How To Be A Brit

How To Be A Brit George Mikes has written many successful books on a variety of interesting subjects but one so successful as those on the subject most central to his own experience his adopted country The first of t

  • Title: How To Be A Brit
  • Author: George Mikes
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  • Page: 122
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  • George Mikes has written many successful books on a variety of interesting subjects, but one so successful as those on the subject most central to his own experience his adopted country The first of these came out in 1946 the ever famous How to be an Alien Later he enlarges the picture with How to be inimitable and How to be Decadent All three books were illustrGeorge Mikes has written many successful books on a variety of interesting subjects, but one so successful as those on the subject most central to his own experience his adopted country The first of these came out in 1946 the ever famous How to be an Alien Later he enlarges the picture with How to be inimitable and How to be Decadent All three books were illustrated by the master of the cartoonists art, the late Nicolas Bentley Here they are, all in one volume, which will make life much easier for today s would be Brits than it was for those who pervaded them It is said that a few of the latter actually failed to become indistinguishable from the genuine British article because they found it too tiresome to seek out three separate books a misfortune that need never again occur to anyone.

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    1. George Mikes

      George Mikes pronounced Mik esh was a Hungarian born British author best known for his humorous commentaries on various countries.Mikes graduated in Budapest in 1933 and started work as a journalist on Reggel Morning , a Budapest newspaper For a short while he wrote a column called Intim Pista for Sz nh zi let Theatre Life.In 1938 Mikes became the London correspondent for Reggel and 8 rao Ujs g 8 Hours He worked for Reggel until 1940 Having been sent to London to cover the Munich Crisis and expecting to stay for only a couple of weeks, he remained for the rest of his life In 1946 he became a British Citizen It is reported that being a Jew from Hungary was a factor in his decision Mikes wrote in both Hungarian and English The Observer, The Times Literary Supplement, Encounter, Irodalmi js g, N pszava, the Viennese Hungarian language Magyar H rad , and Vil g.From 1939 Mikes worked for the BBC Hungarian section making documentaries, at first as a freelance correspondent and, from 1950, as an employee From 1975 until his death on 30 August 1987 he worked for the Hungarian section of Szabad Eur pa R di He was president of the London branch of PEN, and a member of the Garrick Club.His friends included Arthur Koestler, J B Priestley and Andr Deutsch, who was also his publisher.His first book 1945 was We Were There To Escape the true story of a Jugoslav officer about life in prisoner of war camps The Times Literary Supplement praised the book for the humour it showed in parts, which led him to write his most famous book How to be an Alien which in 1946 proved a great success in post war Britain.How to be an Alien 1946 poked gentle fun at the English, including a one line chapter on sex Continental people have sex lives the English have hot water bottles Subsequent books dealt with among others Japan The Land of the Rising Yen , Israel Milk and Honey, The Prophet Motive , the U.S How to Scrape Skies , and the United Nations How to Unite Nations , Australia Boomerang , the British again How to be Inimitable, How to be Decadent , and South America How to Tango Other subjects include God How to be God , his cat Tsi Tsa , wealth How to be Poor or philosophy How to be a Guru.Apart from his commentaries, he wrote humorous fiction Mortal Passion The Spy Who Died of Boredom and contributed to the satirical television series That Was The Week That Was.His autobiography was called How to be Seventy.Serious writing included a book about the Hungarian Secret Police and he narrated a BBC television report of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.


    1. Five stars for How to Be an Alien, which is early George Mikes. But, after decades in London, late George Mikes got a bit cranky, devolving to two stars for the stuff he wrote in the 1980s when he was starting to sound a bit like White Van Man.

    2. A classic of the genre: funny and wit with a very clever humour. An interesting and entertaining book on cultural diversity and British uniqueness.However, having being published decades ago it's a bit outdated and sometimes, as an expat in London, it makes me difficult to relate to it.Highly recommended to be read along with Angela Kiss's "How to be an alien in England", which provides an equally interesting and sharply hilarious, yet updated look at the English character.

    3. (3.5) I’ve been reading this for weeks off and on and only just realized that the cover deliberately says “Minibus” instead of “Omnibus.” Anyway. The three volumes vary a bit in quality (see my individual reviews) – How to Be an Alien = 4 stars; How to Be Inimitable = 3 stars; How to Be Decadent = 3.5 stars – so overall it’s a 3.5. I enjoy books like this that give a wry and loving look at one’s adopted country. I bought this and various other books with the voucher I got as a [...]

    4. "An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one." This quote says all there is to say about this book. I say this book is quite enjoyable.

    5. I got this as a funny gift from my British boyfriend because I think I'm British by default (because I'm dating one). It was not nearly funny as I hoped it would be.

    6. I read the book more years ago than I like to admit, in my undergrad days while living in Perugia and attending the Italian University for Foreign Students. It was actually a gift from one of my professors, a British don of decidedly 'old school' sensibilities. When he handed me Mikes' little book Dr. Tompkins-Guinn informed me that, although I was a frighteningly 'ignorant Yank' he'd decided I wasn't stupid! Mikes' guide to the quirks of British culture turned out to be the first step in a sust [...]

    7. Рядко чета хумористични книги, а може би трябва да започна по-често:) Тази има брилянтни попадения. Особено смешна ще бъде за хора, които са се докоснали до британската култура и от личен опит са установили някои от характерните за британците черти:) Настроението ми, докато п [...]

    8. A combination of three books by the same author, an expatriate to the UK. One written in the 40s, one in the 60s, one in the 70s. But the humor has aged well. Funny for anyone who's an anglophile or anyone who likes to make fun of people who are anglophiles.

    9. 3xW = Witty, Wise, Worth reading! Even though I dare to say that it's easier to comprehend for all foreigners than for Englishmen with sense of humore ;)

    10. Rádoby vtipné a sarkastické, ale spíš jen posměvačné a nepřekvapivé. Po 30 stránkách na to kašlu, ani jako záchodové čtení se to neosvědčilo :D

    11. I think I've found the other Guy Browning. Or perhaps since he came first (I think), Guy Browning is the other George Mikes? At any rate, these two authors make me laugh.How to be a Brit was an impulse purchase from a bookstore (yes, I paid full price and my wallet scolded me for it) and consists of three works: How to be an Alien, How to be Inimitable and How to be Decadent. Unfortunately, the 'Alien' in the first book isn't about little green man, but the more traditional foreigner (by the way [...]

    12. Funny light read about some of the stereotypes of English culture from a foreigner's point of view. The resident alien in this story arrives to England by way of Budapest. During his stay, he picks up on the striking differences in mannerisms and plesantries between his new country and his home country.There are constant reminders throughout this book that as a foreigner even if you imitate and naturalize to English customs, you will never truly be English. At best you can be considered "British [...]

    13. As an Irishwoman with a deep, inexplicable fondness for and am currently living in Great Britain, this book was brilliant. I not only feel like I know the British even better now, I also feel like I've been right about them all along. Many of the chapters seemed to touch my very soul, such as 'Soul and Understatement', 'On the Art of Conversation', and 'On Cat-Worship'. These chapters had me rolling around with laughter because I felt them. 'It's so true!' I shouted while on the toilet/cooking d [...]

    14. An often amusing, quick read - three classics compiled into one volume. Mostly found this interesting because it reflects changes in Britain from 1946 (when How to be an Alien was published) until 1977 (when How to be Decadent was released). Some observations are strikingly still relevant while other aspects of the writing are quite dated.

    15. It is an amusing book that doesn't take itself and Britain particularly seriously. At times it is outdated and in a couple instances even offensive but overall it is a lovely read. whether you are British or not.

    16. An anglophile's dream to perfect their posturing in the U.K. Not to be taken seriously, but one can't help but laugh and wonder what's true and what's not. A good satirical read to pass the time.

    17. This book is hilarious and obviously a joke to be taken as such, by no means to be taken seriously. Mainly anecdotal differences about England and the continent and the rest of the world. Favourite passages: An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one -If the death penalty is ever to be restored in Britain, it will not be for murder but for queue jumping, the most heinous of all crimes. -The verb "to naturalise" clearly proves what the British think of you. Before you are a [...]

    18. 3,5 SterneHätte ich nur das erste der drei hier zusammengefassten Bücher (How to be an alien) bewerten müssen, wären es 5 Sterne geworden. How to be an alien fasst auf witzige und charmante Weise die Eigenarten der Briten zusammen. Viele Beobachtungen konnte ich nach mittlerweile 5 Monaten in Großbritannien nur bestätigen. Ich musste öfter laut lachen und hätte mir höchstens noch mehr unterhaltsame Anekdoten gewünscht. Leider bieten die beiden anderen Bücher inhaltlich wenig Neues und [...]

    19. This book is made up of three books:* How to be an alien (1946).* How to be inimitable (1960).* How to be decadent (1977).I found how to be an alien very funny and easy to read, and in many ways still accurate to British life despite being written 70 years. I would give it a strong 4 stars. However, I found the next two books didn't really add much but were still funny so overall they were 2 or 3 stars.

    20. Mi lehetne jobb egy bevezetőnél a klasszikus Briton életbe? Well, Kedves Olvasók! Csak az lásson neki, akit a hideg is kiráz, ha Angliára gondol és igazán tisztában akar lenni 'A sex helyett hot-water bottles' és a 'Lovely day, isn't it?' kifejezésekkel.

    21. Bold for the era that it was first published, it is outdated today. Overall makes for an easy (but rather uninteresting) reading.

    22. This edition combined all his “How to be” stories and consequently it became somewhat repetitive. Nevertheless his subtle English humour made it a pleasant and relaxing read.

    23. This book has some very funny parts not as funny as expected though. It is a good read if you like the British.

    24. George Mikes, a Hungarian imigrant in the UK, possesed a charming sense of humour.It was a pleasure and a delight reading this book, a compilation of other three.

    25. I got this book when I was studying in the UK, and was stomped for graduation thesis ideas.Majoring in translating and interpreting meant you had to have a project to show off your studies, usually by having a long bit of article to translate or a long speech to interpret and then write a discussion on it.The translation had to be of something unique and cannot have other existing translations. So I had to go with books with specific topics and aren't that easily translatable. Topics that are mo [...]

    26. Regard this collection of 3 books as 1 sociological and historical work. Witty indeed, sometimes outdated, sometimes (deliberately I guess) illogical but mostly entertaining. We miss George Mikes for not being able to comment on post-Brexit Little England

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