I received a copy of this novel through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*The beginning of this novel was difficult for me to connect with. For around the first quarter of the book I found it difficult to connect with the characters. After that point I did really enjoy the story. I found the epistolary style that was incorporated to include the letters between Miklos and Lili to be very well done and interesting. This is a novelization of the story of the author's parents, who were su [...]

    21. 3,5 en realidad. Una historia real novelada, sobre una amor nacido a partir de una tragedia. La vida tras estar en campos de concentración en la segunda Guerra Mundial. El amor de los padres del autor. Mi reseña completa : perdida-entrelibross.

    22. Such a heartbreaking story written in such a great way! Miklos and Lili fortunately have their happy ending, but they had to give up a lot of things to get there. Awesome part is the fact that the book is based on a true story.

    23. My Rating: 2.5/5 stars (increased to 3 stars for this site)This short book details what life was like for two Holocaust survivors who have been sent to Sweden after the end of WWII. It is a fictionalized story about the author's own parents and how they fell in love. Reviewing a memoir is hard because you're dealing with people's lives and memories. While I found the premise of this book interesting and a lovely tribute to the author's parents, I had a few issues with the book that don't deal wi [...]

    24. This is a book for someone who needs to remember the power that love and hope in a person's life. It is the story of Hungarian concentration camp survivors who have been sent to camps in Sweden for medical treatment and rehabilitation.Miklos is one of those survivors who has been diagnosed with terminal TB and only given a few months to live. He absolutely refuses to believe that he is terminally ill. Miklos obtains a list of 117 female concentration camp survivors who are from the same area of [...]

    25. Fever at Dawn is an astonishing love story based on the incredible true story of the author’s parents Miklós and Lili—both Holocaust survivors—who find love in tragic circumstances. On top of everything Miklós has been through, his doctor at his refugee camp tells him he only has months to live. Daring to fight his fate, Miklós writes to 117 young Hungarian women who are also in refugee camps, sure that one of these women will become his wife. Lili begins to write back and that’s wher [...]

    26. 4,5 SterneIch habe (noch) nicht so recht die richtigen Worte für das Buch. Zwar habe ich schon einiges über den 2. WK und auch über das unvorstellbare Leid in den Lagern gelesen, aber eigentlich kaum ein Buch über das "Danach" - obwohl das Weiterleben nach diesem Ausmaß an Schrecken ja tatsächlich nochmal ein großes Thema für sich ist. Und wie dies hier an der Geschichte von Miklos und Lilli geschildert wird, hat mich sehr berührt. Zumal der Roman ja auf der wahren Geschichte der Eltern [...]

    27. 16/20Inspiré de la rencontre des parents de l’auteur, cette histoire d’amour insolite sous forme épistolaire romancée m’a énormément plu. C’est fou, beau et léger, alors même que la Shoah laisse des traces dans la vie de chacun. Un beau roman touchant, d’autant plus qu’il s’inspire de faits réels.Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

    28. Чудесная нежная книга про Холокост, туберкулез и железные зубы.

    29. It wouldn't be fair of me to review this when I read so little of it, so I will just say that it seems like the cutesiest book ever written about the Holocaust.

    30. Schrijver Peter Gardos heeft het verhaal van hoe zijn ouders elkaar hebben ontmoet, op papier gezet. Het is een liefdesgeschiedenis over de twee Hongaarse holocaustoverlevenden Miklos Gardos en Lili Reich. Beiden zijn ziek uit de concentratiekampen gekomen en zijn naar Zweden gebracht om te herstellen. De een in een mannenkamp en de ander in een vrouwenkamp vele kilometers verderop. Als Miklos van zijn behandelend arts hoort dat hij zo ziek is dat hij niet lang meer zal leven, besluit hij dat ni [...]

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