Cousins Book 2

Cousins Book I made a mistake and had a taste of something sweet something forbidden something highly addictive My cousin It s no secret that I m greedy and I want Now I just have to convince her pretty ass tha

  • Title: Cousins Book 2
  • Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I made a mistake and had a taste of something sweet, something forbidden, something highly addictive My cousin It s no secret that I m greedy, and I want Now I just have to convince her pretty ass that she does too Just as things begin to heat up between Elizabeth and her cousin, she pulls away frightened of what it all means and goes off to pursue funding for herI made a mistake and had a taste of something sweet, something forbidden, something highly addictive My cousin It s no secret that I m greedy, and I want Now I just have to convince her pretty ass that she does too Just as things begin to heat up between Elizabeth and her cousin, she pulls away frightened of what it all means and goes off to pursue funding for her new business Convincing people to make decisions that they wouldn t normally make is Roman s specialty It s just that he s going to have to find other creative ways to make this particular target bend to his will This is the second part of a two part series The entire series is now complete and available exclusively on Genre New Adult Romance Book 2 Series POV Dual Point Of View Content Warning Contains adult themes, explicit love scenes, and harsh language It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18 Disclaimer All characters in the book are 18 years of age, non blood related, and all sexual acts are consensual.

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      301 Lisa Lang Blakeney
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      I grew up an only child gorging myself on daytime soaps, night time dramas, and romance novels I write about strong alpha men and the smart women they seek to claim.Talk to me in my readers group at facebook groups romanceninjas


    1. When will I learnhI didn't really like book one but Noo!!! I just couldn't leave it alone because of the cliffhanger at the end. It's not bad, it's just not good and the sole reason. Her. She ANNOYS!!! Me. If it wasn't for the heroine being so stupid I could have tolerated it better. Whateves on to the next.

    2. I'm so glad that there wasn't a huge time delay between this book and the first one. The connection between Roman and Elizabeth was so intense that I could not wait to see where this went. They simply cannot ignore the pull between them and if anything is just seems to get stronger. 'I'm a hot mess. But Roman is my weakness'Roman's father would be furious if he found out about their guilty secret. Roman is at the stage where he just doesn't seem to care anymore and Elizabeth wants to pull away, [...]

    3. I have to say that I was really disappointed with the ending of this book. with less than 10% left in the book, it's revealed that they are together to both parents. She moves out. She and he are happy. Dad retires. He doesn't take all of dad's jobs. Why? No more info is given about the app she is creating, no resolution with his mom. Ethan is still out there somewhere.It's like when a kid writes a story, and decides they are done. So, in one sentence, everything is concluded. A big ol "THE END" [...]

    4. 3.5 rounded up to 4Just like with the first book, the "frack" drove me nuts! Not cute to me at all. Elizabeth was also a crazy cock tease at the beginning and had the nerve to blame Roman for her indecisiveness. Her character was a little annoying to me this time.

    5. Orgasms are her Crack and he is her dealer Does the book get better ? I care not Thought I did skip to the end from around 40 or soo percent and after all the BS we have to slog thru it just seemed a happy for now She still couldn't stomach living with him on a daily basis Which surprised me just a little coz she seemed soo weak willed with him,a it seemed most of the time if he wanted it he got it Coz honestly orgasms were her crack and he was her dealer. They both seemed one-dimensional and t [...]

    6. I thought the first book was quite good but i just couldn't with this one!Absolutely hated Elizabeth, she was just so horrible - such a whiny little child! As for Roman, now i love an alpha male in the books i read, but, Roman was just over the top so much, he was literally a stalker, keeping tans on her constantly, taking her from her friends house when she was having a girls night - i would not find any of this endearing, its just overbearing.My most hated part of this book - FRACKING!!! ON EV [...]

    7. 3.5-4 sexya** stars ;) Lol. Okay so I had been waiting a long time for this second book!! Great job on this. Good story. Just felt that it could have been a better ending. Like maybe roman connecting with his mother or Joseph even a bit more. I didn't like Joseph n wanted to know his story. So yup. But I loved the hot steamy scenes!! Hehe. And I felt bitsy needed to hold out a bit more. Like she was in a constant fog of him. Like stand ur ground at times. He seemed like a dominant. But it was ho [...]

    8. So I forced myself to finish the first one only to find out that the drawn out drama couldn't possibly be solved with one book. Since I had nothing better to do I thought I'd finish book 2 so I can at least see if the possible intrigue builds into something redeeming the book 1. It fails to deliver on the promise of the cliffhanger, fails to show any improvement in the personalities of the characters, and generally left me pissed that in 500 pages the author could not successfully create and res [...]

    9. Really sexy fake taboo. Related by marriage only cousins sooooo not really taboo. But it was a little creepy how much they called each other cousins even while fucking. Sheesh.

    10. OKay I honest to god love this author. I usually don't have favorite authors (I know that's weird but I gravitate to certain plots rather than styles) but she cracked me up. Not that the story itself was particularly funny but Lisa Lang Blakeney managed to weave her own personality and opinions (or so it seemed) subtly into the story. Like with Shrek, it didn't click until the end but the fact that there were so many Shrek references cracked me up.Apart from that it was a good read, their relati [...]

    11. Roman and ElizabethSometimes in a series the first book is so good but then the next one falls a little short. Well this one did not. I only fell deeper in love with Roman and Elizabeth. The connection and emotion between these two are incredible. He has been ready for awhile to let everyone know about them. He was waiting for her to get ready. When she does she does it with love and strength letting the whole family know. Now off to read the third book💖💖💖

    12. 5*s but fix editingThis book is hot, romantic and funny. Love the series. I read the first king book first, yet it did not ruin this series. Like a lot of KU books, there are some editing errors, yet there is not that much distraction

    13. Yes!Hot panty melting read that will set you kindle and heart aflame! Elizabeth and Roman’s story is incredible loved it!

    14. This was one pretty dang hot and erotically kinky book! Also, totally worth reading every juicy page.I read right on through this series to the very end and was craving more, more, more! Roman is a pretty damn hot and naughty, dominating male. Even though Roman and Elizabeth have and deep attraction to one another,  they unfortunately find out they and noreferrer Steps Cousins. If gets to the point wear they start to not care one bit because their souls scream for each other.There are some ext [...]

    15. I won this book in a give away. I'll begin reading as soon as possible. I'll put the actually date of when I do start reading this book.Hey all i have officially started reading this book today. hopefully I'll be done with it in 2 days time to write and rate my review.I enjoyed every moment of this book. Just like I predicted I managed to have this book completely finished in 2 day and was able to do so. Elizabeth in this book I found to be really annoying to the point in which I wish I could ju [...]

    16. Elizabeth knows that Roman wants her and that their connection can be addictive and explosive. Even though she is insanely attracted to him she is trying not to give into temptation. But she is starting to realize that even if she denies herself she can't move on. She needs him in so many way, he is a vital part of her life and she isn't willing to give him up. Now it is up to her to decide if she can live with the consequences that come with being with him, or if she is willing to break her own [...]

    17. Overall Stars: 5 STARSCousinsAlpha Men Forbidden does not mean unattainable Just as things begin to heat up between Elizabeth and her cousin, she pulls away frightened of what it all means and goes off to pursue funding for her new business. Convincing people to make decisions that they wouldn't normally make is Roman's specialty. It's just that he's going to have to find other more creative ways to make this particular target bend to his will. ( blurb)Now THAT’s how you make a series memorabl [...]

    18. This is a very well-written book and keeps you glued to the pages to the very end. I really enjoyed it and literally could not put it down I needed to finish it all at once. The story picks up right where the author left off in the last book. Roman is on a mission to find Elizabeth in the Bahamas where he also knows that her ex is. Elizabeth is struggling with the idea of being attracted to her cousin and runs from him right after a sexual encounter at Roman's house, later she goes off to pursue [...]

    19. This is a continuation of book 1. Roman has gone from one night stands with no seconds to stalking and practically begging Elizabeth to be with him. His alpha possessive nature comes out full force in this story with his demands that Elizabeth finally accept them. Elizabeth's strength and need to be successful on her own terms is endearing but Roman makes it difficult. Constantly saving her from her ex, helping her in moving forward with her business and Roman making her see her true desires has [...]

    20. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review“Instead there is a pocket of tense silence between us. Him staring at me while I stare at myself. And immediately all of my insecurities start to pop up, and I look down and away from the mirror. My hips seem to be growing in width the longer I gawk at myself.”5 super sexy, hot stars!!! I think the second book was so much hotter than the first!! It’s such a taboo story, but it’s so d@mn hot!I made a mistake and had a taste of something swe [...]

    21. I gave 3 stars to both books simply because the bad nearly outweighed the good.The Good; a bad bad boy hero (Roman) who was basically working for his mobster father,generally well edited and had a good story line with good character ;interactions, the H went for what he wanted and got but I'm not sure why he did.The Bad; Elizabeth/Bitsy was an immature lead h, supposed to 24 and wanting to set up her own business, she acted about 18,went on about her high school days and I had to stop several ti [...]

    22. I am not a fan of leaving a poor review, however, this book left me feeling so frustrated that I needed to remind myself why I won't be reading the next one. You know, just in case I was tempted to round out the series the future! First, I didn't understand the outrage about this couple being together. Not only did they have no blood relation, they had one interaction as children and then never saw each other again. That's what I liked about this couple to begin with! They teased the boundary of [...]

    23. 5 Family Affair ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Intense. Explosive. Panty Melting. Raw. Exposed. Angst. Multifaceted. This book was more than amazing. It definitely goes on the list of best series conclusions. I think whenever I read romance I'm never completely satisfied because everything always seemed neatly packaged with a pretty bow on top. This series is definitely not about aesthetics when it comes to love. It's about the raw and gritty passion between two people and the messy obstacles it [...]

    24. CONFUSING CONFLICTING FEELINGSOh wow how things between Roman and Elizabeth is just becoming HOTTER & HOTTER along side them 1 trying not to admit that what they have is more than sex and the other wanting to come out with what is actually happening between the 2 of them. But then it becomes an eye opener when Elizabeth's ex Ethan comes onto the scene again when she's gone tí the Bahamas for an interview and he's there, which Roman's assistant Jade finds out & that's it he had tí get t [...]

    25. Even Better Than The First!I so totally enjoyed the first book in this series and as it ended in a cliffhanger, I couldn't wait to get my eyes into this book! Wow! I have t say that I really love, love, loved this book! It is an amazing conclusion to the series and just really gets you in all the right places. The plot is so awesomely multidimensional and layered. I was once again sucked back into the story and was drawn in so deeply that I read it straight through, I am pretty sure you couldn't [...]

    26. If I thought the first one was good the second one blew me away! Once again we see the intensity that Elizabeth and Roman have for one another and I loved every second of it. In this one Elizabeth learns how to handle Roman (I swear I think he is just letting her because there is no handling Roman.) They have really become much deeper, at least for me and I found myself enjoying them more in this book. That cliffhanger in the first book was worth it now! I do hope that we get to see more around [...]

    27. *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* I LOVED the conclusion to Roman & Elizabeth's story!! Again we are blown away by their intensity for one another & I loved every second of it!!! Oh to have a man like Roman Mastersonswoon! I wanted to high-five Elizabeth at times because she starts to learn how to get her way with him & learns that if she's not having him to her beck & call, it will definitely be the other way around and she doesn't really mind. I do hope that [...]

    28. I made a huge mistake not writing my reviews for this series right away. So, I apologize, this is going to be short and to the point.BUY THIS BOOK. READ THIS SERIES. I could not put these down. I messaged the author and expressed my undying love for her as soon as I finished. Not just book one, but book two. I also stalked her on Facebook and might have scared her a bit. Morale of the story: READ THIS SERIES. DO IT.Five stars for storyline and Five drenched panties for smut.Review by Miranda at [...]

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