Dreadnought Captain William Sparhawk flies Earth s single starship on a voyage of exploration His crew of veteran spacers begins the mission with high hopes and the best of intentions but the universe has other

  • Title: Dreadnought
  • Author: B.V. Larson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captain William Sparhawk flies Earth s single starship on a voyage of exploration His crew of veteran spacers begins the mission with high hopes and the best of intentions, but the universe has other plans Instead of space merchants and potential allies, they discover Earth s impending doom Sparhawk must decide whether to hunt down enemy scouts to keep Earth s new starsCaptain William Sparhawk flies Earth s single starship on a voyage of exploration His crew of veteran spacers begins the mission with high hopes and the best of intentions, but the universe has other plans Instead of space merchants and potential allies, they discover Earth s impending doom Sparhawk must decide whether to hunt down enemy scouts to keep Earth s new starship a secret, or to head home to warn Star Guard of the danger Either way, he s ignited an interstellar war Dreadnought, the second book of the Lost Colonies Trilogy, is a novel of military science fiction by bestselling author B V Larson.

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      Brian Larson is an American science fiction and fantasy author


    1. What a fantastic series this is. I think I liked this book better than book one Battle Cruiser. If you like space operas than read this series. You won't be disappointed.

    2. What a ride!I thought the 1st book in this series was good. Nope this 2d book was an order of magnitude better! I can't begin to describe how many twists and turns there is to this story line. Plot - sub plot - sub sub plot! And when you think it can't get any crazier - it gets much more thrilling! I read it until 0500 ( that's 5 am for you civilians). I simply can't wait for the third volume!

    3. Before you begin, please note this is the second book in a series. If you haven’t read the first book yet, Battle Cruiser (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 1), this one may not make much sense to you.Parts of this book were really good, and other parts took quite a step back. The main premise of Earth reconnecting with their lost colonies after a 150 year break is a good one, and I like the idea of seeing how mankind has developed in different pockets of the universe after an absence. What made my o [...]

    4. Best so far in the seriesI have spent the last five decades reading,mostly Sci-fi . I have found the best authors have created entire new civilizations for the back ground of their books. Mr.Larson has done this and kept the basic feel of humanity as we know it. Yet at the same time changed everything, our colonies have changed to the point that they are alien to us. The story grabs a hold of your mind and sends it on a wonderful trail that refuses to release it until the eye sees the last word [...]

    5. Great follow up to book one and setup for book 3. Sometimes in trilogy book two is just a holding point to get to book 3. This was not that's why 5 stars as good enough to stand by itself. But I suspect if it did I would only give it 4 stars.Please see above. Put body of comments in subject line. Maybe that shows how well I can follow directions. Enjoy

    6. Sex with aliens! This captain puts James Tiberius Kirk and Zapp Brannigan to shame! Despite such lewd and lascivious behaviour of the talented and well spoken spartan, it was an enjoyable book that takes this newly found ship into its first hyperspace jump with adventures as they explore new galaxies yada yada yada.

    7. Captain Sparhawk has done it again! He has handled a large space ship, rediscovered human space colonies lost for 150 years and managed to acquire a new enemy for earth's humans while romancing many of the women in his life. What a space opera series!

    8. In Dreadnought, B.V. Larson’s second book in the Lost Colonies Trilogy, the Battle Cruiser “Defiant” has been retrofitted with the best of both Earth and Beta technology. Its acknowledged mission is to re-open channels to the old Colonies. On board is Captain William Sparhawk's great aunt, Ambassador Lady Granthome who, of course, is constantly meddling in his affairs. Indeed, she has a sweet little document he knows nothing about until they are underway giving her complete control of the [...]

    9. A stuffed-shirt account of Earth’s return to the stars. As in the previous book, “Battlecruiser”, now Captain William Sparhawk is sent on a mission to the stars. He’s to find out what happened to Earth’s lost colonies and try to make peace with them. He is to command a once derelict battlecruiser built by one of those former colonies, the Betas. This ship is by far the greatest ship the Earth has ever seen. In it’s prime, it could destroy all of Earth’s current space navy and then [...]

    10. Drives me crazy!Not bad story but it has a couple of major flaws I haven't noticed in previous Larson books. I am at page 269 in my Kindle and I'm ready to scream and (if this was an actual paperback) throw the book across the room over the bridge crew's lack of military discipline and demeanor. Virtually every order Captain Sparhawk (supreme ruler of the Universe before God on his ship)gives gets a, "But Captain!" or, "But Sir!" from the bridge crew. I'm a USAF veteran and though we didn't have [...]

    11. With Dreadnought, BV Larson starts to uplift this series from YA ghetto into more serious SF literature. Don't worry. We are still following the exploits of breezy (and slightly snidely) Sparhawk on his conquests of both the interstellar and sexual kinds. Zey is still fun, but the focus shifts to the slippery detestable Stroj called Lorn, and Yamada develops some interesting depth. The style remains snarky, with still a good deal of Heinlein.The Battle Cruiser Defiant has been retrofitted with t [...]

    12. This follow up was harder to push thru than #1. I'm guessing B.V doesn't want another star-force clone so wrote down some rules to follow. The ones that annoy me most are; 1. The captain of a star ship is now just a figure head without typical authority. He has to pander to the whims, feelings of the crew and civilians. Decisions seem more communal than captain like. Crew are free to answer back and question their captain’s decisions at all times, even in combat, they do so every other page. 2 [...]

    13. I liked the book a lot. It has plenty of action and some suspense. Sparhawk has been assigned as Captain of the ship, Defiance, and is sent out to explore new worlds and make contact with other civilizations. But a couple things I didn't think were that great about the story. First, the captain in my opinion was not too smart. He knew that the enemy Stroj had infiltrated on Earth but before his ship too off he did not take the time to review his crew to be sure that it had not been infiltrated. [...]

    14. The sequel that is just as good as the first novel. Good military drama. I borrowed this book through the Kindle program.

    15. On the Defiant, Captain Sparhawk and his crew depart Earth and for the first time in 150 years are about to cross a bridge in space and travel to a different solar system. Unfortunately for them, they had no maps of the bridge and it could be a one way trip that leaves them stuck in hyperspace. They manage to find the exit of the bridge and the discover the a lost colony. One that was fearful and paranoid that refuses to answer the Defiant's hails and finally decides to attack. After repelling t [...]

    16. 1st person shooterIn a weird way, this books reminds me of the video game doom when I was young. The story has nothing to do with Doom, but the whole book is written from the perspective of 1 person, and everything is written in 1st person, like you are reading the diary of a ships captain. I read the 1st book and loved the story, as I like this one. There is deceit at every corner, coming from all angles. You never really know who is a Stroj, and who isn't, which is very enlightening. The book [...]

    17. Captain Sparhawk, scion of the powerful Sparhawk political family, takes his ship through the wormhole and begins to find former earth colonies, cut off long ago by the cataclysm. He doesn't appear to take the long view about fraternization with shipmates, staff, or citizens of the colonies. That creates predictable problems for him. But I do like the space battles, and I like the challenge that he finds himself facing. Does Earth have a responsibility to her former colonies, or only to herself? [...]

    18. What happened? The first book was a reasonably good yarn if predictable. It started to go downhill at the end but was still pretty good. This second book? The characters seem bizarre. They don't have personalities but rather random responses that fit the story not the individual character. Not to mention all of a sudden the main character is living some sort of Leisure Suit Larry lifestyle. A really steep drop from the first book. Hopefully the third book rede,s this effort.

    19. Good ReadThis was a good read. This book was action packed and the storyline was great. The enemy is getting better at making humans believe that they are humans also and it's getting very hard to detect them . Lot's of space action and I found the book was well written and hard to put down . I could never find a page where the story would slow down enough for me to stop reading. Nice work Mr Larson.

    20. There are some interesting ideas developing in this series, along with some great characters. I also really appreciate how each book has a proper ending. I despise books that cheat us with cliff-hangers. A teaser about where the next story may be headed is perfect. I'm looking forward to the next installment of the Lost Colonies Trilogy -- although I am surprised that it has the "trilogy" label. This story line feels like it has lots of room to run.

    21. Captain Sparhawk faces new assassins, new aliens, new weapons, new technology, new levels of political intrigue, and most difficult of all, new relationships of various kinds with a wide variety of women. He is hindered and helped by his origins, his skills, his passions, and his honor. The book tells the story simply but engagingly, and without rolling in violence or vulgarity. I really enjoyed this book.

    22. Interesting follow upThe second book in this series continues the battles for William and his crew. He is sent out to seek the lost colonies, only to find that he also has to fight his own aunt who has been placed as ambassador on his ship. They go from one battle to the next, only to find that the biggest battle will be in their own solar system. Looking forward to reading the next book.

    23. Well done. If we are following the life of William Sparhawk; and, I hope that is the direction Larson will take us. I am sure I will enjoy the third book in this series.I hope Larson stretches his mind on this next book; not just turning this series into space battles like he did with the "StarForce Series". There is great potential with this series.

    24. Solid Summer FareThis is good summer reading, I borrowed the book, but did not purchase it. Some plot points and dialogue are a bit easy to figure out, other areas rise up and pleasantly surprise. Good for reading at the beach or pool, entertaining, while not overwhelming.

    25. Just like the first one,this is another fine book.Plenty of action and surprises.My only complaint is Sparhawk is turning into Captain Kirk,shagging his way through most of his female crew and the odd colonist.Still,great fun with big ship battles.

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