First Light, Final Hour

First Light Final Hour Following Last Light comes Final Hour the second of two standalone eBook original tales tying in to Ashley Bell the highly anticipated new novel of dark suspense from New York Times bestselling au

  • Title: First Light, Final Hour
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Following Last Light comes Final Hour, the second of two standalone eBook original tales tying in to Ashley Bell, the highly anticipated new novel of dark suspense from 1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz

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    1. It's disappointing to know that Makani and Bob won't be in the new novel. I'm not really sure why these novellas were written. Apart from introducing Pogo. Who will be in the new novel. I really enjoyed Makani and Bob. Would love to read more novellas on them. Makani has a special gift, she only has to touch a person and she knows what dark thoughts they think. This talent makes her lead a life trying never to touch people.One day while out Makani sees a bunch of boys about to crash into an unsu [...]

    2. Koontz has often been hit-or-miss in my reading experience. When he's on his game, he's very good, but when he's not, he doesn't hold my interest for long. FINAL HOUR is the second novella he released as an eBook, paving the way for the release of his new novel ASHLEY BELL. The first novella was LAST LIGHT, both tales featuring Mikani Hisoka-O'Brien, a California surfer girl with the gift (or curse) of reading people's darker natures just by touching them. Even though this may not seem like a ve [...]

    3. The 2nd novella featuring Makani, Pogo and Bob the dog. Enjoyable short story with 3 strong characters that surely in time Mr Koontz should reward with a full blown novel. He has stated that he will write another novella featuring the likable trio but I feel there should be more.I enjoyed "Final Hour" as much as last light and once again it was a two sitting read that was ideal for lunch breaks. Koontz does create a lot of likable characters which makes you feel you have extended your friends li [...]

    4. I liked the fact that Koonz doesn't blabber and waste my time going on and on about nothing. Unfortunately he does a poor job of creating the mystery. After reading numerous Stephen King novels it's hard to say this was anywhere near Kings equal

    5. I was disappointed in Dean's creativeness. The premise was good for a short story I suppose but not at all what I expected.

    6. This is the second of two books that are prequels to Dean Koontz's novelAshley Bell . Although one of the characters will be appearing in the novel, the main character, Makani and her dog, Bob will not be in the novel. I found Makani very interesting and would like to read more books with her in them. Makani has a special gift: when she touches people she sees their dark side. Accidentally brushing against a woman she sees something terrible that she feels she must address. She enlists the help [...]

    7. This is a short story that contains characters from his previous short story Last Light. In the previous novella we learned of a power that Makani possesses. In this one, she once again uses her power and is put into a situation where she is forced into action.This is one of the better short stories that I have read. I liked the situation that Koontz put his characters and the resulting action they chose. I was impressed that a short story can entertain and give such detail to its characters. Al [...]

    8. If you've never read Dean Koontz, be aware that while he is a exceptionally talented writer, his stories are always about the paranormal and dark.This is the second novella I've read about surfer girl Makani Hisoka-O'Brien, her black lab Bob and her friend Pogo.Makani's special talent it that she can read people's bad thoughts on touching them. In this story she 'sees' that an evil and egocentric super-rich young woman is keeping her own twin imprisoned, and starving and torturing her. Great sto [...]

    9. I'm a little torn with this one's just a little too far fetched to swallow. The first book, The Last Hour, was a tad more believable. I love the supernatural bit with Makani and it started off great, but the further it went the less I was into itjust kept rolling my eyes into the back of my head, like, really? Seriously? I still enjoyed it but just couldn't give it more than 3 stars. Sorry Deanw onto Ashley Bellhope it's a winner. Koontz says it's his favorite so far so I have high hopes.

    10. Disclaimer: I am reading the Ashley Bell stories at a friend's behest. Under normal circumstances I do not torture myself with bad prose unless I am being paid to help improve it.

    11. This sequel to Last Light continues the adventures of Makani, Pogo, and Bob the dog. While I enjoy the main characters, I wish Koontz would treat them to a full-length novel, and put his considerable talents to work in developing the characters and their relationships, instead of just including a lot of filler as he seems to have done more and more in recent years.

    12. He never fails me. I've read books by Dean Koontz for years and like my headline said, he has never failed me. I recommend this novella if you want an entertaining read. It grabs you from the beginning and holds on until you finish. I appreciate Mr. Koontz for this book and all the other hours of entertainment he has given me.

    13. Good short readBecause this was a novella, many details were omitted. It was a goos short story read, but not a suspenseful as a long story. Good characters nd a bit of a surprise ending. Liked it.

    14. Another winnerIn typical and enjoyable style Dean Koontz does it again . Love Bob the sensitive dog .l working to give an easy compelling read

    15. Another good short story about Makani and Bob. Too bad the story of these 2 are not continued in Ashley Bell, hopefully it will stand on its own.

    16. ExcellentSee a great future for the three of them in new novellas. Or possibly a long novel with a great adventure.

    17. A couple of weeks ago I posted my review of Dean Koontz’s newest novel, “Ashley Bell.” But a little before Ashley was published Koontz released a short story called, “Final Hour.” Like any good fan of the author I dutifully read the story a couple of weeks before Ashley. The reason why that’s important is because “Final Hour” introduces us to a character that makes an important appearance in Ashley. Relax, it’s not Ashley.In “Final Hour” we meet Southern California surfer M [...]

    18. Dean Koontz has published two short novellas as teasers to his new book, Ashley Bell. Last Light and Final Hour are available only in e-book format and feature the beautiful Makani Hisoka-O'Brien, her surfer buddy Pogo and Bob the dog. Both stories revolve around Makani's ability to read people's deepest, darkest secrets with only a slight touch. She meets an evil villain in each book through her paranormal powers and then is forced to destroy them, or be destroyed. The stories are vintage Koont [...]

    19. I did not enjoy this one as much as "Last Light" but was happy to read more about Makani, Pogo and Bob. This novella did not grab me as quickly as the previous one did and the story seemed a little rushed and flat maybe? I felt the dynamic with the twins could have been fleshed out and developed WAY more -- but understanding the constraints of a novella I can see why it was so tight. I just think you lose emotional connection and, to put it bluntly, it's hard to give a shit or understand why Mak [...]

    20. This novella, one of two leading up to the release of Ashley Bell, barely squeaked by with a 3 star rating. It's definitely a Dean Koontz story and he's one of my favorite authors but I don't think this one actually lived up to what I expect of Mr. Koontz. The first novella--Last Light--was decent and I liked the suspenseful buildup and the story line. Although this one follows the same main characters, Makani--the lovely surfer and automotive expert who can read people's most depraved thoughts [...]

    21. This is the second novella that features Makani and Pogo in the build-up to the release of ASHLEY BELL. Makani has the supernatural ability to read a person’s darkest secrets with a simple touch, but as we found out with LAST LIGHT this power can lead to devastating results.In FINAL HOUR Makani again crosses paths with a psychopath—but unlike LAST LIGHT, which saw Makani and Pogo fighting for their own survival, this time they are on a mission to save an imprisoned girl.It’s a quick read, [...]

    22. koontz does not have a pile of shorts but i've read many of them. this is another, #83 from koontz, more if count the shorts individually. onward and upwardory begins:that september day, an offshore breeze polished the glassy breakers, which were sweet ten-footers pumping in powerful sets, and though makani wanted to be surfing, a chance encounter with a wicked woman left her riding instead waves of dread and chaosnished last night. good story. this one and Last Light (Novella) are novellas with [...]

    23. Oh, I hope we see another Makani/Bob/Pogo novella! I really wish we could just have a full novel. While not quite as good as Last Light, Final Hour (Short Story) was still a fun adventure with this crew. Makani, with her paranormal gift of sensing a person's darkest secrets or desires with the slightest touch, attempts to save a runner from mishap in the park. In the process she sets in motion a desperate race to save the target of the runner's murderous intent. Will she, Pogo, and Bob get there [...]

    24. I struggle with rating and reviewing most Koontz stories. Sure, there are those like STRANGERS, which is just an awful story chock-full of the most antiquated and offensive things that Koontz has ever pulled out of his little mind, and then there's something like FINAL HOUR, which is basically a good little story that honestly fooled me but it also contains just enough ridiculousness to make me physically flinch. I continue to love Makani, Pogo, and Bob, and I love that there will be a third nov [...]

    25. Final Hour is an even better novella than Last Light. This novella features the same characters; Makani, Pogo and Bob the dog but events are not connected to Last Light.I thought the plot in Final Hour was much better. I loved the way Koontz explores the dysfunctional relationship between the twin sisters. Sibling rivalry taken to a new level of disturbing. Makani reminds me of one of Koontz’s best known characters, Odd Thomas. I adore Odd Thomas so I’ve enjoyed reading about someone with si [...]

    26. "It's the sanest thing of all to live your life with the understanding that every hour may be the final hour."FINAL HOUR is the second novella, after LAST LIGHT, that is a precursor to Koontz's new book due out in December - ASHLEY BELL.This story has the same characters as LAST LIGHT with a different antagonist and I love Makani, Pogo and Labrador Bob.It is my understanding that only Pogo will continue on in the book but Koontz did write a note at the end of this novella saying he will follow u [...]

    27. Short story (87 pages) on my Kindle. Makani touches a stranger and discovers through her special gift that this woman has kidnapped her twin and is slowly starving her to death. Makani, Pogo and the dog Bob track her down, and follow her to the warehouse where she is hiding her sister. In the end, we find out the tortured twin is just as evil as her sister, and during a fight, both end up dead. I had the feeling I had read this before. This story and the one before it, Last Light are suppose to [...]

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