Popular Vote

Popular Vote Just in time for the Fall presidential election comes this fun sassy story of politics romance girl empowerment and what it means to be popular Erin Bright is pretty polished and popular th

  • Title: Popular Vote
  • Author: Micol Ostow
  • ISBN: 9780545075213
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just in time for the Fall 2008 presidential election comes this fun, sassy story of politics, romance, girl empowerment, and what it means to be popular Erin Bright is pretty, polished, and popular the perfect First Daughter Her father is the mayor of their town, so photo shoots and Inauguration balls are a part of her life In high school, Erin is politically involvedJust in time for the Fall 2008 presidential election comes this fun, sassy story of politics, romance, girl empowerment, and what it means to be popular Erin Bright is pretty, polished, and popular the perfect First Daughter Her father is the mayor of their town, so photo shoots and Inauguration balls are a part of her life In high school, Erin is politically involved as well her handsome boyfriend has been student council president for the past two years But THIS election season, things change When Erin suddenly gets passionate about an environmental cause, she decides to run AGAINST her boyfriendd to challenge what her dad stands for Can Erin convince her friends, and herself, that she has what it takes to lead

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      Micol Ostow has been writing professionally since 2004, and in that time has written and or ghostwritten over 40 published works for young readers She started her reign of terror with Egmont with her novel FAMILY, which Elizabeth Burns named a favorite of 2012 on her School Library Journal syndicated blog, A Chair, a Fireplace, a Tea Cozy Micol s graphic novel, SO PUNK ROCK and Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother , was named a 2009 Booklist Top Ten Arts Books for Youth Selection, a Booklist Top Ten Religion Books for Youth Selection, and a Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Teens She received her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.Her young adult horror novel, AMITY, will release from Egmont in August 2014, and her first chapter book series, LOUISE TRAPEZE, will debut in Spring 2015 from Random House She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, alongside her Emmy Award winning husband, their daughter, and a finicky French bulldog Visit her at micolostow.


    1. I have so many issues with this book I'm not quite sure where to start.First, the petty things: I don't usually mention covers, but this one is bad. The girl on the cover (Erin) looks so robotic, and the guy holding her hand (presumably, her boyfriend Logan) appears to be ready to walk off, announcing that he is not being paid enough to stand next to her.It's a young adult book, aimed at 12 and up. But Ostow felt the need to explain both George Clooney and George W. Bush (and hanging chads, for [...]

    2. As I love sharing novels, I passed this one on to my roommate one night when she was looking for something light and relaxing. Her verdict, given at 2:30 AM, declared the book, "Very cute. Theo's an [censored] but that Logan kid's legit. Really cute."Really, we're eloquent when it isn't the middle of the night.Here's the rundown: Erin Bright is perfectly content until she learns that the historic field that inspires her writing is about to be sold and developed. The problem? Her boyfriend Logan [...]

    3. What I enjoyed most about Popular Vote was the way how life seemed perfect at first but then things change and you find out that life isn't always so perfect. Erin Bright is the daughter of the mayor. Life for seemed laid out and she seemed to expect everything. Life is pretty much dominated by the males in her life - her father, mayor of town and her boyfriend, president of the student council. She seems to be surrounded by politics and it has always been normal for her to be in the sidelines, [...]

    4. Popular Vote by Micol Ostow focuses on Erin Bright, daughter of Plainsboro mayor, Caleb Bright. Erin has been dating Logan for two years and is once again helping him prepare for school president elections. Logan is once again running unopposedor is he? Logan tells Erin that Everett Field is being sold by the school board to Caswell Corp. to fund an art program at Plainsboro High School. Instead of a beautiful that holds special meaning to Erin and has a historic background, there will be a gas [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooErin Bright has always been the good girl. She stays in line and behaves herself.Her father is the mayor of their town, so she has to always be proper as the First Daughter of Plainsboro. And her boyfriend, Logan, is Student Council president. She's a major force behind Logan's campaign, even though Logan is running unopposed, again. Erin has never wanted the spotlight for herself.At least until now, she's never wanted to follow in her father's footsteps. But w [...]

    6. I had imagined an all-out fiasco where hilarious sabotage plays a center-stage, but that was surprisingly not the case. Although I am a little sad that we do not see Erin black-markering a mustache on Logan's posters, I am more happy that Erin and Logan stay pretty classy and focused more on their actual campaign. Popular Vote becomes a more thoughtful read from this approach, instead of an outrageous, I-can't-believe-they-did-that comedy.The characters and story might have used a little more de [...]

    7. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it, but I always love books where the main character rebels against who they raised up to be. In this case, Erin is the perfect First Daughter to her father and First Girlfriend to her student council president boyfriend. But now she's breaking out and finding out who she really is, and breaking all the rules that she was raised to follow. It's a great journey to read about, and readers will root for Erin's success. Ostow does a wonderful job writing Erin's vo [...]

    8. Popular vote by Micol Ostow is a book about a girl running against her boyfriend for school president. Her father is also running for mayor in their town. She is trying to save a field when she finds out the people who are going to buy the field are the people who are sponcering her father. Thats when her whole family gets into the mess of the politics. Her mom and dad become conserned and don't know if ther running for president is good for her fathers campain.

    9. I thought this book was great because I learned a lot from this book about how voting works at school and was thinking that this also works in the real world. Like voting for a new president or mayor. I would recommend this book to any student only because they either want to make their school better, or if they love learning about being president.

    10. This book was pretty good. Erin was popular but also the daughter of the mayor, which makes me think that she was like a small town celebrity. I wasn't surprised at all when she ran against her boyfriend for the school elections. I mean i could really see that Erin was really passionate about the field.

    11. After finishing Popular Vote i thought it was really well written and an amazing story. It really gae you the chance to go through the feelings the character's were and you were able to feel like you knew the characters. I recommend this book to everyone who wants an easy read with a great outline

    12. Honestly I didn't understand this book at all. The language wasn't universal like other good books should be, yes there were some funny times, but I didn't comprehend. I really forced myself to keep reading, but I just don't understand. SKIP OVER THIS ONE.

    13. I'm really into to teen fiction, and I really enjoyed this one. Erin goes from being the dutiful daughter and girlfriend and finds her own voice and that rocks. Highly recommend to all my fellow feminists.

    14. If I had to read about that character doing "jazz hands" one more time, I would personally find a way to Macauley Culkin myself into the pages of the book and strangle her.

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