Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes He s just what she needs Single mom Jade Moran isn t ready for any big changes in either her horrible s kitchen or her romantic life Her ex did a number on her and she isn t interested in getting h

  • Title: Just Say Yes
  • Author: Alyssa Goodnight
  • ISBN: 9781943336951
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s just what she needs Single mom Jade Moran isn t ready for any big changes in either her horrible 70s kitchen or her romantic life Her ex did a number on her, and she isn t interested in getting hurt again But when she meets a super hot contractor, she wonders if avocado appliances are on the way out and romance is on the way in Max Gianopoulis doesn t have a clHe s just what she needs Single mom Jade Moran isn t ready for any big changes in either her horrible 70s kitchen or her romantic life Her ex did a number on her, and she isn t interested in getting hurt again But when she meets a super hot contractor, she wonders if avocado appliances are on the way out and romance is on the way in Max Gianopoulis doesn t have a clue why he s so enchanted by Jade She s almost as big a mess as her kitchen, and he s a guy who likes to keep things simple But Jade has turned up the flirty heat and he can t keep his hands off her With everything moving too fast and coming too easy, Jade s insecurities kick into high gear She s not sure she can trust another man again and she definitely doesn t believe in happily ever afters.

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      Alyssa Goodnight is the author of the Jane Austen s Diary series AUSTENTATIOUS, AUSTENSIBLY ORDINARY and a Regency historical, UNLADYLIKE PURSUITS Her books have been mentioned in FIRST for Women, Woman s World, and Entertainment Weekly Her latest, JUST SAY YES, will be released August 24, 2015.Alyssa is a Texas girl who dreams of British accents and gets her fix watching Masterpiece Mystery Keep up with her on her website at alyssagoodnightOr visit her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


    1. 3.5 Saving Up My Yes-es Stars * * * 1/2Eclecticis is what this book felt to met also with purpose. It had a dash of the mystic/magic through cooking and foodsIt had a single mother who had come up with a very smart way of raising her daughterAnd it had the meeting of a man who was not only capable to remodel her kitchen from a 70's nightmare but also able bring this woman into the presenta present which contained him.This book had a unique flavor, purpose and way about it hoping the reader would [...]

    2. Five things I learned from reading Just Say YesI want to be friends with Goodnight. She is clearly a Geek. She references shows I adore and her characters discuss Superheroes. If she likes coffee and chocolate, we could totally be BFFs.Her characters are fleshed out, realistic, and unique. If you are looking for cliché characters, you will be disappointed. I loved the secondary characters we meet thanks to Opal’s dinners. I would love to see more books develop around this new group of friends [...]

    3. ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest review.Cute story with a sprinkle of magic mixed in.Evie is hoping for a match between her mom, Jade, and Max, their contractor. Jade is reluctant to get involved, but Max’s charm and her attraction to him are getting in the way of her resolve.This book was filled with humour. Max and Jade were really cute together and had great chemistry.Jade’s mention of her Wonder Woman costume and Max’ [...]

    4. Say "kitchen witch" and I'm there.  (Especially when said kitchen witch tells me, personally, that I should eat nasturtiums, which I love) There's just something so. . . charming and quirky and endearing in stories around the theme of kitchen witchery, and this was no exception. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it's like magical realism's more universally palatable cousin (and we all know how I feel about magical realism). Think Practical Magic.  Just Say Yes is the even more palatable co [...]

    5. Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI love light, sensual, fun romances and Just Say Yes by Alyssa Goodnight met those requirements and then some. There was much to love about this book from the way the hero and heroine meet, to the power of suggestion that made them take a chance and to the way they figured out how to accept and be together and through it all there was humor, fun, some kitchen magic and a whole lot of people working to make them see being together was a good t [...]

    6. I dove right into this story the other night because I knew it was going to be fun and flirty and magical. AND I WAS RIGHT! It was interesting and full of wit and quite romantic at times. I loved every word!FULL REVIEW closer to publication!OKere's nothing I didn't like LOLIt was quirky and funny and romantic and sexy and just plain fun! The story was great, the secondary characters added to the madness and it was hard to put down! That's all you need to know! One-click immediately! #TRUSTARC pr [...]

    7. Jade Moran is not ready to begin hitting the dating pool again, however her precocious daughter has other ideas. When Jade is talked into trying something new, she doesn't realize it will be redoing her kitchen and that the contractor is such a stunning man, she wants to whip out a phone and take a picture.Mixing business with pleasure can get complicated but there are other forces at work that want to help this potential couple along. Jade has trust issues though and Max wants her trust in full [...]

    8. 4.5 stars!I've been a fan of Alyssa Goodnight's writing for some time. She wrote these amazing modern magical re-tellings of some of Jane Austen's novels that I absolutely loved. They really opened my mind to the idea of realistic magical elements in contemporary fiction. Then there was nothing from her for a while so I was super excited and happy to see she was publishing Just Say Yes. Max and Jade make a fabulous couple. They might not have found each other either without the meddling of Evie, [...]

    9. A reluctant divorced mother, a 70's kitchen, a contractor, the magic properties of food, and one matchmaking teenage daughter make for a good fast paced love story.Jade agrees to let Max remodel her 70's kitchen after her daughter Evie uses a "yes" to throw them together. Max is very attracted to Jade and lets her know it and not that she isn't attracted to him but she has some let over confidence issues due to her jerk of an ex-husband.Max does his best to give her space but still flirt with he [...]

    10. The blurb I wrote for this book (the official one is by Entangled), which plays up the magical side a bit more…Jade Moran’s chance meeting with kitchen witch Opal Trevalyn is a magical beginning. In just ten minutes she goes from being an unattached, single mom with a hideous kitchen to being introduced to sexy contractor Max Gianopoulis and cautiously considering everything he’s offering.Convinced Max is a player and that she can handle the game, she flirts harmlessly during the remodel. [...]

    11. It was an interesting, funny, romantic and quite magical read. It made me laugh out loud a few times. Plot was good and it was well-written. I liked all characters but most of all I liked Max. As far as romance novels go this one was among the best. Although sometimes a Little too dramatic but overall a good book for pleasure reading.Jade is single mom and she hasn't dated anyone in thirteen years, after the betrayal of one man she had trusted. Now her teenage daughter thinks that it is time to [...]

    12. This one surprised me in such a great way! I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was attraction, tension, hesitation, setbacks, bravery and taking chances. More than once, the story took a turn and I enjoyed it immensely. And thank you, Alyssa Goodnight for branding the image of Neal Caffrey in my head for the duration of this bookTHANK YOU! And I might be adding some extra cinnamon on my oatmeal tomorrow morningThis book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a bit slow to start, as is the case for cautious single parents, but Max proves worthy of Jade' s trust. A joy! Please read my full review at The Reading Cafe on August 25.

    14. If you need a little sweet romance, a little slow down from more racy texts, then Just Say Yes would be right up your alley.Jade hasn’t trusted a man since her husband walked out on her when their daughter was only a few months old, but now that baby girl is on the brink of being a teenager and Jade still has yet to accept any man in her life.Evie (said baby to teenager) isn’t happy that her mom hasn’t allowed herself to love anyone else again and is on board with Jade’s best friend to h [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this fun, flirty contemporary with an unexpected touch of kitchen magic on the side. This is a very cute story, although it can be a bit confusing at times. Such as at the very beginning when Jade and her daughter Evie meet Opal in a café, then go on to meet Max. The conversation flows thick and fast, but I have to admit I found it a bit confusing to follow, especially all the talk of Yeses, and whether Jade was flirting with Max or not, or if she meant to flirt, or if she didn [...]

    16. NEW RELEASE: JUST SAY YES BY ALYSSA GOODNIGHT   READ AND REVIEW JUST SAY YES BY ALYSSA GOODNIGHT Release Date:  August 24, 2015 SYNOPSIS Turn up the heat with a bit of magicy from Select Contemporary! He's just what she needs Single mom Jade Moran isn't ready for any big changes in either her horrible '70s kitchen or her romantic life. Her ex did a number on her, and she isn't interested in getting hurt again. But when she meets a super-hot contractor, she wonders if avocado appliances [...]

    17. Just Say Yes tells the story of Jade, who has been divorced for several years, and has been raising her daughter basically on her own. She has an ex-husband who is a huge ass, quite frankly. She has put romance on the back burner while raising her daughter - a daughter who decides it is time for her to find love again.Max comes into their lives with the help of a friend, and against her better judgment, Jade hires him to remodel her horrid avocado kitchen. They have an instant chemistry.This was [...]

    18. Got an ARC on Net Galley.Thanks EntangledI admit to being a bit of an oddball. I often am drawn to the name of a book and this one could have gone more than one way. I am glad that it went the route it did because a book I read recently was a bit heavy on the sex scenes. I did like that this book wasn't like that. Some of us want more than that and some don't which is why I love books. There is something out there for everyone.This is a really cute story and it is ideal for summer. Of course you [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book by the book's publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Jade is a single Mum and feels like that is how she will remain after her bad experiences with men. Her daughter Evie, however, disagrees with this perspective entirely and is trying to become a matchmaker with a little bit of help from Opal’s kitchen witchery. When Jade is introduced to the gorgeous Max, she finds herself flirting for the first time in over a decade. So when her kitchen [...]

    20. With a matchmaking 13 year old daughter seriously involved in “Project Jade Moran Needs a Man” this is a hilarious recipe for romance from the moment they meet Opal and encounter her food magic and are introduced to Max Gianopoulis. Most chapters start with some culinary advice regarding the magic properties of certain foods and how eating them can impact on relationships but this is no straightforward recipe with a guaranteed outcome. The mix of characters, their reactions to each other and [...]

    21. Ladies you will want to say a resounding yes to this one. Max and Jade are an amazing couple and throw in 13 year old Evie and Yia Yia Cleo and this one will take you through it's paces. I really enjoyed this fun story. It takes Jade through all of the many aspects of raising a teen daughter and trying to have a relationship (with the super hot contractor Max) and deal with a douche of an ex who thinks he is all that and is really just a pain in the rear. Max and Jade have a cheering section mad [...]

    22. Just Say Yes by Alyssa GoodnightJade Moran and daughter Evie meet Max Gianopoulis at a local coffee shop. It's actually a setup for Jade. Even though Max isn't interested in taking on another contractor job, he is smitten by Jade and Evie and is soon remodeling their 70's style kitchen. Love soon blooms along with the rebuilding.Witty, and sometimes confusing repartee, specifically if you don't know Firefly. After an interesting start, the rest of the pages were a bit blah and lacking chemistry. [...]

    23. What a fun book to read. The storyline and the characters are well developed and believable. The two main characters could be just about anyone’s next door neighbor. A single, work at home parent and a hard working person in construction. These two lonely people succumb to the meddling of friends and family. Would they be able to make is as a couple with all of the outside help or hindrance? The only way to find out is by reading the book. Enjoy.Our Blog was given this book in Exchange for an [...]

    24. A very enjoyable read with some really funny moments and a great group of characters! A sweet romance between single mom Jade Moran and her contractor Max Gianopoulis. Jade's not sure she's ready for all the changes, to her home and her life, but between her teenage daughter Eve and a host of quirky town characters she doesn't stand a chance. Max is sure why but he is drawn to Jade and her crazy daughter. So maybe the reno work he's doing might take a bit longer to finish.This is one I highly re [...]

    25. I enjoyed reading this romance book. Jade is a single mom with an outdated kitchen. When she meets Max, very good looking contractor she decides to say yes to him redoing her kitchen. Then the fun begins. It had enjoyable characters. I loved how the female lead, Jade was a "nerd" and liked action movies. I can relate. I would recommend this to people who like a good sappy romance.Thank you to Alyssa Goodnight for the giveaway.

    26. This was one of those books that is just fun to read!The characters were just magically perfect! The author added secondary characters that just added layers of fun on top of humor, and some pretty great chemistry.I found it next to impossible to put this book down for even a moment. I would highly recommend this. GREAT romance, GREAT chemisty, and more laughs than you could imagine.

    27. A wonderful slow burn romance, a little magic to help things along, and the literal sweetest of all grand gestures. Readers will love Jade and Max and the wild cast of characters in their lives! This book is pure fun!

    28. Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In BooksI received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!I'm not exactly sure how this review is going to go. Usually I have basic ideas in my head and just flesh them out as I go along, but I'm still on the fence with this one. To be honest, and I don't mean this in a bad way or a good way for that matter, it just is what it is, but, this book was justrange. There [...]

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